The Real K&C - Behind the scenes with Kirk at the Globies 12-6-17

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Wednesday, December 6th

Ken & Curtis (mostly Curtis) recap Kirk's crashing of the 3rd annual Globies Awards, with audio from the red carpet as well as from Kirk's perch outside the Globe VIP suite.


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December 6. 45 or find him very committed human display yeah you put in a lot of work last different you annuity to props orient or Kirk was actually praising him left and right today -- to the -- have we're adjourned on it agreed and did a great job my point yes your brand new iPhone brand new iPhone and the picture ticket Kircus reenter the photo on the cover banner period Julia at a column this morning delegates serial killer. And we played a lot audio audio chill today but the risk of the big Pettit. Can completely packed out wonderfully were less well I want Elena was done we're done we're done in my pocket when I would well I'm not much has become an apple and we're not playing any you understand a startling any will be sound today. We go through little political beast behind the scenes you were there of course yes no ally I know some people are tired of it but I feel like there is enough bear and enough visceral hatred stairwell and where that posted the best part and people just a lot of senator and spaces and that we always liked him yes please don't just look at what he described as a bizarre event at least that's what it was Purdue it seemed very empty net main room. It was so bizarre it was our first time going this we're live with the globe this right now and the prior to yours I guess from relatively well attended last year was their virtues the year before it was rubber goes to bed a big headliner who was there to accept the award this year there was nobody. Disagrees all those. On the life which is to run me over top kill me only monthly rent for attempting to murder me a month ago. A month ago in the parking lot but he uses quite been what it's wisely and their leadership what. Grades guzzle assay. But the organized so we did five eateries. So while I mean figure kidding about that he is obsessed with our show in this station. Hope it's a potty training process going for twenty minutes right. You can answer did you get him here. He loved her time because there. I. I'm he's double listing raising my sobriety. Auburn loses I'll go. Out hundreds of not accept the award to Peter Abraham possessed. Apology sugar recipe Abraham and elected and you get he worked while there were some heavy hitters but I guess before the big portion of the night it was disappointing to not I I was really looking forward to do so are entering the bottom of DuPont's notes no dukes and OP eight cars done here. We know Henry the present and I don't know Warner coach. I am published his Olympic hair above the globe she can attend the globe punitive was a major disappointment because I know Kirk had some asked me and lines. Ago he wants the same one depleted flawless. He's from time to change my password. Doesn't Asian. You want Asian allies and ask Ali had to say was asked where'd and he go to an editor about this and that dukes was another failed because there's just so much more comfortable stuff with capital like catapult to block a suitable how did you do red carpet was at the entrance of the house so. You get him. And you get the point five yard red carpet and there's a stand this area where the media are supposed to be that we were constructed by eight through security guards that we were ten feet too far to the left we had to be behind this sort of press. Again. Irons. Yes who would impose real security was like that but the cup that all my ups are one terrorist there is the good cop bad cop annoy you had one guy who is an ass whole we got there is these Eisley deal they've all been given a talking to. Only New York all they knew going to seek the second we were locked in everybody's looking analysts it's I don't know where but it's like what's. We walked resources due to or around MB set up about ten feet to the left of where these cam members and a IC Dave Dombrowski. Let's go talk Dave Ambrose got a mom there and you know Kircus a couple of questions and William became an answer ready for the Cora yeah. What was your thoughts on. I mean I know is that nobody. Well I know about you this situation where. A typical Longo and so good. So right after that this guy comes right at us in the media if you look particular person you can go here but if your media person yet to go here and Clinton Kirk system the game with him. Ricky looked like he. You're you yeah. Giving me. Do mediated by. It's. If you are it's. And we'll see. It was a matter if you hear that. What it's literally threatened. And no clue perquisites. Like them. Even when we return these things are past this for. And for the rest that I knew there wasn't much media there right it was dirty water TV and tracks from all like it's literally for us. It. It. In it seems that we had this one shorter security in the it was big who is trying to be charming good again I guess it. It's yup it was off. Prospect. He kept talking me the goes into the podcasters. And like what you try to talk about. The business or something but he worked for the globe was not large by the yeah with were for elevate the the New York company that was in charge of die out. You are muted bang up job and