The Real K&C - Curtis R. Moron, MutRage & Kirk vs Stephen A 8-10-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, August 10th

Ken & Curtis head to the podcenter on a Thursday to recap the past three non-Gerry shows with Kirk at the helm, including a legendary showdown with Stephen A. Smith


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It's a rare Thursday edition of the real king and seek and layered Chris Curtis were excited about it during his podcast today did podcast after the show may not happen but OK there's a podcast yesterday of moral bullish and Kurt did a guilt was doing one that's not accurate your your dancing so Kuerten might have some and listen to this afternoon so hello guys relocated podcast for Susan happy and now here with the voice of headlines this morning Kirk the new king and see Edward. A league cafeteria. Workers artist and exporting our. I confirming weeks of rumor and bring. Our animal or. I the offers from flying in May be leaving the show full time ago of the newsreader but today with pro in my my finest hour taking after injuring your bureau huddle. Mike Wallace. And Lesley Stahl purple excellent Kiki at soccer and one of them is we deal works nearby and 60 Rooney. Hey that doesn't birdied Daimler name. Map you're. Heard if you don't impressed. You take all the time for our shelf. I know I just blind love all the sixty minutes members. I think you've done a pretty good job not Kirk has a penchant for dismissing. Headlines he does not like quickly Paul meant ports home was searched by the F penis on next you've got enough for the bag it's not those Gary tangling episode three don't want to ready and that it had. Hat that it's put actual work and I have put work into it I was surprised I thought the Jeffers. The preacher the priest whatever the reverend. I'm talking about trump covering the authority from god to attack North Korea was right up. Kirk's alienates these are holier than now people and god and politics and intercepting but. I was OK so good years for Donald Trump as we reported today notes try to. Yes the authority from god to wage war against North Korea where else would you guys out. As I've said Kirk has a spot falling on rhythmic approach to lead does things sometimes I think he just. Likes to dismiss the story. Because it's time to dismiss the story and any and he was also going back to today and also yesterday the talkback. Routine where I'm reading something in stalking you and it goes right into my ear is also very. Stop its ups guy is that she's not that bankers. And overdo it. Or at your caboose well it's the thing goes right up my books oh my god you know it's only 27 team or with a number when shall in the country we can't have independent talk tracks I've got to bleeding into my head that's what I'm trying to read something. I'm not. John Dennis here thirty your amusement and at 60 want this is what Trent so a lot of you know you handled that pretty well let's back to the audio afterwards it knows classic but it feels like out of body XP area did feel totally (%expletive) The speaker at. But I know I thought today it was a a dumpster farm equipment that's what I Icrc report. It was kind of a tractor pulled. Says that Kirk how wanted to get to litany and adults six there as well David 615 we we get a little while you start with the Jeff I'll Felger audio. What what the what is going on here re doing what it can set the tone. Yeah it was a the audio wasn't exactly where he wanted and then anger gunning intuit and and we had to keep re setting and that was kind of whenever they shocked at how another interview room react to a dispute the clock please please please choppy but I do think this Steve and his stuff was great when we got back into eight plus plus plus one plus plus double thank you know press yes one more plus plus and I thought the you know the reaction it was amazing it's rare that we have sort of rate. Non Boston centric interview that we replay. And regenerate. The same or even more reaction the next day we got that was Stephen A both in the 7 o'clock hour in the 9 o'clock today. And you already took him to the carpet I don't agree to a Florida district. He's charger up here as dumb as might not use that you don't agree or dot YouTube isn't everything it's like never dunk that was agrees it anyway we had to return of the McMahon today we had AT&T appearance Wednesday we had that Hamas seems relic a Tuesday so Kirk. It is a ensemble lack Packers just think in the last three days when it was the best shows story. No I think he. The two relic. Some Aussie Kirk show on Tuesday. Was the best show EMO was the standout from now it was just the Brady fighting beyond transgendered camp. In your headlines that was a superb headline okay inside a 400 dollar week's CN Francisco trend out of your day camp out here are excellent and I would Simeon headlines was brought the highlight of every day and it's it's six. Since the six is a tough war to be fair. Oh I almost made it through Thursday a gentle. I. That they we were bashing each reaper for the Brady kids