The Real K&C - Freak flag Mut, Reimer's return & Moronic Mazz 6-15-18

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Friday, June 15th
Ken and Curtis host their second post-show podcast in the span of one week.  Today the guys discussed shocking new admissions from Mut, a possible return of Reimer and stupid comments from Mazz. 

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Two real case and sees this week. Press Hitler Chris Curtis courted but that would be eight to pull. And a lot of bad idea. First this week when you say lately it's free Black Friday here with a lot man let your freak flag fly he's got a dark side all right said the Jamie fox thing and never heard of someone doing. Among us and it is just can't do all the yeah no I did not say nice chess and on what you know what I've never done that in my life must Jimmie Foxx is accused of assaulting someone with his member madness thing you see I've seen it on video for like actually hurting someone with. I don't like knock on the mound I don't think she suggests opulence muscular dark side and get a few guys who is hurt by just called it it was assault into life as my father came on Saturday and put that I think ice against people saved in ice it was markets winners part things -- diet does require a hot it's freak like Richard I. I heard about Saratoga arrest handcuffed by my ankle to a bench but is Kirk. Revealed he had the data from the judge that honest admission on this point I gotta say we like candor on the show but that was shocking detail but he put on a Democrat recent from the judge that day. And that read a list of things he was guilty of I give credit out of forcible sodomy one count of forcible oral something. Two counts of residential burglary and one kind of indecent exposure what does oral something using legal term is that true it's kind of via. Well this oral cop killings constantly look for out of oral so I wanna I wanna mess the that was Stephen it's continued to. Yesterday's final fours and call for now. Closing and so nice to see like that things expose like that. This well alt thing about mutt his appearance. Three days in a row Wednesday through Friday gave us to Stephen Providence appearances which were both fantastic the best caller was Steve from Providence and Steve. Big morning guys much of the casino industry at Augusta or dallas' OS PN's mark you do realize. Expect realizes that's based on Tuesday so you might wanna. Well it's not an animal where scientists found Wednesday speed hump where Sunday's bombings that yeah I mean don't realize it probably orchard enjoy whatever solidarity your investment and all the war. It. Is nice and they always they rap like that stand out that's not a good job. Allen owner sir you really set on getting Carter junior jockeys. Gorilla in the picture right because. Buick sale and we're trying to win the the breeders' cup of America's cup. Did you can't do pretty good job he'd couples in the final line today where itself. My I just wanted to say you know what your own fault you're the one that killed up all the casting couch members so it's your own fault dummy and the last thing is tonight we re he'd be a seat to the kids or now do they know we don't know that ABC. That's a good night c'mon let's include table isn't your fake laugh track. Goods on a quick killer. Who were known in New York attorney general so abdomen lawsuits which trumps. Yes. And Kevin if Trump's favorite tennis it. Baggy suits and lawsuit the only one that might vote. It was a true no leaks easy school bear is like Malaysia and I'll drop was born 72 years ago today and I just wanna say sir I wish you a very. Birthday. Layers. Presumably happy. And that is fun fact Trump's birthday is also Flag Day and we know how much she loves the flag. Someone give that flag. Mike eleven bodies card. Felt like he there's not a typical nose at people if writers on the stuff you know exactly typical night of Stephen Colbert and god that's awful mr. writing staff. Also criticized president trump ever knows that I did give him a gift sir I hope you enjoyed this cuff links just let me. Copies though. Anyway we have won again Monday next week which. Right off the show put Kirk and good literature a route you surely know was and skeet stored actually in the Highlander but the dust. Was supposed 8 o'clock. Monday is back. On again. I'm fine movement she's to wiwa a week we do we have do we keep ratings are what who's on Tuesday strokes and it to. She's semi pro ball well we had at Miami and I. No we're not cancer drug and watched. Book Roemer for Tuesday's 6 o'clock will be not much hitting OK contact right now and he's coming on the show I don't think he has to co Q so that I think he's listening right now I think he's adding a second I week. And be all laugh and all blah blah blah ten lately or did she looked up the phone call him up to get a two minute phone cameo when he was Kamal that anymore idea yet. Is it is it's really poorly written. It makes no sense in short an element that's like one of the terrible points it breaks like that certainly makes sense since. Paula we just it was a got a call TiVo's at all he's up battling it while you're listeners and one that is not wanted to push them done with morning radio. Well (%expletive) up up up up up it's pretty good humor about it. He wasn't at a Wednesday. Yeah that low energy tone so I just don't have the energy forum in the mood let's mix show only fair as I'm done with that terrible show how I had high hopes for the. Just not up for today and if they might move to bigger and he's an odd guy we always say that it's true he is a weird weird. But he writes columns well. The breaking news in the morning part of the show was that a pretty quickly Alex three it was going to be reinstated for next Tuesday on the program bill every run Monday or Tuesday and when you want them on Monday let's just more black back off the bench in which is now. Dole and going to the super one months since member talking about forum I'm sure I thought I can never Orkut is yet again with all the ESP and I got out on the