The Real K&C - Keefe praise, Dale trashing & Trump abandonment 6-29-17

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Thursday, June 29th

Ken & Chris take to the podcenter on a Thursday to update the past three days of K&C shows plus discuss the behind-the-scenes involving Kirk Minihane's mother's funeral & other assorted station items.


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What a night of June 2017. Re looking at sea here can Chris. Two cars the real curveball there Curtis. Seat court one the other. LO and and you can call and call to the C word that's okay right Coulter this on the other see the other assume yes interesting that yesterday on the shelves. Dale Arnold east history to Jerry Cali. For about what forty seconds of a clip I thought most of which have been believed to be honest I thought. If you take offense to roast the near miss in the point of a ropes until May Jerry the arbiter of what's offensive and what isn't right at the tail and we will bridge keep appearance. And Jerry was more offended by the fraction of a second average Keefe when he was by the 42 to dale Jerry has said this a number of times when people have taken offense at things in the past what he says his. You're not really offended. Well that's a big line of him you're not really offended by. I don't know I I don't know that I would. Bush and up as kicks in right and I think there. Honest to god you're not offended which keep you know you're not it took Gary actually today to respond to Dale Arnold in yes codes the vicious man. And I'm telling you. You know that that's that was always details when he was going to embryo bully wolf we induce open a mentality. There's no love lost between Keefe and dale and it's going to be great for the show because the last time there was a relevant as when he unit used to yell at each. In my driving furiously. That was great radio we we're trying to get along your raw getting a little bit of a guy he's got a memo. Yeah all the funniest part about the bill thing was that it was forty seconds of bill yelling at Jerry and two seconds of a keep murmur I don't know I don't and I it would it'd just. That little. Is what's that Jerry yeah bush and up as kids and make and if it's that deep seated though they did the second item that can show and keep their and that agreement with bill's more fence have been bills are ripping. Actually Keefe said nothing else afterwards like Jerry said wears a one more of the audit what it keepsake poly X accountable often broken. Thomas future Keith had to take on it one way or the other I guess that's the point. Idol that spurred yesterday's John Ferrell V rich Keefe showdown just on a whim now not a win some like the Nancy look. We have to move on because we promise to give them look at look at money so excited. His cat Keefe came up big yesterday mutt his uncle Larry does wanna give peace accelerates. 41 am played a sound yet Jerry cattle both sides I thought that they both were great to be honest with the it was good radio even better. Video until some 88 shut it off but we had something from the app. We should talk about it that's a rarity for us well on June 20 we got to just gifts we had the Ferrell interview room. PM we had the article wrong core rose to rehash with Casper and a tang went. Last night right for you can't say isn't too bad of a Jewish people when it us. Is a very prominent member of that ethnicity. Could not come on you know periodically. Syria is just just helped me out here I know Chris guest who's your friend and he's a guest on the show and so you think thought he needed some moral support this I don't care about cholera they do it Robbie doubt that he did something else that would close about an African American being chased by the cops that he thinks things funny what if it should not be making fun of the Jewish faith saying that they're cheap and that's what he was sewing anyone. Jerry what everybody just goes. All all all. I'll that's describing rock no I'm saying I don't know are you wrong it's not know a lot of miracles rolls okay if the kkk has a roast it's wrong in all fields are wrong K Gary if they made fun of all the panelists it's what they do that I sorties Nokia to Pedroia I'm gonna make the right choice but it has so far ha hah hah hah outfits that it may be Jerry guy he's cheap. And I hope. It's stupid it's actually its image or if I think it's unacceptable to sort of gifts of just easy content to a orderly additional Leah. Sports on TV program yet and even Gerri Willis. Willing to talk about it if it meant bashing Gary tag it was in on our program today a lot of light but he made it didn't the guys are thrilled that the 602 arrival. Who can we put the camera on that that third seat right now on May be it'd take a picture of our third man and that's a good FaceBook alive right now I'm on the to say to our friend Jerry tang ways he better enjoy this now while it lasts to. Pretty soon. Sheriff curfew will be back in time. Ordinarily