Pressure now falls squarely on Dombrowski's shoulders. 10-11-17

Mut at Night
Wednesday, October 11th

Mut is joined by John Tomase for the 3rd hour and they continue to break down the Dave Dombrowski press conference and what the next steps will be for the Red Sox. Who will be the next manager for the Red Sox and what moves will they make to improve the team


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It's Monday night. I looked at as you would ideally like to name somebody as quickly as possible. But not speed up the process and don't make a wise decision. I always keep a list of names for any position that I was hiring so I have that have a list. And have added names of the list from some recommendations from personal. I don't have a specific time frame other than ideally it's quicker and sooner than later we. Rob I am I am completely and and and got what they would support or put. Mark gains on the head for about half and I think it's the gusting and will be quite on your pad the paint. Now here's my bag night on Sports Radio W we. Surprise it's a woman called Brad pretty page I've never that. Really there. I don't believe that that those gentlemen. Well next hour of the couple females in Springfield College were joining us to set some stories about rob back I'm sure or text message love letters that Robert no that is one of the authors of there were two or three of these Mark James with celebrity stories yesterday one of the offices female. And she heard rob and I do dramatic reading of the text back and forth with got very emotional for both of us are which is we got into the roles and but we're really nail the essence of the thing. And she called and Reamer one. 45 in the morning said we're sexist for doing it and called Rob Brown rob Bradford pig she's right my friend rob there. So rear is gonna join us up government at the end of a next hour for his show could. Or get his re actual play the full sound of her call to Roemer weight in that night early in the morning. To see if they Greece were sexist pigs for reading some text messages that long line. I would argue that Mark James is the sixth he short laws and I would say he's a creep O. Andy would I would not wanna be friends with him if my daughter I had one of repeated someone. Like that I'd be scared. But he should lose his job over there could be tax dollars are being sexist I guess some people think that it's creeping tax be suspended back to work. Yes that's as far as I know but again she is different thought she thinks he'd be fired and we should just embarrass market and edit the text to a pretty good job of that. I jumped Aussie is here he is now the star of the curtain Callahan show the number one ranked casting couch member. A lot of people's eyes not not place any wannabe you can speak for our experience in this one as soon as you reached the point where you are they're quote favorite. That's when they start in Mike doing cart decides. Accurate enough finesse. Paso it's inevitable it's and that happens pretty quickly be riding high right now they already are Colleen walker and that they will be arguing. Mean verses like Kyle Draper and. Who's better. Is it mark Cheney or John about what should we do exactly everything yet. Are you James brings an edge must he's gotten a little stale I'm gonna get stale very quickly that's why I tried at limit it to once a week among twice this week. I'm with you guys you guys on Friday even Jerry all your in fighting the yes on a Friday as a parent and make it. And as we gotta keep that to a minimum because that'll get over exposed very quickly match. Hold they'll be making fun of all all my talk shows you'll be surprised you're good just hang out once again. Destroyed for four hours are you enjoying the the success of the mornings are enjoying being a big part of that now a year ago at this time. You're sort of in sort of out I drag on year to yell at you once a week in that. Led to reality that I man like him and I had that conversation I don't push I I still believe the U coming on your house yelling back and forth. Got you back in the mix there the more she I think that's fair to say that is fair to say class I tended to save my stupidest things when I was a negative impact. And I I can picture legalese and my Abraham gleeful much like texting her captors show you won't believe what some passages that. And then all that would appear in the morning Europe you know after responded I don't know I I I do it for stuff that I do you for example. Last hour. When I was reading about the teams that outscored has managed care. You'll hear this again tomorrow. I he managed the consumer rumba. Or as I said. Rocco. Course is cursor stereo yeah I'm. CU RA CAL looked like Rocco today as Caracas the year halfway in and in the attack started flying you moron you idiot it's carousel Curacao and you'll hear that I'm sure at some point tomorrow morning and Tuesday they were big fans of your Monday sign off. Big fans have a good Monday Harvey says I did that it's me dude three to want to enjoy the rest. You're Wednesday when I do that a that the and a very Red Sox can say task every day of the week. Was my signature national sounds kinda. Claiming outselling human Alex and that's that's a human being sign off a Red Sox broadcasts. Ryder did something different. John Rich was something I wanted to be bills will differ. They'll pace that it's off the day where the rest your day going you enjoy it matter what they'd weakness thanks much you put a