The Real K&C - Holley's exit, Mut's negotiations & the Tanguay experience 3-2-18

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Friday, March 2nd

Ken & Curtis recap a week that featured two appearances by Gary Tanguay & Mike Mutnansky, plus the return of Gerry Callahan on Friday after resting his voice. Mut's contract negotiations and difficulty in defining simple words play a starring role.


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Secular march 2018. Catlett Chris Curtis this is the real key agency since our Monday episode we've had a double shot take it double shot a month and a one return of casting out of Jerry Kelly yes very exciting up boys I thought the art on view early on you know it could have been a good story is my point. That you suck. The jealous that I stealing but for the airtime around here is to threaten its fine. If you look at JD Martinez's numbers rate panel right just normal baseball guy you don't see that spike at that point that's unusual I wonder the summing going on the senior knows no part of your brain to think selling quite believe sincerely changed the swing arc. This was pretty good I enjoyed it I thought paying way you know. As with everything with Gary there's inevitably flow mostly in that no come out of this a bit about Gary he doesn't read anything doesn't pay attention anything he says dumb things but. When it's Gary incur congress really eighty a chemistry that is hard to ignore. Come on let's go that's no roof reports shorter work like you wouldn't believe it's it's date to yet and Allie Reynolds there's a scandal moment the thick the first hour Wednesday with Kirk in tango was my favorite out of the week it was just those two count off the cuff then you just no good radio and compelling radio when you hear it sometimes it's tough to define all right it will that hour was basically what to defy that much. Opulent. It's no idea with that were not up to loose. Of juice that's obscure but it's in your your. You're being of future being. Of juice that's obscure but it's. If your. You're being a future being yeah that's the definition yup and I don't edit again you know orders felt if it's it's good. Cavalier. I've been sort of brazen. Brazen. Brazen. Cavalier. Eat. Webster's equipment ski we got that hour of Wednesday was a farmer call. About Gary discussing why he had been so bad lately on TV and radio like this week and NBC sports Boston at the two would have known. I've been terrible and T I know that is waits in the Cassie coach's game and yes it is ironically it's giving him as a rookie and Jessica I think anonymous I'm not fat. Resists all over the place when it was about nothing. And it was entertaining and and it really at a pace through yeah I knew we had some bad. Hit the post at the end that was disaster yet again partly my fault appalling appalling here cans go to mid day can't find the Eagles Natalie anywhere so I miss the initial Gary hit in the post that was the summer before returned. Who's Felix stifled by his payments. You need desperately. Needed to gloat on film. Number one with a bullet because the terra. On values Davis and I thought. Wow. I remember listening to and it was spectacular. Everybody's spirits are quick check in with you -- I paid for the week so exciting day for the weekend it's going to be. You know enjoy it would Julie's car Barry and that's. It. Maybe. Gary was mail that everyone was laughing he was on fire now we've done that a couple times since. 937 WEEI apparently slashing case kicking off ten in a row. It's the Eagles. In week. No it doesn't matter it's a go back. All know what did you first close that that's the thing just done it's it's not fresh organic. What the pressure organic why can't do. He's usually. Thanks for seven WUCLU have any people who started ten in a row and we'll take you right up to be 10 o'clock hour nobody knows I've analysts doubt that it's not talent. This week and once all we know we've now gone off soft rock in his its use specific requests bunker and he gets harder for my. You're right he filled couple right I mean Allan maybe resisters who was the first one just lucky good question he sort of change that was before he walked out and I don't know maybe slicks in some optional for the first release a lot of drive to really get on the staff I think you know hadn't really left yet I was still I watched him a big soccer amounts dollar teams negotiating Mecca and and it's unlike you want to do it than ours has given up on everything has died in his life. Mr. I think he's just cannot punch and clock but yeah if you had a good week and he's committed two more days and actually walk through this polio a money grab by telling him but it is working to get cast disease got a three million dollar home videos -- -- million -- where's my damn money well -- lot of changes that's assurances that we can change it but that it changes this day are we saying it's always departure I want to thank her Manhattan we talked about that a great deal on Thursday with -- and Kirk -- -- this -- solid day you have to I think they were fair to global -- -- dale would you say in their reaction and you've delicacy plus the. Minus a gift usually get. But man rich so that was which were just turn. I would just say I mean I I remember I was in college not to me yes fueled a college the first time I heard you guys together. And it became part of my routine you know get now a college. And demos in the car around lunchtime I would listen her TL Molly and I remember is lunch folks remember seeing you on TV. Never did I think. I was gonna spend more than a year work in the U and it's been a blast I think the show's been a lot of fund. Love come into work every day but that is. That's a great thing and and we've for conference once again I I would not imagine that in the case so. Gonna miss you like bill says your Iraq can be far so going to be able to have. Get a hold that you bug you about and yeah these are live on the move and an emotional build on it for you also. Mean I was still urged the assurance that night and cannot run. Feeds apple does it was what's your right. He said if he told me