The Real K&C - Humorless Florio, emollient Drellich & sympathetic Curtis 4-6-18

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Friday, April 6th

Ken & Curtis recap the first week of April 2018 on the K&C Show including Mike Florio losing his mind over the show's sarcasm & multiple Evan Drellich appearances on the show.


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April 6 when he eighteen it's still re EO. KC Tony gallant or retired with a cool. Check mark I'm check mark catlett crisper with a week of the show interest in Wii U I we're sort pulled into one of the major stories of the week. Can layered senior producer of the curtain Callahan show reporting that's been I've always been a football expert sitting there weather's at night doing. Red Sox went for you were doing as we can show doing NHL you have the best football writer in America. I'd say why why newsmaker wipe out all right have more news makers just an old school just. I really became true inside this week at the boy you sort of grew as a reporter and as an NFL guy when you had lunch with systems in the press room Steelers bears game yes or how about that that was all time almost as good as when to relic and get his ice cube from scrub abducted. Epic Alzheimer. Like rob hub driver among English I recognize muted kind of a blogger wow she heaters don't tell floor unlike anything. I think. I did report that felt that it's got its stores like you missed it he's just awesome music weird guy and very good text from a friend right now. August and everything after. On the pro for. A lot of Joseph it would get him this week Florio subtract another of one of our Friday football gas Florio's outs of men what a sensitive pitch I get upset when people are abusing the platform. Sort of takeaway for the Rome in the show they did this come up in its boom they're everywhere and I feel like that. Was unbelievable so you think this deal. He is dealing. He's dealing in the next couple weeks crawl is gone gone. It was one story twelve up dot com picks up your report is like Tuesday when Kirk was out so I have to step up or try to do it in Jerry actually encourages it shout out it's different campaign and you had a very strong tape about. Rob Gronkowski being treated still accurate pollution is a story here with that nonsense we're just having fun as I have more to do light Credo breaking news it's just to joke it's a bit this random website twelve up dot com disorder transcribe the treated to a story now Mike Florio. Slow dead tie him not a lot going on is looking for anything. We aggregate to get up on its website to get on his radio show and three's are and so he takes a twelve story doesn't call me your text me. It's honestly. During the football season about once a week we will communicate with the weather it. Out I try to explain that Chris Curtis means just via email or text will be something with Brady almost always will say hey Mike Brady said XYZ here's the sound and whatever and it helps us to secure its web site that a slow traffic but since the back tour view. And it helps him because he has sort perspectives on the biggest star in the NFL warrant on his weekly interview so he could of contacted me in two seconds. He knows where every note the show he's been on many times and he does. Oh by the way these the people who think it's funny to just pretend. It's something that's true or it's false it's true it's true or false whatever the hell of unity they know who. He doesn't know mr. Wright does understand which and so he takes your report which is obviously duke takes a tree duke but it's not. Arts and so transcribe the twelve up report doesn't contact me in and I against Kirk switches or an office meeting with jewels are blow and we also he said and became the agreement. That I should call and tell him and tell for purposes. But he real yet you're not gonna call Mel it was viewer I told you the news after the show Florida's picked up my report. And you were stuck you could believe. Literally you were stunned and I think I exit should be tell him about it and he says die I don't know what your response was that you were not you're on the fence leaning toward not telling. What might interim and hand with single job Curtis because you would love to see disguising it but I've felt. In the end. I like I sort of agree with you would Julian that okay well we ever wanna have a relationship with misguided and your analysts buddy I should Escude in the courtesy phone call Wednesday. So before meeting starts it's like you're right we should not. Because he was talking to your right and how big black and take it so I call and I said in my Chris Curtis and his total voice the second I call. He'd do all she. When someone else steps in. And I end up passing it along in my website it's on my shoe and I have to scrape it off. But it it really is incredible the parity counts transcribed the original call that he had describing me in my report tonight as a senior producer must've talked to somebody around some situation was so convoluted. I mean it's unbelievable. In this guy who what ever has a role on the most watched TV show in the country side and I football's football in America that's studio show is as highly rated anything on TB he's on their every week and grabbing Kirk and Callahan reporting breaking news in the next couple weeks they're gonna trade Rob Gronkowski and it's just to joke it's a bit. Well he's so tight with rosenhaus I really believe now my reports true. Rosenhaus has been seeding in the possibility that this is gonna app to beat the waiting for any legitimate report to come out Portland's I would Jeanette scoops Laird right across getting trades I still think it's gonna happen. Could very well be that would be perfect upended by. His response back later that day in the following the podcast that afternoon the text mute button I mean people. We