in my case I really sweating bullets is Gerri you know it's obviously my responsibility to fill that seat and Jerry would blame me rightfully so that person and stroke but. After Kurtz mom's funeral. We are outside and Gary's you know Heidi you know all of us and spoke to Jerry incidentally LC Thursday and there's a great suit and so. Jerry move that Gary had confirmed that this was done and mud is just gonna (%expletive) eating grin on the streets in the studio like don't come and now little soccer or ruin it becomes an ounce of thankfully we got about a two minute span where we have a picture of Gary's vacancies and a tie anyway with no urgency at all to sort of wall then can which excuse amend it and I just took the stairs and a. You know we've been southern with that Kirk out I've been pretty proud of the week out of my use them the Monday show not stand because dreamer the Roemer appearance Monday was another animal which Kirk Loescher react to next week but. Just mud and the mossy Tuesday a thought those guys did. Pretty damn well all things considered. It's a walkie knowledge we have. Red Sox segment and nine I know Kirk was sold on plus with. He's not producing anyway I would take Sam Travis or pick your other first baseman in there but you know all all those cancer are pretty good to Muster was in back to back gates. I think even Jerry cities he's rising quickly to the top of the casting couch rankings tomorrow's his movement of the list man I'm just reading the text line in the Twitter Woodruff thing. You get more people riled up than Roemer or penguins this court Trent trainees. She she it's people going to all the larger now. I thank of the defense and I didn't see they are not selling us sitting in my lower you have the I got a fake followers to prove yes. 17100 maybe a million trust sex spots retreating a lot we sent the spec followers not to hold an -- don't they re tweet everything for I'm very big in the sex but community can get from both glasses I can see why there. We haven't done a full study with the the mossy numbers that we run now with some over other people we trainee was was still the top of the list but not. Tomorrow he's been great. I am absolutely awesome and I actually gave you credit the other day off the heiress and you know you were right about mossy was always her opponent who was your guy. And I used then. PR and reliable. Always hear prepared ideas responses. And you know one of our highest rated shows in recent memory was not the battle to bring us although that was. A massive rating or second highest rated show Curtis what this alone. Contra. Was with the musty as bashing the globe with Jerry and Kirk. Yep so battle the Pringles tube was back on Friday June 2 Friday June 3 of those days yeah what does front the first Friday June correct. The next Tuesday to bossy was it was higher rated although we crushed that we we have. Huge huge block. Absolutely. Massive ratings I've been here or about four years and I don't think I've seen weekly numbers like Pepsi I'm sure that'll do great things for their ratings not only as high as they are put the gap between us and second place as has been a second ever summit Manuel called solid. Maybe a chance that that word was not receive this as well by Kurt when he got that email but that's okay it's Jerry Kirk are fine he's a final post and it only got some good momentum we've got a good stable Jerry's right we could probably still use one more. I don't know how Roemer is gonna go that's a separate issue which we talked inaudible last podcast but we've got the mossy. What's been mr. reliable course he goes we take for granted very much we would like you like them around. He fits in really rolled the show and tech way it was tangling again today Jerry was loving every bit of of Gary's a minute arriving late but he was loving Gary today. Everyone is applying the Gary tang when we used to know and love and he's finally back and I was back before and finally back as could I see you goes up a faltering today so arriving late. Works right with that you have the tame wage bill shots it's just. Awesome for me I loved every second and I didn't give him credit he stayed out of the way of course he did I didn't want John to dislike them because the second I heard that interview yesterday. And dale jumping in. What can both be trying to dig Ferrell out of a tough spot and put them you know Barry Keefe among women and an in document that now. Yeah I didn't night what torture. Yet Jerry Kravis said the report getting over the weekend I just knew that ten anyway we would get to anyway go today you might have a read to him and integrate Wednesday against the oil not to mention. Just the asinine tape on the rock rose you had just callers who despise him it had that exact old time meeting Wakefield comes in Nashua hum. I usually aren't they Jerry used stopped. Occasionally and you are just the worst person. And her kids are hearing you. It's one or you just don't like Jewish