The Real K&C - Hungwell banned, Good Weekend Mannixed & the Week in Globe 5-25-18

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Friday, May 25th
Ken & Curtis have your Memorial Day 'Good' Weekend entry with a recap of the Kirk & Callahan Show for the week of 5/21-5/25

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But the fifth of may 2018 this is the real Kasey Keller Chris Curtis better known as journal for all capital while on censored commentary is is good soccer be talked over you don't do podcasts there for the show you got to putt. I'll appreciate it mail and found out surprised and will be discussed the signal talk about let's get right to that we had censorship again from Joe's ember on our program director of the text from up above the week. You'd get some of that off the well. I don't know what they're ready it and I'm cap and getting one out through the it's it's been the only the only entertaining caller told the audience patients have to Ralph from Cranston call for again. Dale and keep the talk with the cavaliers whose home tonight. Well last time. Kevin Kevin Kevin studio this. Great now what the pump in last night's big winners in the sporting world the Boston Red Sox fans who didn't have to watch a gang of underachieving millionaires take a dump on a fielding collect baseball. Mother nature. Thanks beautiful park doesn't love via Morgan Freeman impersonate him and I'm in the clear. Well. I'm Amanda can get songs some played. Morgan Freeman I try to give depth in the world. We're free resume matches or her favorite to engage every Jerry's a Thanksgiving column like the music will be a little soft. The small talk. Client Hezbollah or opening need to. All eyes on you with friends affair and we minor offenses in bleachers. Anyway Kevin bristles at regular although he's been he's just for a while we found out why today. Mortgage. Well cap and unwelcome warnings are all our youth we Jerry Jerry my targets was this much into these listeners wrote that's okay how are you. Very well very well about the time abroad I've been on little time mum undercover. So all the way. Who capital wasn't Spain was Mallorca hanging out with justice just Penske. Allard and bought a home document. I like Michael Michael Wood and a hypocrite cal and I do firm on the overnight. What I can apply hands on work with charities and I looked. At WWH. Or was it adapts to. Are scared but you warned every time to watch the innuendo because it because now. Are holed edicts knowing you know sexual innuendo which of course beat adhered to strictly show went on tacky sexually is not our role we do not set. The rules we set the dialogue. Yeah dialog city. And Kevin from Bristol calls and I say you know the pleasantries and every time I say can you just do me a favor stay within whatever parameters you know Kirk was no slowing up to the bill primers on. Parameters that our program cricket text that he can punch on the story a million authorizes a sort of stupid we have set up for the show then we got a funny call everybody laps in the show is better for. I. It's for the lead approach and if that's what happens the last couple times Nichols is he says things that we cannot have a Marshal not by our decision urges deemed too close to sexual innuendo to be broadcast on the year. In Kevin's defense when he's kept the whole world the entire call sexual innuendo that's the only possible funny nature of the joking did his best to sort of high dose I guess anyway. We play for you here in the middle to call a first we had the bodily fluids again this is what we dumped twice in Alaska the hole appears correct. We take off. Wives that the low initial equity justice. And two and four walks. Old self fluke it right to all and the tenor and the temperature surrounding the show the EU. Parameters in the words in the anyway and that is allowed to sort of changes right in my opinion that's in my experiences the you know everybody's listening and we got to be really tip top shape but other days this can go other days that's a no no so it's hard for us understand so. It doesn't adopt initially but I'll look it over Jewish we dump which we don't open the you're getting a text from Zambrano right that he's dance. There and saw that night I guess the dump on twice in basically most of the calls lost a listen back to what people actually heard they picked it up with. Coming in from the rear and maybe share a common and career and then. Right into the Morgan reported for him which Kirk didn't want any part of so they got it all they get the social at the beginning which was good that was good luck but they didn't get the juices down you know there's a whole thing. Right yes also stand up front wind unfortunate. You might scream out I was brought to Kirk as he took along strike and yes he does not frustrated at all by this I mean just like abnormal she's this. Forget average aggravate. One of those days which that spiraled into one attacking an institution out of good weekend. Since the last hour the week. Thanks really had to know that pulley brings so much the table there's a guy I don't know what we have good weekend coming up a fourth hour giving direct giving the dummies QB can this week and you understand that. No no low low low low low no not their fault that's how works is not their fault I I'm punishing them now being part of this term stemming quite star Leah stuck with a Chris edits out through. Let's talk about the NBA playoffs with a buddy Chris medics from Yahoo! at. I think they don't have that thought I had the ability to improve it especially immediately because what they play and it it it's pretty obvious that. Here he'll what his biggest weaknesses that strikes. It published a deep by the way. Trivia question someday and as very good that's correct. The first member on the casting. Being down there and listening on demand and in and one of the reads I want to do this show today was just to keep Gary tank way off the air. I shepherd the early Tuesday to beat you said earlier in the show he still stand. They sent by one than usual. This look like wood about what you