Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Gerry Dulac talks to "Kenny" about James Harrison heading to New England 12-28-17

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Thursday, December 28th

Hour 2: James Harrison is headed to New England. Gerry Dulac joins Ken to give the Pittsburgh perspective.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell. WEEI. Get ready for what at night they are Sports Radio WEEI the past are not playing the Steelers this week but it sure feels like if you go to Pittsburgh forcing James Harrison insight you speak with a man who talked. Harrison himself just last night post is at Steelers writer and radio man himself Jerry du lac or guest. I Gerri thanks for joining us yeah Harris not talking to the media here until tomorrow so awesome the pats media bit miffed that your piece is all the testimony we've got his point. Right again I know he's good to tell you again com. It's funny it does seem like the patriots are playing as it was this week we we saw what two weeks ago what. Yeah I I restart gains. Tuesday night actually. That he texted back and Meehan and yesterday. Went summit this is started the leak out. I text them back called me and I was unaware of holiday by saying what they said Ayman. Is there were coming out what happened in Europe it's. You know this that's accurate but you know it wasn't upset the Steelers he would not match. That is a business decision and felt he had new distinct. You went through with the start of the season and apps to be released because she saw where they were Colin and I asked the patriots game. In which she was led to believe that he was going to play a lot of snap simply not. One but Mike Tomlin and that's to be released again. And now the third time in my public that he would be absolutely crazy to release because what do they have an entry. 58 letter released them and then three days later in a note. What do you make Jerry of the stories his old teammates are are telling about at least the few of them anyway did he quit on the Steelers is that an accurate description. You know. Activity at its its hard to quantify. By that I mean I really don't think Ortiz bouncy. Is lying what I think happened here is I think there are remarks. Were fueled. In incited. Why eight story or two. You know one of which might have been mine that there was critical of this dealers. And Mike Tomlin handling of player that stature. Which such disrespect and I think they felt compelled. Amal and B and their coach. And 82 Elvis story. And off I think in doing. There are emotions not the best. I mean that some of those things work green most of those a prom but you're pre. I have a I have a problem with that though Andy because he thought about a guy. Who really has no ground in Dominic arms to. Are criticizing you are ripping gains Ericsson hitting me and I I just found summit is comments. Ought to now we are you know they keep it meant or. And younger linebackers. You know that he go to the hospital. Visit rides you a beer with the other line back he noted that. You know that that is that they. James Harrison Eric unlock it here. And Welch for James Harrison Eric or let them but that's just wanted troop James Harrison not only visited right chase your locker room he was the guy. The all week week. Who all. You know came out on the field for pregame warm up not wearing shirt analysts say there done that they're aimed at. Your soul. You know when you say things like that that old mother and they're any problem Ike at. What what do preset I don't think. The you don't you know there was there was no there was no call for that Elin was not true unfair and an. No the comment about not mentoring the young linebackers. I did I pointed out several people that they it case they forget. James Harrison took all the linebackers Arizona couple years ago. Or two to three weeks so they can train with them and learn what he hates. I'd during the offseason to be an NFL player. That's visage realistic yet or mentoring young linebackers so idol though it but you reached for at bat. More on that is unaware that. What you know things that were said just work through when he yen which can be worked as their. Jerry elected that's riposte is at our guest here a Sports Radio WEEI. Was still the best of your knowledge Harrison promised more playing time than he got this huge area that seems to be his perspective right. Yet there's no question about it is is comment any what it. He was told you were like 25%. Of this that's and his body missed one spot. It out now. Arm and you know. This in essence of what the white eight they. I I can't figure you what they you know specifically. Why. You know the beginning from the receipt in the disputed at no secret plant project terrorists in the they. That the end of the C I think you know with the way they've won at the plate warm in coverage. There's no way you can bet that 39 year old linebacker like James Harrison to drop into coverage and and and top running back so. Any edits being made it want to do is they