The Real K&C - Guests! Pats rumor mill & more Mut dead tickets 6-11-18

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Monday, June 11th
A rare Monday 'Real K&C' appearance for Ken & Curtis as they make up for a few lost weeks of episodes; the guys recap the last two shows of Patriots-related rumors and guests, bash on Mut (as usual) and update the latest with Marc James, Evan Drellich, and Gerry's hold on taking phone calls

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Jews in the little balloon check Clark 28 C this is the relocated -- and Chris Curtis on Monday room. Monday because really it's been a few weeks ago. Two more guests we have another slate of great guest coming up today three guests Friday five -- to shows bands is Dina thanks to Barry Petersen thanks to Mike Lupica your Mike and Mike in Boston always load factor given today is Friday each after what's going on our current home current Tom what's up in Florio Mike what's going on yeah I forgot all about that all three pretty good Florio turtle you know let's so bygones be bygones. Or turtle came back and then that was started actually two guests randomly agreed after a long stretch of the blowing me offered this thing though. Florio we obviously the story somebody put out there you hated us he didn't go to your re amateur actor report and was met but he did it is not a bad. And then today I've been reaching out when horse for about a couple weeks you need to shame I think he needs to hear that you need to change or more appreciated and you know does like to make excuses though. I'm a little bit mystified why people are are taking that there was some sort of you being made Lisa bloom about the city and broken hand yeah. I guess that's that's on the he has all the hold on hold. So you have to sit sounds good 930. Okay like Carson it was. Pretty good spot for him the most contentious he was a little irritated but he didn't back down his life his on line you you'd have to go that wherever you have to remove our ghosts I live. I agree and I thought he was directing. Ripping Steve they without mentioning them I mean saying that only to recruit people know he's gonna do. But there are only two or three people in the in two really really no Protestant king. A note to record global don't talk that. Either Stephen Hayes Obama's people are now beauty just from crap out there. Not one. You can hear me report something unless I know what I hear from those people I'm not an. Why. We elected was pretty good back to Florio you lauer asked for a Pat's steaks early this morning he was Patricia out he's gonna go to Detroit. In his career lines. Who is. I believe he actually leaked the Matt Patricia rumors over the weekend where portable package to register hundreds of these it's you don't know what it's come meal and it's so much more willing to do with the sports America some should help shocked that he showed you lose me. The drop off. Seriously I don't okay. Whose fault was false Connecticut. But I do think just did to the patella the back it will worked under expand your answer Florio picked up my report Mike local report per Ken layered senior producer of the curtain Callahan show reporting that. That was back in early April OK you have a lot of sources. Including more than we're cutting it today which you're I think very clearly you know which should be handled on there is no speaks on its feet quicker than Christmas card I pick and use it as coloring sort of the on the collar. Read breeds sort of around what it's that we just it's a good camper eatery around sort of with what it says you president journalists I don't know exactly how to use. Kirk doesn't exploit. The possibility or that it's coming over here OK let's let's piece together over here. Curran has verified that they shop have shopped Rob Gronkowski around always eating unspecified wins needed by the way. Kurt she came out today this worker he can back and forth you know. Wind was the world trade going to happen he notes he didn't sound great. You don't know win the good news you know when it was this this offseason muted this offseason correct. Well I'd note that everything we can't in the offseason. The. That was not a good look for all the to have that type of detail in the report and not know that dates. That you're referencing seemed to be impassable but he had a sense it was gonna be big return it was also kind of murky so it didn't it didn't feel did you get the sense that it was going to be a lot one of those deals that. Or was going to be a grapple kind of deal where people would be disappointed. On. I got the sense that. It was going to be a bit like just from the site just in the fact it is gronkowski. That aside there's obviously some smoke here tonight we believe this fire course I thought he is going to be traded he is dealing he's dealing in the next couple weeks crock is gone gone I good reporting