The Real K&C - Holley vs. Kirk, Gerry's anniversary & Sock Puppet love 10-5-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 5th

Curtis and Ken recap a crazy Red Sox roundtable as well as two busy shows with Trenni and Tanguay alongside Kirk and Gerry.  


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October it's the real king seek Hitler Chris Curtis just finishing up our big twentieth anniversary celebration party backer of perjury in Europe while celebrities on hand let's celebrate man there and paying Harry Manny and he wouldn't show up thanks to Mike Lupica Darren Bragg and thanks to hairy men and Adrian award genachowski tomorrow yeah separate came by abuse joy Hanrahan on de Beers it's not by. And it gives you an incident Dick. Restricted you know there's NCAA brackets like 9000 of them just truths like he was like making a rave with bracket here yeah yeah. Real state and strong these days. A little jab from all bizarre. Insider info really believes in Manchester, New Hampshire and Billy. But good luck I was not a round table lap that was a coronation of Yankee ex rebel. As you well the perspective of a king is prima knocked and I think that nothing better. August 20 anniversary. Than the AG re Max agent in here partly Florida would be perfect. Sample size for you what are you thank. I don't think so Marriott's as is but guess is sometimes but of course we feel we should. People miss the shows us what is condos clinical spurt they missed the real should should do that I'm sure that'll do great things for their ratings we give it best here in the open Jerry. Didn't come ran out of the chute with that today beat him or did it first hour to date twenty years with the company. It's a day to celebrate. Her many opposite occurred Callahan show actually. And it's a day to celebrate me today. Today is my twentieth anniversary sanitary wants people to know this and nobody cares on air today and I assume like that this you can get old that's I looked it up good point too that's another good point you're glad I got heart a move to. Is the need for an easel to love you don't want like a golden Microsoft and I want eyes wow. Homicides and in carton it was like that eighth anniversary of the regular radio city musical. Touch her rich it was like this there was times yeah. That roller theater really learning flew in like stars and celebrities here only way I want African cupcake OK I put a lot of VFW in a chums that wouldn't be north channels for New Year's W you carry cameras that you get today. Two different tent I could ever top pathetic is that front page of The Herald I guess that's a good point. You should talk last little Nina the media I Reynolds it would she get to that it was a big blows in the city last night also sort of our producers. During the show our producer. Aren't we think diet if the people. There worked my producers working I have my producers working all the also now now they're work user recoup money. But it's not you know they're stupid but they work hard is stupid but they work out well I hope that that their portal and make their about the show. We care about our show producers aren't going. I mean you know I would say that we have but preserves some I think is more team and I have a producer my podcast is appreciate your show I think he's more my guy. You there I was texting you for updates during the breaks I was fast and fasten bottle was going off it's been discussed often. Nobody meets tension with more excitement and Kirk. He loves it drives and so he sits down at this table surrounded by two people. Who run away from tension who despised and this is Brady scared to people who would avoid tension at all costs and dale and fun starts to. What you said. If you and I said. I wish that was I took off the client. Marketing thought I'd never caught opponent which establishes a line and Jerry now we're going over what is that line when we go over. What does that go over I didn't let out of that. But opponents say what did you say but it's good when I caught Theresa you've got you've got Clinton's visit and got my dad's message he said there's a lot and never call it said I think you said it would be referring obviously a line of racism or going over. I didn't think he would over nor did a good job to stop it. This horse has been electrocuted we jumped over went back when we have we went over to just a real real real real real real real close what's what's that that's semantics. I'd rather air my grievances on the air and deal with it in that manner. Instead of going on and acting and character in the coming up the year being upset about how I'm treated. One that was the way to ironic twist assault Wednesday that would be weird ironic twist to this whole thing dale accused when he said ask Canon Curtis. What it's what your like off the air what it's like to be around to occur at least he's miserable off the year. If I wanna be you know you're the most miserable son a bit jet ever met Y app ready ample but it why would I want the O line I'm miserable you are miserable went all the time. What we see the op near my miserable no joke around the hallways we talk and everybody else went went. Bachmann who would perk you are miserable I'm not measurable with a hole. Members are well prison Christian and templates are yours your barrel of laughs to work with everything you can ask them out give any short