The Real K&C - Gin Hand photo, Reimer parole hearing & LaDuz lifetime ban 7-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, July 17th

Ken & Curtis recap a Monday edition of K&C featuring Trenni and show-ban discussions plus a rock-bottom photo of Curtis in the ICU


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They seventeenth of July the real KN CAA Ken Laird and noted okwu folic I'm alcohol. I'm an alcoholic Chris Curtis a gauging hand to an end yes the clavicle slowing and Eugenia and I don't court you stood in there again today and took some of the abuse not only from my Kirk and Jerry from yourself self abuse she put up a hospital photo he wanted to. A lot of money out there. Curtis that'd be so we have a picture you did that occurs I was not gonna make you do that I was do you have any pride. And secondly is Graham that if you did you tweet it out if you're on Twitter he just would you like it let's analyze. This was our guy Chris Curtis. Fifteen months ago almost dying. Let's alcohol months ago and it's three days ago during Kiefer madness it's right. And what was it called again alcoholic he won't feel with hepatitis hepatitis. In the frozen alcoholic hepatitis he look like a frigate. Like a zoo animal and different revived the bad guys that he not to be a 1000001 knows when during the bad Dinah last bad move to broker a Beno whatever he loves me. Arguable but I would say this goes even a notch above the dog collar photo that man's speaker callon website in terms of personally putting yourself in a vulnerable position did you take pause as to whether you're gonna actually post this. I took the weekend to think about it regular show the guys Thursday and then Kirk mentioned and prodded and posted Friday. And it was a photo from. I don't know because I don't remember but I believe it was the first day that I of my first folder in the icu. And my wife is with the nurses I never said this. But the Boston medical center of the nurses there. Very likely sit in my life and unbelievable people and a very top please the boss medical center sees a lot of people like me. And that's situation worst people in terms stabbings. Drug addicts all that it's kind of a severe gospel and on remarkable people in there anyway at some bay said to my wife. You should take a picture because you wanna have this either final word you know. Wednesday six months later on firemen have a drink again or later on in my life for one should tell my story. You know that I have this image of being on this death's doorstep. In this room with where. Truly rock bottom picture correct. And so my one year anniversary I didn't even know that this picture existed on Monday when your sobriety. Just took me out to lunch and she showed it to me and I've lost. You know is he doing just what click. Literally death. Littler meet console Ulf strapped it was weren. Gas mask contraption smoke weed whatever the treatment that I took everything does it do I immunity is. Remains a very powerful picture but I don't know why I'm not really at the point where I consider things to be off the table that's what I am that's where it was that's what I did in Jordan and on. I don't feel like. You know just because some people are gonna take you run with that as a so on the podcast Friday its fish podcast is in this show is great because you know everything's on the table we can McFarlin or flaws and. It's gonna you'll those photos that's out there and parity counts were for quite some time that's good forever falsely believe joblessness could resurface but the we have some creative people out there but notes that the part of my wife and what is you got a better day though. With that picture than our good buddy cal balloons didn't like how the deuce yes stand from Kirk Italian forever today I think. July 14 2017 WEY 10:13 am disease story from subbing in high yield to lose. He was area in turn frosty this. Producing for us right. It was introduced when you lastly to drive in every morning right yes five reasons why OMF one in the spring book you it's five reasons why ailment when the springbok. The five reasons were angry Lou. Fauria the thief. No more cap or nick. CB Holmes talk more sports in blue vs four incorporate those numbers for a that's what I didn't get Kyle very Smart perceptible when the hell is Lou and four when they fight now IBM being very nice to like the mid day guys were getting along well he is right there are in fact five reasons why they beat the abdomen dish or cross street. Those five reasons our number one I was conceived. Number two I was hired by WPI. Number three Kevin which are shocked. Number four they hired me to replace Ken winter and number five I covered John Dennis those other five reasons why don't have won the spring bought. How the who's who's in turn here who let these things in the short right. I asked him what he writes about the show all the I'm happy that they should be able to rally type things about why show won the I think what the reasons that the initial one was the massive lead. This guy is volatile like our shows were the show again I am