Previewing Celtics vs. Bucks Game 7 with Chris Mannix

Friday, April 27th
With the Celtics and Bucks series heading to the Game 7, Rich Keefe and Jason Rossi are joined by Yahoo Sports Senior Writer Chris Mannix joins us to discuss the Celtics/Bucks as they head to a decisive Game 7. What are the ramifications if the Celtics blow the home game 7. Chris goes nuts on the boring style of the Indiana Cleveland series.

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Welcome into the mostly c.'s my guest here on the WB. Sports Radio network. I'm Jason rock music producers sometimes part time and slightly host this podcast but to date we were joined by. Chris semantics of Yahoo! Sports. On dale and. He. Actual terrestrial radio side we're gonna play that back see previews game set. For the Celtics and the box also gets some other stuff going on around it ga. Including what some people making. This series Indiana and Cleveland goes on out some tirade you're not gonna wanna miss. It on quick thoughts on series. It's not been a bit here this is not good fastball I'd like game. Read our lives are important with a good game. Celtics were out you know fuel at the end I box but aside from that these are some really for played games. It seems hybrids is the Celtics are roughly two for fourteen. Or like 314. That it did not play well it was a nice spark. By mark is Smart coming in at home town crowd really excited to see markets. World we live. When Marcus mart is getting cheered like Paul Pierce and 2006. Annuals that Joseph Kelly for your Red Sox being the most cheered guide the TD art. Strange times and lost three times but the lack of a superstar. Or a stock. On this Celtics playoff to. Really coming. This is he should have been over after being up 20 I would be honest to myself. The bucket and the fox did not look good even being ridiculous. Perhaps those first two games dot. Okay maybe the maybe get this one and five even six. And I thought it was gonna happen in games acts like this box team. Has the best player I even have the best to hoop players. The Middleton as well as the Greek freak. But the problem is the Celtics who lack experience on Ziad Al Horford was played. Major playoff games you also have market Smart has been a part of the major playoff games. But overall it's not talent not experience. It's a combination of just pack up our troops start but when the ball need to get in that who who are you going to do it out. Is Jason Tatum who completely disappeared in game five in. Native quick appearance six the end of that Ayman at the other we're gonna take it over the adjacent to aids advocate really hot. In six and it was going to turn into a victory but no they got. Opted being down by two. Late in the game and boxed hook that's with steer with having a superstar like opted to blow. They are able to take off on the Celtics no answer is absolutely no answer. And so the series that the soldiers have done a good job of kind keeping him. In place let him score. Mean even middle think it score. You just don't have any of their other players went light so. The guys coming off the bench as a Tyler Zeller the other I was hitting jumpers and kind of key spot in the quarter. Bots. It's going to be tough don't like being sent out of many games and in any sport yes it's exciting. But this hasn't been a series really OK everyone's winning at home you have this great team and it's going. It's not when it's our viewer team right now is Brad Stevens sits is but on 186. Of adverse event meant to some of the Boston. But he's on the silent advertisement him as a start it's time for star making performance if anybody I've my eye on eighty's Terry wrote. He's at ups and downs in this year's I think he's a guy knows this is the moment for someone like him as well as market Smart. His last game as a Celtic and can be asking is obviously this year they lose he's in a contract yet this is the point. Where you need to make those plays and Shaquille O'Neal said on TNT broadcast and considine said you cannot afford 0%. Chance. Zero. Present opportunity for you to not have a peek. Eight you need to have a big game cube on a report performed his this will last. Over the oxy you have nothing to come back to Jack Hanna talked about out yet that. Like last embassies and whether it's in game seven game six there any time that he wasn't playing like sticks with you. He knew you have no time to have a bad performance. I hope the Celtics to put the stick together and hopefully will be taught on Monday for our recap of this series hopefully previewing next here's the Philadelphia 76ers. I'll comes down to step here's Chris medics talking about the Celtics in box as an anti dean sent. Out of the net patent and at that they. Contact I can't remember. The last time. The top man at the gate road team closed. It is a series. Especially at a dictate even stronger hold teams winning when he came to younger. It just take. It's much more. He's got more comfortable on their home court in this series you've got two teams that. Are very young by and large pot inexperience. And you'll feed off their their home crowd and that you bought that. The one big thing epic yet Gulfport. Chris what they thought of Marcus Martin has two games back. About me he gives that he takes away is is what he does and you know that game I performance I thought you know not just what he did on the floor but. Cavity deep jolt of energy provided to that team. I don't think they win game five without him. I'm not assured they lose game six if he's if he's out there either but he didn't play all that well in in game six set up a market. It immediately got to play within himself and he gets back up a six week that we gaps and he can't be out there be overly aggressive offensively he can't beat Dick early in the shot clock breweries. His party app to beat defend and move the