in the whatsoever. I would say jar and was miserable John Derrick was miserable because he well. Like he wasn't getting the light shine on him and a few felt that Kirk was coming in and stealing and some of the spotlight we have many arrangements for that puppy he felt like he was the star that wasn't being treated as a starter elements of misery with with John and I think when I was with Kirk back then he was miserable velvet show was going because he knew what could be better as we obscene now. And he had disordered waited his time in days to pay his dues behind John there's a sense of entitlement in enabling. That this kid has gotten way too early might without paying a proper dues but today I don't see a miserable Kirk. Our Juan was lots of fun we talked sports that's why we're number one it's the Kirk Yang cal an edge yeah. Feisty guy who is. The biggest pain in the ass when you (%expletive) up eat but. When things go well I think spare he's direct. When personal things have come up in my life you've been there are so aloe deal out of ask for my opinion astronauts I would tell him Ken and Curtis are adults they are sick effects we were playing some of. Hello dale collier tale of the tape in the first couple hours the show yesterday Kirk was as a regale this audio at a six point five today. Yet we don't yell at the plate and go oh you know wolf it tsunami in artwork or coaches managers. Who would you give the edge. I don't think it's a big out of the way you don't want and oh well. Yes and all men I don't I don't think I would love you most important thing own bank made I don't know about eight to declare. That and match. Capture of yours fairly close. But when they are enabled at the abuse epic that's an advantage Francona. When they go up against the after the it's probably a bush they go up against don't like that's close to bush. He was that gets the support the middle of the pack for all. The engine and probably you know I. Where did you can't have a all the other little packet that white guy or. I recall line around. A little weight Kirk yup he's past though over there looks like. Foaming at the model C and I can't see him that he suffer head injury in the fall. But what I could do that today who we regulators took the picture. Of you can get up now dangling huge purses Ferrell. Edge. In. Torn Novo or some reasons faulty chair against Kirk was on the floor he he he actually fell out of the chair. Dale and holidays baseball park you'll Kirk. And that was a great moment I thought ironically stops to a favorite segments. Of our analysis of the rose slightly late. We have back to back to back the big heavy hitters coach. Old rules points. Ryan Johnson. Pre season Bruins voice. And the new gadgets are Jackie note mr. yet to be Kosher RJ job back backpack real quick I risk and that's allotted anybody can hear the difference. I. Or to the Red Line batted out of the year the Ohio garlands FitzGerald high school. The practice of moral stepping. We. It's. You can go from Denver is tell the difference. Difference is income RJ is better give it to the local guy but they don't do I mean I'm sure is nice guy I don't know him at all as united Isaac Eric earnest and very nice to hate is a news penguins tweet that he sent him yes would that he's on the air at Flint is a really nice guy too. If your dream job is to be Bruins radio announcer legit institutional talents and Rory titles yet and just a little. Art Julie I want to thank all of you who sent messages of encouragement support over the last few weeks especially today. It has been in court. It difficult to get this close to my dream job to come up short there. And all. That and conversations help ease that disappoints. I've been overwhelmed by a number of people who have taken the time. To reach out to tell recruits I want Kirk I know how he feels to all of you don't make your coworkers other media members. I can never express how much all your messages it meant to bring us. Thanks for Mike Thomas. Marc cannon ever at the Bruins their consideration every political difficult choice to me if you stop I wish all the best and we don't once. He's an excellent broadcaster I know who do a great job. I look forward to getting to know him and working with him on the hockey show on Saturday it's barrel he's gonna take a. I thought oh my god he's going to be well a little broad stock late in the show to be a little to the Kevin Paul DuPont appearance on the globe like to bring new globe pilot season ticket yet Kirk like that would welcome. To season ticket from the Boston Globe sports department and WBUR. Are the expectations for Charlie Mack what may be out of whack these people to anybody number one defenseman they're comparing him to. A guy like Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty is one of the best defenseman in the NHL right right and some of that is just. Body style and sort of thickness of trunk style of game two saw auspices if we wanted to rolling calendar about victory ever and for me the victory is an effort does that mean I understand what that I've lost a lot this year I've gotten so much to add the year and you wouldn't give it back traded for any language and not when I'm pretty mean. To me for example who bring that you know parents budget group. Actually didn't come to life till we got into the pats at 645 today the got a back that you can look if the