always say there's not elected do the show you know at work and work with Kirk injured heal the spotlight really true I mean people. Arts even the people at that point of this profession are that thin skinned and (%expletive) Children so I was pissed off that he catches. My mistake and he's begging me basically imploring me to just apologize that we can go onto its website Wednesday. Ludicrous Curtis apologized for this and I just didn't do it like there was nothing to apologize for him. You not know politics that's. You know our show is riddled with sarcasm from start to finish and that's I think it proves our point is that when your off here in the football reporting Bobble these guys don't comprehend that there's somebody who would wanna just laughed and goof about stuff you know just to be any date they are so serious about the stuff and I'm dead serious so series. Mean you her to show up when we're doing our training and it's like there was never a laugh it was like bowling for Bakken six hours again. Not my choice. We're trying to do we can entertain you know and we will continue to do so as we talk about football deadly serious. Football football football and the decrease is that gives me in the chorus which. Oh ice Olympic scholar rush the Olympics are complete. To me about football and it takes on its image takes we had we gave each relic he was in three days this week to drill an opportunity to take the reins at 8 o'clock to go baseball where he go that trilogy and Callahan with my program. I'd like to leave as soon as I heard Mike Hart to like not now he'd get a good year out of somebody -- I like my -- this is not on an oh jamaat Friday's reveals a Roth across the city the second light truck with that the whole city would like Jerry set the tone today with the bull any worries. Future ERA's David Price zero point 0%. Zero point 82. Brian Johnson my man one point five yeah that meet or voted universities at the car went here. And it's like loss and this loss Republican to win three theories say we device. Hopefully tonight is it just get criticized by. Can Wear and drop has gotten better with time is what she's going through the schedule which every it's incredibly ever to hear it it's like here's the schedule for the month of June after coming back at the end game Roche is not a drop though it's only great in it's like you do with the whole 45 seconds there don't for five days. And on a nine team. Roche they go to Hugh Philadelphia. To here are feeling than to feel like three in Houston. Actually be seven road trip. Excuse me eight game road trip to in Philly three and Houston three Kansas right they didn't come home yeah. The two teams the angels in Minnesota seven games three against eons before it's it's really appreciate. But. Through that I've heard the second error we go to public before Peoria officer. This is but she schedule right. The best part shell today Jerry was happy because smoke was ripping her podcast Corretja it was great podcast right. I know I didn't like it. I did not like the podcast because it was it was very it was a Jonbenet Ramsey type field to give it was a helicopter parent. Using their kid is a propped her co worker right that that really it is with us that's offensive at some level have his son at. Read a script over and over again mocking me for no reason he was egging them on to get him to the report. He was out of the month is really serious that's the thing about Jerry's right about this nobody really hates mutt I. Exception Mikey an eighty or pretends duke but it's hard to take you seriously when he's ripping something like this today Otto Jerry was happy to try to make a case than what was attacking Kirk but he really wasn't that sub Kirk's really. Taking it running. Knowing I'm with you on what the nicest human being commitment is as there is not a close second. And he is. Even when he's matter anger it's hard to tell what part is actual men being Metairie or you're just trying to show that he'd give the impression that he's angered dislikes. Roger Goodell is not. Breaking quoted anyway so today you know he went on his his anti podcasts that diatribe and then Kirk called them all my god I hate to ruin your mood but a little monkey you mutt. Did not like the pocket he doesn't care he ripped it for 20 minutes this morning around. A talk about the guy who. He got fired because his ratings suck so bad for years ago an immigrant off as he took this job yes did I who after yeah. L. It is apps to be. Heard slobbering. Saratoga didn't call. Crying the next day understood it was a it was not crying little tablet I want I mean let the guy who a week later in I don't know about other might podcast. Week later headed kid in the car guy who's in the Mexican restaurant ever. Right yes yes yes the that's exactly deaths that her I don't appealing to be on the other end of those that was a beat down and the man perky and good mood please. Very good at all hours of the morning a little bit of reverence and good morning before my life with a good morning how Rio and and so he was ready to go to Augusta National really get a fax an appearance Monday he still masters and in our conversation with Brad Faxon. The other running theme of the week was get up. And its debut we had all the Monday and Kirk declared it dead but three minutes after the show debuted I think it was like 70 threes. So on the show started and get right in new order is at the top I think it went off with a because I'm taking my going to be able to guess when you think. Well there's first some witty banter all all hello we are excited. I love witty banter doesn't say that men in the teleprompter does that we keep banter and how he would be a complete verbatim. We were on I agree we just started and already it's a disaster and by the way it was a blizzard in New York City this morning we envision having a beautiful view