The Real K&C - Curtis airballs, Eastie bodegas & Mean Tweets 6-22-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, June 22nd
Ken and Curtis recap an excellent week on K&C.  The guys discussed Curtis' trip to Eastie, the doomed 3-point challenge, Cullen's suspension and much more.  

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Friday 22 of June 2018. Is the real gains he can Laird Chris Curtis I must say aid very dejected Curtis I believe you're like. Eager to Bruce Dennis and Callahan lake. I wouldn't I wouldn't wish this job on my worst enemy you down. Time to time and retirement this it's like rock bottom here should it dominates. Loud by the rock and wanna lose and Beatrice second shiny tux and we went one for the next 28. About their pop up on rock classic courtesy of John Pritchard put out. In the act like I'm 00. That was pathetic you're high flying after that answering this inspired banks tents or and his thirteenth overall pick BC electoral rob massive night from the Eagles. Such. This. Award it tanked up Boston College stinks it's hard. All that and everything I do that's a lot so idol when I am down in the dumps you've heard me in this room after winning novel the brain let's. And top of the world and when I lose I don't come through especially when I have such a good start restarting. They're doing out there ago and he died over 1041. Secrecy. It's now. Easy one for two who carries you want for to a remote code word for that call that most racing month good start yeah it's disappointing. To say the wheels for two now. Set reset here just once at the transportation jumped in here this morning this is the curtain cap financial my name. Ms. Kirk maneuver broadcasting live on 937. WE. All over New England if you have the app all over the world to. It was also five still yes the news traffic on the Celtics was to offer two for thirty to 330 point three Perry was meteors in Texas and yes two for thirty in his career from three point land. And they 43%. Free to auction. So you know those big guys and are knocking down trees now including Aaron Baines yes he's not one of them is not gonna teach us about that at the dinner all of a and he just captivated about it yank yet. So anyway we get the idea late in the show Curtis is gonna go out seat he can do better. Mr. Williams air. While there have ball if you I was of that one afraid rings aren't you nervous or go yes he's getting nervous. Why is he should pick one spot shoot for it. All the honorable way Jesus I think. My blood diamond. One for ten kitchen measure up after awhile coming home paying one. Two for 3230. Yet tired you remember. It's been exactly a year the last time I shot hoops was at the hotel. By the travelers when ma was shifted its opera that is how I approach appreciate so that was this week one year ago clearly emotion based because he had texted in two Kurt don't underestimate courtesy basketball. Presley was the Saudi last year whoa I mean. Saw William and his eyes were somewhat open. What tweet it out as I can use likable some use so much we know that occurs is surprisingly good shooter and is you know that. Idea is that I don't find find that hard to believe don't hire them. I mean except for the cup passenger drinking maybe it was a moment that when she stinks Curtis bullish on hoops at the quality of the I would have a hotel were and always Obama's but it was one of those places with free beer at happy hour well period as I showed up. Little later than those guys in mud was like as a beer yeah Milwaukee it was still don't it was buzzed my right and I and it was funny because he was a you write and they just come in from shooting hoops Jesus Almonte had won him. Ever cut interest wrong. Mean that's right I've prepared Beisel Obama alcoholism broad few groups at least based I'm and Carter like sneak in freak and boiler makers ought to be drunk or sober. Area where you want but there are no movement is just a basketball American shoot me mockery obviously. I. Already at three chip which is we add a shameless plug for it and she brought in big league. CEO came in a drop of eight. Packages a chip which you missed I think whoever we don't usher Brothers chip which is forced and we do was the leader CEO of great better foods game in person delivered. Great golfer and business thanks for the temperatures gets a bunch of them in the cauldron of trees are you kidding but getting all white ports ports are closed at keeping that Thad Boyd so ideally you'd down your your your pretty pissed about well it is Friday. And I thought the week was. Axel. Would have been perfect for me like one and not only wouldn't perfect we would head to weekend back in the fall that was honest to god that was in the back of my mind more than anything else that I had in my hands the balance like carried of the future of good week. And it's it's the hated me that's a great solid last set do regret there also means unfortunate. The good weekend is on the shelf game that's heartless. It's part of the issue while I felt that that'll take years to won easily affected my decision making. Mobile now with so was either trainee talking about something which is what we honestly with her discussing Iran