The Real K&C - Bizarre post-show, Tanguay vs Reimer & Mut shower power 10-10-17

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Tuesday, October 10th

Ken and Curtis chat post-show on a Tuesday, discussing a strange after-show meeting as well as Gary Tanguay on the hot seat and other show highlights from the past few days.


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Tuesday may tenth of October to what the seventeenth deadlier Chris Curtis this is the real KFC we just commodity very normal. Meeting back when you say now in the news now on me and god damn early guest's first ball on the Kirk in Jerry. Guests. Chairs a little welcome Kirk chills to be honest. Our guys about five years now echoes to the top to retrieve most awkward who show meetings slash office encounters an extraordinarily awkward yet they all look Kirk we had he'd be dumb all make parents of not receive for a while. Here's the rule after the show I don't want any guests to come walking by it in up part of the show the stage. The hell away sees this ass goes directly to you eat. Of I guess it's a morning show are out there are now in Europe becomes and he is the most god damn annoying person he is not the world he's not hurt you wanna commit to my after the show he's a little knowing what's in knowing him he. Out orders and that's that was the a message like this this was a message to from Kirk number one is Gerri with an employee or remain nameless here in the hallways school dreaming and I didn't see you are turning out about well. Yeah but this was. Right near the top of just sort of bizarre. Every day with the you know why is that talked attacks so we'd be in the office like we were Tuesday evening and and in the leapt far left corner with big desk job but sit there ago. Happy. I will be leaving in ten minutes comma CU. At lunch without rap show. Denoting that it's OJD. Has left up to me I'm feeling great outfitted swelled to more and beat them no matter how. But that was covered the tour with up later today it was involving the at this will be addressed tomorrow it this show today's subject matter was the forthcoming W ya body issue we have photographer so he just spit ball perked up a spit balling tight. It's. Or larger. Will know when the other thing is after our show's over the vast majority apartment or office is pretty quiet you know we're just finished the show might laughter toe poke fun you meet our. It's are required to get my nature to be honest it's it makes me a comfortable I'm uncomfortable so I'm like try to fill the gaps with some idle they occur like that. Of the army. You know I always try and take at least 56 times it's why I'm going to see a worthwhile and yours with the answers knows no voices. In my sober days I'm 99% silent with Jerry Kirk Douglas I have to speak. Into the drunken days I would. Lash out in common about TV ratings are radio ratings have nausea and I. This is Jim Brady right we're doing and people ago we have this over the command for the body issue and in my mirror at I take a very journalistic approach to my blog and a little. I. Well you brought up a reason I'll work launch we had that was definitely awkward and different but this was. Even more bizarre and away because I didn't anticipated. To get that. We're not on discontinued notes those things where then you know Kirk reaches the end of his line and it. It lingers and things don't and didn't occur to tweet about this and literally getting in a news Kirk's sweet right now. Just part of the dumbest meeting in history I will never get this when he minutes back I'd still in shock this at at. At Kirk came across right. But address. It occurred did is made it abundantly clear one point during its meaning Kirk looked at me it looked at 20 and you and jury in this element was Connolly okay. Thanks I don't really do this type of stuff but come back and Kirk and at the meeting that I'm done done done. For all intents and purposes one. Given to the full details of Kurt address this tomorrow but in edit very clear. That this was we got there we had done and yet another ten minutes went by defense team with. Us. Analysts speculate but it's one of those meetings that went off the real so badly you know you could sat there and any particular moment there was like an explosion but. Inside the mind of Kirk this was an epic failure. I speak for Kirk that this could push the whole. Body shoot just totally off the off of cliffs I would say it's it's it's ipads I think let's turn it into Boston and did you get that back. Speaking of which possibility a little uneasy at mr. out streamer is not thank you warily at that was a big soccer it showed today. This shows better for him poodles and they'll call the better I agree ports not horses so the question is this do we bring Reimer back now and do we get what he did with Dale Hall it was a fair and has cheap shot and we had we had Dallas they cared we have their back. So the question is in the and the boss wanted to take actions that will take care it's in the family you know we're building sites are really went Padilla. If it wasn't oil would be should we got to watch the boss. Clinton said there was it would seize it will take care for each is said to watch you guys take care but like we insisted we said we wanna wash our hands of this. No because you know we have Fran more clear we should you do what you gotta do this one now I thought that's true I mean it's like to mill