it output Florio picked up on a wide because he had also heard that he does that have and I needed to have a doubt but he's tight with rosenhaus those guys are bullets incredibly tight with Rosen. Chef is being used by the patriots beat. Anger I'm sensing putting this altogether. Is that rosenhaus was pissed at Florio. For running with this right. Florio then took that anger out at -- I try to explain that Chris Curtis apps because Florio thought he was gonna get on the story that rosenhaus was holding and none of it was real at that mold these are real tears they're yeah now was still remains unclear and Jerry was eager to weigh in on this. Have you bullet if it's on par you don't believe you believe the Robert Kraft to Belichick can't do. Kraft nixed the deal right. That's hardly a case you don't believe he'll believe it to believe I believe the deal that. Well check wanted to try to keep written up monopoly to bring you threatening craft turning town's huge part of what we concede I mean that's moat which you believe what you do as an aside as a regular ask me to craft Nixon lets see multiple sources yes I believe that he said he told Belichick. Wanted to trade and yes I believe that offers on the table yes. Titans yes niners yes. Of course promoting or meeting yes regret not retire but no crap nixed it. It's a tough kid don't stick aside do you think. Yeah we heard today from someone you would agree you know this person about as high highly reputable sources have on the stop all the ties these games on a suspect. At. An aberration. They are just it was. Our guy Ryan probably their hand will be available Mildred and I mean all of those holes ask this he Belichick columns are finally paying off. Thank you very much that's devastating it'll be you know he listens but. Break something it's been awhile since we've that curtain and on the podcast Kirk welcome back yeah I mean sure. So the source I believed would be impeccable you could be juve by one source more column. And Sheila Adam Kirch and whose legacy was formally at the Harold and not full time ready was kind of a freelance writer who had some spent some time we'll do things there. Number one is reported Friday as Gerry pointed out date Chester hasn't touched it and more surprising to me like Ian Rappaport would've got. The craft angle thrown to him like the denial if it's not if the patriots are adamant it was not true as their spokesperson Stacey you said one would you have another national. Heavy hitters washed as they did not do that but also Kirk you know I don't know what kind of reaction there was our interview war. You'll Kutcher and rich. Half hour earlier we were alerted to a but it was like there was a huge buzz about it of course we found about 8 o'clock that he Oregon brand next rate so Europe to deal with Kirk off Mike at all when he finds out that information. That was a complete fork up on my part I did sometimes all reach out to people say hey you know like the residence a case right after the bar stool there and show was canceled and we want importantly on the next day and there was talk of him going and the sports on whatever and I went back and forth for Portland. That I won't promise anything to do my best out it never dawned on me to say don't go and torture should just it was a (%expletive) up by me because I'm sure he would of at least we could have had a lot earlier and that. That sucks when it just is one thing but it doesn't have to. The team you know it is that your average Evans relic writes about the Red Sox Roemer drizzle elderly shield now I figured that an intimate partner after street was relative read the ad for touch your ritual or physical tomorrow. Enemy your morning. Boston's number 1 rated morning show. He does that date or balls where it wasn't that great in either but I'm sure we did to her injured have been to some degree is Curtis one thing. Anyways so we've we've been busy with the that's stuff for the most part but that doesn't take away from the embarrassment that as yet again this weekend down at Mohegan Sun about that picture yet another. Bleary eyed photo or two years ago it's at the wake up and booked through by tech Ecstasy while I didn't waste. He's at it he doesn't they can get with it. I don't know what what moment what. The daily occurrence for me it's not a big problem and club not doing it anymore. But it's part of my life of feeling that some of those were done by my man on some more choice and that on khakis sexually. It's a book that was my brother or shall we how you wiggle in those G but it was a rough weakened from a rough week and for me personally for listening to I want venal roast so. As my top pick in the Belmont Stakes and and a toy my rights were passing advice from month to. My sister is at the Belmont who lives in Manhattan and ice. And if they were from because all the money scored on him it's not a good