The Real K&C - Chris Mason spat, MVProducer & Toucher's breakdown 5-11-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, May 11th
K&C producers Ken & Curtis recap a bookend-Mut week on the show, highlighted by some radio wars between Kirk & Fred Toucher, Kirk & Gerry disagreeing after a Chris Mason interview, and some debate from the guys about which producer is more important to the show.

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Eleventh 201810. Layered Chris Curtis this little thing called the re yield cain's secret skirts by the way the brand new voice on the Red Sox pre post and in game's scoreboard but its nuclear and all of the. He hasn't been an excellent score board of the evening Joseph. It was a trio of course it was ten cents a good job overtime prestook. Standing by. Scoreboard there mixed him Adam Jones are rerun digger the euro's 54 goals in the second. Perfect and I could. And not at an. Not yet anybody to do it cannot great job I thought on Ecstasy spontaneously you don't have the first inning schoolers in San Diego top one. No score POP3. A lot of the for those in the post I was senate. It was not it was not assessment of the and it's a one on ones with sense that was the extent it's all all all kickers when it was why would overdo my score O would care okay and now all great watching lost in space and read my script for African three updates and five hours yeah a lot lost space watching from Vudu and Netflix has remade lost in space. Which is one of the worst shows I watched it. What the you'll want the new the new emotional series soul here in the kit ticket episodes this terrible heat and the smiles I would not want to do not don't make mistake I will have been watching old episodes of the office and needed that we revenue and sitting with two kids and a job with my eight hours I have two young kids I have a job as night hours watching lost in space for episodes. And fall asleep. On the couch. And let this week. In my Friday what got take by the widget as he always does hurt. Coupled. Much. Date was mart's derby gave reaction we had dead ticket money on Monday and what is the point of us like you doing up podcast and read it wrong every year you've never been right I acting nailed it. Fast pace scenario near closure her doing audible ring and I really good power to weight picked WB record when he runs third in the favor so if I'm going to win by about Condoleezza show when I'm one of the six or anywhere in the next what to white horses ran the course of my classics as much as much spinning guy and I'm not spending anything what the justice justifiable did you which has lost widget just by finishing second. Needed to have in my town we typically. Autumn winter two. That's not black light that's a bigger picture but you bet to show or place you would one actually said the do. How to bet the race what to apply. Handicapping podcast and not to tell anyone how to bail. They sure are all not social. It was awesome thank you American opposite below our guys bought in Connecticut are many compliments that you get and you hope for from Milton a hundred. Easily say beware of people have thoughts on the show or that station odd that a big theme. From people like celebrities is Hillary's he's the worst is not as exciting as you guys want to beat I'd like to move there's war there's no story can tell you guys were not on my desire to trips you've talked to don't want to do and Hamburg attending ships and I was sick the entire weekend it is yes the sick and I know it's yeah he's a guy ever gonna have a good stories Saratoga it's like. If you don't leave for looking back on it now. I had so. Everything we knew who was in the trailer so to speak we saw a picture of mud at this event yet with blood right he comes and has the full week. Europe blocking him about getting arrested dead ticket mud can't glared tweeting out that I get arrested in my spare. Ticket shows off Andy's got war is to himself Joyce's give us the story and uses I met but in Connecticut. Q what you guys wanna I think mutt is worried about being honest about. If this is free Sarah Toto we're gonna get a lot more stories about drinking shenanigans garlic random username I mean he's gonna he's not Curtis old cars concealed drink capsule. And very good point yes she's sort of got to move the two lives that have seen a professional that's a different show like authenticity issue would also love. The got there and said he used. At a great time Matta let himself go out aboard two drinks he stayed in the hotel is there of the week and he's a dangerous aside elected normally does. I ask Steve. Who cares be honest you and I talked a lot on Tuesday are golf great treat by use thank you very much noted with me in my element and Curtis I was there will be used my dad points dot LaMont in terms of it oddly that we are bashing golf course he just comes up when he character I love my. I genuinely what he's such a good guy he's so weird so bizarre and everything that he does have pretty thing isn't it amuses us and he also came over the border cafe last Donald named myself Dave McCarthy Che Harris and Adam on another deal with Kirk and lastly in rob Bradford. Out this week and benevolent and huge huge but. When Bradford socket mama is Allison here all united like. On subtle I don't have the same relationship you and Kirk do with Bradford verb. Colleagues has always been buying nice to me by. The real Bradford. Has some deep seated anger and some jealousy. He just ice problem lies and I don't know why he does it will we all agree that lets odd at certain times some currencies is perfectly normal is that I'm short. I'm muscular I get there are other times he just it's awkward but money here socially comfortable. Bradford realize this but he's very put off by it's it's a weird competition. No White House so just that's essentially he is insane. He's he's more demeaning malicious also him he he criticizes mutt I think it would lower and it yeah I mean we criticized what it. When we talk like this it's never anger it's what's the best observation correct yet know the big big in this dirt road ahead they're forced in the big mediated pod Kenya and that's true we mediation or Jerry after this week as well I guess although it's kind of settled Tuesday we had yet another blow up Red Sox writer Chris Mason from some paper what organizational memento piece at a loss and Chris Mason from. CN HI sports boss and that is part of both are more. Light and the birth Lydia. The media companies still load handing out checks at this point then god bless god bless the entire. World. Anyway Chris Mason came up with out of the cup and a spot like about it is a big game price story. Yeah my hand is not nice it's heated up it's warm side ticket. Which turned out. To be sort of the theme of the week right David a harbinger of things the car and it certainly was Wednesday and Thursday a lot of deemed price of the news Alex what can you tell us about the status of David Price and I'll carpal tunnel and you and I both agreed to the interview went on too long. Jerry's counterclaim was that of course Kirk walked out on the interview this Kirk's not happy with or interviewer Chris he's leaving now. Are Matt you're really knees and Agassi and therefore he had no choice stick but to carried a couple of minutes but also Jerry wanted to. Thought you could he could opt out at the end of the year and go play in Arizona he agrees never gonna opt out. So you think you would take 25 or twenty go elsewhere the economics of change to their campaign guys like him 32 million Jerry wanted to talk about it he's in if you pines David Price to be a more compelling figure there Kirk does although like you said the break people don't care but they've the price I disagree here we've done almost no price last. You're doing in the hay on the whole time you hate him we don't all the time we do David Price all the tests show us when he's sweet and it might hold up we do Dave price all the time that shale. What is in the news we do it all the time David Price is a lightning rod people he's not a lot of people don't like compelling although stick. Gupta Gerri I mean Jerry said the bid price of the lightning rod and he became truthful here this week because later on two days later dealer mean it was the talk of the town out. Yeah. Kirk disagreed when we had Christmas and on and Jerry I think took advantage of the time to get some more questions and talked about some examples but stick capt Kirk and this to coach Kirk recognize that Mason himself on the air was not a record interview not combative enough for Kirk's case anyway and not. Compelling enough that he's worth keep developed it. You don't hear I would you have to headphones if I were you. I see one play with the U that's what club with its two best I subsidies a lot of people their goal as the I Atlanta people don't like c'mon people and when Michelle bond they have a chance to be pro it was was not gonna do you really you really think user do that and I will let you know we'll never know. For whatever reason Jerry thinks that if we give these people an opportunity firing more people like Kevin relic he better try harder and well. Right when it that was the few months ago and in Fort Myers another shales says she feels absolutely chills to be honest and bush 00. All if at all but the elusive shells. Very possible that you for the oil campaign. But basically what happened here is that there's what seven for you is. As crazy as we find in this meet uses. An audit human beings Paul beard and these weird Hampshire his mom's little weird problems on his anybody. In this economy and wealth in Boston is really strange. One is willing to be that person on the year true tank is definitely on home bank bag all league. League Chris Mason as a baseball beat. Those people are generally born. Yeah just because we disagreed with a baseball in evolved into this character on the show. Does not dream that every day's will be disagree with its gonna come on the year term and even as such Troxel two hours opera at the peak of that two hours a week. Maybe I. Kirk gets up walks out cherry produce you buy and sell them and we get back into the meat of the direction of the show through segments flexibility. Status show whose side you're on. Editing Osman Ullah Gerry likes Kirk what's in the park. Really. We've picked that mind. I I don't care what you I'm not taken from sock puppet in there the host of Sunday skate is gonna mocked me for doing a sporty and if you. You have indicated that. Give me a jacket. They got free from new files but I very modernized but I don't I mean Terri was very country. Yes are you supporting Jerry that today he stopped all you in this debate who's more of vital to show the MVP of the show I was surprised at that. He had to keep one so these choice waterways more dramatic and so shores. Good to keep one of these producers just want to keep a candidate is more important you know artists. Birds can't in the board. I legitimately think that through all of this all of everything Kirk and hand literally being in my face be needed to be. Pulled back by Jerry 34 years ago hitting me despise you mean going out to me. Credible. Did you regular unbelievable job back up war. McDonnell might just threw his headphones stormed out affiliated. You know what your dog. Have a kid completely alone lock. Who they really are replacing let's go to bank teller after it laps from the street to pick a random person. Back I. Pricked up things and did your eyes popular white and I just thought that probably call me crazy. Pushers to suit their stuff for real this space it's not a party press broke out. I think Kirk Seamus minute and values my role on the show more injured is that today it hurts the people who have. Likes serious head injuries as children and they can do the board Kurdish Cantu the board I look Jerry I admire the man I view him like a bad. Yeah like it I get I think it is sort of a different view of the show for the show. I'd rather have an okay board guy dumb Curtis and this goes back to the argument Tuesday like. Kirk values your comedic input an analyst Jerry. Quite frankly does not its people disgusted by or newsman views might work on them and be an abomination and cupped it in. Yeah insult to the media abusing the platform he's abused by U2 point but. He would rather dual polish. Absolutely and you are these QB to call show you or the central figure of each show and from the ins and outs the right salary drops. The press that it's Oprah Jerry's purposes I stay at a boxing needs idiotic to say that you're more importantly. I'd just hurt by the manner in which I was so quickly dismissed quickly as I mean not even thought I can't like. And he says currents just going to be here forever. Chair all currents might pass away but you know leaving you thought that before that was basically in the icu three weeks I mean. Can happen. I'm not here forever can I discussed or future or about things that we can go and so law. Options out there I have leverage but doesn't yet you have no leverage. At help on quite a bit of last year and I think that. That's very stark and but that that was a kick in the pants. But the voters were in your faith in a fight to cast the ball I would vote for you you'll you'll clearly a more viable show 8614 Obama. Very close Kirk 8714. Beaumont 874 provision. Into Kurt. There is nobody who has made the show. Better. Since her. Obviously Kirk sort of additions spurred things but I don't when your dog and I listen back to the show in the heat of a short think things go lawsuit. What you bring to the program in terms of a sitting along with Kirk and Jerry. Is unprecedented any radio show anywhere I love this man it is he best. Time sound and drops. On any radio show in the country for those who love the show they might vote because they hear my idiocy I was just going to get into that hot tub and they think you know it's it's huge part. Listening to our engine I appreciate it but listen when gardens and listen anybody else's that was and any other radio show. It is not only Boston is totally. Whatever Sports Radio it is our. Parallel wasn't as you say and I I take pride in that but but if you had somebody in more regularly think they could be coached up to teach not to do that fairly well I have a pretty good idea. Discourage or in August co host of Kirk on her curse not a Turkish Kurds has been I sort of a Twitter at the highest rated shows via. Are right it is solo Curtis segment here on Kirk and Callahan WEEI. Oh my god but then again. Mud is almost. Still them. More valuable to shelters and his lack packet ccb you know without ego was the reloaded nick really three produce aisle have so I mean he's he would be I mean I think is the third most viable producer but the producer is something else courtesy Callahan show okay to tell me I'm boring on the mean not just lost in space she's watching a highway to heaven as child you can bring that perspective aren't mug your term would you hate. And while you're citing a watch I was thinking it. Would watch the and I hit on Melrose Place there is a show as a show where that Michael. Michael Landon played an Angel I hated denture highway to heaven yes hated that yeah. Ever Jerry Kurt pitted to a pop cultural TV music type of conversation. They just don't look at bought. Both current and look at each other. Quick way elected it's been vigorously Google search whatever the topic is that we could come over the TV show. Oh match OK let me type that into is that all are murdered ago aren't modular term would you hate. All this I would say we may be very easily probably the highlight of the week was the epic rant from Freddie culture. And the announcement of it is a big big upcoming speaking engagement in New York. I know everybody in this industry I'm speaking at the talkers convention in new I'm not. Who ranks one no one and one in the do you know is that talkers. When it does away. Kirk doesn't seem blowing gulf partly because the program directors finally get idea that he knows which makes it immediately not funny. At the documents that you're not going the flights in triple or to be in his rationale makes sense I mean they don't work coming if he's going to be there resisting this regular show mode from WFAN them ago sit in the audience to hear Fred you know we need somebody to go I'll go we need somebody ago and it sounded and talk to the people bear and sort of do a thing about I I've put the river idea out there. I think it's a bad idea remembered it's the Manhattan. Gets to talk to people he can use visit networking opportunities point arc and work your prolonged and I thought. I can network it is began again with all the years and I'll find out on the web nice well that's knowing let's help them when it's or can understand. Boom all the sound and everybody wins epic that's that we should widgets and Reamer. Get the audio maybe you didn't talk for TDs. And it make it at these I think on the Virgil I know you I'm not afraid of view. Players and respond to it instead of picking and choosing our play Byrd audio from on from it to six years ago. He is certifiably NC. Captain tough guy you work with and directly aidid. Over the summer right click or at a time only maybe one or two weeks this summer and I do before we refer them their certificate so red. Is a very odd guy but riches just. Eight fraudulent screw you and told bush you know what you heard in that clip when they hear in the background doesn't hurt deeply and third place their place. Third place the resort the group we're burying the lead to bury the lead Brad about a week we were they did even a weekly but it lost little. They'll read but I think touches there listen to. It's in sludge is trying to do a good rants and Richard just get away it's and it's like third place I could. Imagine bringing up a weekly in general at that diabetics that Kirk will mention quickly when we won I think import one when he row. So you sort of bring an opted to the point we look forward one by like three points we dominated the market. Kirk laid out here with the. Fourteen month average first place starting in March 2 Tony seventeen assists 4554 male. Which is how we judge it. I'm not counting the a WVI the Boston market the why would personally but that's okay we did Alfred. March 1 place first place April 2 place may. June July August September October November December holy book number 1 January number 2 February march number one. Unbelievable it was hilarious and a show that prided itself shall that was rooted in this bought that they were going to be the iconoclast that they were gonna go against the man that they were gonna fight the system. They were gonna mock the lodge. Has become. Everything. Very mall just corporate mentioning corporate Beasley people people would be easily. In a meeting corporate people to Greg Bedard when a great web site. You from the Boston sports journal which by the way I recommend you get a and membership to excellent excellent publication or referenda. Greg Bedard to. We are unsure as Dan Shaughnessy. Jason master DiNardo who is the Red Sox reporter for the Boston Herald delays in their reporting everything going on spring training and I his name is Dave goes series currently the television voice and for the Las Vegas nights he joins us in studio a great Kevin Paul DuPont he joins us. From there is scenic and wonderfully bag with Johnny Damon a closer. How are you guys doing Louis Louis blues and everything's broken here and I was NBA's free Yahoo!'s board really there's a Rohrabacher thanks so much of the times that are more and went on. Toronto revolution Jerry. That's on board that's what we do at the station like twenty years ago they usually do that stuff but you can't get into a back and forth. It's just it's it's dark and I hope they keep doing I would really love it when they do through. Because it provides ammunition for our Arab television. Run television. What whoa I whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Hold on Iran to view yes. All right out of enjoyment weakened suggest you do this the accuser. And thanks to get the great golf on Tuesday also blast do we should do more off yup. It was that kind of a peaceful week in general showed all things considered little perk in Jerry banter but. After the last few weeks where things were really manage at least things sort of settled down its feel more summary this week I agree the weather is heating up in store the hockey takes Sunday morning at eight for the final hockey Sundays the host of Sunday's eight week. Could weaken.