The Real K&C - Good Marnin' Curtis returns, angers Mut & Bradfo 7-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, July 16th
The Dream Team Ken & Curtis are back for a Monday edition, recapping a Kirk / Mut show after a policeman was killed in Weymouth, Mut revisited his creepy ice cream habits, and Curtis got Mut & Bradfo angry for different reasons.

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Sixteenth of July to the eighteen it's the real key seat catlett aired and aired out three or don't have on don't demonstrators known as it doesn't feel that Chris Curtis glorious return for Curtis he was out Friday remember his rough from the years man. While the league that's giving you the originals back at work the real -- and drive to the streets of Vermont listening to Alex is also tones and to podcast I might but yet as part of the boy and like vodka and McCain's seat anyone on the station anyone I 95 anyone it's not in radio who you eat the big -- afternoon show whatever show and they say build its technical host of whatever you choose I can't teased Jerry or Kirk now I'm and I got right into the can layered real currency without me a secretary is critical for you to have a history very. Critical of the beamer layered on to avoid that area hired out this negotiating. Podcast rate C piece of garbage performance by re. You might only be more in the neat yeah I think it fell flat Callahan apparently Islam and applause the applause. Jerry rarely salaam stopped taking his critiques at this point to happen as a listener number one right. He doesn't do podcasts and more shirking the responsibilities thinks he scored game Callahan tunnel vision. Which s.'s news team and Kirk group or groups of line we know more cooperation tulips to understand. None. None I don't like both the story many hand colon run on those up those ridiculous and don't know trash is the best podcast in the nation need the universe and Kirk in the what about me in the park out in Atlanta about repeat Kirk's podcasts so podcasts not yours your leader going forward yeah. That's just like to be there for dinner tonight in the middle of much mixed to dinner just buys Twitter and tweet I loved to drink this and it. Our like the the boss's office drinking. Well some some riskier prediction that tweet will be pulled within the next half hour so if you miss that shortly after the show but. Tweeting that he approves today drinking back loves that I love deedrick. Also sold out there about mr. serotonin next week he's coming clean. You really are now no law nor where you imitation yet. Or immunity. Poll was Monday it has never forget you B New York I'm. It will be New York this weekend Wendell would start on FaceBook live human Saratoga on next week what are you really don't know now. I don't know. We can be excellent driving home from summer. From court. Additional court involved rate increase when nobody knows you talking about the opening we can answer to OK you don't buy yourself not what Obama actually don't it. Some friends believable. That meeting with his attorneys this reconsider towed so it was an odd tweet by a moderately choke and ensure that we. You were up looking much entry to shoot today Turkey about fire in London the lame it's shooting in some early thoughts in that. Little warmed up. So like cocaine children in his go to jail for that okay so he should be me hear that story should be present course doesn't. Well that the wires out. It flashbacks I was in back on the Syria it was via Arctic bell shooting officers there and Mike Woodson witness with Jerry John I don't know he was. You may be said three words that entire show. But if it's he started I don't know what it was specifically but Kirk would say something public. And abzug Shankland writes I was media months ago NATO officer shot up you virgin for life but I thought today. Obviously would have been better Terry misses. Right is real house is Mac and rip this judges who we believe it is very against police to judge your will be load there Jerry has had multiple tweets about the judge I think it is in the past and if it is that person whole eco. Callahan will become. Gonna know America I think speaking with this person's wife this morning rattle city. And it wasn't just the time today they were up until I was Somalia she was up. And burst ring picked up on asked what was wireless calling she was. Not happy about it I don't think it was a first person at Calder or she's not a good morning Chris good morning. Good morning and I picked you love PX that the new T shirt the logo I think in the works right at the mine and Martins and the earth did you. On Martin Martin Martin Martin and mark and and yeah. Two part lets that out at he'd be much ice cream question revisit it was pretty it's on isn't the first time I go to -- -- place -- what's the best one yet what's the most popular on there that I've never asked you obviously I would ask for the most of sixteen year old girl when these guys replied oh absolutely let me get you to our autumn portray Bartlett argued that about demanded phone calls on this autumn my ass for calls to get some very energized place I would like phone calls on the 617779. 