I'll say he'll step. That's how you deal. You we over their take you watch on the you know I was writing so rob and I division of labor I was writing me immediate reaction column and he was tussling over effect we are watching currency unimpressed as I was with the performance one Dave to brows ski in the spot EF frankly I was surprised by that because number Huskies say what you want about them. He's generally he he's good at projecting that demeanor of calm and everything's under control. And even when he does an answer your questions he has that ability to sound like he's answering your question. Today there was no pretense of bat on I was like in it was weird stuff to with a thing like. John came in he asked me one question. I answered it and then we are good to go once equals the questions later somebody asked what was the question in his responses. I didn't tell you that for a reason and it's like well why did you tell us he asked the question and you'd have to tell us that he was not in control of that. Situation like he normally is the merits there's a little flops like go on. What do you think the reason laws because he came in here and he took over this team and said we need to provide starting pitcher. We need a outfielder reed closer and Mikey you just follow the three did every he said he was going to do he came in here with this honest. I thought great approach it was refreshing. Today was the exact opposite and I'm not sure why he wasn't a hard press conference John you could a couple of three or 45 to for reasons why. John fills up the manager anymore so why do you make it's so difficult all so on yes or or you could on the flip side say listen. I have too much respect for John as a man in the job he did here it was just time for change I'm not you know when the body but didn't do that either so there wasn't really. Because later he was asked something effect of will what it Farrell do well what did you like about him as a manager and as I said I address tonight and again and I said this off the topic is like all these the top was night. John did a good job it was time efforts Dolly sent. So he didn't go in the Farrell the pro Farrell direction and he didn't go in the I'll give you some reasons direction which is very weird and you ask why. And so I was wondering that as well as I was watching an and I think about it I might. He knows that there is a giant balls and it is on his forehead now there is no longer that. Buffer that you had with Farrell where it's like if things go wrong. It's on the manager we replace the manager is the manager I inherited and now you know we move bomb at my guy well. When your guy comes in you don't have a fall guy anymore because anything that happens from here on out is on use so I don't know views beyond that. That's my best seat he may be right about that my only other theory. Is that in weeding hear much of this while they were working together. Is that these guys did not get a and my only evidence of that. Give me three piece of evidence number one is the way Dombrowski acted today never praised him never buried and just sort of Nigel Polly's gone yet and it could have done a lot of different things there for Farrell to. If softly land and I'll adored so the good things John did weaken him actually a story Iguodala things for Ferrell because that he'll be a night manager somewhere around it'll be back in baseball somewhere exact great point could've said that he did. Number two. I'm reading for Peter Gammons piece today references earlier there are eight different things in here than I've not heard any work support Gammons is writing it. Gammons writes about John Ferrell is firing was inevitable lest they be the Astros despite three division titles. And a World Series in five years we get that Gammons writes the job. Maybe the stress of having dated to brows ski with in nearly every day of the season in whole or road wore him out. Sell ivory that is John Ferrell is said to Peter Gammons either on or off the record or the sort of this guy's on my gas season every road trip he galleries in the lineup or Jesus. Heart is an end and that will lead to a wearing an affectionate relationship right if you think you guys will go over your shoulder. As team president day in and day out on every trip yes plenty Evans writes that so let's stop what balance are there is that's interesting and that's something that. I don't know if we said that explicitly but that's certainly something that a number of us that brought up having robber story about it at some point just. Howell ubiquitous. To browse UC was on virtually every road trip. He would sit in the press box he would be in the clubhouse at cost I'll be on your laptop out it's weird like you're sitting in a press box in your writing a story and you tear left in Austin like back the GM their socks. It's sitting next Venus I'm not used to be a did not do this and sharing and did not do this. And so you did have a round constantly you could absolutely see and I remember feeling this way more last year than this year. You could see it wearing on the coaches a little bit people were not as relaxed I think that the body you know because that buses there Abbas is constantly there. And I don't know that he was given crap about anything it's like anything else imagine if we're trying to do the show right now and Jones are about a comes in and just stands there right behind us and is looking at us is shaken is Aaron I don't wanna encourage him. But I'm just saying