hill. Don't know the rules when he got to know the rules you don't do what penguin did he's not that dumb isn't. Yes he's exactly it is that them coming you can say what you want about people he can take all the cheap that you want. Can't do what he did you know crossed a line. Course Chris Curtis was a central figure this because it bring re were back he is technically advanced. He served as a punishment. As roles been granted but. Still what he did was dastardly was evil despicable and Kirk Jerry defer to you what is thought you gave AM very concise. Clear. Explanation of what you thought should happen with three were into tomorrow. I'm Gregory Curtis is full board vote is most important you did you feel better about Roemer less angry now at times passed will actually some loss sees. Performance and appeal as evil and the champion act like yours has made me sort of rule and little withdrew because first important almost must have to do yet there talking about what he did do you. Up let me get secretary who so my everybody knows everybody I know says he should never talked Roemer and produce fuel needed to use reprehensible inexcusable you agree with that future. Of course we don't cover that ground and so. They hate him they despise him even more than the initially that most them already hated him. So for my purposes he went for spoke with them in July after. Well owes money to get to the point Chris the canal when the topic to well you know god damn that's ice I didn't wanna go loses we're told a moment Jimmie did you Weisberg there. Yes OK good guys thirtieth column so. I said do I do want to loses job and I still feel that way and I think having another able. The Nazis is a good thing I'd say that when you say an honest mosques you have to do what it's a classic with what you want say we had back or not. Can just see it is it is pathetic and embarrassing that I still get nervous. As I mentioned earlier in the podcast four plus years were these guys I get nervous. In those moments are why I don't like I don't think about the hundreds of thousands listeners we I don't think about being on all these stations all across doing yeah dialog city in the number once on the city that doesn't. It's just the people and legitimately talk to the mansi. Make either he suffered seriously in that that's so bizarre but I'd sit there like both forehand and Connolly nervous do they know I have to have a good answer and I know I have to explain well. Give it to block well and so I get a word out. And already it's about Tomas I won't list must have to do yet there. He's my estimate I got Kirk and I'm just get to the point person can help woman. Went off the rails because they kept erupting as they certified as you know I do take left and right turns and I'm not the most concise and being on the planet I'm. But I wanted to include some Aussie because he was in the room was kinda quiet on the subject wanted to bring in human ass hole and that that really helped define his brain and used more hassle but there aren't usually that. That's the it was kind of floating decision and we declared late in tomorrow. Late edition were concerned about tangling who has sock and even the best we can pull hook at 8 o'clock we want discussing her boy in the appease Turkey as the camera. Vogel it's so gross. Sit seems reasonable guy and guys are right now 10 rescheduled for 6 o'clock to want to be or 10 o'clock it was actually responding somewhat social media poll. Reach waited like the poll question and he sent him an idea. Which saw those tremendous idea I mean I've never gotten an idea from here and we had some social media activity early in the morning. Promoting says it also maybe yours will open up on. He's fine it's a source aegis mean Gary was just pop back off the afternoon she'll he would he would too far but this was not was not a major air. And dale flip though Gary. When they let a no talent radio failure like Gary tangling say that Calgary Mazur a better show anyway that's a joke Gary tangling with no radio talent if it bit him in the ass and if they allow him to say stuff like that that's on them if you listen to stuff like that that's on you. You don't shoot where you you know do this we have an old saying up in Maine and you're ready you can do it. Do any be ready you don't Wear eat it's like a low hanging ten year. Where we agree you and I both regards roar of signal obviously. Some of them don't say that he responded to Jerry stickers try to be off the cuff funny you can insinuate that they'll hold that I agree. Nor it's not coincidence but I think anyway guts on shrapnel from. From dale because it was a really wanna go occur new Yorker receiving unit we already did under respondent in the racist or street allegations. It's essentially sat here with a the first couple of minutes not Royce on. Right so I believe that. Dale was pissed about how that our weren't. On Wednesday. And then Thursday morning hurting him make or vice comment and use that as his way to really get back at the morning show with out actually haven't really attacked for yeah it was good ramp like dale we also it's time. Here which are more both of them will try to make me look like an ass that doesn't mean we select the push us around when I was trying to make Jerry but he kept cutting Utley like point. Outscored ten layered first forty Stan I'm with you Kurt there's no reason we OK now let's go to regardless of how. So I