The Real K&C - A Curtis star turn, Gerry enters the protocol & Reimer looms 10-16-17

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Monday, October 16th

Ken & Curtis discuss all of Chris' contributions on the Monday K&C Show, plus all the entertaining cuts from the day. In addition, Alex Reimer is coming back on the show Thursday & the guys talk about whether the right call was made to welcome him back.


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They sixteenth of October 2017. The OK it's seek Hillard Chris Curtis should really be the real seem okay it's Chris Curtis production these days it's all about Curtis a morning show anybody disagree nobody really does nobody will not hold on home. I think it was oracle yet Curtis weighing in on a course to big controversy the weekend to get a teacher take on why there was a right points right away and I such atom random. Couple Twitter don't leak nobody cares what mansion tweet which thoughts on the call you with a contrary and today you and Matt Chatham. Mets got him on Twitter said this like yesterday and I've. Noted that. Pointed out to myself that bring this up tomorrow on the show and I came in here and sadly I referenced match on before I got to Bermuda my point which of course the goal while ago he guy I found this not to mention baseball gotta you gotta get to meet the argument quick ten Laird. We're skulls and proceed with the insults like that called baseball get it through the first you only cares about that progress whereas an opinion talk about baseball you know talk and a portrait of the match and a bunch Adam I mean Jesus today show began with you and I being brought in quickly which is not often the case but when it's just hurt enter it happens more often and overshadows. We were each given I think. A total of three seconds provide appoint nobody cares what matchup between game one the only here's the most that you got a full minute. At 640. Ones after the Brady and I let you know I started off strong and that minute. And then we Kurt as the old tactic of talking and talking to me in my ear that no such thing happened which the total lie got a lot sock puppet. I don't care about you incorporate when he gets in a lawyer. I can't think it's hard enough as it is a total silence now here Chris Curtis has meant long explanation okay ready can you stop the clock Curtis thinks this was a good call eye in the clocks set I yelled one minute Curtis ready set don't. Malcolm Butler forced a fumble at the goal line. Jenkins did not regain control before his body hit the violent the second his body hits the pile on the play is dead. So. It's as Matt Chatham pointed autobiographies. The deep forced the fumble this wasn't a fluke making excuses for fumbles and so restarts calling and saying some things that. I get out illiterate by the Jerry disputes hook disgusted by my electrical advocate coach import these quick aside was Kirk in Jerry's. Head when he was asking him for a suitable scenario was simple yes or no question that went way off the rails that was bizarre since the Eagles and. You know once like right now it's even think the two once he'd six weeks into the season in appoint mr. bald Eagles and chiefs. Eagles and chiefs and with adjustment miserable miserable game itself. And it's not so outlandish really the due to the chiefs if you don't saying you people post teams in a plane suitable. Someday yes. You can gets into the game this year Eagles I think I would sit chiefs are right there with the patriots is to progress and yet the chiefs and not a struggle with questions that you're giggles and on suitable probably not a case of the all the good eagle sheets. I just said that you said Eagles chiefs I said chiefs and I'm Super Bowl game since may be most people we shall we begin Eagles are not that a lender she cited. For forget and that's not that dumb how about this once it irreversible about this one about the the chargers. On the charges the rams. The guy to go when geriatric noticeable right. In Italy got into this chiefs steelers' two minute warning Andy Reid. Timeout use another hole were all basket football caution before typical male OK I'm going to do you watching into the chiefs to a game. Is that did you explain anyway Andy Reid called a timeout with just minutes six seconds left. Of course why. Because he gonna get the stoppage at two minute warning anyway but given time after that Saddam you're giving away you know he and trading six seconds before. What either way you get that stoppage. It or just wait till stoppages so it's it's six seconds in the 42 combo to them we don't have a timeout. If losing tae young sang no book known as I here's here's why I make sure things are now. No it wasn't as bad as people think Blanton as a man Mike idle barge treatment but he is why you don't take the timeout then. We don't I I'm saying you don't I wouldn't that mean it's a psychological thing. Soledad if you do if you doing that and what do you mean. Seat things like say don't pick the time of six seconds tick off the sourcing is so you don't take the time right right you give up six cents. But you keeping