if that happened so now imagine being the manager or coach of a baseball team where your box. And Lee at the very least when you go on a road trip it's a little bit of a respite. They always talk about where family we travel together we do everything together in Sierra on the road and you think you're getting away you're getting away from that Boston bubble. And they as the boss just stand their constantly. I think that absolutely warm people why would Caribbean so you have to Brodsky not no vote of confidence they for fairly of this note and then the final piece of this puzzle. That has led me to this theory that these two guys did not get along and kept it in house good for them. Is that when John Ferrell role that you know very. What's honorable word he's that good bye letter that nice guys felt. He thanks a bunch of people heated thank Dave Dombrowski and I thought that was. On noticeable in its absence of that list RC have yemen's of that letter of to browse ski today. I'm the reason why he was sort of short is this is like him he didn't want to let people know that any was trying to protect and sort of okay are just sort of moving on when he has and this is gonna come out through. Sources the next 2448 hours he's got player reasons and his mime like he's not as manager Alan that's my new work theories why don't brows ski. Made its heart and himself that I think the one thing we've definitely learned today is that their relationship we never had a great handle on it because one inherited the there and you know Farrell hadn't gotten sick that first year he may not have even come back break down last year they made it maybe they would have handed the reins to love LO but. That just didn't feel right you know from right human standpoint says to fire guys coming off chemotherapy and all that. But after last year if that's the case what you're saying is true why didn't they do this last year like at number rusty didn't get along with Farrell. Why did he dragged the south for another year that's the part that I don't quite understand. And so I don't wanna go too far saying that like these guys hated each and I think they clearly have their differences. And I think there was probably a lot of frustration I'm guessing like for instance on Ambrose he's part. He's building his this offseason we're gonna go to Chris Sale and we're gonna let all of our young players blossom. When none of the young players blossom for you expected her. He's probably looking for somebody to blame in what was the easy there's a manager right there are wise invent anything lies and moved he had it. What Jackie Bradley 26 homers last year rising needing all you know so. I think there's probably frustration and a browse these by. That less than sad and all of that is. You're the guy who refuse to go sign Edwin Encarnacion or somebody who could really replace David are traded Travis show all you've in his other mood exactly to browse to the emperor has no closer to find that out now that he said that the the shield as a Wayne Farrell act as a shield for anyone else in the organization that's where guys like me. Put all our venom towards and you said what changed this year. I think that the closely issue annoyed Debra I noted annoyed the ownership. I think annoyed to brows -- is became the became the story and it became the only thing people talked about was about Farrell and price and Akerson you know you wrote about today WEEI dot com. You you basically feel like. David Price got John Ferrell fired there I think I mean listen. If they if David Price is in here in the season ends exactly the same way it was in four games. Kinda like close Julian you say are right I understand five years is a long time. In baseball you're ready for a change it doesn't mean found that a bad jobs he didn't easy to get manager of the year votes as the army he didn't. He had a good year as a manager Nazi's weren't aware I'm not saying Matt. I don't have a votes you have to weigh about daddy there. But I'm just saying he added he's coming off a good year you could argue this was his best year. From a pure in game manager stamp one we had this conversation before robbed the Dow last night two things it was best yeah I think he's got a good idea they had a terrible I mean and terrible bullpen that turned out to be grateful. And half the guys who are in that open didn't even make the post season roster and yet. And one event or so unarmed so and yet exactly. But for this oh yes so we're talking about you know it's Ambrose Ian and how he feels towards Farrell I think. At some point. Ambrose he knows when we're talking about price in particular. That's his guy and my response to you would be if he's so upset about David Price and how things are handled in this of Mac. He's the boss why isn't he laid out Los Theo occasionally. Waited I don't know if you would address the team necessarily but he would get pissed about stuff and he would say things. In the media. Eat there was not enough for number I was not like he's powerless is only he was helpless to insert himself in that situation beyond just quietly apologized and it is and a couple and his manager feels that. I don't think so I I I DUI agents acting that's John Ferrell you could say he's backing John Farrell's old John Ferrell did not that he did he was he was as complicit as an out about the impact. Who does complicit is price price of the ultimate ailments but to go on dale Polley for multiple weeks and say. We have a good professional