set out like this and I got. And monolithic single would be moderate any day one that's shepherd was surprised date to when he actually turnout to be on GOP shepherd in the Kirk human hand Kirk how. I blacked out those days it was and like bill that is. You know what you're figuring out of me. I blacked out early dismissal of these failures ahead and getting good people and everything can't be thrown with six Russian cosmonauts and a micro micro owner you know that is your. Neither do I but it sounds fast and explosive any body feel a good weekend that it will be will be back safely next week we did it full board calls. We just warming always look at that he guessing they're all there is a day old bank a phone calls that all want good weekend. I want to offline. Joseph how are you. And me. I'll see Brian's that was going on how we doing today when it. Well I'd Jacob your thoughts on this sink room in the million Manchester. Ryan in Norton. It time we tried nobody nobody had a salient points and they go I don't. Often get offended by things got a lot. With my wife this past week somebody had created or texted me something about it weakened and you want to meet you said what is that mean. Even like milk the two words that are most synonymous with her husband. I know she doesn't listen. I really take it it's like you kind of listen ego but I guess he doesn't listen. In general. And and Kirk today cinco de on the show and it's a double puck and where. It's sorts Jesus in the operable Rudd beat. But we did get a full Bork also Kirk's threatened to ban for six months I think I think it was speak for him though we'll get back next week at the heart today was Kirk the Bryant agrarian Boston Globe situation so this thing is slowly build on rattling the layers of the onion. And how to write actually a more student likability list compiled by mail reporters at the globe a few years back it's a listing of the people of papers female interns. And rates them on save them one you most wanna. Of and the one you at least one if this is college girls this is poets. And I was told by sources not how we courses per minute primer gory. Was part of compiling that list and putting it together. These are the editor of the paper the time was years ago but he was part of the people who put that list together that's primer gory that's a guy in charge of the paper. Its interest in looking back that mark arsenal stories for children the way you couched short term the very deep within there and that's sort of the jumping off point is we have to assume that's the same as the week gets the short ago. Some go through the sold arsenal stories that we'll get back to how we as well beating green globe box finalize need to meet through his pick through it. You go back to Alter some mail newsroom employees were either glows annual group of cola co ops. Paula journals and students eager for work is he dating pool they called the beat the press stuff so I thought was even more remarkable via Emily Rooney moments yesterday. So if there are people out there I think who who experienced something akin to what we sergeant has been alluding to. Beat the prospect that it would like it to somebody would've felt like you know I know you never know what a professional so god damn incredible so it's. Amazing artist it's on the meat to level first which you just described the second level is a public. She sounds like she's single probably didn't happening now is it important that she sang like and that's exactly what you're saying of course it's only which sank. She's trying to dismiss it as she ever did on the show. Not during my time she sort of says she would come on podcast this week which he was responding it is over parity counts in the right amen. I response to be generational divide now Michael reach out to people. And if there are over say 55. Yeah I believed. Bill trying to use this I'm traveling I can't call excuse him drive from the days of cell phones or you know when you couldn't actually call. En route to somewhere and she said today that she's unable to call she's off the day she has the day off the cheese Fries. That is the Arab religion I was surprised that they you mentioned in the office would have been wise for her call and I think so he sounds terrible this. Later it began to be close established did that using after she that at a. Tracking it and it's not clear how many years who is the big box it don't matter well a well whatever rock you was at that point. That's my point out there without power dynamic there which we break. The suns think they were equal there were no I don't know that. But she wasn't. At the globe retaining I mean Hillary start and take on this contextualize it only in tweet she hasn't been more that than us I think it would like it to somebody would have felt like I. Especially in awful you know again machining. Of a potential other victims of this whole thing but it was interesting week in the globe McCrory story of course were very involved in this court that's awesome reporting on this earlier scotus. To help fuel listen probably actually get to get off the ground ball right to Mosul Jerusalem's stuff off for a while we work quite a lot of talk about it. And Jerry was fully behind that decision which led to some interesting group texts Q and I were very active interest. I might I thought it was very very intense for both of us we took you took your side that's fine I took my side deaths. You are just so hard to these two if you want signal I don't why don't I don't care if you took the side you went with Joey and mark in the Coca not a problem. Press aren't. They then there's two sides to a two points and others are because once salaries in view of it is not there's one side to that's okay now that's not to lose two sides. The putt. But that's but that's all right and and I think Chris it's it's funny I am you know it's in their fight for my life in he thinks it's funny to not fight for sure I am sure I am if the other 1000000 that I am a favorite the other thing if if absolutely of course known in output and feel life course. Professional. Professional