angle. Dick was completely Dick was not a surprise you were to Comcast a place a Buffy of Nicklaus. Ass holes right here that I Sarah turner right here now this rate I can't say that jury yes Demi and I hate Comcast for. So over the craziness with relic of the proper dosage you know. That one for our sort appeared of insanity yet has yet couldn't budge relic keep on this flight to them and curriculum here this is you know panel back in all but Smart move by the and I think that there was a noise that probably move the quickness folic real the most on the highlight of the week obviously is the Stephen yeah Kirk yesterday. Even a how are you this morning. Talked inconsistencies and you're sitting there electric brave gamble you're Floyd Mayweather that to me is about is bigger it gets disease you can get. Your privacy upright I'll have to disagree shall we get radically. And I think it's very very irresponsible fiscal two bit of a couple of moral high ground not be. Set up on about us. That was a decent chip to you know. We worried about trades mossy could divide that Saturday by both those two or Collison was little what do hug fester rural America. I am so glad to have you back I have to look at that tomorrow since Freddie units were hugging Koppel might go. What better than I thought Kirk battled with training about defending. Fins pro Felger peace to promoting other station and he did. Article current pets or that shocked you. Good habit of a look at just do it from nine point two huge outside the sacred but what's nice about. Listed. At the globe that nice piece that he wrote a salute earlier we had sound affair we never got through today he was on with our friend die each in your account and did say that your piece was the end of the Boston Globe so. Which aren't what you can view confirmed today that the globe to stop publishing our hasn't actually as a actually ceased to exist as of tonight. Gerry Callahan in the globe it's like trump and a New York Times and the Washington Post at this point. Not so I'm ahead I can kind of dialogue for the city I looked you looked at that's horrible company don't you want me in Paris. And we got to the bottom I think of trillion relic and there a date slash not a date basically. Trey outed him either a good way to get off the subject by error it's could be totally accurate she's appalled by somebody banks. All of their trips right some other media member right. The bigger issue is. That I am a road trip once bumped into one of Evans walks of shame. The missiles also the classic tree story she takes ten minutes to get to the part of approaches talking about the guy she's with them how we paid for dinner for the bill was I had some dessert and nick and I and I don't know why and they ate dinner and then when the bill came because I only had. Wine and dessert. And Kirk was little ready to set himself on fire is sitting next to Ehrlich where in the (%expletive) and David kept it goes pretty juicy was you know. She had net using my hotel room and shower and you're right about. That's terrific and so we're in app. Now now now now now it ruins I didn't have that now I now I now like now like I know you're in the and so it changes so to speak yet now not just being I think this a medium. It would that will be thrown package relic. Promptly if you part of back on the show absolutely so that we had we had the enough to sink their teeth into today. As you said it was the Steve it's been three player other than that my favorite segment was the Pete shepherd money. Several leagues so good yeah I was very. Congress act as worthless out of the topic is phenomenal forget I wanna say congratulations Steve Cunningham is the measure. The stuff. Fort Myers junior league team that nearly got to the World Series. They lost the regional final yesterday at San Fletcher field through to or rather Fortson North Carolina border to. But a hell of a run in India a Little League junior World Series. And they're doing nearly made it now the real Little League World Series through. What shot out of the lowly Jr. show animals out what is that I've never. A shot out to low West Point locally. They lost in the regional final also. As well not while they lost we were they left Alabama and North Carolina they've been limited it to beat West Virginia is the quick update. And regional final there tonight is Peachtree City Georgia vs the court. The Jed. Looks like he's ready for the majors on the Georgia team to elements there he's going to be ovaries checked certificate the cool thing yeah match as well I hope that congratulations duke Cunningham and your kids. For great run with soft. I said they played at San placement field I've always thought of placement field. They don't do a great job with the the warning track it could mold and a little bit tighter in right field needed that. And assault and all that same way I approached him physically congratulations to them. As well it was a popcorn losses and audiences stood. It just has like this Sarasota newspaper in front of them they export an artist and a series has gone