The Real K&C - Fraudulent Cullen, peak Minihane and final question Mut 4-20-18

Kirk & Callahan
Saturday, April 21st
Ken and Curtis recap another insane week on Kirk and Callahan.  The guys discussed the demise of Kevin Cullen and the reporting that led Kirk and Curtis to the real story. 

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April 20 2018. This is the relocated CK at Chris Curtis and Natalie and I'm a sucker for paper the steely Chris Curtis neighbor demand and weak Euro on Kirk count it once again the top journalists in the city Mark Kirk and hand I guess that's true and his sidekick Chris Curtis honest to god. I only if you're like. Eager to Bruce got to Kelly unbelievable job you guys sticking up what is truly despicable respectable back earlier in the week. All right so. All on Sunday there is the story by Kevin Cullen about five years later by use that marathon in mergers cracked and I read through it I gave it sort of a glance IC. The response to this call on Sunday and read through and it just gave me uneasy feeling reading his story. On Sunday remembering the bombings five years ago he says that felt like there was a million miles away but the assume that he kept injecting himself and listen to this and tell me. If this strike you at all is anything close to reality. Hopes and common meet us and have a drink and he didn't wanna leave until we couldn't get the plot is something else. That some things to consider the post's transcript this. Weeks he's guilty as honestly and I had in my opinion. He psychotic so that was the jumping off point with this story Sunday them gratuitously retreating everybody his prior story about the church later that seem to make no sense and on top of that him sort kicking us when we were down led to a perfect storm of Kirk and I really digging in this region to who we wasn't what it was doing and not to mention you had the Boston Globe sources for Kirk and Sherry that really kicked this off by telling them that. In effect Kevin Collins five your remembrance is wrong it's about really kicked our room investigation into this is not a stunt. Yet we talked about it Tuesday a little bit we had the audio from Bob Bryan podcast I didn't wanna see the movie I remember talking to a number of firefighters I know and a couple of Ian T trying promise Barroso. One of the lieutenants on the Bosnian mess and he's just getting these people have been treated for post traumatic stress for stuff that they went through. And they had no interest in seeing the movie and I must say that the like a month after the bombing I was completely screwed up myself I just. Head it was not taking care of myself was not eating right it was not too which was drinking too much was not getting the proper exercise asleep and I it. I think it was almost like a second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people have been traumatized. It can be effective member of like crying at night and stuff after talking to people and and I just if it's jointly and that's it so insulting the people who actually honest you've gone through it at the trying to make yourself a character in the play that you you're not casting you know part of this play OK sorry Kevin. He'll get to be in everything was people went through it. Can really go through you don't get to do that. Outlook the Rhode Island called in actually with Gerry called silly could call it afterwards every era Marathon Monday approaches and I happen to collect social media. I seem to be who crashed and a new won't be too much at some point to try to moderate. In the port for the new englanders to attract attention to something that was larger and thicker and then in real. And about what an open new aspect is one Boston opera I saw this week Imus it which what you can't or Kirk. That without the fact that. Mark Wahlberg its ticket bought. I was about I was at this I agree I was at the screen size and I think Harry. Small pot. Monday afternoon we got a text. With based screen grab from listener from Kirk saying that you got to tick up as Barbara and plug and that really was okay we know is that second in PT SD second impeaches him and his from last year is second hand PTS one Maloney was on the days we were all at executive PT is these are home to a different building your radio and archive here require NBC sports network. So lash shells. The turbulence may have known high he's been a big picture of our show last couple years I know the layers of the onion began being on peeled a curtain and and Chris Harris Wednesday afternoon. I've found a piece of sound from the BBC. It was Kevin Collin verbalize what he had initially inaccurately reported it. Here's Kevin Collin. Talking to the BBC as a Boston Globe reporter telling that story. Other parts ours ours ours are sets. This is April 16 correct 2013 just give some context. Here is bill Richard talking about and I should have Cullen talks about Obama chemical BBC yes and Jeanne Richard apple. Just cut off for fun. Not long ago with a young firefighter who are very concerned to vote. He's young kid he's a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what you saw today it was worse than anything sort of war zone. He carried. And young girl. I'm. Whose brother was killed it seemed. I actually don't father. Israelis today. And when you finish the race is young son. When the sidewalk. Because. You went out and sports history does that. Anyway back onto the sidewalk and father walked on the registers. And the bomb exploded. The boy was killed. His mother was severely injured. And the daughter to grow. My from the fire fighter shortly after up. Carrier. An ambulance. And I don't. Consider that to be put it doesn't really true it would. He was packed machine. He told me crawled out of the league's. Incident he's trying to find their way and let it could find. I'm just gonna again this is where it gets into from. Journalistic. Malfeasance to just I would say disgraceful and I'm just gonna say this score is right talked of for Borges. None of that stuff other than portraying Richard losing her leg Kevin Collins good luck charm. Losing her leg. They depart none of those things that number it's up happened. His friend Sean who uses later by the way as well we'll get to that. He's firefighter friend Sean was not the