The Real K&C - Brainless bracket, Somerville road trips and Mut's geography 3-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, March 16th

Ken and Curtis recapped a great week on Kirk & Callahan with sound from the Bracket of the Brainless, Curtis' anniversary, Mut's stupidity and Kitty with Bradford and Castig.  


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March 16 2018. It's the real Casey catlett Chris Curtis Curtis Demont. The brain is five bracket all of the brain under way today yes there it's Kirk in Kalla hands battle of the brain Lex didn't like that right Martin's. Shirtless and play that trump on. Part five. Focus is on the fly bracket all of the brain lists it was like making a raid with bracket here drop off she does shields Bolton especially if you're hog featuring two bracket buster boom seek boobs critic Cinderella Curtis had I. This is good Brady right now we're doing and Mike Magnus mutton ski shall we how are you wiggle in those G and now to top seeded simple teams collide. Brain less maybe it's card smear earlier in our. Series marks or go ever about aid Dean Martin really close to my heart with drops being the central focus on how it's all law so far what your first. Perfectly executed by U organized detail oriented all the staples killer production push it up and the one downside of this is that it produces I'm not sensitive among 90% of the brilliance of the draw is your ties post terrible drive back was for. We regretting it acknowledged as much Brad for the web with all the fun. I missed that when they keep you updated on free agency ought to be safe tonight and say. The money you say few words drive home was not safe. Machine that's been criticized for drops back to the infancy shell part smelling football the old general managers say. I love bread and none low against it and yeah. Have branded there. Anyway I've always been a finger up the soil but but the drops that were using for this tournament or so recognize. These are more how much Robert geezer really and he forces of nature mirrored in public so much is right his first instinct in the shelter it was a good weekend should possibly not in. Permitted turner but I feel like it's the first one we've done if it wins so. The person to be fair dues he's going to be you is that you can be stipulated that he Sydor in what I think that dog bite clip. Can at least get to the final and you the problem is that. We look at had a year good weekend is going to be I feel like you would have if you win and you get the award speech got a thing Nora which I'll thank her for sure I remember sure that this model for their excellent reporting as always. On a thank Tony sees what it does have a little bit the cliche factor because it's it's still a good week and personable what was the mood all day it's called it's it's. Like it's Friday but you can start drinking soon relax and talk to me drunk or sober accurate Sox game about the war to Felger the first ever. Try to make the announcement now good breaking news right. Op I am World War II after tour it's he's wanna let this ever won known now no one no one knows where to target and also known as the Callahan. Oh so it's baloney investments. Also daily journal tax on all those things I'm almost you're gonna save for a touch a lot of money does that have to either get the guy. Good point to back up 96 of them knows where were to fielder's where it's it's a consent item with it is such a you know make economic inside dumb jokes in the show them that you can listen you know doing last week but what's funny about that it's a terrible joke. Obama less frequent. We use for one don't want us frequently keep it last week like school year epic rant about to undergo an array of the ice like why. All this about the good week. An iconic name shall we how you wiggle in those gee you know have something that's overplayed do something that's relevant enough. Whites. Sic up from what he's got some heavy hitters of zone. Or come league cut a couple today I got to say too for. I thought he read a three and one here the first four games of the term what did you think lottery numbers was gonna flip I thought lottery numbers exactly exactly right what numbers did you panic. I'd probably pick for one. Eleven for my anniversary in there and. It. 71. 51 well and gristle and wants I mean once you can do we played quite a bit and it's part of one headlines opens people like it they know maybe I over rate it may see this is why it's good to have turned. Right not to mention I had a total in team format on the can't Laird to account might there a little bit tailored Paul's journey into Bruce's take you know our I enjoyed. The response from the played games you had for it really pain need to have special needs kids she does shields Paulson special I don't think this is good radio I I. This is good break right we're doing public Texas in cheek gay this ninety day three and had to get black for the feeling began it was close cheat day 131%. Tied at 25% don't think this is good radio architects I would say cheap. As they draw. Is more the most personal this ninety day the totality of your reflection I don't will you go for the world context that lot of people are asking me about the context of some old Curtis and his good backs the yes so cheap I think I was shocked my fears of the Reno's. Call