white nice well that's my problem when it's or can punish us killing myself I'm 24 and it worked for the biggest media outlet in the country's. Another question to would be even if we do bring him back whether it's gonna be the same were 119 was America's moral man volume acts will even be you know worth bringing back. Whatever for me is the cutter resuscitated a little bit. I think he's gonna have a learning curve getting back to normal but knowing Alex is going to be aware that that thought is out there he's gonna do his best to be serious but. Not sound like he's been kestre. We've purveyors of commentary. Ten define multitudes in the tiniest speck. In Mears of this site test to wherever we turn. I grant you that the patriots discussion those that question around to be on your Hogg I mean he is hated as much as anybody Boston now. I mean it's awe and believable. It I was out at a function at this McClain had been a couple of weeks ago talked this shrimpers and talked about the show all they said it's almost negated maybe be alcohol in that event you know that was a sensitive subject for the people there what I told Chris curtains on you know he's listening he told me a pretty personal secret about himself a few months ago that I kept under wraps so if you wants to see how stream or be a snake. I'm not tying in now. That's not the kind of person I'm sure. I see you got a little something it would be a shame if that secret had to come. Kitchens the off the climate reduced its people hate him it's not just this patriots relationship it's much more than my gut tells me that Kirk will when Allen missed one and we will be back to what irks the entire era out. There's a lot of reasons that make sense to have Roemer on before Thursday of next week in terms of timing otherwise I would say wait until the fall now there's no accountability for anything you do in the slight he's not in next week he's not managed to approve next week I would want to bring in so why announcing your alcoholic and enjoyed Turkey away mental and an axle and when needed to and that's. I'm. It was a summer cut. Aside my favorite Jerry Alex vote was in the Hillary studios that its debts off course that video and this tour this opens or no project all the back here boys let's go let's get that public this is this. That you are slow dancing that dance alone O rob Bradford was not just this week the boy spirited film rob was every bit a part of where she'll. We had a lot of rob a brand new impression it's taken root you know. Lottery one I think. He had no dad no I don't know when he had no yeah no yeah no yeah I doubt god god god god god I don't I don't I don't know about. I know I got that I've done that they've got to have it. I bet it did do. That. But I've read that not every. I've been talking have been better with Dan and big bullet right me neither. Hello Ed that you know. It where people up iPod. And a bit up. Speaking while spoke we had a Curtis. Time this week. It's a lot what does it really appreciate what's one of those four agreements are for that forgive and forget that for militants who dropped out has been edging in inching ever closer but towards Curtis but I certainly made up for that does this team is going to go market down two and fourteen season buoyancy occurs disagrees and fixing if you wish to 78 through fifty some fifty yes sir don't. Who was at. Should go to should go to. It was good well. That being said you do a lot of audio port these teachers or was it the morning guys and good morning Chris. President trump turned 72. Why he's screaming relax don't go to Oklahoma do his job you're right I apologize I. I was told I had no energy and I'm trying to it was a like a couple of weeks ago cages for the BB. The sudden I'd like third Diet Coke today and pretty well right it's you've settled in its Jimmie Foxx was not nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Israel Agha tied it's ridiculous current. But he was alleged to have. Slapped a woman with his middle part. Is this. I actually thought you earlier on segments this week are atlas atlas took kind of a show that was teetering may be for a segment. Yeah it was a ball that we were good for the rest days that's I think subpoenaed to big pivot point show. I'm still incredibly nervous doing I have very high levels of anxiety World Cup fever slowly do it all cleared in this you fancy yourself a the soccer or certain certainly are as far as our showed art. Kind of felt that coming quickly wanted to snuff that out. Old baby yeah I think Kirk at what aspects of drug current toward fourteenth soccer and he immediately put that the Mohammed the law. Is it very famous soccer. In America. Yes for a pro football soccer in America which is on the revolution. It's on the none of the reporters and OK so he's a very famous soccer player in America and he plays in Egypt. Plays a Liverpool. And slippage England. But first let's pretend to be soccer. It was worst qualities Mohammed says I'm winning ways by means one more time he's talked cocoa producer for its hawkish. I lived in 1998 David Beckham a red card against Argentina. When that whole country came to stalk. Was at the Saddam had but a year I'd still don't is an auto 2000. And this stuff we're missing Erica it's not that out that was a regular debris were throwing tables the public cross from a place Virginia water at Maryland tomorrow. It's that was almost like yeah Brady Gisele speaking on top which should movement and Gillick accused application actress. Before it's the other big theme of the week. What took a shot on our money podcast that you'd did you find that to be authentic a news I knew what was strategists because I'd we give them the wobbly mutt we did a couple shots of the drinking it's okay once you stop its offensive. I ask you Steve I about it as companies you are the divesting the American they have a lot of respect for Texas. If there was any gossip behind the scenes against people wanna know what it was like this week with Kirk ranting on Wednesday and analysts were Sweden post the 8 o'clock hour right. And the next day we were