The Real K&C – Tango’s scoop, Kirk impersonations & the Trenni situation 9-27-17

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Wednesday, September 27th

Ken & Curtis have the mid-week K&C gossip update & show recap, including another legendary Minihane impersonation of a station personality.


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Seventh of September 2017. It's the real okay it's seek and Leonard Chris Curtis a couple of days here for our AT&T crew not to mossy. Turning point trendy. Insert panel Wednesday he had a scoop is just told a moment ago that they're going to patriots this Sunday as a team will always standing for the National Anthem picked up nationally unless you're slow news figured how angry is on the Drudge Report really amazed at the Drudge Report picked up the picture of him. Ruby you're nipple we refer to it four times during training adequately as should have been and according to a very unconfirmed television report. First public and rip and his producers at Comcast too for how they handled this last night you know legitimate piece of journalism I am a journalist first to market to have picked up. Nationally like wildfire they hit it to a basketball segment they would even react to it let's get back to basketball with on the fly last little ratio border station it's cheesy TV show and the boy he was telling tales school. This was great so ripe for the final segment anyway epic with sick and tired of sitting in with Kirk they're shoppers walks and two or little Shaq was out of the control room now and sits down and proceeds to just eviscerate the producers are Comcast bird being against one person would call him a year when it came to a topic. Some idea boy thing to settle in needle in particular he does here when you need is another guy there I hate him he's a jerk. He's enable. He's a slime ball. And basically said that the other story and they didn't know direct quote didn't know what to do with a bit not a hand you have a big story like that it should be maximized little less or institution also Illinois and he says. You can do that which means he doesn't occur these people I think that for critics there's definitely need for attention I can't figure I heard that I saw the tweet it immediately the penguins and being with the I thought that was gonna sort of you the story in the city last night and then Comcast riveted to this gallery talking about the position scout what's happening in this in this thing. And that pretty good throughout the show today Kircus righted didn't really spark overreaction necessarily and I say you brought an interesting media story to the table today we ruin the game you actions. So maybe 8830 with a couple calls on it right where people were more responding to Gary statement that this is gonna divide the locker room Korea and I've heard rumblings there's a disconnection locker room it will be a bigger soared Monday at this actually happens or goes wrong for the second street. You but I am pretty much done with these call in and talk about. Bitter feelings on the kneeling on Sunday I had done can hear anymore I personally like the talk about question talk about. What he brings over you have the name of the guy. Hannibal sent us the name of the reporter from Sunday archive Ryan LB and their handled the reporter on Sunday leaders the first question the first question. I don't. Obviously it defense made it picks up there that let the winning drive. Tom grieve for me. Was it here at the end. Just talk about that and. Was rooms and since shows from the Houghton gazette. As a guest account calls and Odom has according to. Football market sort of got a photographer Paul please and they need. But militarily also bring to today not just rumors ten win a great solution about a bring blacks and whites together. But they wanna make it better great point Kerry to me now Michael Bennett condemned accordion calling kaput what do they wanna do to make it better you have to bring the races together and you have to it ultimately was and it sounds good guys these aren't we get them further apart that community outreach program valuable answer always taught English to talk Santa bring bags. Spot rod Jerry always talks about moving the story for goodness with. That to ET yeah I mean I'd never heard of that before gaelic Gary also took a nice. Jab at dale also is great to people as of right now we're knows rob we knew dale didn't know what they're does that in any Genentech. So I Rosen did it affected. Excellent album when it goes that bill because there's a little bit of something behind it's not just portion Jerry Tang Wei might be the dumbest individual who's ever spoken on a microphone at this radio station we saw the show of course with treading in the cross hairs. So much you Gary as the vomit you work with every night trying to acres there. Will be gracing us with her self importance and you know it the world revolves around the attitude in 24 hours out from looking for to you don't want. Kirk Penney fight oppression