other potential timeout to concede you thirty or forty seconds right so that's a no brainer. But it did you have the same number timeout so it doesn't really matter really understand ST I don't. I don't understand the complaint Andy Reid was not wrong I actually don't understand this tell you six. Maybe tied 2206 you call time it you are bikes the clock I believe and is stops at two minutes ago. Among Pina lectured on the clock for Mark Kirk and had. But it might as seventy or 722 minutes two minutes ago clock stops correct my right about that your order football game OK so you're saving yourself six acts correct. I'm not necessarily or waving Cerro. Because. You understand I heard Indy Reid's or don't understand 90 yeah and do viewers on sank and anybody you know. Yeah I it seems very odd take time out there you'll receive six seconds persisted in mid forties it down the line. Nice to have a tablet in my pocket so when you have the ball was just say you know you can call time once you've software you're 36. Know. What to do is oh my god you packaged schemes to group so we can agree I think it's a third thing about the racial element or one out of one of my favorite things about the shows that. Something absolutely my new game. Meaningless and pop up and it can just overtake the entire show something as small as the clock management of opposing coach and a game with. That didn't include patriots are local team. To take over fifteen minutes of the show up. You didn't really get to get into your VC we had the voice of Boston College to house of Mecca as he kind of stole your PC thunder of the otherwise you would have been just dominant in the program today. Where we're. On the road. Not ranked are we not not the the not to press not watch the entire game beginning and not that program just like you watch the US soccer yes. Eric Belgium. Guy with stuff and absolutely stunned in the best part about it was. Some brilliant guy the BC radio network for football IMG sports. Hosted the final call. In meter assists spectacular. We'll go three seconds remaining. Our store. 47 you know. You'll have to stick with the goods now it's a good kid it is topic but it is just had a big hit. There are. Elected her to take up. I say it's an art form you know Monday night agreements it's easiest job in the world and all you do is look at the game brawl people which a look at what Finn berg took a bow and we can all move on at the buzzer in Dina wouldn't very particular about John Dennis was not thrilled really argue does maybe that trial for the day for. Was that you were ahead of the joke on both tweeters and Turkmen it do you put out the united Dinah three pulled it was it's a horrible situation but. Our poll question is up on ESPN and boy. But the worst over the weekend with a spelling error your degree from mr. bring your spelling champion just been doing my homework I can't think of any previous words you missed. Recently adds fuel I'm currently is now well you're good speller I can all be temperamental. And the RT. And Yale. It's like to like there weren't through an article. So you'd notice right away the exorcist when your favorite movies all time great as animal house reflect growth will miss spelled EXER. UST a TI ST. No low you re tweeted it. The problem what are those polls accounted that it Salinas of people see it getting you've got to take some work for right I should have done a screen grab of the poll in opinion that. Whatever but anyway Kirk was ready to jump point Israeli hi Jackie wood 930 and Curtis Smart again. You Sybil which your favorite are moving. Exclusives and he spoke. Ice all the way they spoke to who spoke. The question I didn't see the poll questions spell exorcist Graham are you for being dumb as everybody says yes well that's disappointing he winners we know that congress. Were coming back about a minute before Rick. Often camera I'll talk to co worker Terry during the break will be doing next and before even walking to the studio Kirk hits on the talk bracken says about some dump her is going to be dumb Curtis Alec aka what happened I got out of his one of the million things that I can do it any given time that could have called for that episode I'm. All know is that what he calls for that is that there is something he's going to discuss after that surrounds them playing mark so I'm just sort of fastened my seat belt buckle your sick. They felt that down waiting for what's next in his gut this poll announced. What do you know I was actually write a tick which disappointed Kirk he did however trap you as you lift came to fully admit there's more evidence that says that the ball was. Out of not overwhelming evidence to overturn the call correct right OK isn't consumed well literary that you would overturn it right I iams and the guys are saying it's not enough evidence to restrict me you watch him. You. And Jerry's from water balls around left and right hand I mean. Under control the ball switching man easily watch talked about what's that look this is highlighted what are patrolling and I have to troll out all around Chris I have all of that would help control some