relationship will have to apologize for he salad in 88 and I I I think. If you will when there and then publicly say when Pakistan that after the managers had it been taken and taken. In house and house of cards prism looking for. You cut both legs out from apparel that point Ferrell by not acting strong that the manager of the big jaw by not acting strong and that. He made everyone else will week yeah yeah he loses he was at that I would just say. Farrell's in a bad spot there because he knew as well as anyone if he goes out. And apologized recklessly and that gets out which it would. And ends up back in the clubhouse he loses that clubhouse because of price. And he knows as well as anyone unfortunately as well that price had the backing of virtually everybody in. You know it's probably only a handful of guys who were not Schering and who were not in on Mac and who work on board and it. And so thousand rough spot there Blake we can say be tough while being tough costs you'd be entire clubhouse. Yet you've made some people happy one deceive via cargo by. What have you accomplished while you've you've done the public doing the right thing so if doing the right thing means okay our guys in the clubhouse or Matt doing the right thing for what though. Four for the organization aren't as you. And for yourself by the way if you're John Ferrell again you may ownership he made by how is at the right thing if you lose the clubhouse because of it how is that the right thing. That's it's a terrible thing to say about it right hurting for the manager Rick team to do this happened to eighteen broadcaster hall of Famer guy who has been for a little bit. Off the field get on the field expert through a little bit all of course which I mean we know Wallace apologizing and makes them as a human being is I think about it anyway. No it was so early o'clock and you know what what the issue of vanity RD loss people nightclub it wasn't fully gone that's the issue I mean listen you saw how that team played yeah I I came back I can't argue all the back all year party they announced an accounting battling these extra inning victories. Even in the playoffs down joyous he would give his play his manager vote compensation be back. But he say we fought back in the we quit yet and that quote it's funny because if you read that quote he says he'd John did a great job and any goes on Sabo above but the question was. And it was Alex spear asked there was something the effect of at the end of the season like this the manager status comes under scrutiny. Do you think John should return next year in and there was no yes he could not bring himself to say yes he did a great job and then meandered like him as a friend he acts as what he says that about John fair and Marion Novi Sam Mack. Writes we seem to agree on this the or four gets a phone calls. She should John Ferrell have been fired his Bradford yesterday yelled at me for two hours and said he should keep his job. Did you think John Ferrell should have been fired. And did you say yes and I give you a couple minutes and EG to give the final soared defense of why why would you kept camera you could say known as a bridge to he had his there's two things at work here one is. Like I said five years is a long time you can be a good manager and it can still be time for a chance so I can't really argue the move. However cowboy however defendant I will say this at V. Issue in that clubhouse has not remotely been resolved if you think get rid of John Farrow is gonna fix everything going on in there. You still have a giant David Price problem. And to me I said this of the morning guys the other day something feels a little off. About rewarding the way to price acted because that's effectively what you're doing and their responses while. They didn't do this to please David Price it doesn't matter but that's the end result the end result. Is David Price got what he wanted. And I don't love that that. That guy who had such a negative impact in that clubhouse. His behavior is being justified and it's being rewarded let's come pick that up with your call 6177797937. The phone number two waiting on hold thank you for your patience wanna get monsignor welcome back. Two mud at night you'll be weekly participant in the show. On the morning Georgie Tuesdays so will potentially for Wednesday's going four rounds of Q would you down and asleep like. Eighteen straight hours in Albion generated Iraq and here's the other little secret John's better he's. I'm way better and our energy among the lake spends laughing it's the reality is totally two girls that I notice that night now back. Us all come back at your calls 6177797937. The phone number. Donald Trump. Is going on Hannity and a half an hour they've released a 32 clip and of course relates to. Colin Capra NFL will get Hamas and take him or yell about Donald. Previn follicles Mark James text message of the wall that between now and and here on WE it's much at night on sports. Yeah. We'll tell for the cost thirty seconds to mossy hanging out on at night Sports Radio WEEI Marley Rivera of ESPN in New York. ESPN baseball including ESPN deport days tweets out last. Couple of hours or so that Alex Cora is part of the New York Mets first round of interviews as well as the Detroit Tigers so out scores of names come up I've talked about him for about a year. Only setting I know the Red Sox like him and I wanna be right about this and that will be involve the Red Sox manager to be their manager but. Certainly