Rafael Devers Player of the Game Interview. 10-08-17

Boston Baseball
Sunday, October 8th

Joe and Tim talk with Red Sox 3rd baseman Rafael Devers after his big offensive game, driving in the winning run with his first postseason home run.


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My back here at Fenway Park we're joined by Raphael devers and acted three raji had a tremendous two run homer in the third inning to put the Red Sox hit this day yet. He is joined by translated Davison Perez in the Davis and certainly you. Wrap be asked to be through the always looks so cool how exciting easy. Can't get things and others in that I mean you know the open for non brokered. Got momentum and lawyerly moment about and I'm from. After overly excited when the first game in god willing we're gonna win tomorrow's game well for. The standpoint of of seeing the left hander liriano. In getting a home run off of Thelma I don't know he realizes that he's the youngest player ever in Red Sox history though. Post season home run he's on the sixth player in Major League history. With the post season home run under the age of 21 but what they see from Francisco Liriano. Just before he knocked that out of the park. And no good moan from the unity ticket them holding anything negative and he's appeared in a homegrown gambled and went. To put Matsui there is deducted on the media and Kate gave it a lot I don't know. Mean come game development on the on the elliptical and you can be a key. If you and I want to make it die in the united before he got them going look we feel that you know everything into the equipment. Yeah I'm just from passive bats that an intended had I realize that he threw a lot of sliders away and we come inside at times with fastballs. I'm so he really knows that differ for a slide of those over the plate and got in and drove it. How about that nobody Handley and now we're excited Handley was and how the economy drove in three runs that helped set the table left before the home run and that. Also the that wrapping got the single that drove in another run. PM on the house is focused delayed if I'm innocent benefit of the week ago I don't know if I'm being cone going lupica the tip by the food. Today's is that when you. Stacy. Of beats them in Munich BC is fascinating out of them yeah. Yet I have there really is a way for us. The energy we hear from him when he's on base and and and he's really a key piece this team and we knew we get energy from him. So when he heroes in this one today and including animal feed that's in the outfield defense he played but hop out. David Price and his four innings of relief when he came in and shut this Houston team down when you really needed to. On the that I reprise. Get into lately lest it come in their principles set up. Out of them will be does this dissipated through it no place. Isn't it if it is this in the pillow. See them and then putting the Vatican and the tone. Conveniences. That. Thankfully I mean he does his job PG he's come out of open forums and he's a great job. And we needed it's it's big key for us. In coming out of the bullpen and in doing this. Would you rather play tomorrow what one or at seven physically and yeah who mine and that so now my Nana here. That help me when photo op today and yet as a matter what time we'll be ready for or for whatever time they give us. Martin began. Are right congratulations to Khatami though thank you so why aren't they show.