person who. Rescued saved probably CJ Rich's life that's Matt Paterson cracked as met Paterson Matt Paterson who I just spoke to Kristin drillers well. That moment we knew that Kevin Colin was portion at a minimum yen days after the bombing at a bunch of facts wrong including simple things about the marathon. And work Kirk used like cinematic it was a lot. Thursday. It was made clear to me we got to get in touch with met. Who was the hero receive it. On Monday. So I contact them he's up. Before immediately firefighters are always working hours. So I talked to him off the year. And he says it's up I was means they'll don't know Shaw and Ike they're region Richard annual long related ineptitude for the oh. Was the worst thing he said to meet the exact quote was everything. You prepare for and what you pray you never have to and it was so eloquently stated and a from Emanuel obviously. And there was there. He sought use an off duty firefighter from windows of the marathon that there at the finish line. He saw it happened to Jean Richard he climbed over. He carried her with a friend of his there was not a shock easily meaning Sean he's never spoken Kevin columnists like this man. Pat Patterson carry Jean Richard. From picking her up and by the way and it's pretty good give away. When he says is this firefighter friends didn't know until the end she lost a leg he said this guy spoke to said here in the rescue business owners firefighter AT&T. The first thing you windows has blood gushing like crazy right. And there's so much hypocrisy going on during that time I can understand it away and it is amazing that some of the stuff didn't get back to these people who were directly involved. That Kevin Cullen is describing erroneously. At the time we don't you mean like this little fault of the cracks do we know what somebody said can check this out this guy saying you did this or you weren't here or somebody else did what you did. But here's the thing though it actually. Would make up until this point I would totally grew Cuba after speaking to Sean into met it makes perfect sense they are a 180 degrees away from Kevin Cullen. Who created toward the blast. And they will. Pulling most flags and ripped like pulling them down to get a two victims and the flags were. Lying on the blood boil some street at the finish line that in. As a put it might call today at those flags looks like systems themselves. If you don't care about getting credit. You don't get a should have somebody else in accurately gets I think to not care deal alerted to vote right but like they didn't even like to them it was out of sight bottom line they were they're living their life are moving forward their firemen that did but they were expected to do right. And then you have this loser Kevin Cullen who's. Forest dumping himself and all these moments and jumping and in trying to get as much or I mean if you guys listen this have a couple minutes Saturday Sunday. So it can kill time. Taipei and Kevin Cullen marathon bombings into YouTube you're gonna see forty videos of him every day with MSNBC with CNN with Larry O'Donnell. These colorful they're obviously requesting him because they EC and other. Interview with him where he's making this you know he's he's painting mr. Matic picture and got to get this guy on. Among the confirmed. Deaths is is I don't blame eight years old and then you've been finding out more about his family and when he went. His name is mark Richard and as you said he was eight years old and he was killed and his sister lost her leg and and I know the firefighter who carried that girl's safety. And he represents. The best of us. And whoever did this represents the worst of us. Who who's got some psychological phrase. For people who attach themselves will be part of like Rupert events. Yesterday I found the five minute clip that we played today where he talks about this the flags looking extreme bodies. Kirk found this audio of this and conference on terrorism coverage where Kevin Cullen randomly get the call from Tommy dawn. You with public would you be doing it McConnell and I'll say this current and they'll call cola I'm good at this fiction stuff yet you she works the globe really sure there will picture that it can we go more beyond that amount of the season Howard talked about Crist Eric bar or coffee shop. Bomb. Tore trees cars trying to keep track of the potluck dollar loan to hold on characters is in the middle on the he's done go to middle panel of people and panels sold sold to Sony dog is locked into just your point four I was at I. I wanna say don't have to ever get to see him again. Was attempting to walk away put it out for days here to got a good anyway life. This morning I wanted to really nailed down the elements of the moments where Kevin colon reporting on the bombing after. There were images of heroism from this show on O'Brien. And I wanted to speak with them to really get his perspective if you know Matt Mets had in him. And he's used. Almost. In every story written by calling throughout this process so I want it really ascertain their relations and that was when I lost and I you're next week talking to Ike couldn't believe I honest to god I mean Kevin Cullen is a pap is pathological. When you look at the. Tweets that he retreats it's all you've made me cry he right now hard. It's always melodramatic. I've covered war I've covered terrorism beat asks me it's crap it's garbage. How would you characterize O'Brien on the flown direct and there was like you've never heard these before which is goes to point that nobody had alerted to this every time we talked about what he did. It's like they have this training there just so selfless the first thing he says. I'm not talking about me many would say what he was doing and where he was the only interaction he had according to Shawn to me was with. Kevin ankle when he visited the fire house the night after the ball. The second I hung up with them I told Kurt you've got to talk to. Kirk talked him for about ten minutes and then we were just were off viruses and here's Colin talking to BBC a bow. His role wary wasn't a bomb. As of tomorrow from seeing the kind of heard it. And it was I don't know I guess when you hear something like that. First well could have maybe been anything but the second