people at home than it. I mean it is you want to caddie Greg edit that pile need to do which you aren't. What I mean hate. You answered some genetic bastards doesn't Hume or should work on this horse is hello doesn't usually all the best voice impossible. It is a terrible it's not as good as yours the isn't nice bodies they'll give net. All got time I am so hot. It. I come I love you I just. Ichi Tom I love you I'd like you I but I think Umenyiora to just write Q I love the war I love you Thomas to the world to view and he is entertaining way avenue in Nashville and I'm not I'm never as death there is an answer panel that you go ahead on sale yet all day I'm not dying and implement. I just can't end of it really want to say they did you why and how come you can't stand keys here at the root. Worse accept it last summer called pouring oil and you see it as he'd like how can be born I'm glad to have you eaten. You I'd seen you say exactly what they think you're gonna say what eight kids and. There were stretches the show where he was not paying attention he was like five feet away from the microphone looking at this phone middle segment segment 9 o'clock hour he's. Five away from the microphone got for all I know at this point just on his phone. This is not a care in the world. And he was but that's exactly what is as he said at the start of the show is that I do better when I don't prepare and Jerry Tang Wei and I don't care certainly proved that today its unique niche she's scarred for so scary. Appraised Keith. On ratio Keefe is the next radio host on Boston. Keefe will be the first got to be found masks filling Kirk's gonna respond to this little snippet from the our first hours today as well. Not only was much quote quote working shafts in Kirk's mind Gary was calling it what he called the lost this year he didn't pop is chair opposite but you can tell that blind or someone comfortable yes basically Keefe lost his chair I mean he broke his chair. You know at this time rainy days and lost in broken would never stepped on and I. But I mean you don't I'm not gonna say what the real point is this something to mister OK bro what what is it is what ever you know Kirk gave key credit yesterday but it was in adults pump the brakes to pump your breaks for second are meant to bring us up during the show but I thought Kirk had the best idea. In the city yesterday which is that we may keep the manager of the Red Sox and at Arlington this. A victory. Out of interest experiment you wanna focus on the negative Jerry was most upset I think of anything today with the fact the FaceBook live video shot off at the end fairly legitimate notified of that rule that potted plant that actually did do an unloaded and locked in a song that. At the line oh man yeah I felt I felt badly for bill and you went against your hero your radio pop Jerry today the trump stuff. And all this at the table Ford as you what I we're talking about creepy trump wasn't the female Irish report. We have a lot of your Irish dressed like she. And we're due for a good. There. We have a role is this. I have. It's. Appreciate and care. Just a nice clothes. Are pitching. Oh honestly what is wrong with that. I just proud to be audible Cringely I had a file says a woman has a nice smile you think has cringe inducing. Yes the way the way he said it and knowing trumpet how he's treated women in the past that made me think was a little bit cringe inducing just ease out. On assassin this would mean that was she was creeped out by it it was obvious she tweeted about that wasn't an hour later. Even heat didn't bother did not only the needs of central. You don't have to. Fallback in the same old criticisms of trump I'm realized that he's gonna creep in the past it was not a creep to the Irish reporter you can pick your spots like. If you really wanna point out what a lunatic he is. Just get on Twitter ready for this. She was bleeding badly from a facelift I said no. Phone. Opt opt out of social issues so if he hadn't he really badly from the face if you said yes and I just reveal right now I'm going to be on vacation after the soil we have fifteen more minutes of defending this. Drunken maniac. As rare it's rare can be sitting there at 9 o'clock all right bring in the screen grab of the two treats the Mika. And he's just with him as a residuals and other growth. He. This is currency and a Republican that we start the segment. He says. Donald Trump has been drinking. The man is not of sound mind. What the hell are you doing is the president I've never seen the guys that I said. Are we sure that he's so treated out Gerri jumped off the trumpet and weigh in June 29 27 while the mean again. Welts ease off the celery and ease off the accelerator just a little bit he was still vote for. If you restoring at the Clinton crime that yes he's back to Ted Cruz. Nice try still would go Foreman of the choices they'll learn or am I think your mobile Paul Ryan guy now. I lesser elements of Nelson I sure I