learned his lesson. From what I would Jarvis Jones were they trapped in them out in number one. At an injury issues but also had some alignment issues and so when that happened this what they turn to the veteran James Harrison. Who ended up playing the majority of the time they're retarded Jarvis Jones development on Marcus if you're say. Garbage Jones was deprived of the chance to be just a harder start late. They don't wanna make the same mistake with Egypt what they wanted to bring Egypt audience and let him play. Thinking he's the future he's their number one pick there's no sense in playing at 39 year old veteran or not they're out the season or what not and holding. He gave one back so they're they're you know systematically speak and from a development and went with what. You know the understanding was is that James Harrison. Wasn't going to get a lot of playing but how much what percentage. You know I can't sit there aren't valued by. I mean James had no reason a lot of well what they told them just as yet no reason a lot of are telling saying they committed eight he told three. I wanna be released in the. Yeah and the contract they would speak to a debate Billy -- would play as well and I guess the follow up question is. What does he have left he was fairly productive last year he didn't do much for Cincinnati that year he went there how do you think he'll fit in New England. Well I mean we shot and Kenny but I think that was all part of it I mean I think the Steelers discovered which games. What they discovered with Hines Ward and in the middle of the season in 2011. All the sudden. It's just. Our right now. You don't may. Or short period of time maybe but I just don't think it's a lot and I think that's why when he became available. On nuclear way and the only game he told me the only unit called. What was the patriots which of course. I despite terribly ironic all due date at a port everybody every Spaniard Pittsburgh is not an arts and urged. Wind of course the national there seems to be he's got Intel to give do you buy that as he had flown. State secret I'm. I don't buy that and I don't know. I'd you know hey look I've never done any research on it like somebody there with I can't think government example where I went and not game. Open partly you know it's mental label spilled his guts and now the other you prepare for its former soul. I I just don't buy it you know with today with that with that technology. The tape in everything these guys have the video to study. You know they they kind of know what teams are gonna do any out. At all while you know finding out what they're gonna do their team. And adjusting to it so I don't I don't really buy. Just another two minutes or Jerry do like it that's riposte is that sake but James Harrison's departure from the Steelers. How long did Tomlin put up with the quote unquote bad behavior Jerry and he said it may just be a couple players walking in May be making more than it was but. It if they're trying to defend Tomlin. In a way he looks ports who have not continue to put up with a but then again you can also stated as he put up with something for several weeks it would again. Well then you're right about that and and I think that's the other side of this first of all I think I think the party's gains Harrison. And his stature as a player with his name. Argue all you was you're somewhat of re past. You know old if if you don't which some of those things how they occurred. Well I you know there's no question about it but I mean you know so what point it's time is key draw the line and say OK that's enough. I mean that it that it lasted two weeks if he. After even hurt or games there is say well replete. You're not what you might. If they don't know yet some crazy to do that then I think later doing it. You know a lot of it seems incongruous in but that's certainly in play as well and several people have wondered about that as well. Our last one sets from the Steelers did you get that if they meet again in the championship game. With a healthy Antonio Brown will be successful finally beat the the patriots. Well I I think I think on paper went off at the Steelers by the better football. The X-Factor of course is number twelve and 87 but twelfth in particular he just makes everybody better and until they go up there if that's what it becomes of that and beat them. Then you know I I'm not gonna say I'm not going to leave it but they have to convince me that can happen but. That's why they played again but on paper there's no question. I think they have the team to be able to root root would you look at them offensively while there's still people are offensive line. And what they have that there's a I think you would agree on seven but it during the patriots should not have too many. Approachable nominees you're in Europe with that group other packets pretty good. But you know what they get the job done and to meet you need that this could actually be seven AF CI agents and wrote a testament. To watch that's testament to number twelve and testament