poker. Professionally yes yes. Like belt is that I've wanted to talk about it I think it's great radio would get more listeners discussing that. Then whatever ails you if we do away where it's we can do things I think carefully enough. Will get ourselves into trouble and that's the fear of management is found we do this better than any this stuff we do other people will do my instinct is is to trust Kirk since sock puppet. I've found that story. Enough to go on I would talked about it but then a big about right so I response saying Kirk's right what are we doing here GO. We should be talking about. Right want the same point I Gerri I'm assuming has talked to the CEO of the company and he is information I dull in regards to edicts that we can't it can't say therefore it's almost like legal enough information to wait work at let's say I did the right idea curry favor with Kirk for about five jealous were thought. And what I say has no. And Irish play this through by respondents say that Joyce's jokers we can't do it and an up or don't respond to that Kirk's gonna say oh you said one Texas they would never been enough light. What I did he suffered sort of decided via Switzerland I'm Switzerland and Gerry called Kirk Kirk and column back. You're the policy would name its wanna call we gonna talk about what it's a waste of time now I've thought about it Vonage today ordering pentagon this is talking about what I think you have to. Why talk about the the issue we had. There's no issue I there's no Bush's I'm a 100% right you guys are 100%. You know that's that's that's that's not true so over it really so as not to side as we can discuss it till I cannot debate not know who you Daley don't wanna debated on the open having discussion is a waste of time. OK fine I mean what I am willing what's the Greg and you're not there we'll talk about tomorrow as that. The target is talk about retirement or it's a great Friday as I don't wanna talk a good OK you can. Do little Dino you know give me the silent treatment it's fine understand knows desire discussed during the break you okay. Good it's we've gone over to IIIM. Stan I know you stand on. Analysts and it didn't I didn't respond to correct and that's all he needs and so but it did. Right there have said that he was actually a ball very upset he's been an. Texting of course a market and are fine general manager about had a graduation season. I forget. On what you want. Text the boss of greater 617 okay 7797%. Say no problem boss I'll keep my mouth shut 617777. I don't resentment that the rebel Kirk each she'd be happy dad Jason Day. Love share. 6177797937. Perk in the pussy weaker gradually. And it gets an unwritten and that's what he expects it right back to. Ironically Jerry wouldn't for it is a little up later this week yes I. A text back mr. sock puppet for cart it's unbelievable tetanus like the second three weeks you've been bashed by cal iced out. I sent him a text nothing on moments off old navy. He's made it clear underdog you know tribal and definitely style. And good nice and witty texts they said they'd share hope you're feeling better hope everything went well I hope you come outside Alex thoughts. A little humor doing well but I think it fell flat I mean I got basically the same text Kirk did which is essentially copy paste that's it gets. I'm supposed to be forgotten slow and that I love you can't Kearns. Beat Texas early those possibly xanax was. The globe and later in the day it got into you know the bug diesels so windows but that does unite the lately thanks Cheryl and exploits the clueless that in in Dade and it's a game gimme 52 other interesting about Jerry this week several outbursts like you to some significant. Jerry drop out is which are great great. Like at least EB. Let's talk socks is excellent visit as a great slam of the desk before let's socks had great years. The best blog over pizza once this week prior to that subsequently. For. A decade ago and shout out it's different campaign slogan. I. It's that anyway what peaked with a great summit drop here which will leave for went law was Jerry's take on bisexuals and after marriage preference all choices. She does so Pope Francis tells the game and god made god made you like that love. Niceness that is having. I'm serious he did make you like that. He and his own thing and loving gay people in the dispute the does that will be used to speed term sexual preference that's implied that you preferred that that's and that does apply to some people because they are. And bisexuals and it. Delegates I still think it's that's still from in their body inaudible have to choose to wanna be monogamous you have to choose so that will be shortly monogamists you can do if you if pitchers anyway. Correct so owners were really don't shoot us preference though. Well you prefer one or the other here if you wanna be monogamous you're bisexual you have to prefer one over the other right you have one person. So if you. It's a that's a different shortest it's a bigger it's a bigger group that your that your excluding but it's a saint no it is not sabres choose whether you wanna be. Heterosexual homosexual. Or bisexual you know he can be able. Then you know I'm not from you so be attracted to women if you're if you're a woman in your but then but then you would pick one of the out. And if so let's go to college and waited on this Hampshire manager was thrilled we do and another segment. Like today we did the BD SM whatever that the sadism. It's. Cellular spectrum in the water you do with the and fired reap what hell would they do that collar I don't know was he not getting to the plate he receives talking about college but if you like his whole bio. The blogs who was let it John what's up. And I get good morning. Derek gets so I I experimented with that in college and I I just don't understand your point so. Who minor Terry's. My experimented would watch the great drop out. Preferably. With a caddick cultured indeed drop from jeers from a little while ago which is also new favorite indeed I would say this is delivering relevant yet and he's got a extra