want on record that was tipped cruise guy almost bills that could lead to the white house press briefing yesterday auditing to open. I'd only get C doesn't work we ads. Speaking of televised the political events we had L loans CNN today Ellis. Jerry enjoyed that went. I was thinking maybe like Henry Kissinger. Or even Jimmy Carter so don't cause being sent someone with a real gravitas but no they took it to another level. And they had. Really exciting yes without face that users will want to be asking questions start putting them in the comment section. Let me introduce our guest the real treat I know lots of exciting people alma out. Well done thank you for being with us. She's in reviewing a puppet. With our version of Elmo called in which. I had a feeling early hurried ahead to the key word of of jokes at some point we try to cut it off is this week it that's our agreement with Gary we don't go. Down that road anymore thoughts. But noble decided to go there and we had the best we can and we got them on the line now whale mall. Acting talent and unlock ain't they paid a program. I am yeah. Do you. Ever wanted to meet me in Gary it's apparent now. I'm most. Com and chipped it didn't connect you keep in July. And look at you don't. Know what they did in fact in any. The warning LO. Dependency can't keep an email your alma. You. It's my favorite Sesame Street character if why you breathing heavy Elmo. Mac and they. Can't you wouldn't. That was my fault I never should hide everything. I should I never should have talked. Kevin Bristol has been struggling for. That was an eight plus phone call that it's a plus but it's hard on me it's like Ames brace myself for the it is not FCC. Dual. And that get through it you know you pick your spots to get sometimes brutal the call ago are dumb but was built in 192200. Hit that we have to Alex and pray for fifteen seconds that mobile says it. Anyway today was today it was robots we had a bunch going on the back the Wednesday show that was the Jerry mutt and the mossy spectacular. We had another heart felt. Recap of Kirk's. Mother's funeral unfortunately that we committees theory Kyle blues put together a list of the top ten Kirk Khaled spring moments this is one of probably what ten of these we've done. Talking about the passing of parents of either curt or Jerry talking about the wake the next day talking but the funeral the day after but again Jerry get a top notch job. It's. I mean it's it's unbelievable because it's it's impressive what Kirk said the deal with I don't know what to expect. After Kirk said the Boris Ohio with his dad six weeks ago at his funeral when eulogize him but. It's amazing how Kirk had that we talked about it you know the push poll you know get you right to that point of tears are tears in many cases and then. Pullback in that you lapping within ten seconds and I thought you know he did that with. The stories of when he adopted and he Kristi adopted Kate and I'll. And how you know. Obviously anybody in this situation and you know nervous anxiety ridden you know brought to meet. Is it gonna go well as the pregnancy go well you're gonna have the babies shouldn't be yours all that stuff yeah. And that is mall was there that entire time but then he sort of pulls back. And talks about the law in Iowa. Where for 48 hours his mom couldn't be in the same room as her Rancho yeah and how we sort of teased her physical I mean it's just it was. Exhausting. For me sitting there hearing them go through the support can only imagine what he did but it was a another remarkable eulogies it could really put into. It's one of the great qualities Kirk has just his brutal honesty on the year and that carried into the eulogy. Of both his mother's father he's not they're gaining an inaccurate picture that everything was rosy that every you know. That they're somebody that they awards it was totally authentic ending from start to finish in describing both whose parents that's what amazes me but I've been to funerals aren't sure you have. Where people get up there and eight feet paint this person as a saint that you know it's just totally inaccurate or or it authentic. Could be the further from it further from the case with Kirk you know you know what you gonna get it's a real portrayal its honesty. Yeah and that's why I think what he does works so well here is that it's real. I think one of the things that we love so much of military Kirk and Marshall is successful as it is is that love him or hate him you know where they stick. And I've felt you know. It was just you know that's what bet that's what the eulogy was about his mama I thought the story of just you know hearing the garage open. His mom would let I'm Kirk and his Brothers. Watch more TV than formula other fathers you know you don't have one TV show when night. Anyway long story short they've. And Kirk's late mama let them sit and watch it that way for the garage door open when is Deborah be arriving to store them upstairs in a ripping