value dues I just have no idea what to make other than gronkowski the horse. Is going to be wildly under under related and and over bet on Saturday. This what are these rights have been well. Also but thirteen Triple Crown history or raising one historic years it's not on the winner are likely be ripping up tickets you the working theory applied to fly -- in regards to sensitivity on line I'm not sensitive very broad sort of got a psychotic part to a slick watts each should do what he does best not try to do liquor made it thinks is best person is nobody answered well. And gets behind that little Twitter machine and he's walking people left that yet blocks Eads. Tumbled Twitter. We can out there about that the sensitive blog that he did it's like crazy whatever labor. Goes right to reemerge you're me does not does Kirk mentioned yeah or sometimes call Italy and sailor my block and I appreciate the full goes right to some of those guys on each actually people somebody has blocked she I don't know person I'd Shaughnessy as you know not very Twitter savvy. Or go to court but so this week and I'm at the Sox game. And right out with the that beneath the luxury tax and in debt ticket Nancy. Like the great play dead eyes Curtis. Its new collection where whenever I am a kid's got ice within a nano second my likes. Just about I've. Aren't these. At the race sport and this. Was the grip to treat. That rates would like 3 in the morning he's a bomb lose their sixth and fire ball ball next. It's unbelievable. I should say we had six guests speeches justified because we did Nancy a product yet again roll the populace Specter. He had carried. But it's all what you're gonna be a bull nation after chipper and so not everyone also broke child support. Where the I mean when. If you really think that when she went to Spain and be forgotten and Diego rhetoric and try and operate which in all. Mean he's affectionately known as villages where radical liberal thing. You know honest console you own pocket Mini Cooper in an airplane had a lot of work okay. It's just aren't always fight through this view at the I I think you make it. Some issues right now it's bumpy road most marriages have bumpy roads. Just remember when you pick the kids on the weekend that sometimes they slip them access that data to all of and so forth and you're gonna have a heart technically respite a lot of women on the planet but. So reading you article are sort of back. And Alan blatantly. I honestly legs back we're. Credited to Steve thanks. Courage favorite column in the history of talkers who. Of three months triple betterment Triple Crown mutt this Wednesday through Friday yanks all the vertical wagers say in that race he's I was disappointed. Evan drill it's going to be in the Baltimore all week I was hopeful that he would be and more about the worst week not a great jolly perform you have to hear the sound I didn't know the jobless selling it during one of the breaks today relic defending Ortiz. With blogging. That the most suspicious part of the whole thing is that those. Specimens of those test specimens were destroy. I know it was a topical today you'll get to whenever. It's just it's so. Pathetic double standard of relic of the baseball reporters when it comes to the stuff and you have could you imagine Paul Brady in 2000 factory. Tested positive for the same exact type of test would you ever to mowing your church relics today wasn't supposed to be leaked we don't know what test positive for with there with him. Possibility of the commissioner of the sport came out and defended him diesel Albert in Rhode Island Aniston to breed hate it's unbelievable. And Brady can do no wrong and it's disgusting which means people could deport themselves. Into pretzels to defend Dave Ortiz went obviously. That test you some don't Stewart usually is and burgers. Do you think you did I think he did I don't. I think he did so now are well I'm not you know get me into this massacre I don't know relic Zou Wednesday. And it was a tough show for like this you know I think they can occur during game one of the past the topics were. Quite in his wheel house of some broad stuff that day and I don't know and a highlight was fighting his through Xperia book sighting was. Optional by the threat that we don't listen it's just it's just too much much much Sendy Rleal strident later. Up again wobble as more like it. At all. But no RJ it's it's not count no Mark James and I I I find myself just. Enthralled dude let me tell you some and I'm no doctor and I don't play one on TV or the radio news spectacularly. Insane or Bradford were discussing this week in efforts each of mark's work as well there are plucked from their dad know on an. And I think that after meeting mark personally myself last week ice I got the feeling that he's in on the joke about himself a little bit Bradford says. It definitely not he is not