The Real K&C - Birthday showers, voice murmurs & Kate Beckinsdale

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Friday, October 13th

Curtis and Ken recap another great week on Kirk and Callahan.


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Our wrapping up the week here on Friday October the thirteenth Friday the thirteenth here it is scary sisters fortieth birthday a Republican happy birthday to Dino. Brittany who else is birth that you're mentioning that I Mike Barnicle now brutal. Death of the former Miramar. Tommy John yeah big campaign. Hong Martha Coakley may have. She may have pulled it out. Reported that he too accurate sources. And I have a sorts it was right next door to the boomer card through with one to implement Dolores shows the restart and amusement from. Half the battle out and work your way that he -- whether sources like Christmas. Not cattle about I'm Chris skirt with Al wrapping up a three day extravaganza here to eight Tuesday Friday this week that's just now role rescued Friday we got on record for four of the five gone back through the Sox are guys and most current record of forests sports offline. I'm Mike but it's the enjoy the rest of your wins. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Enjoy the rest. Your Friday excellent job by my what was in me and they pulled pre stages helix the cult a couple of occasions today that your reporting pole and race stage and I'm not. Throwing it your it was a little dissatisfied it is maneuverability and leading the clock and it's so part of I would get it's that we are nothing my shoes off take a break here we will come back and try to pick through whatever Tomas he's talked about we'll talk he was well we haven't done prison like we have with Mossad was a little tired this morning. It's pretty. Although curt at it and little upset that he sacrificed sleep. And their four show performance to stay up late. And write a piece on who should be the next Red Sox manager. There was a time when the Red Sox manager was like in the white smoke from world idea of the Leo it is. We open. Oh. So light smoke trauma among them what that means in terms of Pope. Dead yet. It's (%expletive) dead woodgate cap was low light performance should be a dead issue Sydney a dead issue I mean tomorrow he's prioritizing a column about Gabe Kaplan will never (%expletive) happen which he had big biggest breaking news was he had to bury the soccer culled yet rated good luck both with the best people. Oh man he was live at. That was likes excellence at my house and before a movement thirteen it was it was say a less emotional plan I'm fifty years old and I'm telling you. Since rushing went through Italy and 84 of 82 when a police department are forward I was helping a player does aeronautics Olympics that's the first time might I was I was OK this is great my heritage might might. Family comes on I'm definitely. Now relatives that follow the team told me yet spreads well that's split it and that was put it this is not the it it's been going on Christmas or. Here everybody you're stuck to take off soccer and they both started it's not it's never it never is enough so we are usually Clinton's money was element. It does well you know whatever the whatever the road towards the developers are coming admitted this should go live at wilderness trying to adjust bettered their immunity I think he's been. An awful coach so overall I think. Just awful and stop the dollars. Talk among Bruce Arena when true love sheep and goat can give a couple things you haven't liked about. Bruce Serena just the earpiece response to these policemen ill for the movement of players and runners on. He didn't change trying to change I was Diana and Dodi did know exactly China and mosque flooding thought they might. Almost get fired before app that for the Costa Rica lost the personal the Mexico loss of up one which has performance next the Holocaust and Milo. Meadows Henrik it was worse because nobody cares what 25 years at home and the grocery gloss was Clinton's last game actually and then they brought it Missouri's average right. Food is horrible. And and it was not in the coach is a Clinton's notre clings Klinsmann Klinsmann gets the you're there are soccer Jurgen Klinsmann not German you had the you'd actually ship before Maria give Pete all prisoners soccer. When did you break in that was that was the morning after I'd bet was I believe the end of the 6 o'clock hour and Wednesday Wednesday morning. Yes I mean there was Trinidad and Tobago saint I'm going to be in a World Cup enough about it where we're not where does that. A limited budget for your socket area to watch the game I did a great kid and we can prudential equity you very disappointing third disappointed when gas artist gives our Curtis so what is it this team loses that what would Trinidad and Tobago those of two countries right in where in the Caribbean. It was a wet field jury it was about Jesus when I read that too expensive for just that. It was just America own up about what's in over Panama riding high in check over the the population of these two countries because I'm pretty sure they're not 5000. Exercisable for a sizes some of the best out of it. And and and they beat us they beat us yesterday and he's the oldest to rent was always it was a tie against the team that were heavily favored against. Absolute is absolutely choke is that almost surely ministers also soccer is not a big deal not a major deal but the world. Put aside Jerry mentioned on the show about the sensitivity of soccer fans at home to reporter calling things different departments Mormon Church groups are now during that point fourteen World Cup. The old afternoon show which bill well in port and grit. And I'm gonna add the the you know blog written balls and posted that that that that were giddy. Over soccer but there's no skirts and soccer and right they were talked about it talked about it you know this is the beautiful game. And there was one mil mil draw where the US advance. And Belgium. Belgium. It was the most boring Eumig were two shots on net combined. Mean higher in the afternoon to was talking about oh with so most exciting game receive. And Jerry. You know and Kirk that next morning word. Awesome just ripping and we had four lines of soccer and so. I like to bring up a soccer club is that this is off and worked. I guess that's true as much as