of the East River which is right behind us. And you can't see anything because right now it's a snowstorm. Yeah up on yankees sat out with to have okay. Chose socialism done good were done dead on arrival and this is just perfection forests it's everything we are not your run has been fun but in the end it's been not. Who will sloppy. One and done it's everything all focus groups there and executives across the country tell you we should be shot out and although. It's 33. Years old. Just look at this I don't even know what to say I. For an historic failure I mean you cannot put in to adequate words how absolutely damaging uses yes yeah. Well I was told get out and I want to put this get up on. Brand new studios I think over a hundred million dollars. Mr. at least seventy people on staff for the fifty million for the hosts the greatest final four performance of all time however it has to begin with Bill Walton and now you have the 100000 less than 200000 viewers for the should colossal failure and in radio we didn't affect show silicon we have a good morning show and good afternoon show helped each of the seven to ten lead and for 10 o'clock program radius and the rest that it was released setting the foundation for a large viewership across all the dispute shows with this get up you're down 20% so now all just good programming basically throughout the day is down 20%. Unbelievable. And that's sit you wait until our next stop it outright a larger big picture theme here which sum up my chest here Laura Ingraham was big. Headlights topic David Hogg in people going after her sponsors this has been an issue that's come up on our show. Past and if everything is killed at this is like a theme and it continues where anything that's said it's edgy controversial or even. Even bought edgier controversy disputed issues that people care about if we become so PC cadets killed. We are blessed with get up we are left with CNB in the afternoon in New York's two reports this is happening in front of our very eyes these these are safe shows that they're putting. Millions and millions of dollars into and nobody is watching I don't know what the breaking point here is but how many times can he trotted out. And it's just like this is new like ratings vs revenue has been a huge thing in the entertain bids for ever but we're dangerously close to having shows like ours eradicated from the earth and all we're left with is this just boring PC bland nothingness. You know we're greedy as word of the day on day two get up we gain 7:10 eastern time on ESPN. Caleb Johnson social media director what is my word of the day both. The earth which is ironic that trump is present while to snapping maybe that's created to that somehow the like that the backlash other respondents. Excellent excellent point. I agree a 100% and I think I talked to. Friends family times who you know especially around Easter EC aunts and uncles are reverently you talk more sports or you know they don't like yours politics this and a and they say why don't you do X or Y and you'd talk more sports are hockey whatever. And I say. You Victor the people dictate our program in a perfect world when shows are allowed to grow or fail in a free market you know all that stuff. No words bought to New York Chicago folk hero you told Leo you'd. You can install the markets. The way the model was on what you just alluded to. Ratings dam safety safety yet client liked companies just don't wanna even be bothered by any negative backlash so there's the such fear of him being associate I don't know what noted look at the thinking is there but. It's the ease with which in the power that the offended quotation mark consumer has. Like at no time in the history of this media people out there if they don't like something. They haven't ever been more empowered. To stop it and the ease with which you can gain a celebrity status or stop speech you disagree with as it's it's it's scary always uses. And a lot of trump guide but like he throws the papers up but I am optimistic that the scripts there there is a refreshing part that this is part of the reason I got elected right this is there isn't section of the country huge section of the country that. Just found it refreshing he was on politician but yet it's a weird thing to watch or what. You think Jalen Rose Michelle Bulent like remember talk about when it's if they were to sit down have once word of the day I think if I agree with you both super and they get into you know I'll run although has a great soccer kick Paltrow did a Malia. Excellence and to your right go Red Hat the title was transcendent Kama animal hint if you never use that word in now in your work I had no I don't like to use words when nobody knows that he's got it right there online preparation that softens the skin she applied in Somalia that's what we're used to describe the Red Sox championship the president Somalia approached it a mile a volley it's approached him pronounces the -- what about this current that's what it's part of Kirk's brilliance is that you know why are we gonna talk about this off the year if it's interesting enough Forrester consumer time about it disgusting off the year let's bring it to -- here let's have a conversations nobody sits down as Kirk points out of what's to whip around the NFC west and talk about the quarterback situation. The other side of that though sometimes and show the bullying comes to us you were back in the rosters for Kirk on Thursday. Wednesday this Wednesday. Like emerging Curtis cool guy to rethink this I don't slide talks way to much advisory I don't know what happened I totally agree with that I assure you got bride incidence I said something. I I was adored I try to sort of black that dale Padilla there was a moment right jumped in and Pellicano was in his zone out period mutt was kind of wearing down I jumped in with something it