feels like out coral be in the mix to be the next guy here Boston. Yet he's got some momentum on his side he's considered every year there seems to be an up and coming name you know first time manager. This is definitely be winter barracks out score so he's getting one of these jobs may going to be Boston did you cover both the Indy cap or as dead is gig cap or guy you look at her dale holly. Brought promoting him as a potential candidate I yeah I mean I think that would be an interesting one. From a Red Sox perspective because he has familiarity with some of the players he coached in Greenville is the manager I think about seven. He obviously Clady played David Price that's good or bad. You know but. Yet counselors cap was initially when the thing working against him. Is I think Dave Dombrowski said today they want somebody who had. Man out big league coaching experience and Kaplan doesn't is minor league manager has been so I don't know if that would offset a little bit. But I covered both those guys I like them both a lot they're both Smart. You know intellectually curious baseball guys great mine like core was the guy universally when he played if you asked. Who's the future manager on this team nobody would say Jason Varitek went all the fans at Sega all say Alex core really he had he was like. He was the guy who. If you watched him every game and use blaming infield he would do little things that. If you're paying attention he was always trying to think a little bit ahead you know weather is a fake trying to get a runner up the bag. Whatever I remember there's a game they lost against the Yankees. Must've been old. Eight is shot like that where the final out I think was a sacrifice fly to senator and Ellsbury caught it. And it was like clearly are better and I wasn't sacked by it was a single to center to win the game was a bloop single and Ellsbury came outfield and at. And just did the you know dejected. Tossed the back in the infield and you see Cora core was racing to second because the runner on first. Had not busted at the second. And Corliss. Hold that does Glaus or are they for got him for a force out the Ron might not even on the force out with a run on an outing and he was the only guy in the field I remember it has asked about it after it's. He was everyone else is trudging off the field to walk off loss. And he was the one guy standing on second and when l.s raid in there on the ball. You'd see in just dropped his head and he said. After the game as some diplomatic guy he's a young player but he was. He was like in the moment he was like dad and that's what people like about that seems likely to mossy column for tomorrow or Friday ordered X columns are not right and I wrote honorary degree to a Monday nights that's where my tendency is much better use your time it's 177797937. The phone numbers all the Ferrell stopped to brows ski Alex Cora gave cap or. In the mix as part of the conversation Phillips and men and waiting patiently Phillip you're next up here on WE yeah. Gentlemen I just want to touch on two points here at this past the year sense of the word. I'll love it and you know what's quality of bench called shall the Astros and Joseph Girardi yankees and they release him. Are of course George rightly note he could cost the Yankees yet Billy Buckner played by not review Winnetka. How bad that it went off his dad not they would want that first game against the yes indeed. I don't know if that was quite suitable partner level but I Gary's and he admitted us. And almost blocked field or Yankee Stadium but he laced. Let's just. I didn't like price individually I mean price guarantee contract. 31 million dollars the only good he has an opt out next year but whose campaign that. Cubic. But you'd be surprised at the end of the year I read your columns. But who ever they bring change moment. He's just not you know I don't see you britney's going to be safe saying why not what you could do in the and it's guaranteed. Money. I'm gonna grow into what they want. Single Pedroia had bad attitude that we saw what you know early do you want in the shot we blame basically. You'd like to do is say it's all. About them that's right. You can remind you can the job. An engine trouble but two you know we want to just leave Hughes and an apology. Problems seen in the Volga yeah I think we have to look at John Henrik. Is he went to court with the launch pretext because it goes on someone stands from the floor Marlins in retreat whenever you're going to have to do that. We need that I mean. Jackie dale junior's house series. Betts was OK. We do the whole roster we instantly you can win the Stanley even with the apple watcher Applegate is calling the war things that is what is so that your. Like yours in the managing itself was not essential element. So I mean I agree something. That's why add again and it involves what they had to go get a new manager and you view just sort of walked through the entire checklist of what the seas was likely yes the 193 games. But the off the field stories were as big an Iranian on the field now part of that is talk radio in Boston but. The things that it recipe for the apathy in the club and David Price and Applegate at the drug and this was. These are the stories and that leads you to move on from the manager it's why they could've done it Sunday after a Monday morning Monday night after the game. And what of it okay with the nets for the next guy. It his responsibility to them to John's point for the break is