me crazy. What went your separate suit their stuff to rebuild its base it's not a party corporate front I'll. And you know avoid do we heart drug Jon you still like (%expletive) on me about Willie like the scars that more staples and Islamic community of government my life. K okay okay okay okay. Reload it and so you know you sell me you know what the year whatever saying don't take me eat meat in select earthly tried amok Diaw and I was like it's late Tuesday. And on the symbol it's a great job and moved on we have felt that yet internment that we come next week bird. My head forced to do. To my outrage clips. That got eliminated for now. Andy where were slaves from his in the field it's gonna move on from the them. Citizenship quiz there from. At African read from Africa or we would it was a little surprise that data that it beat out your hawk Euro cog I'm glad that's the term that's a recent that is that they excellent drop here it is a little the context of the the citizenship quiz mark remains that. Pickett all farm bizarre thing we just stumbled upon and had no clue about anything. With the governor of your state now. Well mark I know I don't out of all the kidding was name I I. We just had a bond I can't think of his name. That's not a no it's not giving a document and it you really don't know I do I don't our message. I'm I'm I'm. Drawing it's not now is it to the ball packed no this no this is my record no correct all of it. You got to witness. Also his Dean Martin it's pretty thing isn't it came in second that a turn at bearing go ever about aid Dean Martin but anyway of the surprises today yet for me it was a lot of numbers get whacked by a would lose out of oh it was consumer Bulldog like which I think must proud of news you know as far as the field goes that's he feels like that's going to be that's an employer. Tom Brady has a scar on his squad of from being bitten by dog after practice. So this has been the week so far today and now tonight he got hit by a dog. It would you. Sitting at patio. OK I've I miss read that story at Pollock and we'll figure this thing out. Very very soon it is historically dumb incredibly. Delivered and the timing of it. Being at the height the Tibet Super Bowl the American mets' Tom Brady speaking as a gash in his leg bitten by wanna security dogs at practice up earlier today your first entered the die each podcast which is to listen this point reorder your government is role in the cafeteria is open cafeteria result it is like not much drop in a skit crossed the cafeteria. Lou always open 6139. To pleasure to be here I do wonder of the cafeteria when it was open is is really great more in the inside for it like little village Jerry is not a fan. The dirty or that was a case jury was out the data we found him and urged the EU maiden voyage have more Moroni. Indeed these maiden voyage but admiral owning Sports Radio WEEI. On this Monday seven they've marked the year 2000. And eleven. You're stuck on that when you're chewing your way you know these to weekday beam here a week they live a little bit of pause house Saturday Sunday and used to the surroundings here. There are people here on a weekday in the cafeteria. Lou always open up the parking garages all. It's on the electrical on the routes or New Britain these accords in two and but Iowa. And unfortunately you're drunken podcasts like it's. All these two boulder daily basis you do things. Honest to god I believe you're like. Eager to produce Dennis and Callahan a Mike. I wouldn't I wouldn't wish this job on my own worst enemy so here's the deal from a daily basis all of this post a recap and I'm enjoying this. To a much struck until he sees experience which is also lives in the annals. I got to ask you Steve I'm not as companies you are the the best team the American have a lot of respect for Texas they'll still are based at the that you manufacture runs. 83 down the third worst record in based play the American league for your edification it very tough on hold on a lot I've I've fallen as pulling up this post season. Click on regular seasons at a post season. I feel like markets drinker and each level that. Liquors the bigs like finder listened to that I picked out an electoral lead shipments of lawful or your adaptation of very. Half a bottle bottle lot one other Baxter I wanted this is a frequent question how much Roberts which is not in today's. That movie next week where did how much Robert. Know how much Robert I think it came from something about the value of the patriots. There was some story like Boston sports journal or sports business journal something like that and the guys were talking about it and I think I was trying to say how much would Robert half to sell or how much would Robert like Robert Kraft episode patriots. And and mighty. Brilliance I just sit well how much Robert. And and me and who's the we'll stay on forever we're dealing with an abject idiots here for more on Monday and noble role. Into the sweet sixteen next week spoiler alert look at back on the lead a pretty good week though it was it's fun as I did two today models sour was. That we could show right I thought today went well I mean we fell upon my anniversary in my you might weaken on and we get to new smokers. Had to do exotic locales some hurdles we. So upset that the parade route shortened can't say