basketball I mean they really don't need Marcus Marcus score high level that we gained big media. To duplicate creek middle that we did in game five. And not allow milk me get off like he didn't games six. Now maybe tufts you know get a sense of the market right now but do you think this has got to be yet for Marcus mar weathered Saturday for the next round is is there any chance he's coming back. I'd beat the pretty good chance because it'd definitely be a lot teams out there that that I talked to that are looking pit. He'll overextend themselves the paper market Smart that would markets while walked is Il Gary Harris money you want the deputy due million dollar deal that Aaron Scott. A couple of years ago the socket doc to build their delicate for more than 1011 million dollar per year. Ot type deal that Norman Powell got recently here somewhere along those lines. Are happy that the public not averse to paying him you know that ten million plus. You arranged if if that's when it comes to sell I think they're pretty good chance on short term deal that that markets wind went up back in Boston. Chris obviously there's been some inconsistency with the the young stars Jason Tatum and Jalen brown I'm just wondering how you felt they've handled being thrown. Into this position duty injuries were there you know so counted on such a young age in their careers in this playoff spots. I did it in the totality of the detail that really well let me give. But after play you know roles that they are gonna cost them to really from the start of the these enemy when they were went down everything changed for the bulk of them. And indeed thrived in those rules now. It can protect indicate the Tatum I've bodies struggled most last couple games it numbered slot that the world little misleading. I'll quickly picked the black eight quarters he's played it hasn't played particularly well and they needed about the offensively did win the game seven. It's gonna have to be somebody tapping an opposite outburst. That eating you haven't seen lately where you didn't expect overall we go back to game seven packet the wizard that it was Kelly Olympic going off. In fact demon an epic monster once somebody's got to do it independently the most equipped he's probably the most gifted in all but the players they have. I hope they're in the war in terms of what he can do inside and out. Puppy he's about the play much better every bit the puck he's not going anywhere dot gonna play great I leave it open. He his numbers aren't. They like shooting almost 60% from the floor and 52%. From the week you'll pick up points. In this game seven baht at that point somebody out there that can match it. Today are rosier Bledsoe battles seem almost. In it was almost a lock that it was gonna happen before this series was over. Yeah I mean you got started but in the triplets though you have to look in the mirror like what do. Well I'd I'd battling the terrorist you have to that is it's like careers come to like I'm. Eric. You know I'm I'm battling with the guy that was like third string at the start that he's not not against terror nothing at Brazil who is no longer a third string guy who's going to be starting point guard. In this league but but he you know he thinks killing them with. Was with that resembled what does that tell them how it's been behaving for. Promote this series in yellow is in intensity in terms of travel one opera here offensively. Has weathered some really bad defense that. That's out there are about a little force so even if he talked a wildcard in the game seven. What though the ultimate wildcard because the dot Abbott Alex. To put 225 are any given night with a dog that Burt poked the period but if he gets rolling he could become like we'd expect from Milwaukee. Dig Brad Stevens sticks with semi usually the starting lineup for game seven or could there be some other tweak up his sleeve. I think he Dick because we're too late and pretty good on the defensive end the war but. Yeah it's not like indicate that in baseball he got a quick trick on all of these guys the united somebody's. He is partially not getting it done defensively he's not useful up there on the war what you can't. You can't leave him out there if it got that he's not making got its work or they can Jabari Parker workers offensively. They get only about there maybe eat it Capel make it back quietly from time to time but. You know Milwaukee divide the whole defense around leaving him when he's on the course so you've got to stop putting. It off but the weapons out there because that without I read in in the the other pieces. It really have to work to manufacture rock and I think count on the somebody who's a little streaky like it was a year or smarter. Even a Jalen brown to a certain degree op again pop I think chevys are. You don't be epic shortly shot. Chris from from afar we talked about aegis presume that the the home team is gonna win game seven. But I think sort of the other NBA staple is sometimes the best player wins and the freak is the best player. In this series he's been playing well as at thirty plus points couple different times. Is there any chance he just goes off and says our team's not that good we don't don't play as a team but I'm gonna win this and and take it to the Celtics on their own court. Definitely like he tried to do that already in the in his first two games of this series also again. You know maybe he's just get what thirty plot that they close to it don't watch the game get thirty plus said. You'll probably it would that. Today is it clear if Java you know goes goes crazy and it has like forty. Like you know awkward because without won't miss it does that want to let the does that wanted to beat the other guys. Garnett wanted to get cut chalked up a certain number appoint they had to keep up the got to get tickets yet. I mean he's