The Real K&C - Divisive Brady-Trump, Stronger Curtis & Globe BustOuts 9-25-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, September 25th

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis recap one of the newsiest Tom Brady appearances ever, plus the rest of a wild K&C Patriots Monday with reaction to Trump taking on NFL players.


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Eight saw Brady patriots Monday edition of the real KFC. And you aren't Hitler here Chris Curtis wildwood today Chris Brady out of the chute well Jerry upset at media issue but we got past that eventually doesn't. Matter what cam plays because we don't know what's real what's not what can players I mean he just whatever he does he. He tries to please you so you'll splice the tape and dropping in different ways saudis and the nine I'm not be short instant foot faults and much. Bad picture I put the greatest athlete in the world on hold for a second summit can can get dressed down dessert for doing this insane bit they've given that you wouldn't Kirk like we do every week now it's probably just a silly thing thing that can these sock puppet does to me that's where people get to Atlantic god joins us joining us joining just like the record you messed up my Manger is predictions legitimately great satellite actually sixty seconds of Jerry loses mind. Ads any point now kennel probably change my words my place to shape and I'm not moving on from and care about him playing I'm picking booms look at a Portland now because I would make my parents all she doesn't make my point for that and I will make my point Houston football and that's an obvious. Is wrong pricks I can't control what you say at Friday here anyway we got the Brady quick Douglas backer of the patriots have lost that game yesterday which could happen -- luck on the side lucky good fortune perhaps is that I would phrase there that final drive but if they lost the game Brady I don't think would be in this open and forthcoming about all the current toaster issues of the day you can turn on your toaster and see this story but he was a good recital did the become back socket and then well I do you said this. May get more play than any Brady interview ever. Are you watching at the same way at least I am thinking you know I don't trust bigger things to worry about them whether a player meals or doesn't Neal for National Anthem. Yeah I mean I I certainly disagree with you know what he said in an. And you know but it was just devices and. I think so that was Axl. The whole show was great really great it was phenomenal and the interview was excellent I don't root for the teams at the lies anymore. And evangelical leaders are still coming in a Red Sox on whatever but the only person I still root for you guys a Brady below. His numbers for two reasons one I like saying that I saw the greatest ever. I pinkie is obviously that was achieved that the number two. He is far better on the show following and so yesterday when he completed a pass to coats. The recent celebration for the Brady but also the selfish reasons that I knew today was going to be pretty damn good. Your Brady student you sound like a stooge I'm Iran's rob Bradford David Ortiz Robb's biggest threat and thirteenth different do you favorite do you I would say we've had trump Brady quotes before going back to the had a locker room crowded entrepreneur and yeah you know last year at election time his refusal to discuss politics editor should be here I don't understand all that stuff was similar subject matter even the flaky huge care to tell me if you're pretty good at it it shouldn't that I have been all right. Yeah but didn't have the combination of the three days prior the build up from Saturday morning up until now with the president to redeem get that son of a good job of hailed the step Korean nonsense that's in real I think it's an excellent. Led to yesterday with 200 plus players protest the National Anthem leading up to this incredible comeback when by the patriots and the next morning the beginning of the work week the beginning of the new cycle of poverty. For the first time openly criticizing the president the United States an amount that's going to be the most problem. We are sixteen to eat we say openly criticizing. Its true I suppose but it would you read that headline of the New York Post that you go to your post not Tom Brady turns back launch properly perfect it was Tom Brady turns back on front marketer something along those he said he disagrees with what he said Friday Leckey distorted. It was a good quote lead them up for the show great like he totally disavow I just said. Given trunks response the house stepped curry was not going all in. On the White House visit I think that their relationship ended April when it was nineteen personally trump takes that visit but what it meant for trump to see Brady in the white house on I think whatever the Brady has he left enough room blue room for reasons he skipped the White House visit. Other than politics it came up in his personal life he duties at the time it was like Brady stood up strong right but detriment to him once that there needed but there but he mentioned there yeah blow by accident. And that that it's in middle it was but it is there wasn't. Like Danny Amendola. Where is yeah. Critic yeah. Hello when trump was interviewed on the tarmac by whoever that was the pool reporter it was asked of Robert Kraft he gets laughed that off he was like you said. Robert Kraft is dead to me. He has to make his ideas and go like one. Right but I think he views were crafted in the differently the corporate I think craft he needed issued a statement because of but to the teammates the players in the locker