of trees and her mannerisms that are unidentified man I care more about charities need him. I think you're Himalayas or Michelle staying and eat raw foods can say. We Kaymer or myself I care yeah we don't did you see your mom. She died. You dad got yeah. It's been that came elements up. Just. And NetApp. What do you hear not. Jerry you can't so. The jury for news. Yeah I did yeah and shoving for review of current count somehow. Just yeah. I kiss that I could donate my compatriots on the ass right can dive for charity now until it's about think I'm really nice very. Worse than the he depression to skirt the very key. Sometimes requires a crumpled paper in the mouth rich how rip. I. Wouldn't men would. Oh. The Kirk eating the paper while talking like you. It's probably number one I've been training surpass Fauria and number two cool and the four people loot boot youth. By Chris confer renewed her work I would meet mr. Word grim dark dirt. And be nice to lease those people focus like cup football thrown at me one time for six hoped points here and your mind. Via. I mean there are alzheimer's. And today ago. A little while I just lost like himself. Curtis it was perfect. While the actual plurality of it may not be a perfect match the subject matter was. Hello what a lack of accuracy hadn't caught him yet she's not that strong hippie. Supplies. Critique our sock puppet this was so stoned out. First year alcohol. I am Kirk can turn mile. That's true. I. Fired. A shot as they. Agreed to work so I have the attorney theory thought Tate Toledo. Here it is get exclusive sit well pleased at Uga I'll be limited. There is no chance if for whatever reason instead of just being Jerry incur it was Jerry Kirk and Trey and Matt Light joined mr. much support. Is there any chance that that night on whatever show she's on and we heard from Matt Light on torture rich this morning that they would play of the competition sound. And she would be fine with it and say Matt Light joined touch your rates when she was a part of that and that's where the difference. Actual course of course the I'm sure she's gonna say this is contests opinion on it. I am not a full time shield their four. We're gonna default to our partner our radio parlor but everything's the same but she would have referenced in your view that she was part of it she was on it yeah. But they would have been okay with a because she was part and it would have made an exception because it's her a little think. Everybody user question today was pretty strong that when he said that they don't have that rule I don't think he replied it is I think it's just that the fall fought over there that they don't think that hard to think he's brand X people it will and they put all the prompter and she just radical right or wrong. But that's not taking -- -- -- attorney she needs to have it in her mind who were partners be a little more proactive it and she's got a thing for say listen let's use the -- -- -- version they were first and I mean at every merit to be used over the bridge as it was almost thought it was a joke meets on about a month two hours after the encouraging Ed Callahan show I do side with curtains that was accrued restructuring. Our next real reasons it was the same as the Roemer in articulate and in order to be honest -- has a right -- said he should be pop -- about -- not hypocritical obviously he went further with the secret stuff I would like to talk Chris heard -- -- -- listening he told me a pretty personal secret about himself a few months ago he was in trouble for about a week or so just for going on and not mentioning us while deeply you and the case was right to Wear tonight Irish are culpable and where histories are on an island with this with Reamer here at least. Mostly music producer Joel Miller Chris knew I was gonna be I note report on airport. And a tray will show up tomorrow. The first segment will be awkward she has not bailed yet or shown any sign of them electing outs Libya nose bleed in the in the near future and there's a lot of the attorney I would be stunned. Students and she is not afraid to common to be ready ago perk has been particularly hard but just the impression that some other. Trendy ruins it she sucks Kirk. So fired up two goals close offers Gary Chang Lee decided to join him to convince him that much. I'll take my sheriff right next you take a picture that's because you're gone you're an early break okay great ultimate picture. It he stood a look at the minute hand is sickly skinny. Now. God were taken pictures. They're hooked up. At. I. Other great Patriot Act tangles pretty good I gotta say he's looked worse. Now where when was that a follow Thursday. When he was back after having the two pounds steamers and prize in the huge ice cream cone there assists chicken and cheese broccoli peas and it was in the bridge just made love to a much better than that. Much better you've got to do my job to picture you posted. Did you get that you better have got that picture would you watch them. Is that the new