when he gets sad he gets choked up and so he was sad that Michael highways leave and he we talk we IQ some of crying he said he didn't cry I think that all all those are you that is a that is a manmade always articulate anyway but like that is like are much like tears like in your children up piano plays like that for our throat or murmur but here is like. I actually the guys were pretty easy on this I mean all of killed and that we were pleasant shows the straw that double respect for yourself dale said Rita. Michael will not be sitting in this chair. Everyday and that makes me sad. I'm really happy for my friend but we got the two ends of the spectrum I do think keep was legitimately lost in the moment whatever that moment water yet there's no tears in my eyes bill on the other and who's right here you know this yet as a jet a pill for two minutes with a record eleventh terrorists thought it seaport itself he's seaport itself in seats that I stole. A half anyway. And yet the scripted bill which was first summaries and Michael and I hit it off almost from day one. We were truly Brothers from another mother. And it has it has been that way cents the day thirteen years ago when we first started working my white covering currently that we like today. You can be that way tomorrow and the next day in the day after that Prague Philip reformulate the final Philly that's really what dale fun situation Kirk mentioned this yet holy couple months ago on air before Christmas were fighting for bill to keep as if it Europe to me. The problem and the stage and dale lifetime contract a series. Dale signs a new contract Philly yeah accidentally steals this amendment is under one now you know whatever and two months later bills without -- and so. I'm sure there were some frustration there. On and it sounds like baiting by and didn't find out until 56. I'm correct on Wednesday it's the image that as part. But you know you had policy. You know being told them that much on the way that this was so maybe they'll open. Had he known earlier he couldn't help but like hopeful remembered this that it Michael told. The great media critic you want me that he had known before the sensitivity training that he was out. Yeah sort of read that he knew it internally did did say the Miki come to a decision we wish him. Laird and open a minority by the way that can be over all of our friends at the network that cannot be named maybe you'll be paying to train extension goes to a Tyler. Could be a lot of trick like this week. Every this Greinke this great message so tell us is really exciting what's what's going and it's very exciting to be US marine drilling unit and the gold medal being urged kind of victory. I. Did this old car I ever gets any bigger too. She'll be back next week for a training to must spot a week from tomorrow oracle real and harsher term stability review. I'm not sure when she gets back on to mainland America can actually hear the gunfire that Thacker and it's crazy. If only gone back Michael Michael and intercom had much they're to negotiate all my god party a plus not gonna do analyst Hillary's. Yeah I'd they would at the financial aspect of Geraldo please don't give you raise what we do Sam are coming and they say you take you take this job that job where he quit with no race you're gone you just quit. I would quit have family to support them in the abortion leveraged. I leverage is really well I don't sure it has gotten a ten year 250 million dollar extension one leverages a nobody does more calories they should be that's not leverage that's a separate company. If that's the take away the week but they showed Gerri back who's gonna those pretty to show us and that's just you know just off the cuff we really had nothing going eight and somehow dug them what negotiations. Only you're asking to my leverage and leverage to do a lot for the previous call stop and get a movie actor is not it's leverage like don't leverage must Boris I laughed so much. When Munson I just I love him I genuinely he mixed laughed. It's funny self deprecating we have a similar intellect and Stephen Providence every time falls interpret it is that what's up Steve scarred. I wanted to gradually might not only have a very successful run in the morning show but also so being the world's greatest stuff other. You know I haven't been alerted to the hit went. When Bennett would always consulate say when you're gonna quit gambling and betting William Borneo it could go to sailor or get out rob. Hillary it is kinda it will look horrible you know kind of when cart would say I'm hungry as a POW was just kinda. What's that well I mean at all. Opens. We had captain hung well make an appearance yen capitals Exel launcher that much and I called. Got through special guest is on the line has special guest. Captain Tori I'm Willie US navy and the odd Harlow talked want to call it you know you're lucky man Michael net. Check it was a ridiculously quick woman with an inexhaustible. Well. We want that papaya. And fresh cut grass. Oh man she was should open up Machida dockside. Should that nation. The obsession roared. She watched where these guys didn't look. I did she had him at all. Doesn't seem night tossing doesn't seem right Kevin I special get messages like diet faucet to the new ticker the aids and died. It it's trouble that that was you'll stand Kirk six re. Totally hairless man analysts and political will report could easily just. Right. Bond at all and honesty all Michael up. Amid ships are really do what was that such as. She called me a while back on. Every action comics said that her her. Her level was good man but he you know viable seed I don't. A but. But my desk at that instant. It's inappropriate. I had a nickname suggests it was older. A called a mobile submarine. I could of course and what was. I. It ex captain. I don't think you can say that but yeah the good negotiation with mutt was eighty. Truly spectacular thing to witness from behind the glass like the guys at help on quite a bit over the last year and I think that. That's where it's meant as a survivor like Gerry Callahan and I I've family to feed at all Colin birch