gonna be a real David Price him. When he sits down for that interview you'd I'm sure will be explained to him. Your first priorities David Price and try to make sure he's on the same page at this team and not letting him become a distraction was a year ago either with. His comments the media or his tweets or his attitude or. Or ripping. Club announcers. That's three top of that list it's why Brad auspices Gammons writes today is gonna be real candidates can be seen as a retread by a lot of people and I was in good Detroit but. David Price according to Gammons thinks Brad offers the best manager he ever played for. So if you're looking for a guy who you bring in and immediately has the Jiri David Price. Ran off with fits that bill yet you know the problem of that so you're gonna. Allowed David Price to not only get one manager fired but then handpicked successor well liked that guy was the problem he you know. I understand it's a tough spot because. The guaranteed contract the potential and being here another twenty years. I eat so your stock within minutes cents by. Does that feel right to you had so that effectively let David Price and pick the next manager no but I also know the reality is that in. In 2012. They like they like all of this anyway. And if Ferrell had not been freed. He might have been the manager here still would not it's not just to appease David Price it to god they liked anyway. And I want to browsing you'll make this call eight Maine and I don't wanna be influenced by David pressure right about that but if he thinks Austin as the guy he sees things and in off this weather was with. His last couple years of the Dodgers are. In Q what if he sees some they can help this team that won 93 games we both agree John it's very Talbot with young players who need to take that next step. If BC is that moss missed then they'll let him make that decision I don't want him to be swayed by. I'll IG so I'll look like I am not trying to appease lighten my most expensive picture he's he's the best got to do it go higher brattle. Here's my here's my question for you is priced salvageable because. He had a reputation throughout his career Namibia is just completely an accurate but he had a reputation as being a good teammate and good clubhouse guy. An alpha assorted number one starter who other pitchers or follow his lead yet. This year there were some extenuating things with the elbow I'm sure that threw him you know I'm sure that threw him off. Thinking holy cow is my career overt or any Tommy John whatever. Can he come back from this can he get a reset button and come back next year and say. You know what I made mistakes I see are moving forward let's start fresh is that possible cause I don't know that it is watching that guy he look happy when he's been too while in the playoffs. What would you set if I asked with John Lackey salvageable. That's a great I would suggest no shot so dad is John. By the end of his tenure John Lackey was getting standing ovations of last Red Sox player to win a postseason game. And late that year he was getting standing ovation but his fan base which you basically give the middle finger to a didn't wanna be here got to fight with PR people got what would Lou. He didn't like Boston did like the area still doesn't like crap about her right. In fact I was getting cheered at Fenway Park in yes David Price salvageable their point values Lackey is my reason why gyms and a car I Jim. Hey jab. I doubt you but. I'm really gut. I'm more concerned about the adult why he came at this point because. Web. I got lucky he got out after selling the armed get a hobby could play like say well it's Iraq. He left on the far nothing they aired for the next three years that what you're gonna have to be buying what we meet a look at that are fighting back. Dot com web site that I don't think get together for about 34 year. In the organization of the couple mediocre. Pitcher so what we got that lucky to burst out loud knock out. To your general. On the Arnold at the bar it from here and it kind of depressed. Yet certainly true I mean I think the Red Sox countered Ambrose he's countered that would be well. Raphael devers in the big leagues now he's twenty years old so he counts as something when you talk about young yeah. And bets Bogart's but every year that passes. That's Bogart's Bradley get a year removed from that idea of all we have our young players on the roster is then you have to start worrying about who replaces them. When those guys deals are. And so they'd there's definitely I mean if you look at their prospect lists right now in my gym is fourth on their list. Kravis contracts Sam Travis so do you look at Sam Travis now a couple years ago terms the fourth prospect on their list would have been somebody like Rambo that's upfield then yes and so now it's Sam Travis a guy who. Didn't really. Have anywhere close to a good year it's eight homers I think in the mine I thought you're gonna bring this up and I thought you would admit you know what. I was wrong it gave to brown I could you want these people that was screw over the roof top trading too many process Illinois that. If Chris Sale they Craig Kimbrel both guys have both worked out for you amber was you rate the he can have an awesome job. Unit pick one outing from journalists kind of an important I had an awesome year for the right he did in the lights out there's always the worry with him. That he's not going to be W I'm a strike zone when they matter you are DE review