The Real K&C – Hot schedule talk, long Sox promos & the knowledge of Curtis 10-3-17

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Tuesday, October 3rd

Ken & Curtis re-rack the hits from Monady & Tuesday on the K&C Show.


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Okay Asik it's Tuesday October 3 seventeen Hitler Chris Curtis we Molinari Monday Wednesday Friday podcast it normally it's like what's. Early but normally we try sister and again normal thoughts and prayers yesterday. He would distractions though I don't like did we put a poll you put a little worse Monday the question is up by the worst over the weekend thoughts and prayers while we wanted to. I'm honored the victims of the senseless act of terror activity butchered and your heart is locked arms to chip Gregg these callers can. It's people bombarding you screening of raids it was it is. I don't know article fighting to all of them. Out of the piles are conceal in 1938. Indies in Connecticut hey Andy would Tampa. They I just I mean I wanna argue about filed suit because they're not silent they're they're not called counters they're called suppress. Here's what I wanna do and it's just you know enough. I don't wanna I don't care if it's a sickness it's like him up so it's obviously it's like an addiction. In Nevada it is illegal to possess and acquire assault automatic weapons is not true. Yes it is not true that's very much it. Partly. Well first ball and it's it's a federal law that machine guns are legal that were manufactured after 1986. And any machine gun before 1986 costs a fortune and I'm gonna guess that none of us 42 guns were machine guns that he bought before 1986 just to guess. There automatic rifle there's. He did that herself that you know that he read that he had the ball stock whatever it's called bumps stocks and he did that himself. These were not automatic weapons these people America and it's like they can't. About them they think anybody on the radio saying nation have a gun it's like losing a child day at Daley never have every right. Yeah so we wait until week eight have a decision on whether or not these numbers of Libya we came up that you know now wait till we gate spirited patriots. It was a scheduled to L isn't true which it but that may. And they go to the jets says they win that managed only its Atlanta home against the chargers. By a week at Denver at Mexico City. I mean there's an anatomy of a hole at a Miami at that stretch December 3 to the seventeenth at buffalo at Miami at Pittsburgh. Along the way god that's November 19 that's who we've place to play and then you got to go to Kansas City in the playoffs probably global. Hugh Philadelphia. To here with Lehman to feel like three out of here 27. Occurred as the water eight yeah trip. To Billy what happens leader and Axl was Jacob mossy. Tomas the players at the bullets are scheduled to not get a unity idol apart here's the schedule for the month of June after coming back at the end game road trip. There don't for five days. And on denying team. Roche they go to Hugh Philadelphia. To hear a Philly and then to fill three in Houston. Actually be seven road trip. Excuse me eight game road trip tour and Philly three and Houston three Kansas it right they didn't come home there. For two teams the angels in Minnesota seven games three against eons before it's his fifth on the road. Going into July. Toronto taxes in Tampa to see is. And I got a text last night around 830 went amok when. Pints and mention the Australian junk and I know he actually was watching that pre season you live. I'm really. Let's talk about obviously got several of the from the number one on who's checking much power that we years I would. Now learned yeah shower with. It's at ending the celtics' locker room I've been in net the Butte can't see in division hours' sleep and his salary you can walk anywhere you. Community shower it's not like you angelic I can't imagine you're seventeen the Celtics had initially they must I don't know I bet they'd. Big thing again in most teens the island in the showers it's part of our. Separate child and one of the way I Auburn countered there's just moments ago Leah I'm checking out minding my own business captors in the cafeteria. The bodies there real ability and I had a cookie in a Diet Coke. In this woman I didn't even though she was their. Taps me on my shoulder and said did your kids pick out your breakfast this morning off the rental random. And I turn around and every part of my intermittent. And you wanted to say she's with her husband she has this awful most. And I've seen bad nose jobs in Japan for sure. And I wanted to say sold badly pop in my head of the personal life perfect zinger to her husband did you paperback golf awful those two home total lack of humanity I laughed and moved for that second I had this great lies right. Right in my head like could have set it right it goes right up my two books. Or Caroline meetings when. You're at your business. Leave me alone let me have my pizza you don't know what was it was a new. And really wanted to but it. What I apologist and a tough day my politics my apologize. You also were grilled today on your Tom Petty song knowledge they came through I think he rose to the station there. Great patty sons do you know Chris. I thought Tom that in concert at this