affliction from Mark James good god you love all my god mark Arnold and Gary Kelly and I think should buy a house. Govern this movement that's about it he went on to with a caller I'm guaranteed whatever. Would he goes you go to Europe you don't see the genius and demand are at I think line but you've seen them but you ally right that can happen right I discovered him sightings of these huge star and you say he's like four Kerry was right was just sit here first on the show that's the first episode 45 he's been like six markets and only loses this hour collects this is where clicks with true. The passion of of Boston repair Arnold rich keep the passion of Boston from mission is with a genius and the energy of mark chains. Sure I will sit up you Lucy which shows again I'm probably have his own show I think it's this or. Past Jersey numbers for affinity of topics in the show I. Have never wanted to legally report something more than my conversation with Mark James earlier this week and I MO. Mark James that's mark witty C James it was he Mark James he's talking to me. It's right into his minute there's a modern days or. Well the guy to pick. Give it got. It going through this whole spiel about how it doesn't bother him all bunched Raed Al hole fluid and let's trade saw. End it's not his decision according to him that it's a mess and call that he's not been on yet and he started talked to be about you know. He was ever to be at the station full time you know right. Right now organs sort of regular mark to cup a few got a message to your regular mark on the radio you get radio mark light but if if he was full time and you he told me we would get Mark James Alter. Lol all Trimarche ultra marked verbatim quote a silent he doubled the Apogee elect a couple dollars a full bird right right some would like. Where is the power line. I got the whole tease of the versions that are out there will be available one eye to eye with Salave'a going from ballroom dancing to molecular biology that's a little force to I think he is it it's and it will be on some. Awesome day I think mark is you know. Biding its time earning your stripes through the prism of the glass. Half anti. I do think I mean he said it didn't. Asked us about talked about the things that Kirk address them and I'm sure that that's the element as he does you know maybe he would bashed Goldberg. Equalled success maybe match Bradford and much for doing the audio version here I think we write different circles and I'm not really sure getting drinks. Good idea. I really wish you all the best. I'll be honest. Ayman network TV anchor I think that would be good but I I I listen in. As we saw all that if you wanna get him on the show or one of the Hannity no way you come in for a they're much more relaxed when you go over them and part apparently works of non you know recent imminent. We did not depart in this week's world a little mutt and we'll Motley. It did ticket bottom Monday I tell how to that the race what's up yeah. Handicapping podcast. After his preakness disaster again but they got today the social media pictures largest. I kept flying after the addition of thoroughbred donations. But to our charity donations laster you not to be sent to charity to anybody on the Saratoga police department to build large turn to nobody right. Thurber NAFTA cared a couple of balance Panetta Bob tries not great why it. Thoroughbred after care that TV series yes what do what do you mean like retired horses yes. I don't it every year. It more potent analogue Pollyanna laudable ought Alec work on long. This thing fails and it's our landscaping company I have about 600 times two hours it is sensational electric you know it was a big week from what we got into the credit card debt identity now give credit card. I don't minimal minimal minimal minimal on the statue of right now like three grand a one card that's. Why there was some purchases and had to be made there are some expenses that still not machines prices and Kenneth personnel and with an art. A lawyer in between the difference that's right out of today we showed discrete math skills on the spot three gram that's gonna you have to pay enough today that 20% let's play percent to 3000 dollars 150. What is what he's going percent of 3000 dollars is an album to try to right themselves hard to NB a sick that doesn't make any sense is that I was not right that the makes it might be right don't really think about that's not right pocket but actually. Operate and then you have. Turn me. Experts are advocates like sick birds. Your dad you were charity fund Curtis absolutely pursue his son is on Sunday capturing. And Alice Springs about a month ago had a computer repairs. And anyways so yesterday that it's out of its head and she is. Agree it would. But. I'll Kirk and his son. Would Kirk's allies. We've. Well Audrey Moore but next week yes it's their ways possibly for days and are all right yes wolf we are the likely Fortis. Tuesday through Friday. Kyle blues will be on the board next yes how the deuce and yes I meant Kyle got talent young talent Kirk turned on him. Last year we was an intern at the end in his tenure but he's over that. Yeah I think he'll do the job of the dual dual really good job actually. I'm looking forward to it he cares he's invested and and CO coast might even have little to me on the boards so for a journalist all right maybe I got AF favored the man exit dropped and none. Don't know what's your favorite remix Malaysia. What are your heart out we love Chris managed woodlands insight what. Joey do with capital is worse the former glory didn't work with a yes in a way it is equator Taylor from peoples must file flops. But also get to hear it at some point oh they know and understand the president is saying is a good weekend this week. Capsule and is lady full capital mall calling and the show today with the will be the medics from yesterday to understandable good okay good and a podcast is well understand shorter. The Boston you know whether the plan out serve regular season with Tyree without Tyreke. What they do would they play from behind him.