whistled when he tickets. These two were following as they were within earshot the entire. Meanwhile an hour remembering them. I'm wondering are our fifth. Thank you we get into the media area rollout to ask questions and it's a waiting game for. The who's who of the quote Vizio where wait and Exel written and Shaughnessy shot securely right freedom later. We need to get pressed him on the present he's a member of the immediately I'll answer it I'll play. Just started off. Jonathan comes in early he sees Kurt and arts I hate Jews I mean couldn't run away fast enough I have to go now. Gary Washburn came in north whoever we and UN high and the red carpet in the back. Ali at Doral and it's. This close to Gary Washburn story. While it's DC you guys I don't know it was so bizarre and so you are resorting to interviewing the guys from Boston College I. Kurds are quick question Barton charm and about the bees get value of the like. So we realize that the red carpet is done yet anchor was making jokes about parents wakes. Receive any methods and bad enough so. I've experienced a lot of things I'm sure it never seen him. This room. There have been maybe two people recognize and it's my job in new rules before let me just say this nemesis lately. Honestly. And more fun so far both my parents weeks ahead didn't expect so far it's heading to pick up. But penalties so far this funeral. We go into the floor and there's nobody from the globe. We're we're thinking we got the Florida we're gonna have like ten minutes are run around and causes much. Chaos is because it talked will be supported and kicked did you double the mask that where you. Can. Back after what might. What's supposed to work. There's no globe writers anywhere Zola Texas Kirk says there are all the film foundation and let me come and get. He comes down but he only has one pass in Europe everybody that passed one guy to scampering for people very long story short we end up in the stairwell. In the fiery exit to the left of the foundation. Of these people. These lobbies are leaving it down and they have there's only one way to. So we have men and cornering how to get past security. Asked did trick so our our media pass got us up to. That level Regis couldn't get into the foundation. Security was there it'll time wherever we win this big security guys' fault he was right next yeah. When we are up there and caps or insuring this. Yeah it's good I can't answer that thing you didn't do what it's. This did you write it off then the Israelis and then we regret this the other big boom. And he was giving Kirk a hard time having to badges. But my I didn't cry and feel real yeah. I always. Our guy at the globe easily be weakest we had more celebrity's. At our golf tournament that we set up in about fifteen minutes I was. Then this place that I mean the big star was like Lenny DiNardo. In Sam horn well who's at the sickness in you world blow on Rachel hole sure. Spectacular. Altered to US History Channel it through the gulf Nazis into the wonderful. And her. Not appropriate we finally get to this by typing Kirk realizes this and it's the place. And we have jewels all of incomes by. Yourself commit. And you weren't there for the salt I was not there for Solomon because Kirk said negotiate contracts who used to work via com works for elevated now look at asks great questions about all of bill that we saw logic imposter and -- -- ran down he says don't have I mean I think he was getting tired of us at this point he felt we're going to be in and out bothered by bad habit that kept going talk about what he brings so I come back up and I did just that must have been three minutes span and -- Marty and on the stairs but that was the criminal cruel night. For me. Oh well Morgan your finger. Nice and elite sport some of the globe once again as usual running scared another common example. Why the globe has no guts at all to focus on camera no. So yeah. Yeah. Although Kirk later of course came back you guys left in through the security off the trail for a minute and then came storming back Guillen talked Shaughnessy. In its schedule solvent gives me and writes she college basketball politics it's good intentions. There's. You suspicious return Huntsman knows how do and I'm so sick it's. But that the seat in front of jail correct. I read her column should. A couple of guys Bob Bryan and others went down walked out of report back to the red carpet area in the security guards Reppas and Kirk's well. I guess for good thanks a lot I divide till later goodnight you know have a good night the Phillies and and Kurt. One X sees lucky with a basket. And sees O'Sullivan said yeah others we gotta go make a run for its we go back and. I dream about the basketball coach O'Sullivan tend. That's all it is about a basketball man said he won't allow me to do that you love look at me. I wanna do this with the mammal not do because once again. Management hard demand has no holes there's only one person city once news goes all the way to look at me I want about a lucky. Okay. As the most delegate count of the that's often go for the medical. I can't. Hey you know compliment themselves in there that when. Thank you look at it. He heard that eating it for I mean he's within eight feet away from worker and Kirk is up on a little balcony and he was sitting down shoving some you know. Chickens a tie into is that base supply Satele sun today. On the stick with a consulting is. Lots of