limited to 45 seconds on what we could replay from the rants. I think playing his 45 things that you were doing well. I don't know its present herself what do we weren't talking to capsule way to throw BP crescendo you're angry talk about why you did this why it's important to you Linda I'm quite decided this biko. Also put up a link. Of what they drove up yesterday let people know where they can hear the entire thing domestic employment 45 seconds in which is better Kirk's renter. Tim never taken toward requests to question. Ultimately as we habitable but nobody wanted to now let's put a 45 seconds is a funny is a good I think it's I was with a 45 seconds from. I yeah. I think I could. It. Oh tents wasn't here this week it's tense minutes often tense this week it was more tense than usual because of addressed that does this. Activists is trying to ruin our lives he's trying to and our show was Renault. Matt Mason Dunn great guy really great conversation with him in a mom of young. Cues transgendered very nice people had a great conversation have no wish is that all non. Zero eagle also is that. The guy is going after us that he knows that too we do PSAs happy Buick I've I've Mason Dunn on any time that the conversation. No problem nobody else would do. We do when we get nothing for. Instead gets up to go to contacts at the people day after day after day after day I've had enough of it I'm in my wit's end. Done we are done. There's a big thing you can do right you say something on the radio that would understand the context of your. You remove it from that input into written word in a callous sides and embolden those words it's totally different. And so. You are constantly fighting this battle of what the show you what it is which is the pressure on Boston right or about the sky and change in Bowie and sensor. It's a high wire act that we have to balance and it's this week and it was pretty tense at times and deal. Clearly if it was your decision my decision we would oppose the hour question and the Stew which is pathetic that sock puppet but it was wrong it was just sure display just being overly cautious. This'll conversation we'd suspected we sort of started the show when India Clark art they were mad is that this this and seeing double standard of how we are a year dealing with this and bagel on the care and or the slide. I could not will be I was here in terms of this is all our anger directed it still Bundchen. But nearly eighty again that after living here again I'm not kidding I am so. Free skin look and sick of these two I can't tell you how should I hear them. Of the two of them every timer baseball took a screen I want a wretch. I do I should all sick of our. Of super G I can't tell you how thick volume because look. The bottom line is terrible the patriots are multiple ball. I got to see her in the FaceBook video as I get if you're in the vogue video we're fail I got your hands and chat right where they wish Chad went on her fake. You've got this ball looking weasel we're fate. While in a rare moment what was kind of right hoping choke on the biggest basic of curry chicken ever now has become such an ass club each character that people take seriously. Is viewed as a wacky guy with Lackey takes he's a bomb loser I'm eighty out of market he sought print it would it would strike is booked around here Belichick gets it must have occurred Jerry Sanders was the talent that they hear your home he says he practices as a commentary by saying I'm joking I'm doctor believes it was my masters to caricature than he's tribute Tuesday. Audience and it. The left field wall at Fenway Park is. Is affectionately known as the green monster how tall is the left field wall seven feet 37 feet or 137. Feet. It's at Stratford that he sucks like Kirk's idea of a sex not with human models was deal with the Orioles fives sex quiz him. What's it went off the woman's beatings to grab in the woman's crotch now competing. Mean well also the rubble at the we will get open for that it was well produced. It's around the pond sure we're competitive out there that are on Sports Radio WEEI. Prove your kid to school. Through its fondness take an excellent job back Vonage is built on that I would got a text from yesterday's yours or envision it happening. Mark comes up with his idea tax us to get to see the bought. Perry delightful looking delightful image pop a right he does this idea around the hole gets throws well and text union a group. Gauge our reaction yet enough of the stuff delegate count was our chance talks was about do we get back to Bo tried to do it can be at the buzzer ready rate paid bureau regress. A list of questions ready to go columns cola around the home around the whole fiesta around the horn had a title. I don't either but that's okay well through parliament as the does he'll throw us quickly and publicity right respondent in anchor so I actually I saw a lot of good it's beautiful yet. And very and he takes the phone after seeing our response. Calls Kirk we can't tell Kurt he could be beatable steeler renewed proprietary but it. The suit calls Kirk. Kirk cancers he sells that the curtain is all that because we didn't reduce his test but he I guess that's true father Stanley. Cup eggs is well why Laura light 4 AM to them. Dollars law. And you know as we get rate and our podcast yet again good weekend is continuing to be banned. The debt our best to find. The best audio of the week we will show with us today here was very happy year deal like in the Armenian 5 o'clock hour show yesterday a piece on the athletic about the Bruins Britain by former globe Bruins beat reporter fluid oceans Allah. All the big supporter the only time it's let's talk puck and all about hockey so does that spill letters terrorists you know who doesn't awful pockets after stuff happened and to demonstrate this week and there was also I've read this over the weekend possibility. That the Bruins may be stepping away from this grinder line thing for their fourth line. Which would mean you know Riley Nash Tim she Allard those types and were restricted none restrict.