about how it works is troll could Terrell control. That's the with a laudable control control cult the Larry there was there ago he had done a lot of people supporting who do we say it was a well mentally I like my my reach all and I had a special teams coach assistant. Strength training guy from Assumption College like my tweets say Lowry Curtis. With the video so I mean I got through to football legends in the North America but I issued on further today. For a might brilliant I think error raw tactic during the break Kennard asked the question I hear you said you knew you'd talk to major agers and he's your boy did not talking. No and no useful. Ones simply said. All the dogs questioned why don't the Packers trade for grapple mean does that sound anyway sounds like Albert for Iowa moss did not like hijacked it showed beyond that we would often due BG time. Was it was a good Brady or bad for you talked because it's it's the one thing that. Nobody up to this point has a realistic explanation there's not after I think for ones they wouldn't trade at seven number. But I always like because it's it it really bothers Gerri because Terry more than anybody that government is. Answers and you demand it don't just say something at a point out of nowhere I mean I think you've I see both your your sides to that get there and to include. And with the problem finger ironic given today's the even gets into the game this year Eagles I think I would sit chiefs are right there with the patriots is struggling with questions that you can Eagles are gone suitable. Would it. No but it with this topic there's no answer that makes any sense is before the season we all thought chip was we all thought there was no chance that. I. And now through six games Brady leads an appalling yards right secondly NFL in passer rating is throwing 327 yards per game now Rogers is done for the year I mean he's now MB probably defeat. So you trade problems in green bay rays unbreakable. Get to first back three I don't know first. For drop oh yeah. I would say maybe two ones in the third okay seeking use that fodder to go up and get sand Arnold next year or whoever your next quarterback it is from green Bay's perspective Rogers is at two callable answer trees he's going to be out the rest of this year you make. Drop all the guys and you trade Rodgers and you get back more than he probably gave up to get rumpled firstly you keep this year relevant. You got a ten year quarterback and your back to square one in terms of all your assets make me smarter here it's a very very outside the box I don't think it's all agree on one accord on a couple returned 46 November 2 page 33 guilty for our caller our own. He's 33 going on 34 December 34 is a 33 going on 36 the greatest part of today analysts much tuned in just in time for his text anyway. To hear himself getting bashed in the neglect shale. If I got popped for DUY. Tom I heard this segment on Friday. Might not be the third person I would call after my lower my wife I was a third person he that is pathetic that is true. Yep pathetic that you get word you I thought he was pathetic on Friday because he and I was trying to get him to mark Q a little bit rate is because that's what we do. And he won't Sunday Brady you and if you pop for you wiring up up would you like some point next new college. As were we work together we host a show together we're friends. But you would not be a third person I'll call it the top and his wife tonight to celebrate the birthday that's that was what he's doing for his wife are so so much showering so lucky. Heart rate but he'll be glad to know that he would not to retire the whole thing at all I don't understand. I think we got a little port here at the U soliciting a little bit earlier about the it was a coincidence that he tuned in he claims that detects claiming he adjusts to London this. You can. As marking his performance on Friday exact quote from a ski. I don't wanna rant on the tax is real ace David bird person these tax. All right so far beyond our electric this week senate aren't listening to him lit lists and let me. I felt like. Her to iron Margaret are. I would not on here rub salt in the wounds or Red Sox fans. Were you yelling at the TV last night when categories could not get at throw home and Sanchez could not get the tag down Yankee fan Michael Bob via. Yeah. Yeah it's curtains are off on me but I'll hear that much Michael underscore Fabiano on Twitter and I this it's so rapidly Monday kicked if your quick and later much outrage about the yankees' future with the privacy football expert. Vehicles on the issue another big note huge sacrifice from yours truly today it passed up a quasi imitation cheese global man wit. Kirk and rob Pratt hello perm grow up all my love handles and nose to my idols I talk agent the spit chick let's executive producer. Mikey griddle don't call me Mike and I'll yummy Ryan in match up produced Mike while Mike Grenoble economic even now we can christendom in political reasons but I had a seat at the table that's. My dedication to his craft that we do all the relocate its. This was so good to be able talked