7937. Is the phone number don't you need to. It's something I would like holes on a part of the show today in somewhere capable of that got I would like to know do you believe like I do if you go to Wrighster place for the first time it is not creepy all ask male female young or old. What's the local paper here popular what's the most pop. Noted there was so perfect for much the first ice cream flavor that pops into his head. Which is cookies and cream bugler. It was really good to me. But he's a little brownie at big daddy's ironic there's no around the clueless on that note the little brown had no idea is that a lot relies on its ideas over delicious though little program. It's inevitable widget today I'd never had blue eyes group. I did I do I was. Is up and made flexing his muscles and have a ticket bruise on his racecar for shall we are in a bar exam units was not -- -- Barnes and again he's not a into a big caddies in the other major that was part one and then battled brain Willis is now officials for this Wednesday it would that hadn't been locked in Franklin like I was still gonna Texas regard for mark you know what's the deal is confirmed and blast as a total last I heard from Kirk was that they wanted to Wednesday due to stepped up I thought the two I did not go to the office at all modest looking actor called me came in and were pumping -- -- about come together as that I heard -- saw this morning and I got Beatles and come together mailed. Who sure it was a Beatles. Not sure but yet I mean you know well so obviously covered rate in the seventies. Which group. Bruce Springsteen you have no. And mark of the gauntlet that he is demanding India's second crack it is your musical prowess I like to request a rematch. In a battle the brain with music edition against one Chris Kirk's all I know I bought up all Major Wright is reason to be nervous for you because much nailed it right that allow. It's Led Zeppelin. Song I don't. You can and does Albert at all because Floyd at the end of the show gods aren't so I don't know I would say the Vegas when he is. Overwhelmingly on the outside right now but I like being the underdog that's sort of been overdue in my life. And and if you pull the upset this ought to rest like Kerr is. He has this feeling around me Howard feels he's better understood there's no I special segment I don't know. Are aware came from other highlights daily Andy and notable colorful as the chicks named skip college and look Celtics Shannon in rent. Islets that is what what would is this Shannon and rent them fellowship hour you what what what did I good morning. MR a morning. The morning. Join talked to the guys. We're like socked him. I'll market started at the epic (%expletive) and you wanna talk to Kirk in my about that. I quit the pusher raptors up against a break real quick OK you just say can you just say I hate to use that you just say how much you like much when we comes on. Among okay thanks. I would Scottish minaret of Shannon good morning how it. Hi good morning you thank you. I wouldn't say how much baggage out but great to talk about dumb he's my results. Yeah I'm wondering what you got are thinking about the topic should resign market wire. To you. Action Maria taped this right now doing what can you come going approach are real quick. Can you say how a big fan you are the show and how much you appreciate the guys in the done. Yeah OK I'll launch. A huge into them not have a certain outlet force here this morning I was yet. I'm good Howard yeah thanks. Good morning I'm sure appreciate everything bad stop but at the smarts it was. I'm I'm wondering if you guys I thought that the public at REIT dot market Smart. Salute you recapitalization thanks so much about it today vicar was that. Can you do to reduce the old song per WEI think. WTI. Rocked Cisco like a joke with the guys you do get John has announced a lot that can do that. Yeah it's Kabul he had vehicle could have got twice kind of do the song it's a dumb do with the guys but is okay. A mother with you must we get a model singer with a promise of him. Are now. Are you gonna do our lodge 543. Radio talk to guys. Each Yemen and Brett the wants to think I put call was called twice this segment Jennie O happens you called twice this segment might be ready I'm ready janitor at. Why do the CW EEI Iran. What Bradford was Todd you but what I do teaming Sunday Bradford is in DC for the all star. Absolutely. He had altered his schedule Sunday to stay in because he wanted to commit them to people in for the Brad though Bologna drew election yes right. So he pushed his trip to the DC back today I did do he was gonna announced Saturday for the futures game be spot in Ortiz and managing state which just like the Sunday Fiat. Danny found out the Gilani was in on Sunday Chris why Ben bowling with felonious said he wasn't going to be in Sunday right so many of the stuff because you need to be here because baloney drilled a Korean they is that mark they can't blame you because the he put the schedule Friday it was a false information. I was wrong bloody wasn't on the schedule Friday wasn't scheduled it was center Saturday afternoon he sent me a text saying hey I'd like to work tomorrow with many in and also with Chris Curtis. Shoot me when I see you next see wasn't that you can admit he was pissed about the words keep spinning over the fourth over Obama was in Montreal he was pissed at me about 6 o'clock yes definitely. Not me. So we lied to me than he said I was never listed what he was yet know he'd beat this July UK okay that's irrelevant he was mad at me. He was OK so he lied when he said that community was not a lot this one I got a text from Chris Gilani Saturday afternoon I'm up and Burma and he says hey can I work tomorrow. I'd rather work tomorrow the next Sunday. Whatever I said five markers that you can't work. Right and was robbed and it's been changed is light at 5 o'clock on Saturday though. Yeah I know you put on the schedule Lonnie