don't. What actual actual testing action was actually. Every answer to every questions not the same with them which you can is that what you just presses you kind of as a child can't hear you sorry fifty donating maybe kind of image of us don't come easily agree with me off and privacy and amounts but he did. Jerry you want bullet Dale Hall dictate who we handled shill who could play up Jesus let you speak. Catholic Kirk in the middle that Weinstein. Thoughtfully analyze that oh man Axl. Mean here's the women weren't willing to do her admitting you were wrong you're wrong on this little wrong that someone should of stepped forward years ago. Do you support what Damon did too. I'm sure because you know if if it appeared in the New York Times these women would have been about what was statement in a room with him getting paid harassed. What do you think in the degree though desk and I knew in New York. Times is going to be my image that Jerry and Clooney make the Potomac Perry did say it was likely to judge Jerry say it like it as a ridiculous that we ridiculous do you think date due defending and point out that no but but because of what he did the reign of terror content types of dangers because Ashley -- stop all query that's embarrassing I mean real honest urged god you're on your defense I don't know how do want him about what's going on yeah that would mean about women I want this is what. Here's how you want you don't care shot up his right this article here's series you don't care seriously we Wear our defending hardy wants to reflect our Tulsa for three or three pointer that that's all you've got that's all we did I did not know she did did not to play my son did play the sound I did not. Here's the bottom line how there's an RYST I will help way to help you mean art alliance split time. There were many 20/20 122 year old anonymous. Interns secretaries who got harassed and maybe even raped or August month or quit because Ashley Judd. Kept of course I don't usually because I asked Damon had the story spy toast so 'cause of the sixty Ashlee judds fault I don't rate can explore your values. Allegations of rape I is setting Skype is set I guess part. I just I'm gonna get all it's actually just fall debates yeah it's the talk unsure actually Ashley Judd at fault that he bet jurist he really turned it did his. Actually not women's of athletic John Boehner I am saddened I thought I'd just these I just couldn't hold the overstepped their actual votes actually got all these are shop it's actually just false you need to harp on it RT YZ more it's actually jets fall. That Harvey Weinstein. Unzipped it's pants. Put his hand on his penis in jerked it because he was for every girl do that's now understand that you just fall right now understands or do you understand that he was free to do you understand that right. Because these women step forward in the story finally ran. Well first of all women have tried to he does. Lord over the years and correct squashed every correct so if you wanna get on the Matt Damon and lawyer and a time sign. I blame the New York Times they blame Matt Damon that's only the food I'd the I'd link below carried the New York Times broke the story is this idea right the liberal you know the liberal giants will now -- go ahead and stories for president I know there's I know that anyway and let Jerry let it be squat I like to get a call or two from your from some women and call helped Kirk. I thought that Jerry was dialogue in this regard he never said that. It was a victim blaming immigrant weakness he there was this long timeline that the globe had all of these. Writings that Jerry Remy had with law enforcement. And with accusations of domestic oil for the ports deal before Martell was I mean this thing was like three pages like it was like the operator Marshall and realism and Jerry's point all along during that time was look at these judged this district attorney these people but just kept you know Jerry heap the blame Jerry Remy saying you know you can. Hiring the best attorneys and kept letting your man a spectrum back into society. I'm the bad apples. And if you ask my family they rather have me yeah Denver. And there was that point was like you know of these all of these this confluence of events. Let the fact that Philip Freeman and the murder. Wells get them with Kirk Jerry and Italy's policy to a cart today is likely slow or he's more like is off. Back to the Weinstein case are Bob idea. The potted plant check in from the dots and to be the bottom plant that potted plant this does he potted plant that was an accessory Weinstein case. Golf mark I can't Bristol. Almost took two. Are I asked for potted plant to columnist Joseph we got Harvey wants these potted plant on the phone hey. Hello who yeah. And it's better in this. Review asylum bit shaken and all that Jarrett Sutton I'm not being little Hamlet. But I wanna tell you about I'm sure that. He. He approached mean I knew. Can't look at I grabbed me about my pot any health care would be incredibly acts I knew I was troubled. And in my head and saying meet me you. Could almost almost wouldn't via a good in my home. And who actually. Can you evacuated content onto me a couple warm in New Orleans about Miley and well. Could you won't. Well I'd seen this. Week ended on the table. And I haven't hit he brought in trying to east. And I'm ready broken. I think it's affected your career. Actually. Beyond teaching and