ridiculous out there may need if you make it turn around jump shot that reporters Bob going to be a long night for the people making. Elbows you know trouble drive into the paint could be. Still catching value since second chance points using it like. It kind of at the tip your cap to the that you gotta give up those opportunities it it kept the gap and not. During that period I've never get to every point the first six games I really haven't liked David that man we've got to do a better job. On young that they think they're doing pretty good job on goddess he could equate quiet with their problems are. Our our our league take from our our company got a guy like milk cynical enough. We're talking NBA playoffs with Chris medics if the Celtics do. What they should do and win at home in game seven you give them much of a chance against the sixers. Now and it is that they're probably gonna get their ass kicked against Philadelphia and that's that this kind of the the way I mean let I was skeptical Philadelphia kick coming into this post season really was about it might beat them in the first round. Because you know you'd sometimes oftentimes. You know what that did start in in the post season let me go back in 2010 went. You know that that directive Westbrook seemed to know that they they played the plan out what part that they got beat the first round by the lakers you take your lumps along the way. But talent they just went out that they'd. Ridiculously Palkot sixers team that also blamed veteran that'd take that to a county they're like dealt ballot legally assault anybody could attack. But they'll plot by the land of hockey let Parker back in the lap somehow. You guys are are are you cannot telling that the but they're putting up big numbers sort of JJ Redick. But that the cabinet he that it really surprising in. I didn't think this week too big talent gap between Philadelphia Boston in the second round. Did Philadelphia ends up winning the Eastern Conference. That might mean I'm an Indy right now for game six of this. God awful cap pacers series. It is I don't know maybe the cat pictures you're like a war of attrition like you don't want these teams are very good. And I I I can I don't think Ronald great I mean if they got beat a couple of times by the wizard the populace that you're at about Porter is done for the duration but. I think Philadelphia cabinet that they've died and I can say that can't expect anything but I like now putt make the pictures. Like favorite 2 win the eastern topic because Cleveland. They just stick Michael brought quite in this series is helpful. Because everybody else including the coaches couple's side dark you know. Uncle at a very high levels so I don't quite get it down the defectors to a what by early twenty somethings could could allow these accomplished this year. Now you can always change your mind but on April 27. Where do you think LeBron James will be next year. I. Yeah I. I keep hearing these these pictures that I like pocketed say it. I don't think they're connecting it with anything other than that the logical site like this I this which represent LeBron he represented by the evidence that the got to be talking about a pundits seemed. Act could be true opposite immediately men back to be true but. I don't know that we that it just is that that the series bandwagon jumping is your typical wanted to go to that I mean look at these. He's got to the army Miami indeed keep up with those guys in. I go do that could he do it again I'd build the lakers. The most likely landing spot. And I think that would have been hit by the way the lakers finished the season now a lot of guys won't be there you know in the next that your two guys they probably will be here LeBron is. You know they they finish strong Walter proved himself as a coach acre can play. You'll want to can play pivot got an invite young pieces that at a broad. And somebody else he could build up and up there. Since we're looking ahead will leave LeBron out of it. Do you think this sixers Celtics assuming the Celtics tip get the job done could we be seeing this as a rivalry that builds in the east over the next 2345. Years. I'll absolutely. I mean PP reserves in the video are apt to be considered that now. I don't sit back if that is the very next round it's going to be hard to watch given what could be Heyward was out there coping without there and most do routine to had a quick look back at what. What's gonna separate the sixers Celtics in the years to come. Is the better general manager Danny Ainge well Michelangelo because in our country got to talk about it not written about a lot the last week. Boston Philadelphia they can't keep everybody I don't that you you'd like at the back in there yet but give market. You know twelve million looked at total here twelve million and get a card you get a car on the line. Is it gives you can't pay all these guys in maintained that kind of luxury tax but the ability applicant went to strike a deal and look at Al right now so. It's going to be commonalities ankle as well there's that can deal that. You know move to pull one in you know in a big trade and find the second round pick at work. The team that they want the dominant opposed to the conference is going to be a lot of Smart at the top. Chris enjoy that god awful playoff games tonight here. Can at least give me like an end of the game game win or something I can't act. I can't watch these two teams went isolation play bad defense I bang my head against the able every comment one of these cities. It was a good lash out the other night that I that I want to. Yeah I think. Yeah. About a minute and 57 seconds of ad basketball and my noting it. They calling it the entity gave LeBron pulled right up until that political but everything about it was parables but just give me something a little bit better applicant states and.