patriots don't go to the Super Bowl this season is a failure all woman I agree with that that's my conversation I don't mean especially break free health person disagrees with Apatow I think about what Jerry says if you if you go to you know it's a link I don't want to lane and take. So lady can't abuse though they're gonna figured out that they always put out with Andres please take the deal so you can't use your mind in your eyes to look at she was having people look at at at NBC sports bosses here all the time I know and it drives me crazy it is delegates is bizarre disorder bouts of anger that come out of nowhere like Jesus was like screaming at Jerry is junior soprano on the super we actually just like tiger. It's absolutely useless to twenty hindsight it would accelerate that are. He's Christ. Well I was saying who would film we have a government juniors or a series it was a would you sopranos and are we were Gunner on the job and have a good players take it on the Las Vegas shooting on shirt did you hear about this and a I'm just kept you know I did every veteran the bright. The Bruins play by play segment audio is my favorite plate today your salt questions that you pulled from roundtable pat. Past most actual blood issue personal good morning to Mike's Hawkeye morning doing my friends good morning and that's I think that's that's Edwards. I don't wanna get your thoughts on the on why you picked against them a second as well but just come back at his word deferral used relentless. It is a good word to describe this Red Sox teams usually know when you hear terms of baseball more of a football term again uses terms of baseball. Out I'm shocked. Youths say how is this cardiac conversations going to be to resides lot of silly things would you use that word for baseball teams usually is for football team. I would say or the military that's a frequencies are more brave would agree we were gonna cash dueling Dino back spring training and my friends good morning. It didn't an audience such fake news sort of segment right outlook blisters in the skirt below but they news segment that Curtis pulled out forum. But it was still I think all accurate and salt asked the question tapped and you found in gyms. Would you care to guess that Mike Napoli pinch hitting numbers. I'm awful I always say fighting peat stuff is great it is and move. What important talking tomorrow it's a horrible situation but. Our poll question is up on ESPN and bush. But the worst over the weekend going back through the three hours of the roundtable from point thirteen was just outstanding. That's number one guide Mike numbered any other questions for Jerry that's part of the game you have to imagine just goes away for the Red Sox off they're not going to be himself. And you're not going to be able to pressurize them with your running game but how do you beat this thing auction house. And we gets on my Ian banter with him never all of great and and I was thrilled that the guys were praising mine concise report patriots wrap up this notice what I want it's from the podcast yesteryear. During the it's. When that's the excellence award uptick pizza thanks patriots were out thirty to sixty lest we talked. He tied it up with 24 quarter touchdowns including a fourth down and goal touchdown pass from Brady to end until the three on my left. Carolina Joseph down so that the 48 yard field goal the ice the kicker the grand you know comes three wins it 33 to thirty Panthers as the patriots fall 22 wood to. All the real quick hold on that was called good time to say after an excellent job right excellent and articulate clean air took his time and in spite arise and an amazing the amount of information yes are they blew it at home team they were big favorites there was supposed to win they lost to Carolina. Nice against done terrific job right there you did a great job I'm proud you're awesome image again I am I am proud of you. He said to me the reaction would be if you said that to me and I were to guess those sorts of agents to say holy. Where I'd like. They blew past the pitcher to do it to a pool but. It's still going well slowly break it down the field twice in the good advocate if you Google with the get hold your call timeouts that I have to mind blog post war was awesome pitcher to bat well give me more information only more houses haven't we have two guys the sports media have been around forever they're very familiar football as well as we know. Imagine their reaction must have been just. Tough day in Foxborough for a that's today. You know why threw one right Foxboro. Because on game there's only 1000001. Way out. There is about where. It's been a big week of praise for killer or at least the great update. Can sites. To the point. Patriots score update for Arlington and then we had the the brown Campbell asked which are basically you know and well geez. I did talk to Andy about the job. Duck it is a slab that's true and talk to them. And really noted that he lifted to prepare the tuchman I I can even go talk to if I wasn't able. And I'll say this. And in visa upon Purdue's fund for future if there's no 101 that Hitler and on the board and have had a few. Ward off tonight some good ones later as the best. Let's bring up Curtis you burgers it right. While fake laugh galore went. Sucked up because there is great at. One would it was a great I mean he's grateful when