Ray Bourque on Dale & Keefe: The Bruins are a lot closer to winning a cup then we think.

Boston Bruins Hockey
Tuesday, June 5th
Former Boston Bruins defenseman and NHL Hall of Famer Ray Bourque joins D&K to discuss the Stanley Cup finals, how Ray can relate to what Alex Ovechkin is going through.

The Capitals were the forgotten team after not winning it during all those President Trophy years and he knows just how bad Ovechkin wants to win. Bourque elaborates on the importance of how one play can change a game and one game can change a series. Vegas is a great story, their bubble never burst, and it would not be surprising if they ended up making it a series, and it won’t end in Vegas. The Bruins are a lot closer to winning the cup then we thought at the beginning of the season, and they look a year ahead of schedule. Bourque elaborates on his charity engagements and the Bourque Family Foundation and their events.

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Washington nowadays three games to one lead in the best of seven Stanley Cup finals series they go to Vegas for game five and an opportunity to clinch there. Joining us on the line right now is. Hockey hall of Famer former Boston Bruin ray Bork rate you know meet that Mark James is here as well I don't. Are there are eager are great thanks but by the way can I see some real and dale ray Bork favorites a hockey player of all time so it's great suit to finally get to talk to you got me to those little kid at Fenway Park. And docks obviously that that. RIQ. Yet as I was watching as I've watched this entire Stanley Cup final series and I've watched Alex Ovechkin. And I've watched the the drive and the desire in the emotion. It reminds me sort of York quest for Europe only cup championship the year in Colorado it looks like. He's going through the same emotional stages you were going through that year. Want to great story. You know home and have all these years. Washington. Probably the last. I got a picture of war or possibly five years we're. Lot of times with people to deploy Walsh you don't order the president's trophy or the shape rich this year in the current. You know go to America partly culture blog all the subways. In terms of trying to. In terms of that. People think about Ticketmaster ticket at the end of cut under the radar of most partner it just got together chain of I'll probably. I couldn't just let it get to work around the statue actually pitched or where you're you're such spills. On the offensive terms of trying to get to the finals so what should watch her. Another great cheer each he's played great. They changed well part of their chalky. When you talk about. Overall game and then to also got an ancient Jewish quarter. Blocked shots and action clients from defense and gun controls and physical washing a lot of extra locks on the auction election there's no law to hold its ailing insurer can help that you want to have. When you look at this series in Vegas goes up one games and nine and then it seemed like after were. Great in full peace takes aim which is one of the best saves I've ever seen especially the Stanley Cup final. And anyone that game on the road it seemed like the momentum changed in this series are you believer that one singular play can change that. There was certainly recruit sailors aperture published a country like that get shut trampled day. It doesn't. It was in the finals it was to get done. And finals and the room. This certainly had a lot to do approach apples and water and have an opportunity for the finals at prudential. A change. It's certainly turn I came around and a long time to gain. Church usual round of actually fit that style picnic in the series he's played great. And actually I couldn't believe. You know chips can incredible statement. A classic. Crowds watching the game accidentally hear that apple actually law. Don't want that will conduct goal get the full. Let's those numbers so it seems like cattle intercepts suction entrapment. Everything's kind of gone Washington's ways. We're talking a hall of fame defenseman ray Bork I gotta be honest nobody and I mean nobody saw this Vegas golden knights story. Playing out the way it has an and they probably won't win the final here. But the fact of the region in the final as one of the amazing sports stories I've ever seen. Well I think it's a great story structure with what happened earlier in the biggest. You know. I'm very strong and we certainly look good here posture here for the Red Sox went on political solution how they just. You know he'll. Helped fuel a lot of things in terms of how big or gone with the Austrian reached. I can present during an. Give all your life your comments this wonderful little other source of all look at approached. You know what they're gonna come back to reality and that'll happen in tropical playoffs. The vessel called the play catch they just keep confidential relationship. And you're reluctant now true love. All the supplies have been making this series sorry I won't political protocol and it would look at a game I don't know what happened games six electric term. You know law. Being down country want. I think it's gonna it's not gonna and they get. I'd be shocked if it does. I mean insisting that's what the part about all year long and so. You know that's that's quite sure yet I really liked the way the natural order book Padilla. The merger that drought could create an opportunity to be unbearable. Our editors. There's no rule Freddy king cut at now where it'll ought to want capital Arnold expansions and can't be. So back Oprah can't full years. Force base that this ball and to give them an opportunity after I mean. Their their management team that incredible on the terms how they laughed and I attractive and they trade term. He. Expansion