the outscored gate capital talked and take offers 6 o'clock hour we had doubled the brows deep press conference it's Thursday she'll treat. Now that's you couldn't get a more concrete explanation as to why you didn't think that a guy and did a win 93 games to win the division is zero lottery. Alberta guy at a press conference say those are facts and amok and give you any facts. Mean usually it's a give effects but no speculation amok and it didn't dignify the rumors but he literally said. I'm not gonna give any fact about replaces card Alec do much to teach right and if you're a Red Sox and you watch a 140 or fifty games a year. You know five or six times you going with them impala dumb money you called a racist. Do you spend all the money in the Red Sox you're going to do to deserve some level of explanation why they fired discussion yes and don't you and and I understand that. Do I understand the browse Keyes told votes but. Well it's accuses genius track record either don't have to explain YouTube don't have a press conferences. Press release these Fatah and we'll talk to Friday's summit gonna get the specifics of we have some answers from his daughter away. We got back into it again LE 830 Kirk wasn't the all I had Andy gained little Kurtz on ready to polling. Your voice murmur on loop speakers which I guess that would segment about things on the loss. A mean in an amendment. That would really put us through what we don't have that I am on Ashley Judd I should just wakes up and Miller's IG years does it went here. You know once I'm on its loss. And now I'm content I think I'm going and heard once that moment in history enamel and her job at. That is that is secured easing that the victims of every once he heard a word just heard she's you know they should go to barely breathe. Fat and that's what role like this occurs like just god if there's a doctor or science not allow him to reproduce because of beacon because sounds like that. Is that you think that's was yes part of the reason I thought that would allow him yeah produce ever trouble with reproduction right no trouble. The top pop up every now. It's our turn I can hear this parallel re Chris just how was that awful. I just I loved can be played at the entire Buick. I really can budget and cracking himself up and biscuit and spirit of outward attitude here that was due somehow some overtime. And you can. And. Placements have little everything I had thought the government area. That is so life could I mean really are you do you do you go to yoga Curtis. You know I'd say you're not anything he's got those people who grew launches to groans and moans like that and many grown in you know Natalie Everett workers. Yes. I went home to the Argo got some work done and went to roi hole from production. That's why his wife has kicked my goodness shopping and cooking and the dog walking what worked yet. The Astros were to shoot video so you put headphones and when you want the essentially right. This time we're that I work all the time in Portland were good and Smart and a promise that. Not fun at Iraq's sealed it would generally as you. And are destitute hazard but it what you do when your help the show but there are times. When it cause any respite so to speak during the breaks from the immunity in the the ship that I would be good but you know that was not the case it as a young boy I was. Crier on you're not giving your life. Eight my birth the showers and I'll repeat. Guess who's getting the shower and his wife tonight to celebrate her birthday boys that's their big birthday present she gets the long shower exceeds the hot water first. In the lush ya girl that's for sure why that's a show that he had played all set up her birthday yours what's her birthday he's been she billboard's big list number one was she wants go see stronger she is not to stronger yeah it's gonna go takers see that good and number two was announced lunch hour with herbs. Well I these things Alice I think they've got to read the fine print. That was good way to start the show by but man peak exit networks TV addicts and ship all right yeah and the other half of the mr. Brandt pageant and weighed in with a great keyed beckoned sale. Right up Curtis is today on this when it's close to home for a minute him not here today but Kate beckons dale. Said Weinsteins and am APEC Wednesday. Reconnect right I assume we can save that for Kirk you just made Kurtz Maya is dale. And it can close tonight right and I I'll let doctor. Alan K back in Clarence Clearwater. Beckons though whenever she's hot and she. In dale. And herb is a lot of Barca took the English language and every show that's more smoking flag he once segment said beckons dale and winds do Kate beckons dale. Said Weinstein and it's widely seen Weinsteins I dairy anybody out there go on the man listen any segment of much right guys they were on that about 24. Mrs. post July. Our dolls that denied. Flying thirty (%expletive) ups 83 best third worst record in basically the American League even less than that enable you to go do some modeling and Chara it was written yet. The chargers player who looked the letter. But he missed for now to collaborate earth something we can either wait until receive our respective marching orders. Speak up individually or find a way to cut collaborate. Anyway well yesterday refer to go back and forth will be here. We have a big moment. Train. Made the correct choice in chose yours truly. We've got to looking can occurs. They're both really good looking. Car would you say to pick one. Curtis is Chris is logging out there but he got the good the misfits who have had that lets sausage. And I mean it's odd short shorts ditch is sort of a similar. It almost like a married couple as they do you sort of a married couple Mike and Mike and less we're glad my uncle Curtis for the money it could move. If I mean it when pushed a shot Kennedy people you've got a money. Well me at that hurt based solely on money. But I never was able to use my death points to finish my own room as the cardinals and we got five candidates to mossy tangling trainee much man in Roemer. Who do you not wanna hear next week. Who wins that based on this past week he had based via based on the current I would always I would brick Terry going next one because. I don't think he was great this past week. Which was that it I was it was that's the key is talking