The Real K&C - Brainless brilliance, Mut's Saratoga sequel and Sour Shoes' return 7-20-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, July 20th
Ken and Curtis recapped Battle of the Brainless VI and discussed the best moments of the week that was on Kirk and Callahan.  

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Twentieth of July 2018 it's the relocated seat can't layered Chris Curtis congratulations. Good job critic feels axle work group is obviously in order my apologize my apologize for not backing you not believing in the unbelievable cameras had a great line it's like well OK you know Greek priest told them that battle to bring a six I do not want to lose this. That this problem over that left me windward it does little fat all right now tell me sat dummy former fat comets still bombing. Rematch of battle to bring most to Kirk and cal and battle of the brain Lex Clark to. The music it patients. Come home Led Zeppelin. We song title. Rocked the cash bar. That is not a long time. That is on it's the greatest thing analysts and the greatest thing he's ever and we give it up at night name. Chris Curtis I and he chipped it. Tuesday he was on there was insane watching that live and in person at the pine hills Tuesday morning reduces pygmies one by one collegial sells for. A jolt. Mosque and it's this happened and move an out but changed a moment that one I don't know. If it's a mile route how bad would that be stuck at a road you'll handle the pressure not sure yeah you'll handle the President Obama I don't either that. I saw harassment New Year's Eve. Didn't want this win last time. I understand sometimes you're not into it sometimes you breakfast with. We go through some the of the highlights obviously. What got the thing Roland right away from an entertainment value was you guys towards evil and knowledge. We took the first or the Josh are we should Wear what some of named soccer worlds of fun. Does this ever I have noise than Obama ever. Wear wolves of thunder Arnold figured that. What is. Rescue it is yes you read the first I just just play yes world you get a little of what to Wear wolves arm. Wonder if. Next I say I told his last year remember them and I love apparent Imus they Wear wolves of London as you play. Not quite the balls of break to that was you know battled rails at its peak public that we give Curtis appoint if he knows with C Shia stands for. All suffered a miniature wanted to pattern but it sure again you know what is or isn't or month. Clarence Clearwater I. I do. What is the current under the car was revival and it was Clearwater Clearwater. I don't know why money. And I'm glad these guys are doing literally. I've never seen him laughing mood but it. The Clarence. Reported that. It's. A bit. We done that win. We're back with more nets and the. Eat in this can't compare I imagine the first while he's asking how to. It felt great it that you would be surrounding because in pipe four wasn't quite as big as knowing let's do the music edition. But it was. Much more gratifying the second time because. We had them. Van Halen I think was another standout moment in the you really got. Which amok just totally disgraced Gately Roth and I'm guessing when I am. What if it but Brewster as a mater mine yours is your turn Chris I had the gloomy shadows than if you know what you know within the first five cents. Would you say. Yes which you'll number twelve. Really want me. Say that again. Do you really want me and I can get. And kick into a artists had to happen avatar. But knows that I think is you really got me into the artists. Then wham. I got hot again and what it's funny I guess. I think where we're. You really. Let's say you have to take anything is this guy grew up right about my age this is this guy was my god for Bruce. Like two or three bombs. Now. Just gives an online learning to enjoy yourself it's not America what have you noticed this. So yeah yeah. Your guess is re lead you nailed Bob McClain American pot that was a quick thought that that was within like notre Chris Curtis Strange and easy games Chris Curtis is up and here we ago. Stop stop. Stop. American pie yeah. And it's. To register the last name of the same volume and no yes. I would guess that I would just a little differently than you do full guess so we do it doesn't matter but if you get half a nice that it against. I'm gonna go with Don McLean yeah. Yes yes way to go my man crisper it's darker for Curtis went up to them. You know special affinity for that's all. I mean they stopped and after I lose track and put I put these together. Slade over the small loudly for trying to come up with a proper list. Only too hard but that'll be too obvious does not assume let's you nailed come together by The Beatles weeks mutt cuts sixty songs in a -- on to rise so he doesn't study is in doctor king and that's this doctor he's been in what's the word itself. A five put together fearless but some of these are so second nature to me I lose track of what's an obsolete or so songs that you guys like the pretenders I had never heard of in my life. And heard the song in your life I had never heard any Milloy nutter that's. Let's go to number 26 Kenneth. We wanted to begin now okay. No idea what you're gonna get beginning with the first you know curse I don't my television side. We'll go right. Well yeah. It is good news. Stevie Nicks and a blank stares and these two. Is the NT is there any human beings ever had ever of anything. Ever you have used every thirty said it's not possible to be more happy that you're and a look ahead. Doesn't just do I isn't it. Okay out of the woman singing right thanks so I'm and go with. I don't know any female singers let's see here don't know any female singers so I'm Melissa Etheridge and sometimes there's one. Let's go with. Beautiful day outside