much bothers me coming. I likes it Patrick's day but I think the idea of going sultan on tomorrow's. I can lose I'd rather be Kurds will be there. We get out of town and Google's delighted do you as regularly and Mary Ellen I was just going to boot so Summerville on Sunday and out of town you're in Somerville what we're gonna out of self. Do you stay the night some of you know I just don't there's no you can't go to restaurants are we don't walk around several days only have a dinner reservation. Checking on the count you're going to dinner summer while we're gonna go on a hike on Sunday. Not a lot on tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow we're going like we're not staying don't go to the parade we don't go and walk around the hole did you get out if have you lived there there's your resale like go to Maine producer at a town that implies you're not going three miles away. Right and we're getting out of the town out of its wares this hike on Sunday rocked western great spot. Can be like Weston high on Sunday's thirty degrees and Sunday it can be a few you can type in west then yeah we bring the dog to retire. There's no snow or hydrant. I what's that there's no issues or anything user for the hike. No no way the top plowed everything here it's just like them experts fine with the very rough area. It's a very active area at the what the ticker dollars assumption that the drill sites like uphill because of the wind like. Even though it I don't Kirk is look at birdie at the and so but I don't really want to reveal or month comfortable like serious and doctor when I just don't like going to. Over to the anniversary happy anniversary make you very much to do right when did you get married officially. Like any Curtis what you what you heightened married to women when all I'm not married to an average what you're right I'm officially married what are you hiding whatever yours we got married in March. I'm just just in Miami and the city of Boston your parents know this. And then you don't have any kids. Go to. My wife wanted to get married on our. Married on our ten year anniversary together so we got married in March communal living. I'm later that summer and so it was just the two are at the court house yes I don't know. I dollars off so your actual wedding day is march 16 than your wedding was his July yes so you got Matt Avery known July yarder to marry. No. How did anybody I don't do that. The multifamily are Pamela Ephraim business that you were married for four months awesome. You would be great fewer arrests of name and a fuel detectives are argument feels like that's the show. At least a couple times a week and yours you're in the chair Peter and you are just you can cross examined and you'll wilting. I mean that sincerely if Kirk did that I think he'd be the best added he is unparalleled ability. To zero in on the one thing you do not wanna talk about and it's made. I guess that's true except a few new ones lately. One thing about the drops well as we mentioned the show today thirteen of the sixteen Kurdish drops in our bracket the brain is our old school you know truck error occurred correct. They use it he doesn't break if you get to put it. I don't know what what moment what almost one understands is. Much has had a bunch of good ones recently. Double come out next week he had yesterday another all time with Hadley limit well. Exchange those less highly two week. Is Hadley part of her district implement nickel lose two towns close what. Once she represented. At least in western match it's fixed this past. Actually I don't have it was western. Amherst canceling my last call and confused with people from UMass that -- down their neck it elbows on the 20 just one of those next alike yeah culture now balcony content on our order pepper and military council NASA does come at a supporter leader now I was gonna wonder why we can't invite your matter anyway Mexico but in general hooker was from Hadley. Have a guy. Back in the day I don't know but you know where they're talking about where the Statehouse yes you know at a state house wares is it a catch so what's the matter at all. Because she should've known that if she if it again. If have been ordered district I was just someone must've explain to provoke thought and it's a world you know of course they didn't return. How far are those details that. Doing headlines in mud slides open is all about it that way about satellites those first day back he's ready to go music adds something. Of that. Expect Bradley. My. Baltimore does that have busted. Us think. Ever heard Libya cooled below. This week damage Dolan and his lovely girlfriend Olivea sure Angela that willow yes you know last week or who's the producer we did you know all the new month producer dropped. Likely to my parents house who don't know how I'm not gonna. Monday we're gonna react to the oxygen network for our documentary featuring curtain and and and to a lesser Jerry Italian. But nobody knew what kind of dark side again. It becomes available in this his dad and myself went out here. Jim content. Analysts' mean it's unbelievably self but as young as he goes out the tackled it. And that guy went 283 games at sixteen goal allows Jim guy Joseph good to see yours are always great to have you with us guys. What we're reading analysts baseball history or work