dissidents chopped up because I didn't think Iraq that you visit today devices to support the word today we had the we're going back and forth over two months he said. There grilling Elena as billow. Now majestic Jews ask me fights. Remaining strange peccadilloes in the Indian culture when it comes to relations. You heard me deal. Rebirth which said we've got out. Of that hybrid try to forget tradition. Yeah I don't secular bull. And especially since you're gonna get penalized for taunting morale whatever it and you know it hears stories like four anyway if you're gonna get him has earned. And and I heard Willie McGinest with the middays saying that the book bills penalized assailant and and the penalties in this instance they vote influenced by Sapient ICP Lesnar. I see penalized only guilty lines nice and penalty in penalized does that I don't know I don't say do this good is it about I don't say Pakistan. We don't count him. I can say pass I need to pass route. Pass rush. It's its program if you have run him through the paper route he says yet paper barrels things weren't maddeningly inconsistent else are now work on really work on. Anyway. So that was that was definitely the highlight. But they Snooki good moment was Kirk after this point so we are back on the four afterward he thought we were done yet in the wild sort of see you running around before that I'd spotted big jamario our friend from Felger rabbit or friends they're out spear who do was taking phone calls the out of the interview I kid you not he was on the phone for like twelve minute and finally realism we were going and you're. If you're out there. Pending talk. I know he's got yeah he didn't know. Very well. Alex beer who I was front with a kind of we talked flip them off here we talked for a couple minutes and outs of the medium is gentleman said. I'm. How do you handle your children now that you become the person you become. How do you handle it actually happens to bury out texting and take it. Like I'm I'm like a monster album the same person yeah he didn't he I saw you wasn't final MD didn't wanna be with you must either wanna be seen with you. Write us a week we asked big gym about a totally messes. And putt retreating again how is Tony has driving now potty train yesterday. I I believe yes I believe we're all our defense says that policy and I Kirk and or talk to us that it felt like deals bachelor park AA tournament get a handful of people who actually paid to you know at the this to meet. Say I'm born in me you know flu Udoh and they were nor to be found any enter Mahoney the ski team guy outlaw and I think he was a the sports that movie studio as a result of over Beasley. But no that was the very very broad and like there was never a more tickets are waiting for something. Joseph Sullivan will not give you thirty seconds because he has no. Has no balls and ask them three or more question. He would do a few shot face to face that and who's tried to ruin us try to get me fired for the Jerry fired from the station over I'm in a sports is sports that are okay. Freedom of the press afraid that answer questions. And just always going to be guess buy tickets were aware but this is the perfect big for the globe right up in their ivory tower surrounded themselves and talk to the media won't talk to the media. Won't talk to the biggest star in Boston right now you're afraid charging a 15200 bucks ahead for people to get to this than what a joke. What absolute joke not to mention more diversity at the Dover sure from high school. And there was at this event last night. I have more people of color my Christmas by well the diversity was a standard edition it's everybody look like me these middle aged white guys stand around pretending. They used to it's like the 1970s field. You know will McDonough Peter Gammons Bob Bryan we month Google. I mean like mutt fill up the nation's. Black people it really a surprise them what was an audited he admits he is proud. An interest in week. The fault book is conclude yes feel pretty good at the state of the ratings from one another month November 6 straight month. That was last week's news now it's pretty SATA I. The globe and globe radio or sort of in the same boat here you know living off of past success and not really changing without the cargo and fitted it. No I'm saying that there little torturing richer and you know lying in in and there you are fake it is is going out of the way they they would never have commented on. A monthly level on the weekly's it improving and Albert is why the interest and stake in extra everybody we've got to take it back tomorrow yet tightly we purposely scheduled. For right after the Balkans were really happy that he's going to be kicking off or holiday book so he'll be doing a great job with that. The park you know and the community. You know our big elegant and I bet big government. Collins let let me in this recall that's. And because the book is over palatable Saturday I think Donnelly will be do the best of KNC from the week portal back in the entire fall ball like that I like the the full book on per gallon on assisted to me Saturday five to seven. On 937 but he. The rockets. Can't wait maybe Jerry may be months we're desperate we among on its took a turn for the worse in the six blocked out got a dog with Oakley at number and I remember the Clinton I remember it's through August hosting the local on the software to Pensacola and I am for slavery.