and also towards its CO Monday morning they got that. Grant wall from Sports Illustrated Josh fox doing a story on. The human rights issues Daryn how women aren't even able to go to matches to watch and there. I've a friend who's Iranian and she really started she wants to root for her home country she's forty net. Kirsten what I want and any from Jerry's terrible Seoul say when yesterday with all with you giant and they said we're gonna go full open borders. Then you end up with lunatics like. Reducing support sanctuary state titles Borg and experts dates you don't wanna cooperate with the federal authorities you don't wanna that you the National Guard right that they tortoise is complicit. Pick a change his mind. Nicholas if you that was after what no was a couple days ago and after he change his mind was like you finds. So legible text that I got from Kirk has a little bit of so about four minutes into the Jerry can show yesterday got a text from Kirk. Bobbie especially two years ago. Just got a text from him and got thirty million a year extension. I guess that's true we had that to whack controls and it would those second and again you were out on the road mr. Henry lake. I think I'm like all great like I'm not saying it is important. Or human being on which are which are over why your admiration for the players on. I'm over my admiration for him at a later because we we can sit here and make it seem as though like. What do you think you think his material was a great player I think he's one of the twenty best players of all time so that and I and I admire him I guess the way you admire players. So we went to a rally and watch the president speak in because he did that uses attended summer you no longer admire him as a basketball player. Does that make sense but it has laid out now what so what he's saying. But the blows particularly stolen Thursday awesome outwards. Absolutely. Spectacular. Or reproach. You just said who don't think apple are huge says there are lots of coaches who Republicans right you admit I can't Kelly what do you think really goes public. Coaches voted. Our goal is to find compelling story sounded people for the guys to react. But there is no show in America the you can present that same person too and get that result. OK got it yes and the bad knock it up look at that. And I only had we were sank into question Kelly don't. Art. On Oprah okay go ahead. Answer the question would you please. Do in my life and I got to let him go. All the time as yours and the combustion of cheering Kirk and Kirk and erupting and Jerry's saying make America great again Jerry. We're gonna north Americans. Think I am America strongly disagree let's make America. Great again. It. It so I just got it they're all personal attacks are better. External. US. If you. Aren't. Actual. Special patent held by. It's so awesome to be in the middle of that sitting there listening to that in you know it's going to be the talk of the day across Austin. And why are. I think it's fair account of her criticism well those are rare you know we had that about three or four times during the quake game with these people here's the question. Well that being mean that we know yes he has a lot Manny towards the again will get name that we know we talked about air via talking about it members. They don't know who we are. Happy we won and thought what happen next. At George via the result is that John factor in those with the you know where he Blake tried pivot back gore you know get in the way a little bit with two people talking at once you can hear nothing out there Tang Wei China does smooth things over when we were remote at the super Andrew Walton from Houston that would have been excellent language and do some. Let's talk radio in general but bad but that's fine how does most sports are great is that we grandma you have nothing compare to it was a radio Boston said that so how the only people who comment about sports are great you know right. Particularly pot and then you should know posture review is of and three stores and it's been two years and be better than that no. Yeah I hear about your right Robert. You've got a better image is is this shut up is this is this going. How well are no slow your roll you know everybody that you mentioned in there and it's very you're accurate you talked about it but the UK got you touch all right how they write a fight it's. While trying to help them out here I mean yesterday it was just results has us. Of course that was one of the highlights Alaska but there's the other may have been the final segment of a 6 o'clock hour today with Paul from Michigan checked in Nevada's ice cream sandwiches which led to the chip which being delivered against the. I'm laying in bed a sister or somebody where you sleep what you're. I'm wearing age ish chilly at its go. Somewhere it's words went on to slip those offered. Maybe it will do what do we do de watering the witness the wall. And there we go into new. My. Retrieve the boom and these guys in saint which is tax. Great day isn't it. That's what to do on the border these Mike and I can't full light. That was money minute call it was like he mustered a Johnson's special or would you trade