complete that during the game the US lingering feel on the Craig can mourn a big spots not ray yeah it is chilling telling tweeting at me that I was the stupid that out of I still have a job. And it's one of the five stupidest things. Ever had about baseball fan and I was like I said good job Brazil that I go to church Schilling's I'll Famer about back that's a good comeback by you. So they win 93 games they have his days at a good year it's a good year. They're set up the next couple this season you still pace of the trade all these prospects yet because I still feel like it's still it's more guys than they needed to and a lot of these deals that's what it that's when it comes down towards the audio and I you look back. This creek Kimbrel you've you've been at the back and and say oh okay I trade those guys for Chris elegant yet a year not listen we made one of the drug was saying now. Let's give these guys a little time you know two years and now we may feel very differently even about the Chris Sale tree. Let's see what cope becomes let's see movement out of becomes so right now sure you can say none of those guys milanese traded yet. Has emerged Manny Margo for the first couple weeks that look like that's the one that they missed on his worst and have a shot there and as were straight is trip to a seasonally order power and it would have meant not having a play. And clear policy animal times growing the dollars and prospect and that would. That maybe that's Mormon issue because this year they're gonna have to do some Major League evaluating for guys to with a gonna keep you guys gonna go after some maybe. It's worse of a knock but. Watches team this year I never thought boy which he still had a loaded farms. Again the day issue may not be just this year that's the problem like like the caller said. You're gonna get to a period of time where suddenly you're back to like what the Yankees have been until very recently with judge in their guys where it was. Freeagent freeagent freeagent trade we we got to go outside it's kind of like the detect years you just constantly going outside the organization may be to make that work. But you make it harder yourself. Donald Trump has waited again on capita in the NFL all play that for you at 9 o'clock and react to your phone calls on the Red Sox and Ferrell and a browse the offseason all night long here at 617779. 7937. Your phone number or Mott to mossy mud and night here on W media she'll never stops on Twitter follow along. Had much WEEI. On Sports Radio WEEI. Clock at night Sports Radio WEEI full four hour show us. Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the football season now the Red Sox season is over you get them on that football third tonight football. But a slew of summer shows too mossy in the mix Bradford as well as we get them past football. If some other people involved in the program your calls are always welcome at 61777979. Threesome we go to the cape on this final Wednesday night Karl is there. Karl is on much at night guard Carl. They guide while Leo I Karl good man how are you. Excellent might you get there based also on the news saying it saying it can't tell the people tell us Brent let's go. Not so enjoyable to look for sure thanks I'd go hey look and I definitely agree that you're in terms of where you don't want Italy and the contract. And which is insomnia that next yet it's less than 500 that it hit it and. 47 and home. Yet yet it's 497. But I do numbers and that's what I came wanted to suit and slacks like payment. I hit I think quality you know I read. Probably where scholar but I think one or the other why it's really important is because next year. But they are Roy is gonna need help he goes each. A lot of games. If you're gonna keep it got to help the after the you know it may be your core back my whole year. You know well that that I mean. You don't even Indian and each slot in. I just I did that make them. However I guess you'd be on as far as CE mark units. I mean you know all of that tucked front office or been around a long time this is one big PR machine. They stuck the state they need a great franchise. And that guy is due out columns in. And and I understand you know. It's a lot of modern take on. In it but it talking about I'll be happy about this guy and that I don't think you gonna have to give up as much as what their accents. You know if it means get the thirteenth at all. In trading at eight pennants and Garrett say that he had a good young player on the wants. But I would make that move in the second because this guy you saw in that Lipton. And eat it the thing that they create. You need a reason to get people excited yeah opium who've been at a common in you know coincidentally epic you'd better be core. Marat won one of the but you in two seems to really fit the bill. Yeah eight. He makes so much freaked and money. And it's and it's back loaded there is no they're dazed these these contracts never work when a real learn in baseball they never work its what he did Marlins had this great player. And they got the cell for what sixty cents on the dollar this all season. UB EB download the list for me I would rather spend money in free agency John I'd rather. Talk about Hosmer or JD Martinez. That it would trading any sort of prospects of the salary that is due calls these great players a stud nose knocking that. But that's salaries never gonna work out every episode work potentially 310. Million dollars over the net. Eleven years. His contract