to the coach a question. Gotta feeling Lumix DC appear for that the next one or they appreciated Gary thanks and that is carried elected its proposed is that I am I guess and Kenny layered. I'm polish ardea are on a producer at Christian moody he's counting these text in the eight at eight any references so I think it's like that might stick. Stick me for a while anyway it's a do Lex takes he talked there are some last night Harris who leaked a New England media tomorrow. I'm pretty curious to see how cordial or lack thereof years Harrison can be friendly from time to time but he's got that tough guy sort of pit poll look. Image in this case I he's got. Reason to go on pop back off and Steelers teammates who called give outs and what beget. I guess today the Steelers a locker rooms on the lockdown nobody wanted to talk about Harrison today cell. On the message was sent no comment no comment. But if these two teams do meet in the AFC championship game. That can be pretty good stuff. Pregame in game if he's out there and it has a chance to be situation a pass rusher thing is though probably overblown and not think. Like Floyd Lester had one big block right now I'm Michael Floyd. He wasn't a big big factor in the way it was Super Bowl. Early Harrison would be either that again. Sack here or there could make a difference Harrison last year. Was pretty productive in the playoffs he had a sack and a half in the Pittsburgh win over Miami at around one yet another sack the week after that. So it's not like the guy was a total bomb. It sounds like though he didn't work is hard this offseason as he had with a steal and disappointed in and he missed training camp and a couple of slide a little bit. And obviously things you know went bad terms of that he wasn't playing any wanted to be eccentric stature but. I'm photos of worthless from the new appointee I cant other the character issues. What's the downside to nineteen terrorists but they've picked up a million that character guys quote unquote. In this case. The big thing with him with terrorists in his is domestic violence from 2008 that's a long time ago. For a while via. Let's say that makes him and a good dire you know if you if you're a no tolerance on domestic violence but they again if it dawned on that road. Fifteen times over this point. And he can help on the field so in the end that's all matters the most teams. Let's pick up marketing entries denying an earlier talked enough about the GBG trade crass involvement by the scenes and global dictators do I'm mark. They can't argue that. So. Well or not. Belichick trying to director guy who crafts. To follow along with some other docs. That are out here to connect and blow tonight to Jimmy she goes out through you honestly I want you on an AFC team those last. Makes it these are built to kind of throw something in the wind should be viewed by onto. The second round back it and they're supposed to all took another two to deal and what. There was some sort of gentleman agreement between culture and lynch. When this deal went down at Jimmy cheaper on that eighty specifically. Stature. What seems like. That there were being a great during that the upcoming draft. It would have some sort it's swap or mixed where they'll get a little bit more than what he's got. What part and parcel to perform. That being set this whole how much were they come up and looks like bill is kind of reporting a number expert you might yeah. You know so to speak I'm wondering if maybe when it's not playing Jimmy but first we'll weeks. You restrict it or not late not late liked built slips out at that might have been ordered you agreement. That Jimmy played. At sea and and it does this well. Which were turtle or or fork over. An additional. That is Dieter you're good at raid late each year saying there's a gentleman's agreement because grapples played well. On draft day lynch is gonna give a lopsided deal the patriots of some pics of some sort. Maybe DH slot or some Turks. You know maybe there's something along that line at ticket play. Why why wouldn't they just why would they just and that he original deal with the people board as well first and foremost it was kind of a pressured situation everybody banks from the talk. So all in order to get it still on arm. In ten minutes or get it done as quickly as possible. They they played the way they laid it would just swapping. The eventual present to order a Iran very urgently to. Eight. Yeah I don't know it staff at its in depth it's I like a good theory that seems to be. I don't really see the upside of as much as you deal but anyway. I'm sure work. I don't for the people that think drop blows that's a gentleman's agreement to come back. The fact that he's had success. In subways helps and I guess because then. He's got assigned attacked he's played so well his values so sky high I can't imagine. He's not gonna take the tag and just. He's closer and you'll highest paid. The highest paid quarterbacks in the league based on just three games and four games in a game and half the year