up the richest you know. It was a good to set their listen to it you know all of it. Yet I didn't know he either of Kirk's Paris selena's mother wants and she was unbelievably. Courageous. Upbeat like friendly to the point of dazed stunned at all she was going through. That she was able to it to maintain that kind of persona but. You know Kirk had the line at the eulogy that somebody in his childhood once said to. I wish I had your mom and I'm deathly afraid of your fathers of the rose four and you were talking up the at one point last couple days about how Kirk is just it's an amazing blend of of both his parents she conceding you know. Total what he's got a made up. Absolutely I know those are. Great why I'm in I think you when you see Kirk you see. The dad witches. Smart acerbic. Racked log. Totally prepared from and I know about every psychotic hours right like his dad had the marathon you know charted out by a mile in Orlando. And then you have the mom witches you know this sort of compassionate. Real and caring and that's a lot of the audience doesn't see it outside of Kirk on the time but. I always laugh will finish this segment the Super Bowl where Curt Schilling and your your your career dale or whoever. And he gets companies in on the phone with his wife and his you know carrier Kate you know to dislike you don't see you don't care but you don't points with the U. So that was part of the Wednesday show Kirk said he cried twice listening to that wants it that segment and the other was the start of the show and Jerry. Still had first in the Red Sox thought. All stories through Palmer and came hours after the break. And does whatever. Legs or medical evidence that scientific evidence that it shouldn't come home after a break is good pottery and stuff for me I loved it and you know I was in Europe. Six of an eye hairless wasn't all Red Sox. Not important what is which called let's start with some nuts and bolts baseball which is. Alter the schedule he just got to do it. We had a colonial money to Marlins they show always out awesome is that possibly got a call from zone in the middle of that segment you can believe that that was not doctored the tape had not been edited sometimes I feel like we build up money too much and it doesn't deliver like we had seen that for. We're gonna do it's seven we never got to what we did it at eight which is our one our biggest segments may be at. Wasn't as good as an addicted to money is so good it was Brady involved SOA but it was worth. And number two I think. Think I clicked. Then we'll cover up the book. I'm gonna just throw you overthrowing a number two. And throw it. Guess was just the total Von Miller guy but he Von Miller was number two. There was up high it's an. Left tackle the go to cal was the top ten I mean they have a great dollar off its low I think they need to be more well represented. I and then number one I don't doubt number two was Tyrone Smith number one. I do it right I'll count. We get some money divorced DK and David material but you don't even Jerry wasn't sure whether to go it. I you pushed him the edge. Well I was one of those things I saw it is Gerry had mentioned on the show. He's jealous of Brady because his wife probably is not as good looking expertise what is. Sort of Jerry was trying to figure out reasons why he Toomer who Waltz with Michigan hated so I start looking out. Money too white you know maybe she's really automated she's really ugly I can show during improves port yeah. And within the Google search the first three things are about this. Awful messy divorce with tumors away from 2007. Are now excellent. And I'm really nobody tells them I'm telling Hamlet she is this man urinating otter closed. Should the giant used to change the name that tumor while she's a doctor do you blame her talk to tumor to. And she wouldn't cook clean or hate medications. To treat your depression a boy I'm with my mind this broad seems like hand but a. The fake degree great insisted. That that we rallied to cynnex lines she disrespect his integrity and his manhood it. She has a chiropractors and it's not a real doctor she denies him completely. So shut that's his I was should be fair and such inside the store right there's two sides to every story. His side of divorce is no big family wouldn't have sex wouldn't cooking collegial right now so much judge ruled for a among right Allen team the money. I'm her filing she says that again a money was extremely extort extreme cruelty. And accused him of being quote relentlessly demanding. Insecure and paranoid. The great great insisted that the browse to cater to his every win and neat grid to create. It's he put his recapture its. And so a lot of us when she didn't wanna have sex. Tumor acted irrationally. And outrageously says the claim. Once urinating on her clothes. In another time tossing your Blackberry into the Hudson River while. I had to bring Adam. So I brought it and and I knew the second Jerry's saw the details yet to at