with Kurt Kurt stricken rounding. Out reads he's talking about his own podcast Kirk's management and pepper and producer percent podcast he says he's get lunch for Brad follow. In Burlington and you would have thought kick back and scale walked into our office Kate beckons dale late this earlier perked up. Six the midnight. Hour. As we can. Well a bit at the table with Kirk you would much it was a great night it was an awesome and our favorite or work yesterday Jerry was in there it's. What ever did to dinner with Brad shall spring training. Brad the credits that with my child was in back we concede well it's by it's Mario Bradford later bought far. But yes so I Brad Phil and I dined at Florida with Ian Browne in restaurant. One point may be able that was for. Brad pretend that relic before. Slaughtered show it was like a sleek preferences and Libya cast of ugly ugly colonial is Phishing that was you know unicorn. Not a definite. But some dirty perceived sleeping all these. Lieutenant ugly etheridge and it would this would have been right up but I I also felt like it was kind of invite but also you know we're going to be talking shop the new. Enough about the island's future we're very excited are you first law argue are upset that Kirk and ask us to produce problem. And keep an in house project. Feel like we could kept the family. -- like if they would make it worth while I don't know why I mean I know before curtain monitored as it was my district and I. This is good really write in and he wants fresh ideas of the box like. And I also think it would put the show will have an awkward position where whoever producing his podcast should be going 100% for disparate podcast word is if it's you're meaty we booking guests for the show or for the podcaster both thanks to Mike Lupica thanks to Greg Bedard Boston Globe Darren pack in spite setting up the week now tomorrows to mossy. Wednesday is tango trying to ease off this week which means it's Roemer re entries she called and thirst game late night. Coming up next with our good friend Alex Padilla a second thoughts about we were back shows there's a little bit in my stomach thinking about. I simply email yesterday with the ivories Sunday some scheduled. Rotating co hosts in them. Joey about who's in what I sent the typed out Thursday Roemer. As it up a year ago and then acted sensible bit after the show the tension in the room building a little bit with you and Kirk we were talking about the week or up to. This is not same as it was that it's never going to I would like to talk Chris heard Sony know he's listening he told me a pretty personal secret about himself a few months ago I don't Laura what to all license is that there's a little bit of detail and wave effect from the first time where. The show is Wen tang oil left last fall we built on basically a steady climb. Kirk and Callahan gives the BEE big win in Nielsen rating and since reverse last appearance the ratings of then. Steadily climbing as well true that we. We are kings so I think it's also like all the park re doing here you know bring him back that's I thought we need him in any wishes for not hypocrite and I have to say though I'm interested as a number one listener of the show I'm interested to see how Thursday I'm interested to see what the interactions are alike but the recycling all the same arguments which if that's the case is just going to be. He's not apologizing I don't regret a professional no I don't think we're I mean if it's up to be a topic we need to recycle we covered it outings pretty tedious to I don't. I've made myself clear. He was wrong he's astle for what he did undock it and fired I'm moving past that I think recycling that would be honest I just meant to deceit. The obvious disagreement that occurs when he's in the room with Terry and Kirk especially with Kirk. It's gonna drive a wedge between Kurt and Gerri good drive away and I just don't think it's occurred ever treated him with kid gloves but I think rebut re pretty prepared for television and his. Or premeditation discussion. That's the point is you've been spoiled pampered your entire life. By her father also a deck. Don't let my entire life. Okay I'm sorry a comet to apologize again it's real schedule out used back Thursday I'm feeling. Which I frankly I'd rather loss Bertans Celtics week the big debut tomorrow night. Right strike somebody new is ready come on in orchestrated would you give our. Kelly the drill this court debates get caught Red Sox run fight. Bradford all men got to pull up there with a garden higher core or Bob subsequently feel like for our bus. Is getting that point Newark new are no new new real once it's all about twenty minutes or that your it's going to be deep and it's out there with Bradford and oh you think her and Brad for going to be tight end Michael hurt toll is leaving at the garden hired a guide you one quick game thought all right there there's the weakness and of course must you be back Friday Portugal is that we own and can never I'm like it ski. It to rest your Friday. Yes Thursday eight to be continued I think that's great perk has been pounding me.