room and the pressure from the bill and I think craft and trump always been close to the breeding from there. They talk all the time policy in the things. So I think there's a difference I think trump saw what crafted do you think truck come out at some point today and totally in his relationship debris no because I think it it it serves his purpose to say that. They're they're stalls on rent proximity to the two but I think. If you were asked trumpeter and honest moment not with the media present. I think that there have been rated and beat the Brady mentioned is like that it passing peacock that mentioned you know that way. You don't have to agree with everything you know certainly you know. It's harder group your wife in on every topic from day to day. I could siege itself saying. Tom you gotta you gotta say something about these comments tomorrow and I think it's his whole family to I think yet popular with the social media posts of the sisters and and it's a trump wouldn't stand ready to I just don't different simply understands crafts and interest business anyway. It's good talker we are talking on here we never talk about. And a sports issues are universal disagreements I don't like that. An idol in politics he's gonna through its elected to second and it I don't look like act. You up. Before we get back to the company where the second once a player again. Put a space here as well that positive things let us news and the I don't care about. Important elements it was Anthony's. Now in idol the show a little bit later he pretty damn good too. Did he stick to as much support or disappoint him Belichick and this. Full credit to my man Jerry Kelly on the brains and all the craziness of all the stories that I got for the guys I didn't see region's story. Along with men like. Which finally did take on the colonel Kurtz is out of the room Jerry I don't think conceived through the producers the last clearly don't know what you're aired on. So he had he Eagles the clock back down is like. We get light on please current fiscal weak light on and you're nowhere to be ounces tackling them always to nobody in that in this intelligible. It's a fair vote. Jerry talks that nose she an up or go back nearly. Matt Light on the show and I'm like okay. I had no idea I had seen the stories ago when I talked to her apartment. And they get into the story Matt Light thankfully Coles and right away a hall I'm playing minutes later and was awesome and Rick according. Leaders were. Swear this change of go check with a lot that happened yesterday vs if it were to happen say 67810. Years ago. Well we we had stronger leaders you use the low look at it but it's not mastered. Belichick but really was kind of thing and a craft I think the peak at a blames ownership to. Force Belichick to let this happen because the statement that general gist that you've got to and I don't think we will be seeing Matt Light if you call was like was introducing the patriots have prepared and this past September so I do not think that if there is a wall over the. Quite different given up Robert. Perk got into with a little bit. Challenged some Kirk was so our resident political today. Yeah I do it lets you know. Obviously disagreed. Got to a pretty right after Berea at 630. Per and they disrespect their opponent than their own flag I don't con but we don't yes they do in real hot so you think the rest of the world. Doesn't get that Michael's hair clippers the world. You also about notre doesn't care that will be riches in London OK so. So what's the result and they stand for god save the queen and Neil for the National Anthem as disgusting that's why's this got used this line. I don't know how much clearer can make it even struggle you have done an instructional. I was held so player that plays and you've you've yeah I don't for the average trust individual help me up I'll donate to struggle. Kirk added to calling those. Are injured defensemen did your personal assault and president of the United States. You voted for whom campaigned on you know and I would be before or is this and I built our building walls. Is worried about whether or not a player. Its feet is on the ground or is knees or on the gravel someone's singing a song I let me say my Girardi got him this that you fat it. Hope someone has got an online I'm glad you can have a nice healthy discourse on the subject Connecticut admit it. Out here folks of the show. Lowly producers are owed check a couple of producers Pickford you know very well I'm in north Georgia what I mean what it says they're not what you just said was pretty intricate fight back which you just said was originally. Was she said it was pretty straight or traps which she bit and just said was pretty stupid why but I would want everybody has can will change the words apparently got a terribly got a picture really yet saving exit again tell me why you project manager tell me what prompted wrong. It's you know and today it was a rare day were we actually we go to another three hours knock on all the so we didn't get this it was amazing we never played reported. Unless we don't attain a lot of guys came to me. Today or Brees or Berea I disagree. We're we're. It's what trump on the tarmac which we planeload here. At this this week is gonna basically be well there's going to be things evolving and developing as Kurtz and the office who's going to be two or three publicity trumped. Who for all we know as you mentioned might even come out and recuperated so how. Stop out. Artists top. How good it is to we're going to be playing up the same themes and I'm sure gonna sell the radio get ripped by somebody. Personal you'd get much book reaction over the weekend we cannot predict that