and what I've read it does not us it's not. Even though he's the head he's got I don't want inherited the UMO yeah I got. We not. Keep up and not done in my brought. That he's gonna say bad it goes without saying for life as not can I. Buy you some balls for your politics as soon uniqueness yet an excuse. They Kirk didn't quite by lowering Paul got in on this how to lose just responded corrupt no he did knew we would we have to say to be fair or Matthews was one that Brad follow asked him to write. Cut its like I say okay all Psycho a whole lot they shot Rocca hold on. Asked the right to ask him to write without mentioning us who The Who The Who wrote the contents. Paul wrote the five reasons you just transcribe the McCord is so we your friendship I. You're kidding you said the five reasons are from Paul and Richard had a good defense. Hauled their producer. Yes but the corn and mile pilot put his name on it should put his name and that's embarrassing a plane right all right. Charted a midday producer was thrown under the bus by. Well he had Brad those sort of like one more info from Bradford. Like if Kyle's direct boss said not only write this story but get called right it transcribe what he has the say. Then I think cows off the hook if Kyle just went to Paul himself said one of five reasons then I think disaster still on the line. Yes I think it would have been accurate and funny for Kyle to. Have put cut Kirk or Kirk and Callahan as one of the five reasons yeah because it would have gotten little or reaction. No matter what Paul told Kyle I still think Kyle should have done something like that Wald did there that lessens the culpability in all absolutely no you don't elect we love Kyle Kyle would look best center in turn Ria had. I'd love cutting Turks against the moment electorates are. Passing the buck to somebody else that's all it's odd that I grew into an argument why don't maturity on it. Is he got a guy trying to young guys are young man in your pictures on the did you make defenses Ford that you're still in college graduates go to college still and calm Welsh let parents I. Elements of which have what's up puke who was protesting somewhere don't you wouldn't. Sure we witnessed 22 year old that he would not you've never would you know. I had no clue circuit Jesus a couple of times commitment you know sporadic we with a first you know ninety minutes of the show. And then boom we get into it I thought it was Bradford itself for adding wolf Fleming the pot loss on I was trying to. It was some weaken program supported relics a you know whatever but the moves from left fielder's miracle. Is your number one fill in when your at least once in a feel for you when you were enough Italy via solo go back to the drawing board I guess that puts jet back mixed although there were pretty gallon jet the last time where they're babies he can I was in the candidate Trey was it today she's been able to close with Gary little too close with a glossy but I just think get a Trace fraternity. Cal was a big one follicle. It felt like a wild with the three of them I thought it was good I thought Trey definitely was wolf. Giving us some behind the scenes on the other group talking about that a little bit today that actually do with two. Reading between the Pope reference to tweak the other yesterday. Can somebody say that you poop everywhere I mean I was just responding to someone who said funding dumb to me it didn't bother me managers like talking about professional army I too said. I don't wanna discuss the problem the bathrooms four. That's actually an analyst and uncle and Helen hitters. And I can now flash ten ways here he's president some new diet I didn't do tonight that would be about it I would bout against. Seed and only talk more mechanical Hanley would eventually all expected to convince the we campaign you because we need diversity and we're losing the guy who likes to have sex from men that's true that hurts trying to likes to go proven to have some sort of the man that was as now diversity. To mossy part sloth mossy also it's the Cooper to his pants and 400 to an article about everything. I thought today's show I we talked on the opposite a victory sort of stow away a little bit too today because a lot of it was. Rehashing last Thursday in the of the boomer and carton with the club Brandon Marshall stuff so on the good show especially with literally nothing going on. Yeah a lot of Roemer reset today LaBrandon Marshall little Brandon Marshall reset. I got the talks Sox trade a mystique about the outage Miguel Cabrera talking yeah 184 million left in the next six years in baseball can Laird who's 34 Jimmy the case this trader at. He can make it out geez why. It's Cabrera. And you can have your mind they're all matters sale acutely at a two or three year window okay now with the means would you if you signed Cabrera and a 108 million dollars means you can't time to keep bets are Bogart's. So can't hit it too well home runs this year we tweeting you win two World Series what does that mean you can tell the second half brother Alex who dread that