and got the phone right. I have the truth is that you name. How the other. Fact which pains that hotel but we know it by the depend plus the again and never never got pretenders not raise money. No no wonder the prognosis. Nobody. While it ever okay what we'll what we'll get full life ever Islam before I am thank you very gets full line for people who listeners can hurt I applied to Hibernia in my life okay I was point 74 service in the pop music NC 828310. I've heard that song in my life. 50000. That's why I don't like I did. Hey looks a bit and it's an example I would walk a thousand miles the super claim it under the perk proclaim. I love that song the one hit wonder Doria the ninety's I don't know the pretenders and the proclaim. Chrissie Hynde is leasing of the pretenders maybe you know her. It doesn't. You know like a Smart person. Anyway you know feel artistry and you're young and those efforts those critical bug me and Madonna two for two was its music so well when those educate and journey to clinch at one journey to clinch yes of course. A much. Lots of poker face and a half. While placing you know. 000. And it's OX I know lyrics. They're aliens this tiny the last time. Up at the right it's right would look at NASA's. I don't funny cheeses. A little bit and see. And lo and I don't know. Much sucks but I. Com yogi old Bob Seger you port your all that almost totally out of. Good. This. Bob Seger yeah. Brilliant head into. Song tight. America is wonderful she. But did you get this title and not the curse is guess is this. Gospel and I'm. That's right it should do more often have we ever do this again is a right or wrong right because hoping I would question anyway. Yes I think at some point they were trying to prompt you guys for locally very famous singer was your guest list. Or in passing you mentioned that you bottle examples a great thing but that was the thing you nailed it again. Through a conductor and it would do currency. A. Hey good humor. I found him. Really I don't know. That little more than makes them feel bad for these guys now. I really hurt. That's good that is god that's a good place to Connecticut want is to figure that it's not always so obvious I mean doesn't get its. Skewed the name of the singer we can take a break and he's called any version of his name is fine. Yes any birds with them saying if you get his first name last name middle name right stage name. First album name fourth album name interview carry. Gas. Captures him. The clothes. Gift. DeLia. And Curtis Curtis. Led Zeppelin and that's only Led Zeppelin I don't know what that felt I don't I don't I don't know stairway to heaven. Players or not you know stairway to have us at Tesla isn't that was up declined to play at. You alike must have mastered the Ted nugget. Strangled so. Mean it seemed that summer and Curtis. This is mark's favorite David mute. Oh. Thought. Strength goal. An old. God. Lucy in Birmingham cheered on Mac does that amaze had a couple times. It happens and basically it's like what's in spud Webb dunk. It's a chance I don't holy can jobs regarding your nine before he gets his degree denying it being at war 74. That's I'm just I'm shocked at. Get the singers have been able to read them all the time of the nuggets all that's true and so they have this I clause three was strangled up from that are yes I want to visit Alaska who goes. What is now over three witness is absolutely remarkable. Bottom line is you're the champ it's undisputed at this point I guess there will not be rematch a third that. Meaning of the minds here although we're now technically tied three to three and competition. You one bracket rate in double music edition so at some point. Forcing in the future battle to brain sending. Opt Kirk Gerry myself could be music could be movies could be geography quiz name four of the five Great Lakes. Wait Michigan. Late on Ohio. Like Ohio and pageant questions I don't know who's buried. Something to break at 33. Maybe planets. Close I could just pass that real name the planets closer to the sun. Than earth. It. Mexico where. Saturn moon. More often this is all hypothetical biggest audience that much you know who is back and doesn't return to. Little park bench handcuffed by my ankle to a bench I think actually analyzing must return to assert so something you can't believe looking back on it now did what I did you remember when moonless island an showed today and never came up or. Money is no money his credit card debt is two kids he is at eighty dollar for the college education until now one dollar and. Once sent. And he's going to always comes for kids and expect to go anywhere as nice two point I have two young kids I have a job as night our you have any dealt with kids go to Pittsburgh state of any doctor in the nose right fingers crossed. Agreement worked there and historian department. I would say this. What do you think much budget news. We want to open door we walked back into his house in Chelmsford what's the total amount of good question because 500 a date gambling alone right. And that doesn't include dinner Blue's Clues to host the renting that doesn't include coal to gas gasoline overs finds tickets. I would say Imus at the reasons 2000 dollars number I would say that's all you're going over among all over. It's from his exploration and get a drink she got arrested. I have yes. Last Sunday Gardner. Unbelievable just unbelievable norgay dole who driving home. I was not my wife was driving and you right I know I drove most women away and you're way I went dry Friday January it's in the past we talk I canceled drivers driving home the drink he said no heart would stop that for dinner and I had a couple be yours with our did delicious Mexican dinner and Gardner Massachusetts I would either ingest or home after that wish you choose yes she