through it usually they're starting showed this puck it is buying the Little League team got close to Little League junior is similar to our Wimbledon a lot of find local establishments it's going to be a local hero there so it took the headlines via the headline of our podcasts and that our two in its impeach Sheppard would lead expert. I didn't see him somewhere down by his pool looking. Miramar O'Lakes Florida destroy these. Are beset Curtis you said let's have lunch the less it's good to have Kirk back bottom pathetic at best sock puppet of Kirk back is Kirk hinted it's been awhile since he and Jerry were together again OK he's hard sold show on the brains he's the heart and soul looking forward soon to be noticed it'll earlier and kick its mass yes. There was great. Not just because to deport noise and but I and planning for the first week after labor day of the real you know Paul book really kicking in good to think ports that sort receive it you know the future of the show in every day with the rhythm with the guests with the the casting coats set that we have and are looking forward to that instead of the craziness switches these past couple weeks and just musical chairs. And the good news is Jerry only has like five more weeks vacations. Which it's you know were double point 15 sunset pictures on the Twitter feed I'm upset about. I love cal against the he's got to like on the one thing he's elegant beautiful photo of what looks like. A boss in sunset. Avalon. It may not like clockwork it otsuka a review of the beautiful songs that made him great maybe you and I'll be divided up there one of these leaked sentinel mark I mean Kirk was invited there. Yet we saw a picture in your head of the Portland on the weekend right got to go on a Sunday spent in the night. Swing by ten about the way that might you know and Jerry texts that I love you can't occurred in this room. Sam in Tallahassee prison and mrs. Kelly and Vick and the American stop by OK so tomorrow and F you wanna discuss what's coming up here you are you were on with them. Those guys you meet Fauria in each year and he certainly does and and he said is it okay if I yell viewers Adam released and a and then yes the prodigious through lesbian stories and countless hours and all alls good with me for that one so do lesbian doctor in the fourth quarter tonight at the pre season games it's going to be brutal. Well and pretty for a lot of match out and so tomorrow here that ultimately guy goes right up his Bruce and you love him so will be having fun with that but. I don't know to argue tomorrow Wallach Kuerten today 10 o'clock that's what I want to. Just no drama I just I don't wanna get issue I don't want to show at a soccer idol I hope it's great product and care that's cnet's with the uprising that's such a portion of where it's 645 tomorrow we're talking about percent third quarter drop back you paper darkening attacks from Kirk saying what the (%expletive) re doing well he I think he's willing to take. The bullet on this it will be a fill in hosts like when it's mud and meter whatever. If it sucks Kirk's pissed because there were other options. In this case it's another date part which we like to bang on other date courts anyway. Yes we'll take the blow and overheard our ratings for game. But it's gives us enough fodder to just keep coming back at permanent section of the ship and it's only Kirk will be that this issue lawful and particularly sporting. I don't know I think. Off owes one thing like off the rails bad I don't think you'd have a problem but I think if we're doing four hours of actual analysis of the first (%expletive) pre season. Over all blow by an idol jumped out of the building those gas would do. Mark my point is that. Immediately droplets herders and that's the only way I can envision some sort of response and Kirk redundant and it'll be awkward and wacky at times levels trying sort of do this stuff like oh Kirk the Q did you shoot for agreeing with them you know ovals thing and then the almighty Kirk and once we got to get into the show I think it'll have some fun democracy and for not knowing what's going on in the world well mark Lou furs and tribal place and sound of his you know angry Lou rants about secondary league season. The big lead birthplace wanna go first to third scored a double talk to an award we wanted to step you know on the back and move on from there are comfortable though feels real weird double date or something you know artists creepy how you do all of these in here prepping for the mutton to mossy show her that his group for hours with mutt in May (%expletive) hate each other this is generate it was cut followed Obama. But deals right on you catcher and eBay whatever Kirk secure your Kirk like Jerry like you just following whatever these guys try to do my uranium yet that's my dad's a little older grades on a shot over right. Installation and I guess scaled it good to hear that dale sink and Steve and Monday. The classic Curtis fashion I must have heard the only boring seventeen minutes of this entire podcast as I said in