and some of the good folks in the Red Sox it is very good job let's put down books now. In the books let's put that on let's put that meeting on the books ready to fight leverage obviously give it definition of the word leverage. I don't I honestly don't know. That was the definition seriously. And don't Jersey the final approach series. The fine I'd I'd like I picture I can lead picture and it is kick there's I can't say the exact definition of a bunch yeah. You and I fame negotiators yes. Went into the boss's office the big loss in ten. They Travis the separatist multiple times where does that with so we are a team there's no I in team and we went in there and we got sixteen dollars and 85 cents and eighty further task a week in 200 hours extra work shrewd notion that I love the you beat the final word kick up and by the way give you you in my Greek ready to spell officer but he words that of five. I'm table is that. One that you guys remainder to. Ask each other define words cut the first one to Nazi guide you go first there's. Defying. Magnanimous. Someone who. Is gratefully thankful. Anywhere in the ballpark. Amassed a sore left there is I I did not know what dumbest I it is a big article out I I'll take yes that. I'm. Of the board he would know he's pretty Smart guy who I've I think serious problems my Academy Awards and he's now trying to kill time tampering. I mean yes. Defied Furl the word for long. And that's something or stories how how long is it for a dog nobody I knows that I wonder why no guys Aussie good guide Greg crystal more each. See now we both Kendrick has done they both are cupid worse scud. And opulent. Okay. You Marty set opulence ideas and you're an answer I don't know I absolutely is and I and I know didn't know what did you forward unit of one work past the fine timetable and for a moment. Forget that was real ones to. He amassed over and so loss that would both liberal lost in Childers in the emptiness nobody works harder and nobody cares the most. And groped her lady part on us to this pushover it was actually log right fog that when our fearless program director is. On promoter on assignment the Jerry Kirk decide to spend a little more time in the office today which was nice real comparable commitment. To linger we discussed Briton Henry little bit yes there she had the appearance Tuesday piper will enjoy the pressured vacation down next of reverend Boston Kamal mean Jerry would have we welcome on any time any time. And I that. A degree brits performance overall given an edge because I feel it she'll be back she seems like she's in on the joke see gets the show. For someone who really wasn't a part of it I know she was nervous I probably had a thirty or forty lying back and forth with her in order. The day before she joined us just issues word about certain people surprising in joining the show or whatever questions going to be in taxable professional I don't know what professionalism is anymore and he was concerned about our reputation. I think you know that Kirk in Callahan they're very controversial. Ferret station but only. Does not and I think she was very very very happy afterwards you said needed to -- -- a lot of that means if you miss Jerry she thought Gary was chaired right at first people comforter corrected her two cents at the end it's all next time I got to meet Jerry in April during that may consider running around the office I sort of always liked the whole hallway lights up as you walk and smile Jerry was a big fan anyways question about Mark Cuban. Okay there was a big story regarding Dallas Mavericks Cuban who we don't believe of these liar when it comes with president who's. Guilty of sexual harassment and in also edit employee. On the on. Working for them then had to physically abused the woman not once but twice. So I think in the world of sports the hash tag me too thing is about to explode. English questions as a look at TV guy who loves to hear himself pocked. In the question today is next good question will be his First Amendment yes to bring the question back at him like even she says I was not. Sexually assaulted her restaurant although you were in shock you never sexually harassed the shock it's a so there's a possibility week empress. For a shield casting couch perform the goals that Britain in studio before baseball season sooner the better I reached out to her today on the pass and the chamber mixer Regan the proper people and contacted yet they book. The rooms and hotel it's okay but for next week. We're looking to tank weighs in two months again limping while I don't know it's sort of half a mud because mutt is going to be on the afternoon. Rights Monday and Tuesday. Let's gold for us so thank you performances will be created absolutely no on the zone and did nothing but in true I need the guys we're very proud Roemer in his first hour when he said it would dale those guys Ruddy written the next time sports with a much sits down and goes all Roemer and goes and then Bill Gates and even more he gets mocked by Graham for trying to be the beat the Kirk commitment he's gonna have learned key for kind of bodies it's like it's total. And spaced him only key food Berrian I think there is outside of no absolutely going nuts which is just in months. Nature at its ups at those games rushed Allred you all whites. But Mel I would say I would expect there could be a lot of critique of much on Tuesday Wednesday show her. Money we sold three visited Fort Myers in the week it was odd state I feel like at Friday's. Absolutely I think. You know. Stabilized. Stabilize it was good to have Jerry back today to close out the week he sounded better. Mexico is gonna be piecing the schedule for use now nightmare nights a week in Austin it's part of area negotiate your superb negotiators. And so yeah I got to figure out next week. All from there but I'm happy with the morning show schedule Monday morning at 6 o'clock you'll be hearing Kerry Ted anyway Kirk and an amateur Kellen react wild night at the Oscars the luckier seaport that she can I will and it. It is currently. Jesus. That's what's trending now on W WE I'd like trump. Could weaken.