didn't make sense and perk just has had this festering committee exempt jumping and try to be glib and funny too. I set a tone the other day he's become like but will jet where it's like what are you. Do you think your character on the show. Quade weighed in all the time. I thought that was interesting story about some up by mr. bill obamacare and I younger radio show he piles on is this thing repair I don't know each other people at their people a cartridge in stores incorporated you don't you'll have a re show. That's why you're the boss or what boy why did you send. I quite usable one liners are fun. But I don't get who's who's who's who's told you can do this. Nobody ago and I'm sure is that you give it to your humanity to think what wears is born from. He try to get to the bottom of it and then you callers does. Wayans and cars lot of callers who weigh in but also wanted to put me down nothing you're talking about what ever win. And I greatly with the jokes in the one like what do you think you're not funny. I can handle that like what why do you think he can do levels. I have the ability. To make Kirk. Incredibly angry very quickly on what it is about me a while wide is he's even talked about the podcast that I would create some sort of angering him but he can't describe. Actually was sort of the better segments of the show that day so it's again part Kirk brilliance and the Stew which people. Relate to you because of their jobs they're getting. Pushed around by millionaires who take it out there please eccentric century. There's also I think six fascination with some people dislike they see other people getting all capsule so there's both on but for the most part people came to your defense as they have been I think fairly recently when these things come out Aaron and I know hello or good morning. Good morning were you. I'm I'm glad that and you got Natalie ask her if. People have your back it's interesting you brought this up and I hadn't thought about it where before maybe early on in the show the new Kirk and Callahan inception and definitely during the Dennis Kelly and his it was sort of a 100% against me you know drunken mess and throw him a fat slob les. Brian Hoyer doesn't get things done yet. And and you know that sort of the tide has turned a little bit with that with the audience if anything they hear the show that you and I hear it behind the scenes written that you know we definitely it's not for lack of effort when things go wrong and we definitely try our best so that sort of cover back but I do think it's a perfect sort of balance of 50% want a bedecked I was punching down at together screens the calls to do you should it's kind of like you know at all more on. And you have the rich thing on his right earlier likable quality I think is the fact that your father is built correctly that's the perception that I've been in the paper vehement right part switcher I was able to use my death points so yes that I'm a child of privilege and people like to be though that in the interim title number of the Chicago. Many of the other side that likes the fight against the review of the machine power and that's what I'm viewed and I you've been a big part of the show lately the bracket rate so you've been able to catch it more right and I think you've done a pretty good job. At some point lines Patrick reed hop up and I'm saying you are viewed as a by ever doing anything Kirk doesn't want you were Tellme media when there's a little bit of quiet orders you know people looking around if I say something cute things happen and both are usually good it's either party which is rare or it's dark and both cause a positive effect on the show. It's dom. Then Kurdish populated beat you over the head to drop that we for forever if it's funny people left so I've used that you know jumping in there if Kirk does a woman ever speak yet however speaking first instinct was correct it was an interesting topic. But people Canadian cents a little. You realized. My apologize I don't know that any good weakens of its yes next week. Jerry is committed to having my. All five games yes he thought you lose that all happened. The Yankees series not that important diploma often use it to I've you're teases for war and I'm hearing Jerry Wednesday night yankees big spot Jerry's been replaced mutt doing pre imposed from the Sox 72 priests Victor expecting. To cool off later president opulent MLB site genius report that now and second what we say here. A voice you have heard on the radio station or around the city of Boston and we got via a return of a a friend of the show the president on it coming on Friday could very likely be hurt our anchor Kelly and next week Zardari minute. June. He's already going to be I think he's in the mail and keep Mozilla rustling OSHA stuff in what guys who are always during the Monday don't keep post wrestling honcho of -- they've Meltzer Harriman him both in studio they'll keep Monday two to six which would be great podcast crossed podcast promotion got to Chase Utley is not about me episode 81 every minute it's unbelievable you hear that Harry's voice sweetest most in this ask if who likes beer the most. Slug it's crazy. Two generations through brilliance. And Kirk's not oppose the and the amount basically said that today and that's it is spinning. Its app predicted it is that what got us this. We are conversations with a couple rated. And I mean carry out so we B model. And its. Bill probably. I don't know what all the bad. OK so next week. A new face or voice may be her show panic early fuse too much because I haven't checked with the overlord and to seal that goes but I would tune in next week I think it will be good to hear from disperse a good weekend see you Monday that it is currently threat. She's a smear that's what's trending now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. Could reach him.