before but he's gonna. Totally break the equal what are teams we've blown aids the open market in year two years. They tag place. Chris and made up next here on Monday night with that can Teddy Philip we'll Tucker's. AI go on let's move on yeah Obama absolutely and you know. I don't think bring inherit and then another guard Erica. Spectacular wreck last round pretty sick yet. ID you might be a mall I think that. He might give them information I don't really you know bring much of the table. So oh. So he's a spy he's a Steelers by its gonna take. Patriots secrets and ship them back home. Yeah. Paulson Ben Bernanke you're you government may. Well it is if he if he did actress he he did it at the risk of I mean it's pretty elaborate to the portraits teammates at least these two guys pouncing into freer crushing it. As do elect said just rip it apart is legacy Pittsburgh saying he didn't visit Ryan she's here in the hospital didn't come to meetings. The four weeks he was an active he left the stadium. It didn't go to practice he fought fall asleep on the meetings Joey Porter so he's let all this come up a whole city of Pittsburgh build I don't see I mean that's bizarre theories like it. I don't think so waved it is widowed Harrison sigh he's getting the veteran minimum 59000 sort of business decision what kind of business decision is that from James RC's comfort. Nothing to the try to win the play a little bit as mortal pride thing. I can still play Albany go to your worst enemy and on and help out in the playoffs him. I do think he can be a factor not dot huge but. Ten snaps a game the pass rusher replacing Italy or flowers but who else thinking rotated well why isn't the only center center. I don't catlett as much light to continue on. Half an hour away from the real king and see on radio eight tonight Chris Curtis was called Ian. From his vacation to weigh in on the John Dennis situation. All of trending at eight. And then we get into we were embargoed it's a management said. Where you're a sports dude you are chip O'Toole reincarnated. You'll fox sports talk patrons. Like that Bradley is is an awesome. But shelved the you know it's not until 8 o'clock and then we speculate as well what did John Dennis will be back in tomorrow. I may just sleep here tonight. Back get an early with Roemer and training. That will be indeed fascinating. But a little more that's not coming appear on which rated B. Back to more mock at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Brighter in radio man himself Jerry do like their guest. You know activated it yet there's no question about it it is harming any what they're well I think we shall see any I don't buy that I don't know. I you know well beneath your right about that and and I think at the other side of this well. And I are I they. They said it was eight that was being created through a little early at six. And also the son and there. I was thought I was gonna go to DCQ and Casey that was Wendy is good human peak yet stuck with and Leonard. Not quite look. But in the mud mud at night is superior. Socking some people don't sock sock puppet series as a favorite phrase. We're gonna call it here it's a lot like you're stuck with me holiday Philly and indeed Curtis joins Speedo coming up top the hour for the real okay NC on real radio. Couple of a football notes to tie up here. Harrison's money had mentioned James Harrison was willing and a 59000. Curtis is a Smart guy. Despite what the Brawley portrays Hillary said that think about the bonus the Super Bowl bowed to share that Harrison could be coming force a while to business decision doesn't appear to be lucrative business for Harrison. If indeed was Super Bowl doing a good point by cart is not sure that share is the a couple of thousand. Of the doubt but that would be indeed. Pretty good money. As far as some. Vote the rivalry stuff. Mentioned in passing their Olympic feels like the Steelers and the patriots are playing this weekend. I can't do what topic on rivalries because I would pick on how many killed for the deal like interview period you know. Of the entire shelves we played tactics that Tuesday. Nancy when some of that may be preoccupied with something else but. I'm in terms of the rivalry Curtis and I get a podcast once for Curtis a set off handle it Steelers are the patriots biggest rival. I say indicating they beat the patriot ABC was everytime it play out could that be the patriots biggest rival. The Curtis was crowing about that again in to me earlier today saying I was right. One of disregard yet but it is. Steelers patriots. And I guess hard to argue that he cuddled the drop of the game be fed in they played last year in the title game will play. Likely again this year she got a lot of big games shore forty got some drama and I ain't got Harrison switching sides of team. It just doesn't feel like. I don't keyboard somebody gets off handed to parry the Red Sox yankees back it'll 304. At the feel like that to me feel so lots. Thank you Jerry yeah. Seoul. Are we gonna regain that status where