gear the slow idled six so it's it's a family thing my wife points ago. She wants and apple watcher died on them your gonna go into all 31 subtlety package Regis. Prices and it was just a little much so the best point seven kicked in I was able to use my dad points soon public Jerry used this points for the garment that she did showdown off including our final yesterday the band before fresh off an exciting launch yesterday death got a text must Davos on his watch today is very pro yes bell luggage was a great time what a great time I did two and a great sandwich and a good time. Short rib blt. Eight plus and you suck up at the Catholic you know just like yours did Curtis that the exact same thing that ever does you know I. That sock puppet real low like all and I'll about the Puerto Rico get me a proposal and no lava cop African art I got up yet you you know and I do it right. I apologize if this result I mean that's a joke and yet we were aware so on the island it's on an island in the middle of the ocean to on the ocean. You can't just driving trucks there from other states. This is real or fake or fake real but. The much outrage and 6 o'clock game day Sox night team. Was soft is baby poop on domestic violence in fact in recent years last year his office was assaulted baby poop but raised this guy's on the Khobar tied into social progress in our country. Hell's going on tonight. Is just outs there yeah a lot. He has a quick window with a keeps her whose lower and lower energy to begin without booklet I don't care about like politics as I really don't ask you know I don't at all and I know what my wife so you probably shouldn't I don't. I don't you just rarely pops off about any obscure topic last that it was the cover of Sports Illustrated. And that provided some content pearl incidents with the excellent. Yeah I guns ablaze he I he's got to go to midnight he's beneath the teeth Friday is now the marquis has not on. Late night Roemer has soared to midnight late night coming up next are SEC regulations he cannot. A must got to come on after the game state til midnight with a long shift from a article yeah yeah yeah. He's taken it on the chin these days Colgate to gun team today talked about men yesterday after Roland who is always up for the gossip but again as you ready for the next roundtable which has been announced the Kirk was obscenity to the that he feels that today no baseball round table second annual chicken Joseph Waltham next Wednesday. Next Wednesday and the summer book quote just been released so the whole show will be clogged and I think we announced here pretty easily the Korean Callahan will be number one. By a wide margin number one. In the summer about Libya fun festive time and Kirk will be on with dale what he does Murray's go to what Howard Stern used to do he's good at Pauley watch out Kirk. But now. And or Gloria it's squeals of management and you hit it when you really from five to six and Jerry will be on with keep Lou and or. I told our bottle that I would have put bill holly Kirk and Callahan a spot. Yeah I wanted Keefe and Kirk that was a big showed. Up at that I don't know what to think we're gonna showdown. Excel and they did the podcast together it was that was when he first started to facilitate exited Deutsche Internet chance hash it out since and T says said he doesn't like to take shots he's above that he likes of you know. You like rather to a face to face eight points alchemy points to order for the key serves that I wanted to I think that speaks to how the attacks of insult person. India and Tibet now we also have sort of the go ahead on the body issues that's did push forward as we have talked of a Monday a little bit much. Oh and I jumped us like yourself reference is soccer will appear on the website you're gong is not going to appear on not because we have some stand I song is the station that you attributed essentially politician publicly to put another genocide for the bend over to what can we found out today though my good friend rob Bradford is out. Robber effort told me last night that he along with Dale Arnold will not be participating in the WBI by the issue. But really there yet so Brett Favre has some pride that's nice so. I'm doing it it's a joke. Brad foe as you point out is that this recent. But of sums for a non dressing like a homeless person I know that sounds like cliche but you know homeless people in the summer of coats on. He was Cote is dressing like somebody you know in the summer we were well of hardware really sick person who's 97 degrees the golf journalists went to a close and Bradford had a jacket and long pants on each other picture a tweet up the other dailies in Springfield there in the show from their ticket picture Springfield College. This week it was hot it was not the very end I was out of the same output in the same jacket and those who he's wearing the same thing every day was a sign what is going on was as your friend he's loose and. It. And now does he think that people think he's got its expect