and Mel I've scheduled Bradford and draw out of it was also confused as to whose life was never up until. They told an Avalon it was a man and probably at your computer problem with me you are (%expletive) number called me. So it was sport listed below. This certain he was pissed at me pulled the day Lydia. It. I regret for. Are all I've met Bradford caught so. I may have. So because you put Bradford in baloney according secrets he said. He then saw that that was scheduled to Italy Robin lurch and decided to move things around because he's moving so he decided I'm come in and offer work. So on this week I'm sweating so. What started react what is it about it when that was and though is blockage of the contacted me and said hey you need to hear not really that was a great candidate when I got the text from Milan I thought he just wanted to work I don't think that he was. Doing anything otherwise I'd never asked rob the changes. Are marked like myself and the he's gonna say was government committee which is likes progressive issue with me. Come to me about adding they were meant. You if I buy if I missed it by. Made a mistake in. Life incident relic. My apologize Chris Russo rob Bradford I mean honest ago please meet some more case being I can understand what this and this is bloody came back in Alan just moved around like BI and we moved everything around he never came to me and said hey do you really need me Sunday now and he blames Lawny. But blindly in June because the schedules which the article chain reaction. After you and this is wrong I screwed up. It art literally blows me dancing but human. I met people who like if there is an issue I called rob the second I got back from Montreal places and he. If there's an issue. Let me know I apologize but the miscommunication about the 6 o'clock thing it's it's tough to talk about any like it was never Mattie knew we all this stuff and it's like. Here's our caucus Saturday literally every minute of the day for some reason he steel underneath at all. A noisy more than anybody else why that is what that's about ideal for removal and it's like. I don't want to deal that would Bradford brought that I was and I've (%expletive) up amid the patrol a couple of boy that's totally on my mistake I made a terrible mistake. On filter this podcast. History. I feel it's our pump Jack Jack the poem Jerry's not get down to late you just keep making things harder he could lead to an early dinner. Luckily confuse. No never go to Jerry does this thing were really doesn't wanna be seen at a restaurant before six yes right you know our leader it's our Minnesota giving up that whatever on the gas corrected. Kirk and I would say let's just go to do in the mall around 530 local time to 630 at home. And he would always fight all not even though it's just like who are hungry we're gonna go to bed earlier. Kerry lost traffic cop so he's gonna get down there was literally in the crying like. Like this as a very eerie feel Butler martz already date. Last year the JW Cooper or whatever the restaurant was recorded with a at the wrong conversation Obama was hammered on mules yes Jerry arrive. Late from Maine late but does that set trap. And that was the bizarre night because my head all afternoon to drink a lot of respect for Texas of this larger wine you name is opportune chance to be just mud. Kirk and Clark's statement adults too are not going to go to art majors is Dijjer makes me wanna hug him and get over him majors if it's. I don't gonna cut off seven yeah. Two after sentenced to either for GB 750 it's the hard part. Two is that it's there and it's it's a ninety minute meal you're back rumor around 915930. Units to advocate the human eye which is going to get into that. Hot tub gotta gotta go pick up the show and all the threesome and all and it wasn't for Brad it OC Bradford and Kirk the players will be out of work as a win next year. I would say these things always take longer than you think. So I'm going to say a toll dawn. February 1 2019. He takes forever who's telling that is forever next year OK but there are either refused to. That's that is Leo that is that is a that is breaking news god spoke to people WEEI dot com we either business to 119. O'Keefe a question distant beach Joyce the game with who's dumber is in doctor keep him that this doctor aid in its award portrayal. It was gone that's not for us today. But we got two heavy hitter Curtis drops now the Curtis in mind in which it's early show. And the get past. That we had a little bracket of the brain lists brackets. The brain lists many on what advances right now a lot more spot drops the morning I mean I think that's. Is does your favor we just in the opening for. Honestly it's a real blast review. It's the aspect we all understand. That there. She saw this. Actually a little back and it never really had every right you madness that point you're actually hammered on the drug class as she goes no my pre. My youth IP that's Kirk Kirk reply I don't know Kirk. The pass that is so perfect because it's got this edged that I never knew I had your spot right. I was bigger and uglier as the the a but it will be easily pleased with gluten. Involve. A trim remembered birds. This Q and that's the kind of kindergarten I run over here. You know my prediction early in Ohio and with Eagles. Groups. All right well I think we get some work material from Sweden and you're gonna wanna tune dentists say in opulent missed tomorrow she'll for. Multiple reasons write a must listen tomorrow morning on Kirk and Callahan all the way from six until. Doctor bright and.