in though. Yeah no I feel like he's playing up the character himself intentionally quicker thing you could see eight European boss line. I I believe in. More towards Bradford absolutely. It's it's impossible to any human is created at least that's just the what you liked about the jimmies and Joes not the x.s and knows. He brings up Kirk too much committee or not to be completely in his head. Like he'll bring up Kirk didn't revoke my show must have been better or something like that like you let me quote something from the great movie the bad news bears still check and see what other people were saying yeah I think he enjoys liquor reps now. I don't know who's a total. Joy Louis blues are billions somebody it's -- you'll definitely Bennett said salad salad someone's gonna sit low doesn't get it all doesn't feel he plays along but I think deep down he wants to be like he does get altered by the criticism but I think he realizes he's Smart enough to ought to with the means to an and the more we talked about him but the higher he you know his platform grows the station will Kirk was pretty down last. Done that point one Ian. I thought all the time and I heard or questioned but yours would be two that would be question week in and it'll. Passcode weekend joining us on the line right now is hockey hall of Famer former Boston Bruin ray Bork rate you know meet the Mark James is here as well I don't. Are there are eager are great thanks but by the way can I see some real dale ray Bork favorites. Hockey player of all time so is great suit to finally get to talk to you got that you are those little kid at Fenway Park. And docks obviously that that. Are accurate. Slot for the portrait of Rio early rate plus also really too old Jerry right now weak in year we had we its master showed is about Jerry and I thought was way outline for humans or Obama to be scheming to pull closes. Away from Jerry. I was on the toe during the conversation we after the show yesterday at the program director I want what was about sock puppet parliament get it to artists very who says. Phones may be getting on to something that what is Billy on line five to Obama wants you to do the phones sounds familiar yeah. Talk to Lindsay. Seemed. It was a thing in the middle people's X. Mean at least stop this out Kirk that throughout there was like not to talk about a Gerri new sensing there's a groundswell. The bid is great is Kirk introduces this is the topic that we discussed in the meeting in journalism there. At Catholic. Most of what it's like I've had in the past with Kirk reflect. Artists. Like asking us. Tell me a speck of extra people. Of course we could go with Kirk there but that eventually destined to really get the legs but it might last week it's died. I think the next bad call you on the next I'm Jerry has the if you take callers greeting one increment. But he you don't hear audio and I've actually spoke to his agent. Now I I wouldn't mind switching chairs I'll be honest I think Kirk in the lead shares the lead host would make it easier for me as DM dot watchable but. The sound I just think mechanically would be easier if I could see look into was I have a hard time looking him in the young and respecting him now you know that paternal he's got to turn can support but that's the power chairs to Gerald let's give that up in Kirk's. Not yet ready d.s covenant take it and Jerry got a contract renewed series feel more powerful than ever prominent stage and dale. Lifetime contract so let's breaking news this serious it was last week via religion passing a Jerry confirmed the on this old data on mr. I was Atlanta emperors of the just for there's presided burgers mile and an epic. Who could bags for candidates unhappy weapons. Big day for I thought well let me and cattle are here to speak on behalf of my friends at I hop name changed the burgers delivered. Them yet Ramallah and right here. Just the tremendous marriage I'm. Hitler and I spectacular I thought this would have bed and John Dennis. It's time yes sir I mean he loved. Recruit he would do anything for free from. Cappy and me burger and Fries at 930 that's why wouldn't be wrapping up second breakfast. If you would be to go Edmonton ham sandwich for this would be go to the studios. Get for the crimes. That have been sick in his Lexus in the garage 74 of these. Art in this poppy. Balls the dumbest thing let's atlas. Last week dumbest thing what's and he's got several candidates a week what's one of those four agreements sort of forget that forgive and forget that for weapons and his drop was almost as quickly as mine all the crease to rob you he said that built swipes at flights perhaps. More than jockey ought to switch which you pay my kids have jockey autographs at the build muscle mass that it builds muscle of the best one. It it helps with mark a muscle builds and bill and it helps and in terms of a building muscle.