Friday and it wasn't. Sought legal while media took a left turn this you know as soon as late Friday nights every morning from government of these. Via the protests. As our interview as Brady did today at a couple book questions and different Kirk because he's who teased that the this was not the dated do we go through this book a little more next week rusher some people criticized Kirk for not going Adam as he said. We play at least it is today there was enough strong stuff to go the second he said that these devices to dissidents chopped up because I didn't think the records of these them through. We had a a spirited headlines today. Featuring a five star brought to made his review of stronger from a one Chris Curtis who have booked seats this weekend they were taken when you got. They're realistic and I arrived and Bure about five minutes away. Went to the art experts bought sponsor and go to Fenway blogging your neck of the woods yet in obesity. And we don't. And my wife and I go to our seats the big would it in the jumbos wasn't a Jumbo says Ali is looking real into the regular recliner recliner. There are people sitting our seats and I can't see polite and I don't wanna kick people on the seat and I'm Robert B roar at the gusher there in Iran see their. Because in the speaks tournament because the star like dozens further apart and reflect reflect itself. A sudden my seat and and I was Curtis are well you can but there's a picture on the Kirk Italian home page of courage with a dog Leach lesser Kirk dirt. But no I I thought the movie it was awesome I'm shocked I always know that I'm doing. A decent job when they move on away from me quickly when I'm talking on the air because of start stumbling that you're real tough on him actually relatively coherent go to that's what's gonna miss that what you are well prepared me Kirk was abused the Heyward they had nothing to mock it was yeah it's too bad it was actually too well don't Stoddard and Chris Curtis is review of stronger which both. Kirk and I gave eighties I thought it was an eight plus. I thought beat the scene with a jump from cost it was a Kevin. When he walks in right after the the bombings and are all worried about reporters or whatever in that sort of fairly dynamic and that seemingly capped it really well I thought. The pain Jerry talked about it was cringe worthy at times you could feel it Nelson almost Kevin collender auto local laws and what's gonna outlets do. I'm sitting like that sweat and where that they are now that distress and a lot globally now what ninety days. Worry that we're in a hostile for a hard issue. While being treated for infection anguished look from my I'm a bit. Gladiator he's OK he loose and by himself into the studio a little guys ready to take. Up. To. Pick out. I've been homeless Kevin would look at a perfect voice that you would use like Jesus salads you can hear a bullet arteries clog in the the desperation of is that what is that toy over Florida. Elegant the angry fix up the obamacare and he's on Dale's health agencies down to what he found the and they're how much you weigh when you checked in the hospital. You wait to order house. Maybe in the next idiot Friday we have -- to bring in you know wobbles like your rear admiral I take a very journalistic approach to my blog and we you know candidates respond cast by the way underrated though we met the ratings a lot here is the ratings have been great bet. Week the last week when we got the sixteen yep that included. The the freak show Friday you Friday now so great also Friday killing of a November we've been teasing the mr. brain is battled rails for a few well. It's got a soft endorsement from Kirk today to bring it Roemer indexes. First the appearance post parole on a personal level yes. Extort him for president put it in sicker people dancing completely naked. Judge nervous like you have to live up to mutt does yes. But these an upbeat pictures taken. This was able to get ready for the bodies she currently that's gonna hit and all of email push for a lot of people. Bill this is Brady scared dale from Aussie I must it was no cell watt tree was I don't know soft and assuring a look lice and always huge did there. Oliver on Twitter for the Packers Lilja and don't leave. Or are we are so. A lot of care for Ber rear and I'm really disappointed. I expected more from the people that stands. I think we're able to sensitive about it is clear if I LL be hurt by it. You re rich I easier. The book is he's got after the dead springs and other people who said Boston's racist and you sort of taken on the persona. I think you Seoul lost in the minutia of this that he saw the fans yelling and screaming about the implement this races BT type things together and I don't think anybody was tied together it was overly sensitive about the great player part of it I view today as Boston fans were saying Stanford campus and maybe I'm wrong currencies and unsealed or writing about reacting to a did you see him but he says the possible places those. Not really know the gold standard of race that's ever been involved in his tweeted that he would like to see some equal opportunities right for both sides of the aisle. All all I'm dumbest reits. He says that the shows that have met lights are given the perspective. Why is the only person at the respect of any where. All week every twenty or seven every news (%expletive) everywhere it was about the thoughtful that's my new ripping the buzzword is thoughtful people our athletes and agree with the liberal policy Burkle. Fought for conduct that conversation without making the discourse as loud and mean as so many have become in the public square. A nobody's saying health thoughtful you know old