the that's what it's about liquor and we're going to be stunned at what we've seen this is the Packers in presenting the world yeah what a pretty we're talking a video India in the bullpen there we'd start this year he has I think it's a Smart by the ego mr. Smart guy he is demanded that he has. Editorial on consents to what does the same thing Griffin gave the order is final you know final letter yet final since he's got policy does he is petrified of Kirk picking out the dog collar funneled Cilic so to speak but again in the worst light so he'll do at least he's Dylan. Am swish glug a good guy but if these photos are taken and there in the possession of WEEI employees the file control of them because everything is building. Goes Parker so whatever the following is my. Little doubt going to be body issue but will be government hands profile orally up there are some more. Idea was to go this half finished a Linux construction site. And we are cool belts but I don't I show hard hats you elect appointment drills going you know yes you mean like that village yes he does act its act and the village people and they would do little village proved too little and CA. This would do that you can maybe he'll be the game your. Which are game one at a. Popovich got ambulance that I would say that was almost the most incendiary. Audio that we played that. People have to be made to feel uncomfortable. And especially white people because were comfortable. We still have no clue. Of what being. White means then. If if if you read some of the you know recent literature you realize that really is no such thing as whiteness. But we kind of made it up. Oh that's not. My original thought but it's true then. Stop stop I can't can't can't amid yes I just crystal this up nominee gets the Popovich Meeks. 88 million year and he's made for a long probably fifty million dollar award is maybe more sixty whatever 111. Who is eleven million has been a hundred million dollars easy minimum coaching import. Compete and lecturing white a whole race not generalize is the problem right generalized stereotyping. Which is essentially racism when you generalize by race when you stereotype by arrest. And I was 21. It is what he's nowhere to win yet the commentary open up your rise. If you take a look at society if you have why if you white chances are you gonna have more comfortable lights are accurate or you think can lead to get into the dominion club. I you couldn't. Your you're Jewish you could get it dominion club around with the policies on Mac well it's olds I guess he enters and also vote fraud has to offer apologies shock. Whitman self bridge you know what you're for and got Tim Duncan and watery bats and didn't get a hotel room. And this is ice at the steel companies ultimately had a son yes Monday on Tuesday. On earth happened Monday have Tuesday. And Jerry is it journalists good columnist. Should write more if you request something in you you don't falter even if there's not a second request you have to finish that task yeah otherwise. He's just waiting for it doesn't go away if you request something you have to get a two more up to provide an explanation for what you do and he's not a agrees not crazy it's just. He expects and so he requested information about Popovich as house select five in a visual from Google Maps submitted you know picture. It wasn't enough so I kept trying to find irresistible story on puppets house so about fifty minutes later fixed my like page thing. I finally got the exact address and brought it up on he got to know I know I'm saying we we finally got a good job critic feels. Might attack the problem you know we he ask for something to fall through if he wasn't a place of some consistently year get this out places if we ever play it. And he'll say. Why into planets out. I say we played about the lie and he has to remember if we actually place you'll see the truth Dylan ago or actually there are times we do plating does it. And I'll say we played a one ever. We did it in this skit at that this action either way yet I've that if you're convincing my guess that it worked communities that copies. Right the CT ski a little. Told analogy when it coyotes chasing a rabbit the rabbit. As more a sense of urgency the rabbits run for his life the code is running for dinner got it correct no consultants are I don't know. And today you sort of the confirmed bill Reamer next week. Our industry Kirk's and that will go workers Curtis goes and that's when he says no one with him. Listening dramatic I mean as we said it is great adding. Rate him as. It appeared through with four sleepy current one point but breezy here. So who's really good guess I'm saying. Yes I was sitting you do going to be your phones. 202 weeks early there was general respect races. But tomorrow we are training and social behavior but she lost she won't pull. Three she once more people would. Prefer her on the casting doubt there would despicable. The rear being. Banned for life eighty until November to mr. proposals similar.