about that's the best he can do is talk about ten or that's interesting him saying that's six. That's all that's it. It was what happens which a reaction. It's critically in the got a almost three hours it's my kind please I'm no talent that it. Why I'm Mike it leads to factors set that they ate egg salad toll that they wanted me suspended the yes that's gonna worry about me. Media. About me and suspending little meat on one day a week. He can get T percent. He did but he disappears for long stretches I don't think you need announcers I mean especially without Bud Collins got like I've feel like Jerry's. Rick Perry better than he has he's gone you know what is the Paul distance make the heart grow partners since it was a couple things that stick but I actually think that's these credit. You my opinion we. I'm saying thing where next would be scary at a segment where he had breaking news pats players again Neil. Five minutes later yet another source Thinkpads for it will not deal. As breaking news we just you know some patriots will Neil this I say I that's my opinion get does that report just passed you and you say yes let's let's enjoy it stick to what you who I trust my opinion and and onto his silly idea how many there on the what are your you're wrong whom you seem according right according. Brady. Tom Brady may I don't know yet according flags in Iraq. It seriously hurt. Sources saying implication potential real well Guerrero can take your arm off action put it back on them be better and that's so weak he was already hurt when we talked among the Albany injuries to USA I think analysts. I think that it could have been worse operators tell live earth. No never but I would have been nice is great and but again or how many just it was a number two. Two in which courting one. Well now getting some information could be on who. Hopeful he's getting in when he got here in big big big big according to my sources at least. Good job fairs she's on go to one area that was my story. No breaking more breaking music who else did he didn't have any source that confirmed in bend. Retracted his report within three minutes Drudge picked up both that's true admit that puts our guess what the basketball. At a but first let's get back to basketball. Annually you're wrong I would say I hate to say this based on this week Tomas he would get bumped from what would you care about. Nothing that double Bagger. Which also leads to I think we had enough we had our fill Tomas there are probably people who own slaves who felt bell that was my favorite act I worked about hardest I'll try to kill to mossy but I think he would use a week off. I think the very soccer is I think the show as a whole would miss a week without some Aussie for more than we were missed a week without Keefe is the next radio star and Boston. Keefe will be that first got to be found masks a dare you do that the Kirk again all I know. It was touching actually you know. Deserves to be praised ridiculed and criticized little K newborn gave her arms and. Oh yeah. I just wanna you know laugh about these very. I can and just just. Senior in the end and it was. There was pressure and had such great relations with Kate metric so is tough and didn't play the sound economy. So far this is embarrassing at Kirk's mother's funeral when he. Eulogize her that was the point when he started talking about. Kate and the kids when he lost Austin but in the puzzle you'll about hearing yesterday brought right back to that. Today hearing it for the first time because it was it's true soul. Awful. Little cheers all along is that you know Kirk many and is not in today because his sock puppet actually mocked him in the open that's always courtesy of all Curtis that's that's amazing I mean you'll remember on Monday but today if Kirk we're here and none yet we're gonna get anything you'd like to say to Kirk about that just apologize I am beyond Curtis should apologize to put that together Curtis introduce speaking I don't believe you at all if that occurs put that together would make any sense now than totally destroyed certainly but wasn't too you know hey do you wanna join the sock puppet mock. Kirk on the first podcast. Got a little emotional on knocking a mock value surplus was emotional security did that Kirkwood just he would now he will mark can I get emotional about something that we post currently trying to get you thrown in jail for that's true and if you talked about that maybe cry when he. Admitted that is a third person called after my idea arrest in upstate New York. I would call him dealt. Hopefully save my job that's what. Yours very problem is Sheila. And her. Job and push me up with real but is that the money here and of course we the eclectic Wednesday with Jerry Kirk's. Body shoe polish beating the TV commercial guy paid you points. Most awkward Parker after basically. Awkward silent is sitting there he didn't break up everything. Every meeting with Kirk is not asked of me I will admit you talk illnesses I would cop to being sexually aroused that's uncomfortable silence. Favorite thing it's not a member and you love. Asian lesbian porn like the Harvey Weinstein that regard you let other people on the field to resurrect a criminal erosion in the room like UPS and we and we all look at each of the current smoker and an eye and say it's over it's over Kirk brought the whole thing to a halt. And I knew you gonna say that this is never gonna happen and luckily cooperated Joel and the joint takes those notebook music so why you guys have any ideas for concepts like that. I have I have a job I do a good job for the station we have terrific ratings no oranges association's go over the ideas for a magazine or mute issue for some. Coming up next week Monday Brady after the jets' loss for a Umenyiora here first. I'll also final thing Powell Le do you feel like sharing the stage for the good weekend with. Enjoy the rest your Fries into the rest your Friday. If anybody else but mutt I would be in. Italy it's a permanent thing is for now I was doing that in just a minute and might have. Something to say about. Our producers do a fantastic job we've best producers in the market. I'll point I think he views these finals words curtain Callahan on Friday you got a secret that week I'll believe it. Is currently trip. Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI you WEEI dot com. Could reach him.