one. Kind of reminded me of that eleven. The tentacles are now spreading elsewhere finally took 24 hours hears us say about our show. Criticize it hated Bobbitt. We never stop we work 24 hours a day on chores like this other shows and excluding some impact of the shows of the station. Show up to the show and go home get their rating don't care repeat doing it we don't like us haters I don't care we don't stop we will never stop. Credit Kirk and does so at some level would love to be an interest Gator journals in this case he has been for this in the gorgeous situation would it was a different relationship with the listeners borders because he's a sports guy and he had kind of debated. Feature a rate for a lot of listening audience there. Currently there were good nice to talk to you explain how this all happened somebody read your complexes poll number. And I just picked up and for some reason it just a regular text as they are. And equipment summer. That was huge gay ratings wise force a huge story that he got duped and you know not the first incident within and everything else but. This match is that maybe even surpasses it in terms just the scope of. I would say the wrong Borges was a visceral reaction. From the audience and the loyal people who fall or show in the teams in this town. It sounds like is some OK it was were where once again. Hearing that somebody who posed as Don Yee the agent for or. That was morbid dumb luck and people just sort of celebrating the demise of god hated. What this was was with Colin. It's nuts and bolts. Shattered glass Stephen Glass type journalism from the show I mean it's we found out that he's a fraud Reid sniffed out. And then we attacked his work in dug through it found the people that he was sourcing. Confirmed that they were not accurately source and went to air would that mean it was old school just. In my opinion. Lying lying lying you have people like Sean O'Brien he never spoke to said he never spoke to after the first day but yet. BP to use these interviews or to speak to who didn't speak to its humble second hand PT has T. Seeing Kirk is at his. When this stuff is in the when he smelled blood and he's just on top of it in two seconds right well we had two huge event to show. This week not just. The exposes the false reporting the revealed can't tell we hedge in the wrestling Donald for over five minutes on Thursday as the spot and a half after the reverse and Martina at the Fed generously to the longer that we had shot after that's true you sat down and eight and talked to have the great a summer team and nice guy. Was I I was I was one of very very refuel at the head table. Sitting with him like a clown. And Mick Foley. Though. He's not you is that it is about Jim the wrestling to join the congress camera team having dinner together is nothing. At all. At all about that. I'm not want to elaborate jurors laughed about it and you know and a longer but our last question Adam you say here he wants to play football. Around him. That speaks to it simply a eighth and we issue because why would people not want to play anymore besides being a family issue and spent time span we also had. Big patriots news this week sort of and we will Imus similarly crusty Wednesday 8 o'clock hour because we had chapter call as you mentioned right and then wicker Jimoh right afterwards. You know what role dugout players I was told him before the Super Bowl Robert Kraft had told people that like look we've got a trigger a way to limit our. You know yeah he's the problem and then he left in the Super Bowl on Robert Kraft started playing and so. In there is inconsistency. I don't know exactly how revolve itself and I'm not sure that it will. Which even though there wasn't I guess a ton of news was refuted somewhat. Quickly the next one to four hours that was united patriots stuff is breaking with Brady it's going to be. Catching passes from Tom Brady's that's kind of tough for the world I mean that is kind of pinnacle. And other huge dent in this week I would like to say twenty years in this business doesn't happen like giving anybody else who's had forty years in this building Meredith on them but mr. Kerry congratulations well mistress. Mary Walsh put together a proclamation that he asked us to read. Them to do the honors or at least part of it got me through them choking up here. And it goes as follow. Whereas Mistress Carrie has been a strong female wants me the city's longest running rock radio station. And whereas she is a two time recipient of the army commander's award for public service. And the recipient of the order of saint Maurice yeah. Their four. Ron Valeri as requested by Martin. Do hereby proclaim April 17. 2018. To be Mistress Carrie day in the city of Bol and. What did you expect a Democrats and regional. Issues and that surprised what these days here and get their oldest of the date. What ever can run with Jerry music regrets received a five K and this sport I'll mr. Shut out it's different Cain are right on the next week when we look at them Monday Friday report get much different level map and we'll have liked the return of a draw for two next Tuesday. I don't iced in this nineteen all the Binghamton, New York a knock guys like slots or burn he was my here I tune in late tonight at the Laramie and Friday. Baseball West Coast baseball I'll be in the Booth. Reeled unless. Carolina Joseph down so that the 48 yard field goal. The ice the kicker the grand you know comes three wins it 33 to thirty Panthers as the patriots fall too soon to. Options and Sunday. The double shot a Red Sox this weekend of may be a celebratory Sunday skate kind of joked last few weeks that they they have no shot I think killer. Frequent caller straight New Hampshire kept the pounding gut on this last couple calls they can get the top seed I didn't buy it. Doll art for wrap this up this one is a big thank you to bill militants the whole show when nice little field trip this week we got some awesome clothes Amare for milk things out but right now it is the sort Foreman in all honesty great work congratulations. Terrific reporting you liquor appreciate the feedback consulates were sicker the Joker good week. It is currently threat and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI MW unit are trump. Could weaken.