quicker you workers. Well I think. We probably both worked. With the same page I might work to a quicker but. Half our games were faster because of a number reason they thought I don't know that Chris is at any hour 29. And if and it's I want it to status oh. Sunday night I think feels like there is gonna be some breaking news and I concede Monday morning the -- talk about that which makes me think tank when it will be a bit jealous the Chappaquiddick is now be overshadowing oxygen geared toward the tank was it was Monday I can tell you there was going to be breaking news Sunday image is going to -- the around the country. How mom. I was in twice and next week to make up for blow suffered this noted this week. Hello this is very angry of NBC port Austin please leave your name and number architecture as soon as I care. Just Monday Wednesday this week I think the only reason he's during two days this week it's like called the rafter are such hypocritical about it literally fully in the moment and and he was so happy so I think he's doing a good theater at Lincoln elect liquid collect stamps. Snap he'll be a Monday Wednesday mutt Thursday Friday and relic is confirmed seven and on Tuesday. Ripped through the week were quick. Sean McDonough was on yesterday in the phones socks. I don't. Org well we're brought commercial don't know it all. It was incredibly frustrating with the flow and but that's it it's incidents where all occur to get enough credit but that's something where he introduced that idealist reconsider in a while it's O forum. We make news and different and the Stew which is pathetic at best sock puppet. And fallen had a two hour appearance Wednesday which was so widely panned he had some good nuggets but he is he just doesn't have the right pace for the show he's just way too late weird sort of curious do you won't have dogs I do own in Canada. It's not important to just its approval. Who you again the trend there whenever lately we get haircuts with us up at a pre marriage dog I had my wife had came in interactive with the dog yeah or does it mean to dogs and if you like. I like how did you like to line so we did a story for ten minutes on united airline already garnering the stock acoustic through and you had had nothing. Was announced that we wanted to say I want to say your opinion your thoughts on road Dogg murder I mean it's and it is adding Kirk is obviously trying to like get a better job we mean. Had two nuggets from trail that we can build. One analysts thought it was grandmother today detector grandmother every day it's Lucas on line I have to Alex Kim Kim what a good baseball show he does with Lou Gramm. It keeps an eye to declare the don't capitalized. Applesauce groom who was it was a recipe from that a little bit apple. A little bit shady deals. Which we got the most out of the other was his bizarre father relationship which YouTube looked up as fathers again is not father's number and no. Almost got a lot of bulletin Joseph Tex and a lot to come on it was very street is very real. I had and you your mind why does that bother you. Because he's still a good guy writes really good fun break but your dad. Steve Steve draw gets OK so why not why we reach out Steve certainly Hillary is doing so well. Well it just is in his car having breakfast. You probably haven't practiced at that I shall tell is I don't know we can because your love money that your have a lot of money is enough money to do this because he's still in the move have a special little if you have that much money eventually run out though and I don't Smart badly drama house of hotels are. A huge hotel lobby in shelters and he he could have a girlfriend at them and I don't know what else have you talked to. Not too much recently called them last week fathers the this is my only next week as the stubborn man like when's the last time we spoke to. I by text a couple weeks ago we do. But what McNabb restraint tonight same hotel and never talking going to little weird fight here is. You know my theory is his father does not want him to know where he has now into my dad might wanna especially from I don't know which part of marital welcome. All the mistakes you read it first strap like I gotta put us in west karma but aren't front and expert advice you know so that puts an end up coming through apologies. Leo Matt is a wonder that that was another example of Perkins Jerry getting good stuff that's what didn't wanna talk about it all. And of course not to be forgotten or actually to be forgotten where the at Patrick Gilroy Tai Anderson appears Tuesday but good for them for Canada and knows Whitner who. Olds the Adam thanks for coming and forget woody salads fruit he's done release contains the question read what he's done that you don't like. You mean you'll go to headlines QB Christian affair now aren't microscope that. My guy's tie and I back on Sunday morning of course I'd mount Rushmore of Le Parker reporters later shelved but anyway. TS and 698 AM beyond that was titled talk a puck and letters terrorists you know who doesn't awful pockets after stopped the you have a good time in Somerville. I will and you have a seat right up you're going to be exhausted tonight please stay awake on your right up to Montreal the money is currently threat. Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. Could weaken.