probably caused. But you didn't. One did you you grandma you I would like Lena Dunham. But he is are you going to blame this planetary. You couldn't come through come forward earlier plant think of all the other plants that have an army brigadier tolerant. The other teenage plant if you missed it in case you missed the people might now know were talking about one of the many many victims of robbery one's team. Said that she resisted his overtures. And she was fighting and he was trying to forced himself on earth is so easy company said just stand there and shot up. He looked at her and pleasure himself. And finished in the potted plant. Kevin's been up and down lately at its it was a one of his better called recently the Morgan Freeman by a mile. And of course our friend. H elect Joseph that is annual season and all the guys like that but maybe even more than the state pulled it like months. Sign up which we put in the opener enjoy the rest of your Monday. But it's a great every time later that voice though they have opened the robot. AK forty go to break I'm not gonna break us it's an hour and we're publisher Porsche. Yet it got a party shot ran gate you know I thought. But doing there. It was a month doing the poem. And let the rational of your Monday he should take the torch to public tomorrow so much or estimates or robot he gets mad at me did so before plan again is that you much a human being because a hard number of successes I think him as a prime made these close overtime if I'd like this at and amp. Enjoy the rest of your Monday. Never say that two of the person your lights of Monday I was like David Allen Boucher signing up at the. Spiegel Weinstein. Situation. Last week we had what it'll Fridays we have normally do these days we got into a little bit of the Weinstein discussion with Motley did not podcasts at Friday shall we should double back and re highlight I think what little it's. Of the year we cut great audio mark. With power tools in the shower chats. Tony shower with your wife. Two months ago a couple months ago probably. That the idea you're doing just one. Of the other. You're going on initial little hair yeah idyllic but take his clothes off but I I don't Arabs and our other organs and body convincing she units have been changed sides come through and new new new new new. If your finger stuck in the heritage this. I'm sure towards. They're doing good option one. Child from her oldest library has proved to rush hour. And I wouldn't you know having your ass just in the right you do you are now. I've been putting Jeremiah dude yeah it to assure that no. Just longer on his way to live or die originally they did bleach and they do all that in our bodies reach. When they bleach there were reports are you should be automatic as you are into it. About that we should listen to what you expect. I think that might think he had to. Move around scope of. That might in the show or would we jazz great power. Driven. Below the waist look out your go through doing. What does a parent should go for the 1516 years blades. And then you put the blame game and. And win tomorrow do you think there's any chance. Roemer will be called in each show will get that that will actually apologize. Will he come in. And be remorseful or was he gonna stick to his sort of I don't care how he doubled down the Felger messes. Show you will not double down I don't see remorse from thing. I see. It shouldn't says. That that Gary this sort of whatever free spirit varied look area look at it like that is seamen this year and beyond that he's been exactly. As Ehrlich areas because you don't really ever know what you're gonna get in terms of content. The shirt off. Okay aggregate. Amounts of picture that Leslie knowledge and eggs last week Atlantis to Somalia beef jerky day repeated eggs. Desserts say that the patriots and Belichick I don't like your coach like coach defense does not like -- checker that people are being Hillary Clinton at different air force bases I want that so to that sort of socialist movement and a little group sex or who knows right I have to respect the Roemer effect on the phones and text and Twitter did light things up I mean people. Hate him and I get people. Don't go on here who scream at me every time this comes up especially today so welcome back what time that he could be good for the show's nasty people display he'll call me saying Curtis growth Buchan said Dolan back on and people. Hey this. So its interest. You know I'm with you. Always the most. Dream team that we are but eight holes good for the show opened up this week I would Gary DeMar won at the sake of gear but I would say. Tomorrow. The hammer could be falling from minute hand back on me and it is always love you. And I don't always I always say Kunin is the Michelin radio and agree it's number one but tune in tomorrow you're gonna want a year Kirk and Jerry discussed this emotional. It was bizarre and they'll fill in the blanks in a few gestures. And it will. The the. I. I'll just listen to six acts were discussed as a XX which Jerry loves sex underwear. From milk. But he. Others acts you get two balls officer asks and how he could be a Republican operatives acts alms hanging Atlanta right poll jumped out. Scrubbed a dollar and elected gym class simply would pledge about him. Temperatures. Got it was a bizarre post meeting so we slow readers. Are positive note. It. Reams. On. I. Coroner it was so weird to 60.