for many Mercado of the only cantata have you been out of all star I don't think he's going away he's been due he's got more Twitter followers and all map which isn't saying much but long tomorrow is. Everywhere and Twitter east written about trump this trump that he's the hemming me pictures of this pharmacy bag is a big plans this weekend. Side and share your. That's it nothing you've nothing this week I'm ice cream sandwich is where you eat today as consumers can and I we averaged. Course this week we had its potential for the return of Alex Roemer it was promoted loosely. Our back tomorrow we will update this story as well as Gerry myself. And Chris and outs three joins the show again to all for the first time I'm looking forward to it's all mine. You'll be here. With either of them on a mob he will be known. Jerry back tomorrow morning at six and out to revert. Yeah feel confident I am no honey you're not all these remarks and it did not happen you know we thought there might be an adverse reaction there. But he was kind of took it and strive nobody talked out yesterday I. Called Alex he called me a call them back for an eagle three times in the forty minutes between these guys dying to be there and help as much steeper than not impaired and only cares. He wants to do it that's about the fourth straight monster it is going to put anybody with. Showed canceled. Throw strikes down a little. Monday much spoke so much that I don't think he had a voice for two and you agree up front camera culled situation. Now I think he'll be nice have a third person tomorrow I don't viewers out there today and but you know not some zone. Or vote column motor driven Marjorie this disease John Henry calling. My money here stretch was back in spirit this week anyway Kirk managed to an MD 82 minute to answer it's yen bitumen Marjorie as straining. Good depression bosses like that I thought what am. Not present. Movies be it how out there a different amount cavs and magic and some house. I was either that comment I did some work from him act otherwise then I read Baghdad. I was actually and I can say that I can't measure up and got they couldn't have been much damage in my profession that's nice and high tech and Jack. I have friends as well I think not different not that Barack. Rap rap about. My gym and got some climate. Anybody who's there yeah grant amount but there baguette bread and the end. It's you know there are some of them now there's a lot of friends of friends we always wonder what son Charles she's running. The memorial drive siders the star I ran Cambridge side of the Charles today being that it's all football but you think a single solitary soul gives to shift the which side at its laurels you were analogue. A close with some the and pudge is we know. Good segue and that's I think you wait until next up it doesn't atlas and screaming kids anymore he found out just like you Nauru big stuff to the Wednesday ship yet. And whoever heard of this green glue because of places to gloat noisy. And tell us how long it take you to move I was among them. A month it's good for your parents reform rights are stated their spending a month away said the it's healing up so we could hear the neighbors that got us. Our 2.5. Point five. Yes. Ear plug I would just more. Of the puzzle noise machines which I have two in game one has to block out the normal. Why that just caught me was when they were saying that you know Chris is data sitting around somewhere and saying you know. All our kids collected the lawyer market the doctor and partisan death hasn't slowed the rate stabler or the pro. I could stop while bigger bet though it was the salt pepper getting asked for an indictment and. Bush officially like I did John yes. It was successful because the other is friends through that page here dinner and talk with their sons are doing a much from the lawyer. My son the doctor in the press prior to public in the past Chris doing these famous songs people are doing really well he's he's in the radio business because he's Boston yesterday it. It's it. As they please really good. And that the Boe day is Tuesday that was as a perfect job that was our second day went to the next door was by Zahn host this Mosul little Dicey. I didn't really speak English. The video so we're still Halliburton getting on a different level right. It solar tribal posted solid base Kevin Collin and they still had no idea what's up you know. I would out pronounced not now sob base as a beat yet. Please. I do I was communication and like. I'm not tell me ten straight which it should by the Internet fees but glad vessel. That's true that's okay guide you did she did he know that. So locked in there they had no idea sub base of Eldorado yeah I think the do you know MS thirteen times article is. About as. But a bigger part of his sixth it's about what an undercover cop or something. We don't give up that vibe for sure professional that your real I called a did you Ireland and a all of actually and man oh man I was like this on the line right now we have putsch. Ports from a libertarian Mac butch it's up rumors solely. Well I want to like them. All he talks about his men's thoughts. Do you do you like man