is heavily front loaded too Smart for the cheap Marlins ownership. No so they could give the appearance of a thirteen year what I read that 325 million dollar contract knowing full well they probably weren't gonna pay at. My problem with him is. Martinez is a lesser player. But not by much not by not by enough to justify like you said both Martinez only cost you money in free agency. He's already thirties and I don't pay any of these freeagent attached MR traffic I don't think there's any cop I'll say he got traded down here so. So anyway your. You're just looking at much less of an Al way to get him and the other thing is if you give your 300 million or whatever to stand. We're only a year out from. Bryce Harper Manny Mick shot Josh Donaldson Clayton Kershaw out the opts out you got a bunch of guys who could be any monster freeagent class next year. So why be the only you know why go why go after stand in a year when he's going to be the only big fish available so to speak. When you've got all these other guys are coming just a year camera John is in Quincy tonight they jumped. There's also a you don't. That a 200 from Roger on board a human being or some sort of an argument on this. Police this situation. Internal American streets this bitterness vivid and so did this release series. Placed in the club those who have lost a club goes yup. Well in what I can play not. Signal placed out Milosevic considered the club rose to work. To approach it like big. You can do some tennis and that he presented to region by. So efficient down you're saying that they don't use four remote place in the clip girls in the student so I think you knew that formidable. Presence in the club you know managerial brilliance in the club course in the title that would work to do eat. Delhi where you truly weird but I rights to drive all ramps onto issues. Of and brutal out front said they'll receive a dialogue that carried you don't consult with something like chimps whose formal induction to commend. And it's a fair point I'd I think you're gonna say as argue about myself on faro with myself. About Farrell as I definitely was prize saying well aside efforts name beside Brad it was there the other day I was I was I was brat OS which is okay. I think I'm actually consistent on price I mean. The price thing is Farrell was any damned if you do damned if you don't situation. If he does it if he if he confronts him he definitely loses the clubhouse I don't does it and if you get an idea he maintains a tenuous hold on site outlet entitled anyway. And I had enough they played hard for and that's the thing so I don't update it what it was a good already what do you play in price is I'm gonna factored on the stretch into the playoffs and activities in their everyday price had a focus in on wanting yet it a a reason to pitch while the policies duel race what happened last year but he still in that clubhouse he's still exerting an influence on people in that clubhouse whether you router Ben and Andy are some of the guys like that lets a whole different issue yes and that's the issue that is the only issue that I'm talking about. That clubhouse and his impact so as we're talking about this Red Sox team and somebody called earlier before he got here John about how they haven't moved forward the it's not that other teams the American League pass them the Astros the Indians the Yankee's. The categories for a second time tonight has taken Corey clover deepen the Yankees having three nothing lead blow on the Indians right now I am not watching that we've why we have. How I met whatever they show Slattery of this idol to the TV once you got in my focus on you. I want there hi I have I probably have been proud dog will put baseball on during the break that was I forgot. There was going to be a day of the winery not big banks area the cut the cubs and natural on before this tonight assumed. Yankees would come on I can't literacy the thing I just by those cells and knowing that that was very nice here. Think it's annoying about the baseball policies and by the way all these games are different channels it's like as the FS one or MLB or TBS. ESPN's Don such about look for baseball and it is it's not like Cates and football. It's on fox or dogs if these are chance you can't find this is like trying to find the US soccer game so we'll try to find a but the Yankees. There was there they needed to win or tied again in and they blew it. He US out of the World Cup that's astoundingly bad attention about I am a little patch you know what. All in all seriousness it goes to moss I'll add and I had a soccer column written this morning Jesus and I was like released it close I was proof reading it. An ice by phone doesn't like OWB I breaking I'm like oh god this is damage he's like your good son Daryl Dodd knows soccer. Joseph I still have corner kick references in there. Stewart to a lot CONCACAF sit on the ball policy of a cult readied for the next time you your due you're also. Nor is it good mood tonight kinda girls that. On 61777979237. The former yankees every three nothing lead if they win a they are on the ALCS we'll come back and Wear your Red Sox calls and here in a place and Donald Trump's side note that the a big fan trump announced on the mossy. Make Russia great again. And not I don't think the NFL great again make football great again. By suspending players to kneel for the anthem. As we suggested tonight you'll hear all react we'll talk to you it's Mott at night's Sports Radio W media.