he regards Thursday at a holiday week it would on the interviewed a guy from Pittsburgh in the New England maybe people. Don't care that much blockades nursebot it is it's one of the stories of the week a guy that turn from one team to another. And it seems like everybody's building back up for that final meeting which by the way do I said in passing he feels Steelers are the better team on paper that was said. Earlier by somebody else. The other got Pittsburgh and didn't was not received so well here. I wonder if that'll get any play like it's. It's not a shot necessarily. Because the Steelers have more probable is Colin quote on paper. And the offense in terms of broader bill. What it's hard to say on paper than the better team. Guess statistically that does the defense patriots are getting run against this year I'm not enough for third down the secondaries. Better than the Steelers secondary. As far as the upfront guys yet and I'd go to the point where they pick the teams terrorists to put it got a little bit. But the bad front either I was on this error last year before the Super Bowl. And questioning the patriots defense and a good enough. In the Super Bowl Atlanta's gonna expose them they never really got exposed this team's defense is much better the last years. So it's easy to cut off and say I've never hurt anybody New England the Steelers rosters better. Oh without rice she easier especially Pittsburgh that was a huge loss for the Steelers I haven't watched him week in week out as I used to. But she easier was like an anti patriots draft pick if there's an anti patriots weapon. Published in so consumed with beating New England. He can't do it. When he's drafted every year to try to stop the machine easier was this wrong at linebacker who could comfort tight ends the state body could. And now he's gone innate and you saw grown to eat him up in nine games sell. Somebody read to say the Steelers of the better roster on paper anymore. Plus they've got some kind of locker room to score example there popping off and Harrison behind the scenes and they look like a team to settle the turmoil pictures of the Guerrero thing. But I mean ultimately that's not a constant game title I don't see. So. That's far down the rivalry talk as a skull collection making topic and try to say that in some kind of rates which re played. Against the use against the on the mortgage. The other thing we gotta be talking a deal to determine the top of the hour. When Curtis joints. But. Dino had a beef with me. Yesterday before the show we were talking about show ideas and deal started talked about we could do a mount Rushmore topic. I thought he was kidding because when you say mount Rushmore has become just a punch line it's fourth straight you know we can actually do the mount Rushmore topic. On you know we're twenty years past Buick trotting out. Should Pete Rose Ian hall fame or something but. You know people just go for it. Maybe Dino was trying to goof on it but I was eight here with Bradford. And that mossy before the big show Wednesday at which political blow up. India started talking about we can do a mount Rushmore topic. And I guess when he was walking near the phone today after about this Utley at sporting he wanted to do something about Brady. Being at the top of the pick of the new England sports mount Rushmore if he wins another one I guess that's in somehow to be tied into his greatness I'm really getting to the bottom of the tomorrow because. Dino hung up on me after explaining that partially while we were producing safe you know because I was making fun of Dino. That we would actually consider doing the mount Rushmore of doing sports. But I maybe I just tuned it out but he was talking about or Brady Byrd first Russell and in ten adverse Ortiz. As we can actually talk about this is as sought but he was kidding. The big EXT didn't want talked about it and then tied in to something else I don't know why sports opposite that is that perhaps they shouldn't judge. But I thought I'd throw that out there as a tease for tomorrow I think we'll get to the bottom of that and wanting Dino did say to me before he left you to. I sent you and tomorrow. And he said. And deciding. And I said you say you hate somebody that's on the showed why he said yeah I haven't said who he kind of stared at. So I think possibly he hates me more than Reimer. He left it out there as a as a subject to sleep pressure 83 gates Reimer he might hate me as well. I think that's worth doing and if indeed he shows up to. But it allows all of the talk much about Tino for the first two hours to show only Curtis candidate if that explains it makes that possible. Lasted at least before we get courtesy glued to occur across several skirts is that possible the crossover with cars before the real Casey that'll happen. Donald. In the east it could be the coldest New Year's Eve on record perhaps we could use a little bit of that gold global warming. That our country but not other countries are going to pay trillions of dollars to protect against. Bubble