thought that brain opera or do. You like men there Russell Michael Russell no I love to leave. It's your impersonation this week or a spot in Irish we had Spanish at a bodega should go who was at should go to. Pronunciation of a sub base solid base Kevin Cullen and we've come to any conclusion is whether or even Bob Iraq is is about an object not heard of and 06 is the person. I am and Fuego I had personal one on one Spanish in ninth grade I had my own future drill hole year wow wow. The personal too little you lived in Europe my school was a week fifty people my entire ninth rated this American schools on one. Case number 01. Until people of the Red Sox know stopped John Farrell Dave Dombrowski. And I was doing pursuing at this level spin so I had a personal teacher you'll fluently I would like also in Spanish. Some. It'd and I couldn't say do you know. It's obviously a freak him more and more and later the shell. Might have been our show our segment today to data file was the Shara little louder mean tweets segment ball Kirk and Jerry were reacting to some of their. Difficult social media moments got news last year hurt hurts too much from May's three year 47 this move basis wildness is. Shot the app up Kirk about your stupid their parents get cancer. Well. The ordinance which you feel better I will. Really nice you know later we elected to keep overtime on 12 that thanks. Shut the up up about your stupid dead parents. Died. About that I beard growth in gross Monday we handled the a columnist. Used up from the previous week gracefully I finally did that well. Kevin extensively quotes in east possible date operator named Alvarado and providing his first name. Future it may be accurate but it's hard for anyone to judge reliability of the information with Oakland mavericks scored find him. Gee I don't know maybe you can do that it figured out. Mavericks squares in Boston. The Boston Globe need they have three people working on our fine you know it's the first thing we've newly approved its short right it may be wrong Boris posted. She loved me and you maverick square finally this guy and he's bald digs to the big paper reporters yeah it's just a and are you going to like I don't know like to work. Harry crisp a fine of five and we're talking about what the court for the so nobody's of the right Jerry Kelly oh yeah it's again probably Jerry Kelly now. You both for Charles I did vote for Java did not vote for in the that's when we score we. No gas. I was a cruise guy who cares now on the top guys. Marco Rubio said Dennis let it be that he title botulism occasional proud to be the gutsy move rubio on the year while it's a couple people can play music right in the eighties is on the McCain and Romney Bobby all of that is. I like political is not as good as a slur your speech or. Red Sox take three Gallup or Billy Billy Bob or to get their defense going to be really good at least you can take leak enough I won't get to work and the three games at federally this week that Jumbo mean he said typical vacation. Tim Memorial Day Monday David Price is pitching I'm listening to you guys of course the end of decides to let them get the grill out on that is a great idea. Pitches fouled off we will not have the grill in the on the south side Chicago. I know it should be cooking up though fictional. Got the mob sweep this locker removing and gelatin you conduct the Gillick and he's and the thing about that sweep modeled on all I've iPhone it's pulling up post season. I'm going to builds from enemy demy yen Richmond Sox go look at those and realize changer for a you'll feel like a million bucks. But you were gone the other day got a problem Monday go from fathers think of the same exact sneakers. As Curtis Harris. I mean same colors in size and Brandon. And so look at Curtis that the grain that kind of stylish yeah and I said you've got no socks on can whereabouts Oxford. This is no I get a little socks like but the ankle socks yet and yet he can't really see him right and shows. Net but there's up often do you he'll ever know I'd look can looks at admiral's lesbians. Rich people. The ankle socks and that was that. As a breaking antsy but those accessories than originally rich features a rich people stuff you know people since his rich people stuff. Gonna happen tomorrow it'll make sure we have picture put a rock is Hadley part of her district and when Michael was two towns close. What. All right and don't forget to check out the brand new additional enough about me Kirk remembering his mother who passed away a year ago on this very date back last June. Pretty emotional podcasts you might spec cars we were both there for the eulogy both eulogies for his mother and father were unbelievable to give you a little glimpse into that. The eulogy for his mom was it's never left like that was just done an unbelievably delivered well and slow so Brennan a balmy up look tacky next week and any time. I have friend grant wall from Sports Illustrated Josh fox during a story on. The human rights issues there and how women aren't even able to go to matches to watch them there. I've a friend who's Iranian and she really started she wants to root for her home country she's forty nets it.