into the question you visited 99 and I'm one. On the songs you know. Freefall in the top one. We. That's about it. I can't. The American girl two dollars and do. To the national Lilly's corporate whose heart rate our breakers yeah that's a good obviously got to his his band mates on the forget that. Running down a dream and Helen market that we actually got overly eight at about the course and Joseph didn't last as a marriage in today just like deal in earlier about the others. I don't know I goes on into my brain and epic the webpart from a drinking is with the music's I'm but we also talked released it with you had seen goodfellas so you're kind of grilled on all aspects of the of the country but it seemed to us. Well I am not that I'll just you know she's the right now don't know all I got given good fellows. When I was sixteen. As a birthday present. Like I watched but I don't know anything about it I don't know Davis that he. With the Christmas gift from a girlfriend at the time out got a lot I am under the not really is the second base odd gift from a girl for sixteen and often. I. It's. Very long story our halls of former producer for years younger sister out and is producing it. Only younger sister yes I think she gave me good felt a little wider on weed themselves who's never had a next duty meant anyway I I don't know I got the depth. And I feel like I watched it but it if I knew there would be asking me questions about the width and a popular ads so it's just as bad as not seeing it is not remembering anything from. In for a man who is in his thirties who have never seen never seen good incomprehensible. That the mechanics curiosity media. I was possibly more for us we you know we are as curious about everything. You know curiosity what could does things gift want to know what get to shine box means to what that means. Nine. Home game shy embarks what is where's that from like the most iconic line. Good fields goes excellent I think it's best and I. I think and you still not seen enough. It's incredible. The policy almost light on the show her to go right. No I haven't. These are you almost like I could see it but I don't remember. Not nothing. It's just like privacy. Like five years ago that I know we Saudia sightseeing again now it's like I'm watching or storm is a mystery excellent that you watch movies. I don't remember seeing ulcer you may have seen I don't have I don't were calling let's cut the chase the island it was more pirated. Exports weaken I thought overall it's a lot of site lot of veggies but some exciting bad games of the reason to think and just wake up to do this and it's just so horrible and what is provided distraction today about our thoughts and president of speaker every boy and what is it just it's a horrible situation but our poll question is up on ESPN and not gonna for ESPN poll would. It's that weeded out. By the worst day over the weekend book and the Miami Dolphins which will start would bear up Butch Jones coached Tennessee. Patriots defense. Bail or and margarine. That's not a good question north option EP. There are like 500 and 87 people in Las Vegas who wouldn't vote for anything about your girlfriend or an old German novelist Detroit. It did cause about lost. And Mora and corporate America and Britain had indoors or that we hear him talk and order and I would agree I mean you can twist your program and mind knows a good recruiter but. To any work and achievements voiced their by the way boy it was a way. And how it all time. But our poll question is up on ESPN. Not three ESPN poll when it. Cat he anymore like that it's obvious analogies. God bless America after the show at the into the shore every day. What is says publish or says that sort of obvious things it wants and why why why why does he need to be distractions people really concerned about the story don't they wanted to talk of the story. Yes of course to do trying to figure out Pete knows strikes districts not talking about. And things like this I thought we hook which I should ask that question Pete Petit. The attorneys and if if if one of the options Padgett who who's gonna win the American League if not she's given the option and the the people have been killed us but I think that's a fair poll question let's average but the families of the agreement which who it works we can. And or German or it the other choices by the worst over the web daddy bush July dolphins which for Starwood pair speaker accomplish Jones coached Tennessee. Patriots defense there or and ordering. And torture and asked that question in the still stack and when our exact is the gas seamless transition between expressing his sorrow over allies have a problem right into the poll question has provided distraction today about our thoughts and president has to give you what did you both programs have this action in thoughts and prayers to anyone thinks it's RC version but. We've seen a place. All men dodged a stumble upon it and keep has been delivering big ugly the last couple weeks so good we've played three times she. It reappeared over Alpert briefly all the Robert sawed today bizarre Albert. After the way that you people. Greg billboard since dropped six people got sick people wild night at the marathon track. That's usually pretty yeah I don't know that she's well that's true. You have you have