bill Beckum is or whoever named the you know. The start demo Cortese thoughtful but the big. What's been talking about and Friday he's sending me texts left and right bitching about everything I'm doing so well last. I suppose putting him on blast in pubic redevelop a picture of his deleted tweet about football Aaron Hernandez I feel sad spurt in as I invite them on the show he declined to want to go away and then. You know today's put this portion out there and somebody tweeted out that yet history between it on the screen grab from when junior say outside where where Ben bones of the exact same thing about sale replace -- and as a put in sale and he said it. Football killed Junior Seau. Lows again the politics here but a duck easy it's like footballers Zia would just stick to the British Open for different thought yet it's important. Well I I think he's a boy he's got. These bright for the globe do you want you to anything each climate area. Salutes that's the this gloom bus though implements that's in addition. Unita on mr. another goes knowledge out to mossy will be in tomorrow what would you care about. Nothing John what's the meeting is slotted life hopefully he'll be wearing that. How do you how do you think Russia gradient Bergen Bergen. The only reason murdered at and tomorrow to possibly ready to go to Mars whose feisty with mud and and during and him disagree. Sharper and are mostly if he did his work for me was no need to appear at a southern that your white made a call. I don't even know why you need me today can you get rich he could there is pure and it very. Other that what's a what's going over the weekend global initiatives and we training mutt to finish out. Some Aussie came way trainee in mutt and and we might have much writing a column for Hillary a couple of. Oh. But Riddick I don't know practical and so he should just veterans rather pages and tenders that I ruled it was the at all accurate. Owed a cup it's real. But which Adams Izturis broke the way and that age but in the end but it paled in uncles. Moves and obviously. He's it's gonna work from early in. What soap. Pre patriot that he has in his car heard the associates electorate. Yes he has answered questions from associate the rest posting. I go. Obviously your defense made it picks up there that winning drive Tom. Tom grieve for me. Was it here at the end. Just talk about that in. There's if you his effort in the blocking game and it helped pass protection often it seems the only state in the block. How comparative was his play today you know reflective is that of the rock the coach since he got bill that we saw a lot of ticket policy or how much of Haiti can taken pre season he had a really big play. Right where they print and coaxed touched first cooks talks down. Used to talk about what he brings the mental toughness physical toughness to your team. Jerry. Few. A big supporter of the president and the things he's done tackle that he would devote midfield to notre now you can make me that's Belichick say you talk about Jacob almost like he should take. Are you serious the first question the question just like you don't get to write that these ropes hard to believe you raise your hand you have some sort of all the guys know funny just wanna go and we know that this. The first question and never heard Erica hill the defense struggled Brady as he can only talk about that other than not Jacob Ulster question. The other two were before anyone asked anything about Neil and about protesting and that was the play by play guy while he's asking questions go on the boat. How imperative is doing this so long can stay in to block you understand from with a guy like that can remember. Or theater breaking bad. When Walter White moved to New Hampshire and a little play definitely an isolated from everybody that's what social mr. couples write these feminists and see his family (%expletive) down he's got game film batteries that were three hours a week it's brutal. I mean he asks how imperative. Our body tracks never let you down the post in. All stirred the about. Eight to one. Hit he held on to cover some nice catcher result optic impostor how much of Haiti can taken pre season. Tracks earlier take away after that game Belichick I thought Belichick was attraction on he's a policy. He's got no guts at all from why are dressed from or like what. Quick note worst possible outcome for Boston College. They play tough they play good game they get beat. Moral victory at Clemson Lisa Guerrero but a dozen Joseph gets the had a me ask you this job. Worst possible thing that could happen is that they've witnessed. Police. Are you kidding. Me I'm fired up the play in Death Valley that was the worst possible to beat him last year. It takes a week off every year so it's some apps. Yeah well you see through this year at least wait that's right. Was it was meter meter that election we. Are I was watch I mean I was I was going nuts watch him you can tie game. I was in the studio for the Sox over the Sox. While. I got. No well yeah yet he loves it when he mentioned cold curators it's like drop dead in on the boy was he thrilled I called it football. SR report to Joseph the Colgate took on the chin today Furman 45 the raiders fourteen. Embarrassing the powerful paladins. Of determined they were 03 ballots. Sorry Josh. 38 topping the first half. No balls two strikes to Schundler the pitches loan in one ball in two strikes. At Cornell next week appeal. Now the big red has other thoughts though. He spoke by Gail. One answer that was highlighted Saturday. Saturday extravagant I love it yeah citing a back on just its side just not for the post's Alec. And what's next since I'm gonna give you an incident Dick into.