because she I think we believe like I do. That this is a one time little. I think. Actually brilliant move might not. Because now what this is the summer of reestablishing credibility for much jobs and economy one in two so he's going out of his way to go to these events like the alternately you guys Tuesday not drink have a lot of respect for Texas he's gonna go to Saratoga they'll be fine I think you'll be fine this week it he's a final post this is improved to the world he's back and he does not have an issue model model I'm iPhone it's pulling up post season. Click on regular seasons at a post he is not doctor professional. And then. Next year look out I'd ask Steve I'm not as confident as you are the best in the American mutt Lansky all over the room he's dispute as people say he's back he's fine and who app they'll still basis but that you manufacture runs at a third down the third worst record in basically the American League career at a catch it very. Blurred lines much alert linesmen and he had when he ninety's so I he opted out like David Price. And I get on the degenerate gambler. Well turning to losses in the mornings or do you see him reflective because he's in trouble it's just about you addicts do you think and then there would consider. Ready to mossy marked no not election Joey would go no marching you know little known no not even newbie at those Nicklaus morning show low a lot hall to see in my. TC in my perfect that even he's perfect for TC go after Paul go on for you know making fun baseball Molly is back would be you have via my. And TC called Monty sequels three parade nature while now you do point third maybe. It is good to arrest him at one that he went through the Stillwater feats at titles by not nervous at all during media salad tossing them opening hour. Gary in December of how much she told me like black personal trainers and we even a couple of years ago we even those who vote yes and I I. My question with this one and 2012. And she made your mom tossed my salad hand that's that's like a culinary field. She wasn't in the first nine. Ushers and six she was in six briefly which I mean you always rate the rocky movies in the Rambo movies right. Which was your favorite your mom toss my salad well you're my toss my salad ten is like the godfather to go. Actually it's I remember I was as a primer relieving the theater after your mom toss my salad too and this is the into the franchise but your mom cost myself three I remember faces I should end it here. Attitude mountain Mamas get big movies like furlough mama's got big boobs that's. Mama's got big boobs that's rather a Dino as whimsical fishing jugs these whimsical fish shaped jugs. Mama's got big boobs. Major obviously announcement Thursday that they go back in drive time. And it's gonna reshape everything at the station dale Richard be sitting in the crossover with us coming up on August. They got demoted that's life they weren't happy about it that's dale and rich who got switched from two to six attended tootsie rich was more upset. About it on the air than dale wasn't sure dale was just is upset. Off the year though I've had some people say and you what's the big deal that paid hasn't changed. A big get a return on the show today and Friday show. Mr. sour shoes colony and of course got straight at W owner on the Jerry Kelly and fallen because our shoes our view. Good morning. We'll bank. That doesn't in the some kind of both the affair and also for the mile and also wants. In just his story coming out of a sense of who. Because Jimmy go out below this Maybin was almost. Kill me I don't feel good about. We gotta think in over the you know Rushmore reforms so. Earlier ago warm and it really pulled took what political Nina Hartley Kobe has to be a the malevolent look under Lovelace yeah. Intelligence and possibly could but I can't do that it's. Old goat cheese might get to realize daddy's mother reportedly got Monica sweetheart. Of the Czech Republic. And he missed well Mike Roemer and you call the show and you have a today and you don't soccer you get Ron you know impersonators brawl at fox cities the slack off. So back off Friday on case hey you can be much worse things happen now having John from Virginia column Gerri some of that as long as good as giving it some credence it's it is stunning Johnson Virginia. Hey John I don't. You know. But the only good thing about it they got that you know the about the early upper bracket are definitely got it right. But I mean I think it would that it LI II like show that not are you guys. Or by I don't wanna engage a lot engaging conversation I want Ehrlich like Iowa but not a lot about it art Harris. As a why don't wanna did you come doesn't want engaging conversation every honest decent fourth line. ECD which you saw his chance to that's like one of our guys 100 I think at thoughts at a concert but he never laughs and an album but our guys that are the balance fourth Klein talk and bat at you but don't think that's that's I think it is now can't play he never laughs and jokes are but that's part of the good it's good of marketplace again starting. All right us your take Monday off a league guys are up money and Olympus to advertise that state but it is notable that Greg Dickerson is back Monday and it. And you can brown scoring. Skipping 34 points now it was the defense revert to relic Dickerson and you've never bought a copy of the book rate Monday morning six that. And like to wish you well for the weekend but it's been leaf is pulled back for seventeen more points. Oprah has a good week and I'll talk you through the weekend good weekends ago we can now when we typically that is African weeks ago why he eats. Prestigious and with the celebratory cards and I'll. Get congestion. A little bit it's now. And lo and I don't know. Much sucks the.