Phil Dwyer, 19, osteosarcoma (a bone cancer), Lunenburg, joins Joe and Tim 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th
Phil was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in November 2013 after he broke his femur. Testing and x-rays revealed he had bone cancer in his leg. He had surgery to remove the tumor and chemotherapy and was cleared of cancer in August 2013. In the summer of 2015, Phil's cancer returned in his pelvic bones and vertebrae. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation, which Phil responded very well to. Phil is currently in remission and has check-ups every 3 months at the Jimmy Fund Clinic. During his time as a patient, Phil has participated in the annual Red Sox Spring Training Trip, attended Red Sox games and has also taken part in "guys' weekends" with other people his age in the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Phil says the Clinic becomes part of your family and has many close friends from treatment. Phil enjoys cooking and hanging out with family and friends. His aunt has a lake house in New Hampshire, which he frequently visits to go boating. Phil is currently attending community college and hopes to transfer to UMass Lowell for their mechanical engineering program.

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Joining us in the Booth right now is filled wired from Bloomberg. Nineteen years of age. Are still sarcoma is the form of cancer that. Phil has been dealing with bone cancer. Phil welcome into the Booth really good decision and I know Gloria thank you very much time. Good good feeling well feeling great that's great and that's the main thing yet you're feeling well. And in remission now yes definitely. It's great so many folks. Around New England around the country. In the world this generous donating to the Jimmy Fund during these last couple of days. Move you know with the gentleman who just passed. You wanna lay out. Joseph of food just handed Joan check for 101000 dollars for awhile. As very Genesis present lieutenant. How were. Postings included at the client. Things the clinic. For good. Now only owns a friendly face. Always been. Matt carpenter takes a strike it's nothing into the cardinals' first baseman. We make you wanna spring training trip fell down in the Fort Myers. In teenagers really bond they don't think that trip a very much so. Yeah I've I've met several people. And up here and in. There's lifelong friends and we'll be you. And to assign one ball two strikes he still actually hotel you go to the game but you don't get much sleep the men out there. Lots of fun to pretty fun truth yeah. Actually met my girlfriend Omniture literally. She patient as well yeah she had a brain tumor. She's in remission I'll wonder what a great story. Is she from February from the bird. She's actually from Miami Florida to. So I meet people from all over the world and wanna consider the winner yes. Two balls two strikes to Matt carpenter. And we can waddle deals and this is outside and carpenters now gone from 12 or three into. Bloomberg your questions which burden on mr. Gardiner area should not too far overrides for him down route to write up. Home rights act historian Gordon needs. Gordon loves Bloomberg. Three answers and the payoff pitch. Swung round wrote to center field Jackie broke that down friction over a little bit to schools and I left. Or two down at lake township New Hampshire extra time. My aunt has 1002. But I know I'm not there quite find out where New Hampshire because you bring up. That do for the sake blew through to son witnessed long. She has a new book there and thanks to drive a lot for them. You know win. Her kid's gonna run on the boat she just yells at me. Tommy fanned swinging messner when this once beautiful yeah. Really really nice and it's not you being known though it's not as good as one of the shocking. Not but that's not nice visited but yet when this moment full want. And checks went foul ball quickly of one Q how did you manage it treatments around your education. Com will. The first time I was diagnosed I was diagnosed twice. Because this is relapsed and but for senate diagnoses sophomore year of high school. Hands. I eat. These vouchers short. We'll match long throw future. I would do schoolwork at home I would have to hear from my house and help me. From the school games that that. Is also what happened in my senior year I see your I was not involved in school. I would just yet to hear but I just I just have to play along and I needed to graduate so I did it. Film Blanton doing so well filled the wire from Bloomberg. Wilson Jimmy Fund clinic every three months but in remission now and hopefully get UMass lol thank you thanks Phil for its graduation of contemporary.