some point. You know it's interesting how much and Gerry have worked together a lot in the last couple weeks their dynamic is etched in the watch. But the nation they went out and about Caracas in the Yankee stuff and what's become I think a little more comfortable arguing with Jerry. Yesterday they were talking about it was the Celtics segment. And what sort of to bring a point Jerry Cottam often most disliked. Palestinian or did you come up when that into the. We wouldn't pay a fine that's dumb it's my suggestion would think I got another question it's not quite as dumb sure. It's a nude. Jerry just dismissing something outright before marketing again sign that patience is awaiting a release Monday and Sunday afternoon. Jerry's artists are trying to figure out you know as I went through oral litany of casting couch members and they were all out yet. And Olympus with either just very him or reaper and re memorandum we deal ramifications can certainly get ready. To test test test 123 pudgy world instead Graham dot com the year ago and there are seven earlier were inspected and I think it's gotten better I thought. You brought this up I thought Tuesday for show without you or your Kirk and with as little as what's been coming. In the absolute best of sports is about as good as recruited Doug and I think what sort of agree recruitment. That being said Tuesday it was just months must yet talked to Kirk at the after his eulogy as first line anyone's. And even fired yet and I spent I don't think so I probably deserve and it's a light it up just for today show. I is that a lot of rules that that is well he had a he had a list of critiques that show is the 28. Here's an interesting night layered and all of this is true I wasn't their for the end of the wake. You were there are no you were there with them but you went through with the Solio literally out. Reimer made an appearance. And I was told it was icy. Murton and Reamer. At the tail end of the lake pleasant there's no defending what I did so I I don't that's DO if you heard better. That's true I've heard that it I didn't witnesses but I can attest to. Kirk's brother I think it was run and correct me if I'm a much furor. As a going you know through I speak with curtains wife wouldn't you know always have the wrong thing whatever but for myself are you doing. Do a great Kristi well. Really had a great couple weeks I. The same thing you and I were defendants excellent that some people were Little League everybody does it here I feel you. Let's delicacy. I you have an hour to think what Visalia and you come out with one thing to do and it's a tigress so. I get her brother and NATO and Corsica moons ago and they think for workers and what's up with real work. Given this I'm like I've pointed area in line don't blame them though of course the calendar and under the bus so. Discussed that so I don't know how was when we run but he was after we have a lot of people know. The question was training there I answered on you mean Hain she was there but I'd ever I'd relating here any anecdotes about her appearance. She went through line with Gerri Tracy. She's a double checked the at the time location. And and she is there ready to go yet again town prints and she's through going to Indianapolis the cumbersome instrument of Brindisi and then. Another set attacks from Dino Kirk I really love you I'm sorry that we're strange who. Who is it's writers like in line at the week info armed services question mark question mark Preston mark. Like I give him the plays for the way things like. What about the role to more room to talk about god we have many arrangements for that a peek at all right David through editors. Thanks CC. A signal problem in any response electric opener how apart did parents die dot dot dot. I Steele I never hear from the guys again yeah really yes that'll falling to deacon Chris I want my bacon crest. And backed him. Appeared. Yeah I get a feeling there was the other side is a game that. Anyway company a busy week you ends you get the tank when my experience tomorrow shall CL it goes in and well deserved time awful seal and a little while Jerry's going to be offer little while to. So one. It's QB Kirk get back in New Hampshire in full force with Kirk and mud. Most the next week but a little Kirk entirely experience to maybe some hit the post next Thursday panel promise and ending that's not there but. Everybody's spirits are quick check in Libya to donate for the week so thank you for the weekend it's going to be. It out enjoy it which that we scar Barry yeah that's. And I could see it. I would say if you enjoyed summer programming last year and Julia and morning I would say next Thursday is a a circle your calendar type of show we won't have a lot podcast tomorrow. Writes an extended weekend anyway right. I would just like to get jump on Friday if that's okay with you. What's the temperature. It is currently trip and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. Could weaken.