Peter King with DHK - is Malcolm Butler on the market?

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Tuesday, September 19th

We check in with Peter King from SI and the MMQB to find out how Dallas is dealing with their Ezekiel Elliot issue, the abomination that is football in Los Angeles, plus is Malcolm Butler on the trading block?


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It is time for our weekly conversation with Peter king of the MM QB our conversation with Peter. It's sponsored by Honda north. Peter joins us right now hey Peter Dario. Article on doing fine thank you you were. A little critical of Ezekiel Eliot based on his performance in quitting on his team the other day has there been any repercussions from the cowboys camp. The and now and one thing that's good about the cowboys. Saying have been through. A lot of criticism over the years and they basically you're one of those he. Let that kind of stuck roll up their collective backs but I think. OK I don't think they handled it well yet you're either. I mean to me had. You know I don't understand. He goes where. When you don't chase somebody on an interception return. In the middle of the third quarter three scored gains well when you know your offense is really really good. I don't get why you'd get a pass. I'm just didn't feel good about the whole thing and so I don't see it I think Ezekiel Elliott each to. Prove. To everybody is looking at it your pockets are pretty. And he's gonna do nothing. To me wanna say bring change to bring his career in to any sort question from here on out and he didn't yet on Sunday. We've got the money quote from Tom Brady. Peter right after the Super Bowl I've got. The answers to that test he told you. Now when he was describing about football how he sees it in his career and so we told you very clearly wants to play. Until his mid forties and then make a decision from there yet I've heard some funny stories you've heard the same stories heard them read them. People thinking this is Tom Brady's last year that Gisele will make them stop playing I think you got some insight on this that others don't have. What do you get this get a sense that Tom Brady was lying to work that he's changed his mind since that interview you have at the mid February. I doubt it sincerely if you listen to that again. And go back and I I listen to it recently have. Because we have that we ended up bringing it right before that he opener in this city we brought it back and I had to. Go pick out. We get that selected transcripts of about I don't know 22 minutes. And anybody who listens to that. And says is that they think now that Tom Brady might. Retire after this year when he cleanly (%expletive) in there are no. That 2017. Is not going to be my last season. You know and who knows I mean things change in an off key and I have talked only briefly with Tom. Since that day in Montana also for all right now and maybe something could have happened may be some seminal event happened in this life. Blood it would really surprise me based on the conversation we have out there were twelve. There are flawed trade talk the offseason surrounding Malcolm Butler but ultimately he remained on the patriots final year of his deal. First couple games he's I guess that okay. What's what's sort of the feeling around the league are Malcolm Butler made what his value will be at the end of the year. I think if he were. Put on the block between now and the trading deadline of October 31. I think. Bears may be 50% chance he'd get a one form. Or at least I hate to promote. Team that you think you can have a pick in the car and the the second round. Com. And it an especially. Because. Somebody who goes looking for a quarterback. Around the trading deadline and is gonna pay a lot clearly would be contender. And a contender with a big hole like right now I'm not even seen the New York Giants are contender. But if they could meet make a reasonable trade for at left tackle right now. I mean. You know they would. Probably all they probably. You know be. Be willing to overpaid. For left tackle right now could they simply don't have. Blood. You know again I think in cases like this and I have no idea would go Belichick is gonna do not. It would just make this point. Judging on the patriots history and judging her on what they didn't do. We Jeannie Morocco and that. It would be very simply that. The patriots have a different opinion about draft choices than many of the rest of us do. And in isolated in the fourth quarter the Super Bowl and I am the only high. Draft choice of the eleven players on the field who were factor on that drive I'm not counting Martellus Bennett because he didn't catch a pass on that drive. But the other bullet in the eleven players who play. Primarily on that drive. There's 11 round pick. Neitzel there and no second round. So. That's why music not how can you not make a deal for Jimmy Rocco would make you could've gotten thirteen pick in the draft frankly. Well because the patriots have proven that they judge players a little bit differently than everybody else and they have confidence that they're gonna get. Good players down the line in the draft. And in places like restricted free agency with Hogan continuously in the post thanks so. That's one way. You know again as I say I have no idea they'd be willing to do anything with Butler. Before the trading deadline I tend to doubt it because if you are going to be something before the draft. Be hard for me to imagine they would value addressed cricket not to give away starting corner who even now. On hasn't been great so far this year he's still at worst an above average NFL corner. Peter what's the most likely scenario for Adrian Peterson that he gets cut. But he gets traded or that he finishes the season with a New Orleans Saints yeah. I think it's most likely it'll finish this season with the saints. Because he's not the kind of guy who. Publicly complained a lot that he just doesn't do. There's a personal side of this. That a lot of people not an I'm not saying that absolutely. Something can happen. But there's a personal side and one of the reasons why Adrian Peterson really wanted to do this. Is because you're not played her BE. The Houston Texans who didn't need in our seats and the Dallas Cowboys. In the off season. The closest NFL franchise where he lives in Texas. Is new warlords are and that really appeal column now he might be angry enough at the trading deadline to walking Sean Payton Christians say. You've got to get me out here you gotta cut me I don't know that but what I do you think is that. When you look at a guy like him there were extremely reasons why. It in part why he chose New Orleans. So I. I would be a little bit surprised. If he raised a ruckus wouldn't be shocked but I'd be surprised if he raised the rockets and also I'd be surprised. If Sean Payton doesn't find a way to use him in the next six or seven weeks to make him a little bit happier. I'm gonna ask you this question about fifteen times this year during a year here's one of fifteen. Who's the best team in the NFL and why. And linking the city because. They've got young offensive weapons. Who really prove themselves. On huge stage. Against New England in the first game of the year they have multiple defensive weapons. And a second theory it's good enough. So I would say right now would be keen to city I think he questioned right now would be. Whose second. Oakland. New England Atlanta. I think the battle for second place is close. And very very interesting I when we act picket every week at our site that could Kansas City one going into this week. But. I think you could easily say. You put Atlanta. Oakland in the wind whenever round Robin. And they would just beat each other. You know and and it you know I think they're all really really close. So I mean and mean. I think. If you ask that question every week I have a strong feeling that at some point. One week this year are missing New England but I'm not gonna say it right now. Peter we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week. Thanks a lot guys say yeah our conversation with Peter King sponsored by Honda north. And draft when we come back we'll get back to our conversation about David Price and apparently got a pitch out of the bullpen the rest of the season. But he develop into an Andrew Miller type role that's what Dave Dombrowski says his best case scenario. 6177797937. As the telephone number text line it's 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI.