The Real K&C - Corporate Reimer subs for Curtis, helps recap Bradfo & Tomase drama 7-13-18

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Friday, July 13th
For the second time in Real K&C history, Alex Reimer sits in for Chris Curtis to talk about the state of the K&C Show; Reimer talked about his return to the show after a five-month absence, and growing drama betweek Kirk and Rob Bradford, John Tomase &

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Friday the thirteenth of July NASA scared it is scary it's the real can't see Atlantis you know Chris Curtis today we get out of town Mary Ellen I'm just going to boot on Summerville on Sunday and out of town you're in Somerville and this is a starter Alex Roemer is across. Not the first time in street now rang out. That night podcast appearance at the I think really wants me to view the anchor we were telling it is not the and I can't believe that's the case you rip. The WEEI dot com ironically is something about how do you need more media coverage or something brewing nacco easy discrete media com right in there tyrants today Blake full circle with its composer corporate re in the last couple days. That's funny that's the backseat that's Tomas he doesn't like that now and it was on that show that make him uncomfortable owners who owns not a racist feelings but like why like why do something you don't wanna do we usually caused the Steelers in other ways which are helping that this is the end we're honest with early halo around Heath. In right because ultimately for the home team that sees that and I'll read your books and so let's not talk about Moscow through congress last and he was on your show right I mean pretty gross to me just to talk about it. Well it's interesting stuff what sports fused onto a lot of sports guys defending his boss Robert of course and they defend his livelihood that's my livelihood your putting a lot of good people out of work. And onto the streets I mean you realize it's it's a money drained from the company that Roberts witnessed yesterday yes we have PG as I and we post ads on the website you don't particularly just we do you really don't their ads on there they out of Ottawa -- is that I'm WTI doctors hope individual ads for the website yes there are out there that don't want them why don't we all these page Eagles what the hell's the point of it that's a great of trying to monetize this even more weird around about -- icons are -- yes ma'am I even more they're trying to monetize click Bates city that's right the U attacked viciously which got you the job first and now all your instincts or rob has been by myself and his team of domestic -- -- mystic for employees to have for you freedom way. At the Aussie argument I just don't get power even rock even rob I think at its core understands that he's fighting a losing argument here you said you told me that you do not want anybody who doesn't wanna be on the show you do not want to mossy on mutual glossy. The door on the radio he fulfills commitment you don't want him because he doesn't want beyond that he's got an employee who is wasting disposal to get up early enough I wanna do it just. You know like it did this course and like which did Ron Borges deltic that's it. We need to re litigate this again. If Tomas it was never bans initially from the show he would still doing yet what Billy Payne and he just kind of you Agassi was never allowed on the show again for couple for so I always. I know that capitol jail all the time so Roemer is out I would say for me out to Iowa Roemer on the shall we call back as you do become all. Yes it's please follow trump well beyond and Bradford coastal port that is Kirch right there's something going on personally between rob and Kirk we sub fight this week of course it escalated. In my world by major job which could of a couple years ago chose not to keep development wise choice but that happens it's too much like much like how are you sitting in this chair right now. Why are you sitting in the air it out as majestic as the rank and why don't get why we're sitting in this chair. They did a great shift if I did not have your back if I did not say hey Kurt men hand. Is that I think he made I know I see some potential in him at a Murphy yeah I don't know what he's good passes for a driver not if I ever not. Should you will be still be sitting at the upper deck arc yesterday now I gave. But pretty fair judgment I always believe I can layered seven Kirk both Chris Curtis. Kirk won but relics the real loser today that tiger's brought it while he gets spot he's in really well I did do again I don't think his core argument. Holds any water but I would argument is doesn't and can an employee be conscientious subject right that's the most part of the that you could actually drive is important to intimacy does not whenever. Isn't it sees the bread I think if you if it really came down to. All you have to going Kirk in war it's done here obviously. And wait a minute to I guess and that's Brett could easily say he will be brought the Bob's not in it applied why job should be paid fat so get in there and dance and they tell you that it is a catcher BI also when you say that through that's gonna make some wanna come on the air too bad that's his job well you know god that our new markets are all that is not you know and I don't fulfill it jogs your brain a division of auto and job posture of the Franklin fill in Gujarat did you duty as a football and adding to rob dates you know Tomas is in and do its mossy he's gonna support his eyes I think Kirk's right he'd actually started yet Kirk no personal I would say. Like a joke around a bit like rob he's been he's. Friend of dancing but there's now a war now have brought declared yesterday I was kind of joke resting up now. I'm going to this website that was played as part of a good I thought Thursday's rate does crazies that was I think. One of my favorite pains he says in a one time and yet there was a lot of unpredictability let's start off with Alec hammering lots of dirty laundry airing at the mob was pathetic and that's by Toma that to his face on the my. Without you here. I'd I didn't get that I didn't know how Hamas would be added Howard I never had the duels are on on missile before either but my L. Just hurt or and there are some dangerous times the sweltering nutshell the Rob Kurz stuff I thought ironically at 9 o'clock argument was better and at first and an eight current and analyze deluge on the mighty a fourth on the money coming up short does that we don't account well they do this what they tell me in the arms that the company who corporate who. Like the people that there's old JB growing the guy that runs digital marketing and in the guy who above joys are by no you value John animosity absolutely okay. That's when Cain sees that it's passed you know there's some laughs but it really it's it gets more personal it was real and it gets me it's. I and that's a real debate that I've been privy to rob talking to me about its mossy talking about an annual Kirk's out of it's that's. A real argument that's been bubbling behind the scenes for months and came out well listeners know about a we have an honor don't you know well I'm and it is starting to muzzle robbed Brad Tokyo Brad approach oh was the highlight of the week but he didn't rest that week well it was a great shot at it on any show on an account when it's that you major returned it yes. An ugly one for the Sox tonight. Welcome into Red Sox review it months and months in the making five plus months. Kirk Jerry where'd. Tremendously now matter Wednesday note of your work that why was brought the first two hours what was wrong with its name was good. Mediocre we got about everything her post everything what you do to me I thought it was okay. Jerry unity that's why new pretty and I was comedic is going to be ten mideast economy muted and you got going and I feel like that's that's. In a fight that narrative regardless Roemer MC plus 69 but. I thought I thought that's gone oh where you'll people's sensibilities you talked steel rightly would you do would pay town last week. Or speed of for the first time which is very. Nice advice from my thighs and photos of that you might hear you guys collar Speedo grand when Lou Lou just. And my red white English attractions and I was probably by wearing a Speedo. Because I wanted to be free wanted to be literate once denied ever done before he got to meet a little bit feel a little. And much while. There were some of its resources on the mid eastern district prepare to it is this week it this week yeah Bradford this week. Like new Jack. And and you say you're available he just is so. I was does jury is just the spouse in the gay world now that he was papers to be doing so perhaps even more fascinated ID go repeats that overall we cannot hook open like knowing it and I'd sit on the board and number how do you not find someone mean you're very available your outlook and the young your fame Latin. It's got a creepy yet to do a field trip. Eight I would put up there with the and as far as the creepy factor with that noise he was making by the end of the show where we isolated that very honored and mouse click that was hard. On the station on any states. And it was again who is that that's that's share it's not meet what he's doing you biting in it's equipment and apparently care. Think you can get sound that happy with a question you'd feel completely by apple. Element either after ask questions of sound and when you're that might that's the well there's this seat there there is yeah. When you heard these coasters. And I got an infinite deal of defaults. What is given multi Bruce and I think America like more or a couple of weeks ago. Here on any stage. Junior and it'll only in states. Not me I thought it isolated actual depth there than actually went. Down why might they sock. Act. Rogers poignant. Moments thing is you. Deletion court play oak. Oak Park. Up. He didn't like that well. I'll admit I didn't think you I would hear you on again. And either after everything especially this I think probably there were some in her. Corporate circles who lose judging from Wednesday's show maybe they want you to fall on the sword again a little more strongly than you did appeal. Don't you feel like you know occupant over prosecuted La Palma and a fort. You were this crime he is the same as on the punishment didn't fit the crime you would agree I'd little excess of but again I don't know you know that I mean I'd hate missing its empire he can't defend making fun of a five year old girl on the is no weakened Everett correct. And I I've I've never I mean again. That's that's a weird thing about their returns why you've become sympathetic figure I would I would nobody that for some listeners you have been because you were over punished Kirk's a no thanks to a us as usual pretty mean. We've been pretty help we fight for you think that's. A text for note did you buy a see I text if you think you. No note of may so I texted you thank you for camper for rallying for me how'd you re a market but then I think when Kirk brought it up. You agreed and it comes off says all he's not sorry for what he did he feels like he's near its final was too harsh punished as a tough spot yeah. Again you talk about how you committed. We litigate that to mean on the sword again and yeah I mean I I am happy to apologize anytime aids is no defending when it wise it was beyond stupid guy you know not funny not witty mean you're making fun like five and to my apologize I also look at from Kirk enters perspective like council. Would play well down to what would go at the shell if I said that I don't think they I think it would be like oh c'mon here's a panic your pathetic I was Ernie did accomplish as a mossy where we've been when he did the whole priest to kind of asylum terrible week I did Icrc podcast in April where we talked a lot of the stuff I fell on the sword so I mean. I I didn't mean to come across is there anything about it the and Venus and even that much time on the east now. As time I think it is the case. At a segment you're dedicated to. Re apology which. I would like to take its time to. Publicly apologize to agree gambling and yet as good daddy back and thanks so I most respect Japan now I am. Second guessing don't know I like I I love being parts of doing the slightest. Queuing at the last two days it feel like it's OK I don't know it's. Mean Heidi what do you think there's a fob number is length the problem form thing about doing the show is especially it is now is it's so much of like using swear because it's crease but soap opera type thing everyone has the story lines and as a aren't you two different people and I haven't been on its writes I think today actually was. A little better than Wednesday's show from my performance by its like I'm tying everything to myself but I'm trying to interject you know IIIIT's. Department as it on into a conversation and try to give tidbits and kind of reintroduce myself so you've got to and a two point earlier character gets it had been gone for so long and really. I have not been a regular part of the show for about a year it's even in the fall yet we've made we've got to show or do we. All know but I'm saying like even in the fall when I first came back from last summer I wasn't a rider with the guys that's why I was on I was like the fifth and a behind areas behind trillions and not as mossy. What kicked off your notoriety course was the year anniversary we played some of the Celtic Curtis making me an announcement of his alcoholism and that product of course the secret. And rerun the air while he's being black while he's been blacklisted from the show. With trite doesn't set in and said this I would like to talk Chris Curtis on an always listening he told me a pretty personal secret about himself a few months ago plus. That's a terrible because that. I mean I can you defend us. Is noted that and that's how deranged to have become a become so deranged yourself you secured yet seen anywhere near an all barely out as they were asked him his change at all as deep I don't. Maybe more than a week just straight Roemer talk show there won the original band there was a tree is banned for life that was secret it's a skeptic honest and so yeah I would worry about that I think you'd you'd exceeded my expectations for the first week is that yes callebs now let's let's talk about the I was talking to Brad though as you agree with me that Revis columns sucked bad note is not one criticizes a stat was we established he did admit that he was expecting some media notes to follow the right of one main Bono I understand that and what does it was later at nights and I wanted to get it out before the show and that's a ways to get a little Kirk go Kirk rub job. That was CNN seat house that they were banking on New York has in this scenario I was not I didn't refute what you there was no I totally agree with the is is secretary not enough I agree currently 2% I don't think they're should always be sports talk on sports right. So and reading it dynamic this is gonna come across a total current house kissing and even more packed everybody else rarity due under the current right so how can I like. Get this away from WBI in general and I start likely in sports business journal. Forbes article expecting peace and beauty of northern new England and the pieces and WTI dot com. That would would people read media column expects of them are five things ratings some insulin this'll. Like the first effort to tie thing I didn't quite get at least that was the kids on the docket and that's gone yet as someone. It's open to that's fine but the shot you were offended by now of course personally not me will really hurts. He's defending the website and news media call I don't exist. For all active layer it's gonna cost a likable and I look what you've talked a little while while I'm Aaron Rodgers he's media content stuffs and I'll they can call me boring and Zoolander and of years it's like the you don't respect any critiques from from the layered and does become boring. SR report to Joseph the Colgate took it on T Indy Furman 45 the raiders fourteen. Paris respect your radio content on blower every year can't call com point is right why Easter egg farm replied it's excellent excellent there camp with the entrances that you female in the end up like you an answer in hours and instinctively how is it like a full time job and again apple execs when you're out yours you Wear your. Trying to suck at deprive them about it but that was my meal ticket analysts say it's going to be I want it whose job and on the website to shut up and on and I can't believe so I'm gonna be out on the street you know and either gonna run out no health insurance and I thought I can never Orkut is yet again with all the ESP and all of a wild night in the athletic that's the stuff and yet politically engaged in me I mean became out during 1991 I think that would have been more concern in his window that the mossy out of Ortiz and you know loses his job either and I'm advocating fully now from loses job when you think it's a win now or maybe he'll quit I don't know. Only you mossy John two months that we back bunker and I don't know if I have the stomach for the show you it's like mr. Ortiz he had information. And what's most. It's like dirty. When it's halfway there well I I'll. I'll put as much a portrait comp helps orchestrate some competent I'll say you told me something he said he couldn't say. About me about the situation. Because my sugar. The summer enrichment Hamas yet. What was that you can dig in on the I don't know I don't know. All can you say it's not to do what can you leave me that are I just gave you know get a break from