the next six years. Bets work of her. Six years that her Bogart's a Garber. The prayer. Over the next six years arts is you'd rather have pencil and Cabrera then bowl guard is five years but are slim it is not going to have -- saw you stand up I can't all of his numbers have dropped who want you we still seniors this. She was many as much as John and as your hero curt Hanson a visa you have to make the decision based on yes well. Nobody give a cadets through ID and a well look at a picture so Wallace look for today Shalit and the trade deadlines two weeks away this is hot air patriots campus ten days just the counter trading tomorrow and nine days I'll I like the top ten days in a big mystery to him moments it's been trending on wandered into special teams and Q we haven't done a lot of we did on the Brady book that's been our football. Discussion is not much else to get into Trace I'll watch the super. I have a little window Reno and a rare window in baby so I'm a lot the second corner I highly recommend the halftime show. Lady Gaga with spectacular definitely we have moderate views that yeah we wanna hear about that and what Roemer is going to be back Friday yes Nellie out again in this now on. 8 o'clock it's a soft 8 o'clock rate as a soft on his assault stomp you know talk to Alex and self yet I have. This quite frankly makes feel sick to my stomach the net him back in. I want him in no it is very. No Winona. OK if he doesn't commit guess what musical artist that means Kirk is afraid of him experimental work I'm afraid of terrorists who have no problem having him and he won last time when I I would save lives subs let him answer. One last time I think will be treated properly will be given the who is this erupt in the dirt is there any chance that he's apology. Works and you guys agree that he's remorseful listen if anything I'm open minded and really revved the commerce and I think of curtain and Hannah I think opens my if you come in and explains himself and apologizes. Is there any chance he wins you back. Sure if he's widget I can and we have to try and I'm forgiving. We gave the valuation and go to my dad's would really get my mom's as well they've ever I don't I'm not. Athletes'. Lives and also Eric whose in line with me two wars now us sorts. But I understand for the shell. And obese and contentious moment which is to show your OK no I you know I've. I've talked I spoke with Alex playing on Thursday last Thursday afternoon with the story that he did so I've spoken with them. As I said he's not my amateur I actually had dinner at my in laws last night and they said I told the story should listen. My mother Lois was a close drawer and it be true technically my father low said it he tagged these great guy march march well below market while we she was stunned generating chipping for just nobody listens to us that the ethic that. March due for initially asserted Nazi with those parents rosary is seven your time low freedom that we have today but no I said. A taller she heard about meet going on here. With my alcoholism was Thursday October how we can about talk about Roemer. I have been with her daughter for sixteen years the trees are gaining respect you guys I know that I don't think I've rehearsed where. I told the reverse story. Well that'll ship. That's sums and that's all that he is a little here. I'm just gonna say and maybe it's true maybe it's not Ayman guess he doesn't think of alcoholism. The way you do that is complete and total (%expletive) yet unless it's old Kirk Lewis where you answer it I guess that one now just because you have you know great ratings asthma gets into an inning and a veteran somewhere girls good house had cameras cannot tell anyone borrow my Eric and I Arthur US. Allies are larger words not mine so on but yeah. The little ship will be back on Friday and and we'll see how it goes I wouldn't wanna see him for a couple months couple months in the hole I suppose. You without food without sunlight. Then you come out then we'll discuss this has been a very lights. Even got a couple weeks now it's a little less than two weeks since the realization of what he did rights bets since Thursday a week week and a half. By the time he's in on Friday. What he could possibly sink Kirch the dog that. He's willing to change views so tolerant of a post at you is yes and I think this is one of those cases where it's very infrequent for both during Kirk to be simultaneously in the so that's true weird or vacation its appeals body and there's literally nothing. I mean I know we of the trade deadline big GA series related to the West Coast of the year where this came up between bill doubles that Jumbo package that was secular jobless at this week for critics. Melissa got another duck on the find out there is benefiting from India abyss of the sports calendar pocus he's going to be in one segment. Not awful show I believe 8 o'clock segment on Fridays we have tentatively penciled that in his excuse will have to be. I was trying to be like you Kirk is Jerry's pointed out that's his best card to drop for. I think he genuinely does