Mark Wahlberg a magic scumbag. You need a movie in development. I apologize for making an out in retrospect I should have done. At six people decide which was bizarre and even to bossy symbol that includes artists but they're still one of them living easily couldn't or didn't Albert too much credit but he was included as part of the. And now you wanna. You wanna quote what a great Matt and our. Are you saying now. Albert Albert rule. Guy Jerry speaking of good transitions Zoellick at Peta says Gerri riveted from top petty to Adam Jones the Michael Bennet he wanted to get that in with the with the mossy today. Have this. Activist this race hostile and lie ripped out you're not on race out there so they'll put soap and in the crowd accused anyone of being race yes you can't keep doing. You you know you read his letter where does he talk about you see it talks about what it is like larger man in America right so you can think they have to Hispanic cops and one black cop singled them up because he's plaque. Yes I think that's respectable adamant that actually had a nightly as I can someone like you to believe that by. It's just that it actually sign it why can't who has you know what I look at the costing a lot of black and what do -- -- system all the time these consulate I was not a part of this that's what stopped and I bitter I just said the opposite it's not because of racism it is because sub conscious of rice says the light goes to your -- you are now going to the sub conscious and insane with the decides it's not war unconscious decision which was it. It could be either one for the complete idiot you're not you're not listening and usually you don't miss what you're good you're good at not listening. I know it's a gorgeous is a systemic issue where a black man is free supposed to be a criminal I'm Alice in. Or would rich Eisen volatile political debate it's not politics through this is a societal issue shut up bigger and bigger isn't on the society at times and he's such as it. Well Jerry had plenty good ideas today he would. It is selling guns turn pink argument again bring it. I like my theory mind out of my idea I have ideas he goes oh my ideas to make all. Rifles pink okay and make it smell like cowardice practical you could and most guys don't have them or think the ban passes. Also today we've got previewed a little bit the roundtable coming up tomorrow night the winds that roundtable. Worst location. Chicken Joes and take campus yet Jake and I'm pumped. While puppets and night that the promo today that I got us ready for. Red Sox playoff baseball he's taught me. Six rounds of Cincinnati six throws the ball. The played very deep. Am just related offences. The single and a walk wife like this season. Doing lines of it's all a little a little bit about who did how it right now we know what I. Well this layered what is this knowing what you're really doing is AM problems that you probably we have limited time here I'll. 00. It's a minute pointless it's now it's nine minutes and 25 seconds of that all of a broadcast ads don't you knew it caught this called run over forty years. If so much to get I didn't do. Stay spirits right. Or however it's a good pretty good home. And real big preempted for 92. Promo to listening gains on the radio at all some other day I'm. What you see is this. Do too well how is this. What's that together who mad at. She's likes. Round what are we doing that I think it's awesome shop I mean. What do we do what what we do that. Enough enough enough for them. System. Question. And they've put a lot of Promos for us in their bright Red Sox games we get in the half promotes iso you guys colonias that scoreboard. Or ice question. Jerry's question I guess there's he sent me B I ask you answer well to our our our show. Which does you know twice sometimes three times rating of the Red Sox correct a yes. To the average human and half long promised for our show next morning during their broadcast. You know an effort in the broadcast they run like a 52 PSA apologizing. Sugar after the. And the guys to the well I think they enjoyed it too was that often that ask we go to break we don't go to break but that happens and it. Though the soldiers have been like Oprah or attitude and the second. Oh. That was that was a year and a I guardian tonight were carried it I don't know what. Planet that makes cents we with a all the Red Sox which include. When he seconds bingo bank a lot of Red Sox playoff history and culture where this is the ninth division title cards I keyboard for pledges to go well I don't know about. All what we got a tip never gentle will be deleted and not gutsy we were on Sundays subs not in patriots game during my we're winning two to do is report yet Friday to bring tiger I would like to yet but. Yet I could never delivered it was good I like you know I like the banter back all of remember that by the Colgate sets the stage for a for Joseph talked about the Monica. SR report to Joseph the Colgate took it on T Indy Furman 45 the raiders. Fourteen. Paris a powerful paladins bring a patriots. You will rule one to the extent of the excellent scoreboard uptick pizza thanks patriots were down thirty to sixty lest we talked. He tied it up with 24 quarter touchdowns including a fourth down and goal touchdown pass from Brady to in middle of the three on my