up. Yet another great treat tweets from your commander in chief god bless. United church you very much and Curtis joins me for the crossover before the real king NC. That's next. This is sports rated RBI this is money. My at night. On Sports Radio W. The little boy occurred at a time. Strangle what exactly right. It's either jungle yarder jungle take guest and guest of a three students can Moe you know early yet. And does Derek Jeter hit a free pass New York Georgia there's not much at this time of the cowboys and did the Ritz chips that you succeed at what would put it. I have very high levels of anxiety like go here get credit for what was. I'll give full credit he gets all the credit. Yet four hours of this man on Christmas Day eight Chris Curtis Christmas. It's the crossover it's modernized I Keller my radio partner. Chris Curtis. And podcast partner shall partner and you're on vacation and he came in for little because I was struggling. He can't early for the cross him to probably against the rules broker broke him this is awesome little weeknight real case here real radio yes. We've had a but a late always late later the better. Permits that pushes back is pushing back exit 120 minutes of new spot for me tonight we had so much talked about that we had to do it real can't see this big one a week. What a week you thought last year was excellent as far as weekend Polly program. All men Christmas wrapping tips yes your yes we win even in a notch higher today when you say two or more exotic. I was sitting in a Safeway parking lot in Tucson Arizona listening to John Dennis who walked out of the studio. And I couldn't believe it I thought it was I thought the audience like what's happening what's really going on and texting you. I'm such a loser but it was unbelievable. Really was it surpassed all expectations when you get into the you know at full coming at the top of the hour more importantly. Curt Schilling left is Twitter open. And you have the opportunity to really do some damage but I think you. On classy classy show you've decided not to do that particular keep fruit going classy here but I did wanna tweet out props to adjustment goes on the other three year out leader at yet. Yes. Yes suggestions this is what the excellent has made four of what Kurdish tweet from curt Schilling's Twitter account. 3793 cent dale would be properly used excellent of these GMs and funeral ripping Kirk called the dog -- quality and also expect aggregate. Now you're back from Arizona yet a week do you feel refreshed he really you didn't take time off the show you were. Still engaged you know this gonna happen. Well I was with my in laws and my wife and my brother in law and I were sharing a bathroom it was a little bumpy and I was kind of my escape was to get on a house early morning because I wake everybody up sort of slows some official at the total loser yet and we get away it was awesome to show he wanted to Rezko and what more importantly what was the word shall week smut predicted today was going to be the worst day of the week and this morning show was going to be the worst. I actually thought muddy deal was probably the worse show all the morning shows so for there was a really tough spot for the top spot from a we agreed on last week to Nolan situation but I thought not showing up was kind of a yeah spot at least comedy deal locked up halfway through my opinion composition he talked mortar Al Michaels and don't have. Its market. He just eat what I did last is that more and I don't function as a produce Leicester as a producer. It was more like heading your hands this is beyond my control Jerry so I took my ball at home I abandoned my post action the phrase that you use that's kind of true. I filly Mott abandoned his post on Tuesday. I got there oh. I think that it's also the the force of relevant is John I mean he's editor Todd Gurley. Under dog and he did you Pete's not quick coming drops we have the law I already have probably 25. Cards which National Football League team is by far. The most excited right now I can't talk on the audio C where breaking the rules modified sports here. No I think all the best show of the week was Wednesday or Wednesday it was off the charts yet what's going on with mutt in India or the or something. Behind the scenes there they both seem like relatively easy going nice guys yet agent and I don't know I think day. Any talked about it that he city through the first grenade in the mud is just responded they both think each other's boring. So it's kind of that in both. Able to insult each other for what they're insulted for that makes any sense and I heard Kandahar today say that he was banned from the show because he was through sport. Incorrect yet that's correct yeah came in and we have a segment on a hot news ships. And his highlight was that he saw some of the Burlington mall no said the if you saw Megan Kelly of the Burlington mall he wouldn't even think twice about it. And pressure to mama and yet no real response and come away with the rookie state gets through that's