goal after from over Charlotte Porter girls cried in the summer I'm not going after what what is the private conversation for not to teach. But you kind of dead meat percent of sang it. Traditional that he felt he could see in the about Tomas about the situation if you look at the situation between me and I'm not going to give this to you. Would do that a drought is yet he shot. I like to having to elect I see a lot of means that some of these totally crazy so wrapped up in this. I can tell last week when he went off until we are calling him during the book signing him in the culture of the books that's really put a and it and you hear it got by the use so much that you're getting in your I think that's authentic he's like don't totally it's totally he's ironic he's crazy ass. We had a big debate about his voice was worst did you take that you know the perception about my voice is hoarse. And the. At the tickle me Elmo not as bad as people what time it it's an attention getting which can be good and this is my police's attention getting yes. House and its its stance of arms and a good oh yes its distinct you stand out from the tournament. Correct the trail it's more natural gas. But it's better than aggression that you know are currently locked it goes in the plane teammate Jim Rome's laboring late and he called a show and you have a today I draw as a dad was he direct talks like a regular person. Out. Well now to a yet the show today Kirk was like coming in the producers Booth which is not a good sign for the post since he was may be running the Vietnamese and she's rope with you lynch relic in that room merely I don't know that he. Hate the show I think you like to showed that it was fine he was just Kelley and league that it weakened yeah today's it was fine I mean it was a light. Are clicking giants I mean after Thursday's show but there it is there is some truth to win and jocks agrees with me there is a little less tension. When there's a slush on pro so to shoot me. Yes in with a slow show with Jerry it gets very very it's like on Wednesday for example 9 o'clock I think we're kind of crawling Tia and we talked to Manny which Otto and price are and you can tell how it its interest in Carrick is in the segment colonel one unhappy many were shot wondering I think to be here. And third yes wouldn't sign long term report. Then you deals like that's a you problem that got its. Why you about the end of the political debate same deal same deal sending us to an extent I guess like it totally ignore it but so in other words you want open border it's MS thirteen Heinemann and just you realize why you realize. It's time serve their free there is quite hearings it's I'm certain it's okay go back now give it one year old adult court it's ridiculous these W don't. When half the seller's site in 95% of the show always right there like you know just I rolling eating and reading the newspaper or you're arguing with somebody it's well. This is not in teaching him at all is any obvious it's not eating and so I don't it's it's a little more comfortable. While married on as this would Kirk's in the league share. He's got total control over where the shows go to times it's that Kirk minute hand show and generally. I don't always think this way but I think he's got a pretty good instinct about where to take the ship and the Stew which went Jerry's in each year not that he's directing shows so much Kirk's always aware that he could take it in a different direction and there's just a general unease there. There's unease in the truth is Kurt. At this point zero interest anti anything besides himself in the radio station. We idea pretty good 318 batting average you know since 2014135. Games 93 games 154105. This year we did but in general Eric Snow sports obviously. Not nearly as much politics is during election for example which is totally understandable can get predictable. So and are delighted score is an issues based like let's Sox this week today so it was each relic in Jerry. Have done Red Sox and keep bats and would've done my and headlines he would've done like Peter stroke. That hearing and even touch on that Ted. It generous than their means not making guarantee we would have some. Not only gets a bad thing necessarily Jerry's passion about I don't think that's about it on the singers that differences in the shadows Jerry and his court. Is more issue big east who year bridge deal. The jury shows the some interest. Married to see only apart the part of it is yes green news or would you let me you know hit lead off. It to see what the Kirk reaction is busy I wanna see your reaction to your in a tough spot there because it would Jerry goes sports topics yeah you can handle but you know Kirk's gonna be sort of hovering there in the accurately. Hopefully not as the women on trot I played the other you know what though. As I thought it would be different I'm like I'm going back into the worst you know I. Five months suspension like how can you score more than I mean there's worse things in the world in Saturday morning community there yet is it worse things in the world optic undersea coming up. And welcome back to Boston community affairs and WEEI they're worse things in the world thinker committee hand sending about tweet your direction but. Wednesday errant 730 that he's not happy impact in my mind it's like oh my god I'm going right back on the are right so you've now reached the blow returning to a weekend shifts this is where you militant attorneys I'd kind of am being engagement. So I would have little boy can eat away at my brother's coming home Colombia before it is doctor Berlin my best friends coming and and a few Saturday against trying to blow off right now and your back next week we don't know and an area in the fails you're going to be the Jerry third man not tease. Me Dickerson. God get ready for a summer at the summer of dec. Some predict exactly well so I loved it.