left. Carolina Joseph down so that the 48 yard field goal. The ice the kicker the grand you know comes three wins it 33 to thirty Panthers as the patriots fall to sue wood two. Ouch. Tough day in Foxborough for. Perhaps today. You know why threw one right Foxboro. Because on game there's only 1000001. Way out. There is a backward. So people. And work on his route to much ready to go two months in Thursday Fridays to be with us and double shifting you stop. Stop at. Jumble set Friday no we we're we're overlooking a possibility of an incident. Wednesday and all drew then you're insurers they're Friday Saturday Sunday and give you an incident Dick excellence so if I grow up to get through bigger girl Wednesday but if he clears it with real expect he will test test test 123 pudge he's world instead Graham dot com the year ago a lot will be back on the broadcasting is through an idea a double double back on Friday to us in the morning most parents give it to the key for graduation right the places you'll go -- get that book. Graduate high school or something. What yen the Sox game after that. Yes a round table why not decked Kirk yeah I'd like that he got. It's juices flowing into the show today if you missed that he's getting in gear Ian he's getting ready for a while he's not gonna be with Kristi the Gerri well source trading tour yet he's kind of helped advance. Was talking about. Tomorrow night you'll be doing the show Michael Holland bill I don't know want to oh they don't want reform would rich keep one practice with a quick part Skechers. So do you at us and read the eighth or. If it's. Lynch deal I guess me being there and do you think maybe a joke killings on that. Own food fan forum. Erica. What's gonna be a better hour of the roundtable Jerry's in width Heath. Care about politics or way I used shoring up yet Callahan. And Lou thank you very much Curtis Kelly and by the sixes Kirk. Kirk with dale Polley and and 4000030. Commutes by Chris confirm renewed. I think five to six will be. Better I think Kirk is you know be aggressive as he normally is but he's not aggressively dale concede that you know the law also view that podcast take Arctic ale said he or other pull this may be Kirk and hall. Might be the more each designing Kirk's pissed off at the innuendo. Real real real real real real close. Raced from from Michael's hours. The more should it may start off today but there there's just one or two words that can be said by Michael dale this episode enough bulb that world. You saw today inside stuff he was doing read that he reminded of doing currency which rob need to access Rob Ninkovich okay Rudnick. Bothered by it. Read when he when he read you reminded that it bothered. Makes an idea now in the news now on in god and that's something like that'll happen between five and six tomorrow I hope it happens closer to five and six we give them more but he will get going at some point our. Hope that he he or is there I'm not a violent person. And what they charter. Only about records at the two week from the movie ratatouille well well see Jerry keep fighting could go pick up again. This is why it should be Gerri and her five to 64. In the mix doesn't make sense I think it's it's got to become more show he has. And I cattle he Kirk if you're gonna have everybody just that Kirk with the afternoon show and then have Fauria with with Jerry. Have keep Dale Hall Michael with Kirk. Or have curtain Jerry with. Lower late in the finalists but Mayweather never hit a woman. Is look it's snake. Cases settled the week now and of note Jerry is a are looking past tomorrow's. Our back tomorrow tango right. The big guys up next though we music for me this turn I was just thinking that he is doing the anti Belichick and pass to show looking ahead to Thursday. Trade posted a lovely. Auto. Incredibly well written and post about the tree so will be. Getting into that on Thursday judiciary guided to a Elliott for equity account hurt ghastly ghost you'd grab of the conversation I've seen it back and forth but informal thing. He wasn't kidding it was like seven pages of tweets posts do. Like and Syria Jerry cannot wait a trillion. And argue with her guns that ended. He's gonna press it. So I think tankers and base at this the end of the showed tiger is not going to be prepared by tomorrow we'll anguish of knowing it was shoot us they commit to good question Gerri big star but is paired with them Michael Graham has like that's out today. I admit right up front I'm a casual sports fan so I like turning to Smart people like Gerry Callahan Michael Grimm was a pro and all the praise jury not a lot to Turkey Jerry Kelly and it's still all our. Of the number one sports talk show in the number one sports city in America. Boston Massachusetts WEEI fakes or she's joining me on the podcast appreciate it. In my equity capital. And a little like you already back and forth with the Jerry Kelly winners yet and he was you know very rude comments and and I'm a sock puppet some words for yeah errors we missed your agency was last in las falling ratings. Really hurting really only listen. This nearly gets through but it's it's alchemy points and a brief. And then now they are right we both liked it Thursday it'll shake up this week and see with the roundtable mark one of our favorite segment it's our media roundtable.