here with Ben yesterday about this time. And realist answer I heard a great Eddie Andelman story I am Eddie Andelman rip that he and I heard about it on his take on Orton V Keefe. But I missed the beginning I guess about mutt and an amnesty and all the other good stuff a week from today that. Do we talk about looks a new world benchmark my outrage all men Murray's and so good but I call fake outrage Alec Marbury. I am no longer allowed to have a passion opinion on anything you know you can get a rough McCain's back for sure it's absolutely I if I am very upset about the super. It's the issue is Majorly bad. Rage Against The Machine by you was a great pole plan that that was hilarious thanks to throw off his game much so he took it well knows as much. A so shell shocked and kept waited for that. The fire again if Paul doesn't do that tomorrow. I don't carry its its say it's our bid you should do that tomorrow just messed with with my district is that bill or to Google and add more during the show yet he finance a fake outrage Tomas once when it's it's events you know and its bunker didn't care. According to. Much more morally shepherd ultimately that's a rate better since I've been on not to social station that back whenever we get into how the show's doing yards of the story and it's like. With the showed last month and number one again who was in the show third most of the three ball mr. brown and congratulations that's awesome yet if you have your third most give it ago that we are much more you know we call you firstly to be that sensitive Ol that's one thing to. Analysts he was critical of your headlines being for that headline interest in and Ali brought anything that you are dead on balls accurate mud brought nothing to the table it's zero. The only way it's a successful segment is that they react good rhetoric different. And well in India there ought to be some good analyst react to right. Kirk if he doesn't like headline doesn't sit there like a wet my noodle and just do nothing else or recruit them what have you done. Everything like what we've done this and I've it's an art more Curtis that's our next. Writes this wasn't so he's so Kirk will give you something no matter what it is if you if you like that he'll react to it if he doesn't like in Alaska to move on and a certain way. Muzzled in the Brandon Marshall you mean it was my area there and Almonte was sort of there is a coffee Charlotte. There hiding behind his computer screen. It pops up in answering you know run. That energy arable when he said I hear. Play a song actress doesn't immigrants over the headlines. While this area having yogurt doing nothing money here shortly each team was volatility and lastly it's alias that. And in producer mark give us some good tidbits for some surrounds the Libya as you know does that he's doled out panacea. Thursday. I just call my lectures walking my dog -- seaport line around the corner of a long life. People with my hat's wanna go autograph and packet pictures of me. Including meat agree with Bobby on Yates Davidson and Hackett and now I'm old. For sixty dollars like Jim Hackett fans everywhere I write this the terrible putt on were forced into it and now deceitful to you liar teeing off where we playing today what would golf club for ten and it. It's can be purchased popular radio and say yeah. Actors are doing about wasn't great today it is famous because Bob mobile suit it lost because they didn't have proper disposal well lawsuit yes. Fan teach me anti write your clothes in the door open a member since 86 so it's a long term I think I was able to use my dad points about the member arrested today for letting me on the course but. Big PC club so which off. All of all of these salons pretty much cheese and a lovely place not too hard I mean for people that are gonna call the attitude. And to jump shooting two under and you played in Korea I'm one of the rare public grew up playing golf that stills not confidently too I had. I played like every day a couple Summers still suck yes Jerry is so Matta knew about it. Many things August. He always says he's the biggest thing to my kids start playing golf. I waited until as well in the four. And he elixir to think that you're putting your boy and it's like I am sloppy seconds for salt I didn't I wasn't awareness that's a little loose during weird ironic twist of salt people. After. All it's all. With a weird experience 'cause I came here right at two months after salt. I edit questions for you where did you work whistle. People wanna know about Chris Breton and affairs they also wanna know more about treatment what we tell it was a radio station based in Charleston Charleston unmasked. It was great the straps that are and that's Rupert I only slightly tighter with more you worker. Perched on though it's a problem we'll see you tomorrow with all math 6 o'clock. Tournament will be focusing on what will happen I might suck I can't afford it week to gives that it weekend. It is currently threat and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI him WEEI dot com. Could weaken.