feel bad and Minas defenseman I think he is probably trying to be used by Q Kirk Sloan and his station is the only one. If he comes in with that ID I think they'll they'll be the last couple say if that's but he says I don't think they can possibly say. I don't know but it visa from the trying to elect you Kirk Kirk says I never would have done that he's already said in a just say OK next Burks prepared for. Every possible scenario but he's obviously gonna knocked out of the park if that's what his first excuses. They went answers just here's our fighter doesn't intelligible form of wasn't unintelligible Barbara trader at these casting couch people like him get through sentences and they tried it a secret government but I don't defenses it's safe and that. I don't adds up. If they occur but it's yet known that about some new when the album over and then jurors that ball if it's an enemy and Kirk to your right but. I was an immediate Alex the whole beginning point of Alex releasing this was that he was. We are sort of the tip of the iceberg our podcasts. And sort of throwing salt on his wound is what set him to go on the show and said that yeah this'll even if you. Wanna believe and helps I mean there's no defense for that was our band. It wasn't our decision to keep them off the show. He knows that a Kirk wanted to men we wouldn't stop them. And that's how respondents I don't know I'm interested to see woody says. Becoming a Friday eight devoted you've got to. While postage no Trace that you should give you should get diva and I was gonna quickly and mean it should be up to Curtis Curtis what it's gotten to know nothings and these works right winds well mark. The epic from Vector Group lots of the other ways to get the patriots though. That's not patriots weekly what does this website but the guess we are gonna have on Patriot Act. Are you aware of them were you aware of them I mean guys I may have seen him on Twitter before but no I never conversed with this never a lot of followers on Twitter handle those. Porn bots that show up or what porn box that show up as they must be around. I I honestly didn't know I think Jesus the span of the patriots I spoke with him today. Yell off the dealers this idea that we didn't Adam says that he was going to doctor's appointment he says that the he's just lost his mind and he was very angry with me on the phone is on the screen shot of his broken though dozens that he was in surgery who knows what it's just odd we always had these cases for people agreed to come and and then twenty minutes fifty forehand they come up with some levity in it back this guy appears do that it legitimately. To resume later. Well will do it either but we'll figure out maybe midnight and he was very angry and he's Casey hater by nature it's. Our Twitter followers have a pretty good job of responding to it is asinine pre Ph.D. H wouldn't let that were effort in some other. Brandon Marshall supporters for the central casting. New York Times columnist in the arts section who despises for Callahan and thought we were racist with Brandon marshall's so. Parents Straus would be that element and hopefully we'll get him on the mossy tomorrow. Video of that woman Fenway few years ago at that Michael Vick country concert like poop their pants and a white she got such a lot of that's prosecutor was exciting to see big fat sweaty nasty thing Jerry that tomorrow morning six or I love it's much seek a loss to Boston tomorrow KFC full week yes it's going to be a all Jerry and word in that in that intelligible. That the word intelligible an oasis in the desert of summer. Full week of Coeur -- together so enjoy tennis at its. Would be at the post pretty stupid with it hits it. It's WEEI claim nothing but then it's into radio people. Hit the beach. It's your loved ones that I don't know what the future of what I don't got everything domestic I don't know. This is what we're certain look ahead it's going to be a little choppy inexorable it's always great shows the little choppy but this week is going to be great great guts mossy tomorrow tang late Wednesday mutt Thursday the big four. Right or and an emotion on for a shift. What time. And Monday shortly we need like a Monday a got a signature good weekend finished that we could reach him. Needs something to start the week the tone setter art well we are closed Mondays by and an honorary bell leading up to the bar. Cool honoring the great Mike Salk yeah and now wants a new generation talent discussing the show today like that yeah as you are the rock hall. I'm rockaholic as you know there's a term for people and may elect to be on the water people are panel board and they're called. I rockaholics. Seat he confessed that he dislikes could be in the water and right mistook it for a pause play again. Tell listen I. See I'm an alcoholic also added as far as all the weight yes I'm just a guy who likes to be on the water. Sports bar on steroids of that sports bar on steroids aren't sold will do that. It's the elephant in the sports bar today Siegel. The elephant in the sports bar two day belly up to our bar.