good memory I'd actually forgotten exchange. I got the feeling it was just kind of divide and sometimes people as the match with Kirk third and warning on WEEI had a lot Roemer in IndyCar lice list humorless dummy Indy that's the mistake that's pretty bad but at that. I don't agree with popular fights. Yeah I'd recruitment. It wasn't as you know what wasn't going to match or yesterday's show all right they talked about the block out you know they got into a remote is good with that he gets dirty and a doubling its starting point word. Peninsula be named until 8 o'clock. I believe hates his guts. I believe he did that at stake eight summit in minorities. Well I don't think it's the other person tomorrow not an only child and yet listens died atlas but he reached out her right at the start for tenure as a member of the cast that's correct so. Yeah I think interest your final blow. If they get into politics which apparently he has to do anymore than maybe tomorrow does beat Cavendish and I'd work with jogged for three year. And a half years three years or so and I had never known that he doesn't like people in Iraq the I thought that that was a Tenet. Of the Dennis Kelly and show that you don't have dead air that you keep conversation your energy and it's a taste of it you keep moving don't wait for one person to stop. No Jerry it's constant it's back and forth right. And you had meter yard shot you had you know a Jerry human everybody jumping and insult to me it shows he kind of approach rated that it will get into the idea coming up loses this was a new revelation four and he's just discovered this would re listening to the station east comes and candidate Tiffany but. I just flat disagree with that theory I don't think it was that she'll audit was pretty good show up until he left the mean. Jerry always says that you know ego politics and taken up much if you don't you don't well. And it was exhibiting at shell into monsters bring up good points doesn't screaming. It was great I think it'll get to a but I think Amanda somewhat being named with a little bit you're used to being an echo chamber reverse of that today were wasn't really getting confronted or. And disagreement on his views and didn't know how to do I deal with it went to Los it was a pick him up on Indian disputed I had to order to get into the rookie is C operating account and we discount. Started to show early. Do you have any. As sports to actually get off your chest and give you full credit for the Steelers and patriots biggest rival particular wearing a program about the debt and become a little blame you on what they can he finesse whimpering and show Michael you carrying the rest of the show yet and Alberto. Like that Taylor I like your friend Jerry Glock it was a ago went to second I had some plots once upon a time when my buddies you don't the retreat that you guys. An anomaly here we never actually worked together we relate get a you know. It's news media as it were at the same events becomes the it was likened the Steelers you're on the road together center the pats couldn't help you get talent and but people are losing their mother is over the terrace and then yes unbelievable blown out of proportion but not that big a story. It's just the patriots or so in the heads off the media bill ball city it's just like this complex it's like the Red Sox in 2003 with the Yankees is what Pittsburgh is the author and pay its policy but from that point of view from Pittsburgh's. To Boston's view yes but you're saying even patriots fans don't care about the Steelers. I'm talking about it one way street it's a one way street now called on the field and then let's just get what she says he's it was the biggest rival. Overtures that is right. I like rivalry because it's icy rubble because it's the most newsworthy. Topical. But Z buds were the team but the patriots poignant story now it's you what four to McCallum a buzz worthy the most buzz worthy team bus were. Okay. Outside of the Steelers I don't know that we selling Jimmy Murphy didn't beat you want yeah let's put your sports bucket list. You don't just happy Rhodes what's what's what's wrong romantic the Brusca is on fire up two nothing right ounces of spotting that they have to be the capitals an eleven game. Bill to title one money I brocade CO. Are already is coming your way Canon cars got all the Dino so we can finally get into it and that. We thought we would do a little bit of the number one. Fall book is well plus the holiday book a virtual tie for that we'll see will go through some of the dean a reaction today want to people's calls this of course as well. I salute you by idealists excuse for walking out should you be invited back in today for the soft landing spot for chilling. And that of course is you get a shot tomorrow lots of angles negated its tentacles it's the real Casey a real radio can't layered Chris Kurtz has gone. I like rivalry because it's. The most newsworthy. Topical. But Z buds were the team that the patriots wearing an hour it's what forged on the calendar.