it's again when we find somewhere to where we sit on the plane via windows I mean I'll write files he's embrace the walkers it's a grasshopper when it's always figured out the window into Detroit and then it. In the coffee is always waiting for me great at what he does he still think of Detroit sometimes Christian right along port that was quite review what would. Is there and game with V bringing up. Bad and then in and William Forrester dot talk on the general tip (%expletive) yes it is very on fund. He had had a chance yet. I asked to he was being recruited by yourself would decide to stay with some of them in output that fiction category now that's what actress yes there have been terrific. So that's that's absurd to judge to order the order of oil producers that your recruit somebody else's it's not true. Couple of all I would never do she smokes to hate the smell it with a knowing him I would hope unspoken ability it's annoying that the commode three weeks. He tells me all the time he should be a hero. It's pretty obvious that he's. As good as. That's fiction you've got. Huge. Attack you. You all know personable I was a drunken mess here like a pretty well established read The Herald Mike I'm. You've got more coverage my alcoholism. And this is an elephant back. To fly out my alcoholism. Got more coverage in The Herald today in one paragraph. Then it got on the afternoon show of this station ever are we are we done navel gazing. About that you. Now irked by the lated and acknowledged later on which as you know. Given Chris art via other progress if a lot of courage and admit patently year. Here's sold there like that McDyess and Brandon Marshall thing with. Isn't Syrian my announcement of my alcoholism gotten more coverage in The Herald. Three months after the fact that it has ever gotten on the error an afternoon drive on the station. I. Have. But it's another. But it's. A clinical path if it didn't feel about it pathology and. To go back to the point. I was there were trying to meet him and against that was the goal and as I don't. It doesn't bother me at all I mean I have left course daily ask right I left I was here at that runs your. Parts a day I left. And then was in rehab and up have been new and sausage left within three months three weeks or month after Iowa I could just how law. If now or even last year at this time when I was struggling mightily my first three months back I went and I Kirk set in his room and symbolic the Kardashians were dug around the spot Lester okay. We're don't when I would agree we are dome and I've seen it from the other side's going no it's slowly. It's over it's over so than what's the than them what you want sticker. Hello my job we can go to our children can push in the mid eighties we'll switch. It the sentiment though bill taking but you give me a search and yes. And ethical agree disagree what else were moments of the US we have saying we're done so we don't with you we moved on them what won't stay. I just happily. OK but but that's reality so was due with real that's where or right now so why we just move on we say hey we tried it just didn't work out. Kirk at teased that today that because what who it was Paul Lawrie who have as a dog named Kirk yes Lauren name. Boy Sheila person minute. My morning how are you. I'm very yet I just let Condit say that I'm a huge and a cart continue may have actually I'd I named my dog after ham. It's nice welcome the dog. He's I don't know we boxer but a rescue dog. That's nice thank you very much more. What else and what else you like about me to be of all the time in the world gone. Well I'm not I'm a huge fan of the impersonation. Which is your favorite. Rich. Every time that we do that we right now I'm happy to document. I know he's gonna talk is perfectly good dog. Why don't you why don't I don't he would like I want a year which is you go on the run to the average keep impersonate which is elected poll what's your dogs that. Look our right there already for for. Rate. You fool. Bloop bloop bloop bloop. Big Ten minutes and never daily she was gut Kirk to do the training impression. Kirk is basically said he's gonna frank Kelly into it up he's gonna go late in depression segments. 9 o'clock to morrow it's on its way to. Leave. Suppression. O'clock tomorrow and see what goes on tonight as of the triple hatter. The impression our Friday and the loose have a good time all be tired goofy actors think that's true I'm happy to hear so it's four in a hurry lip that you. By Christians were reduced to work I would meet mr. Were grim director. And be nice to lease those people preside cup football thrown at me one time for 60 points here and your buck. Trainee trainee. An anti Mormon stuff I care yeah that will be done did you see your mind. She died. It dad got yeah. Yeah and then came at a mess up. Just. And it's. Rich rich Jew. Mean he. And you do know it's inaugurated when your robot mutt is there like the or Obama to it's I can also do that Kate forty I've got to break I'm not vital break much it's an hour and we're polish her Porsche is. For Saturday. Fourth and final hour of the fifth and filed this idea for the final hour tail off to new Bruins pregame we get into some impressions Dalia will finish outlook tomorrow no good weekends rare Tuesday Thursday podcast this week belly up to our bar hikers a seat more affiliate reform for money here.