draft. A lot of credit to them or they were given an opportunity. To be picked trauma and nice core guys where you have to. You know. He only had I think six or toward the technical legal protection that let the whole what you guys all got immediate opportunity to be really good out of the gate at. I ticker at expansion cut that in the future like Seattle pocket the portrait which looks like. Spewing hall of Famer ray Bork here on Dylan Keefe ray when you look at the totality of the bruins' season fifty wins 112 points epic seven game series against Toronto. And they get out to would 62 winning game one against the lightning only to get swept after that lose four straight. How far away of the Bruins from playing in this Stanley Cup next year. Martin look culture and I attracting more. Cheese and a very surprised and on extracting. Kind of like it play out the war will last response and how did you think. Com and and competing for the top spot in the Eastern Conference was supported state to. Did Belichick to a lot of people. Petitioners Jesus. Actual ethnic it's a lot to you know their players or triple wall. Like act boldly and grizzly. To brush and Atlanta and AM at Netflix and and act and core guys that's really that's at the cheers. You know virtual Russia. Martian like. You know Australia. Actually expression change because you could clearly feel the chemistry that they had in the bill that doesn't really happy. Really long stretches of losses and it actually credit to the players. It would help together because you look at her she's there. Tactical true. You know. Release on some stages. Of the time they had. Injuries and interest trees two and I out of line constantly look at that time. Annika wouldn't gain and so. It's essential law book character that they have people they have cut about Richard Lugar. And a caricature that they have. That great people there shall also law watch on the watch this year culture traction with that its outlook or future you know Shubert or other sense it column. Our apartment block. You know candidate they have people science and it's exciting. Stretch she learns. Two jewels that. We've surprise day outlaw pit that lecture shall. I think there had a big game and where are gonna be. Expect shouldn't they be extra year or the year after. Seoul and they continue to grow on them. Autopsy about a couple of events that that you'll be participating in you when your family has put together the Bork Family Foundation. I year old ready in the process of making gigantic contributions to a worthy causes in the Bork Family Foundation. Has a a road race that'll take place this Saturday at firm cross country club not that you've ever seen firm cross country club in your life current environment. Tell us a little bit about the event. All of its it's the first shortly. You know we'll actually solve a match that look at. Course of the year and I there are cultural and natural. Many years now that he has that's. Slaton August 30 golf club in Portland. Actually second biggest match. In an orchard kilometer. Look great it's being held for cross country called that he Middleton past. On June buying and I can walk for. Walker is. Look should be to have to be. People. Have voted yes subscribers then Georgia should be interest rates and that's. Sponsorship let it was foundation. Absolutely prediction record low the political situation terms you know electric global corporations now. On but by chance. It's my seventeenth anniversary of what a couple of 2001 and so construction intraday. I've always one little wrap around. And I have all the father she toolbar that you have to do racial or clocked. So my whole family and children who had instructions. Here could be your child labor actions are really shattered politicians how. Hopefully you know something it'll look rapture what crapshoot you'll be. Continuing and all of this in terms of Cha Cha or. Tradition and engines aren't you know that much good and yeah hopefully it's got a catcher or an edit yourself. Almost a series of them this thing is that it sure is four that's jokes just little. The parts foundations or look at it give about a couple extra expectation level. It's exciting I they'd like to schools because of sorts and I walk a constitutional. Yeah Lou we're pumped. This particular concern the second. This is that the order. Creator and expect it and now that is something in. And the weren't sure they've been late November related structure. A little cooler tournaments. Something different and try that you don't duplicate what launch structure. There to watch. Well which political action conference sponsorship. I waiting go to Bork Stanley Foundation dot org that's Bork Family Foundation dot org I'm on the website now you can register for the road race the seven point seven kilometer road race that's coming up this weekend. And I don't wanna mention one other event because your very graciously gonna help us out. We have the Jimmy Fund golf tournament to benefit Lisa sure birds annual teen trip to Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers. It's coming up July 17 at pine hills golf course in Plymouth. Ray will be there and that tees off at eleven you go to WEEI dot com slash golf to register your foursome for that. And it's very gracious of you to put time and for that as well. Well what about all. While the good instructor. Raymond we appreciate your time is always enjoy the rest of the Stanley Cup finals it might not be going too much longer but four. Evernote bill that effort it was transformed. 2000 whopper or measures outreach you probably election. Aren't accurate which you direct or ditch effort so that would give up all the give up on leadership. All right ray we appreciate time as always we'll talk to again soon thanks very. Actual daycare.