The Real K&C - Ken and Curtis celebrate one year of Kirk & Callahan 9-5-17

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Tuesday, September 5th

Ken and Curtis relive some of the best moments in Kirk and Callahan history.  


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Happy anniversary indeed it's the UK currency can't layered Chris Curtis two years you're working together dream team some would say country. Courtesy your at this time about this was formed write your first year. Back August when he second about a year work in your officially the curtain and Jerome L ten million dollars if I had in my out of my callers. Enjoyed every minute it's been a blast podcast of the phenomenal of course all. So much here so we're at today. Cop. Out. A cup not work. Hard on labor that worked my ass off they offer us the ball in your chop up the best of the last year on top. So I figured what the hell we play a lot of these to shoot some really were mean. Back on the last year obviously were number one for her Gerri great talents and the Stew which is pathetic that sock puppet I was humble would say you at 9%. For at least. I guess that's true. Oh things considered he was happy we were back for your team yep he was wondering whether you would be going on to bigger and better things to your animated short meet short note that I would be there for thirty years and I've no expert in the mr. Good job critic feels I mean. This job sucks late buddies so we'll be here for forty years side bus that you'll be doing this long time the one thing that keeps me up at night. Can layer lingering. Yes it is together we got the solid today looking back on them last year of Tom Brady was kind of stadium. Weeding through the shelves some of the most of last year does that put us the number one with Kirk and Jerry and all of you quite frankly battle the brain listening to starring roles when we start there. We had a little montage of club Pringles 12 and three you were victorious in two. Not a great. Effort in the movie edition and a terrible. Effort in TV edition of fit. It's Kirk in Callahan battle of the brain list. Two morons on movie experience with this alone Contra. Can't. Go video games. Well that's a Major League. And a voice all my god you bring you suck we parred to the music edition. I come home Led Zeppelin. The song title rocked the cash while. That is not. Song title. That is not it's the greatest thing he's analyst at the greatest thing he's ever and we give it up at night. Chris Curtis I and he shed any part three the trilogy but rubber match television trivia I'd. Patient and you need me. For Reid correspondents in the forty year history with sixty minutes ten seconds oh running and that doesn't birdie came in name map you're. He's currently don't impressed. If you take all the time for our fault. You are here because you're. And what you do organize and all of that. I'm here for 1 reason I am used hearing little black Decker we called mark that the actually you know honey that'll show you nutty like the casting couch when you're here every day. You that a more black Packard putting your alcoholic moment unity agreed mode of admission. On the program. Kirk inaudible at least the he was he came round this mistress breaks for us. I'm alcohol. I hit this almost entirely from people very close to me while. And I like my family about how I was doing with that I blame the show what we and you guys my drinking increased last April. And I had alcoholic hepatitis last April 25. I cut myself shaving before going to a Celtics game but what didn't stop. Went to the icu for two nights from there went to a rehab facility through McClain in Boston for a month last may by. Have been just dealing with my anxiety and depression and other things that popped up my life over the years and Lester the 25 of this year was when your so perform well so. That was my big congratulations. Not that great. Celebrate or Marshall thing with. So those of course some of the Curtis highlights may be one of the low lights you were involved with of course was the Alec streamer situation Alex called into the show today. As he put it no wasting missing a chance as the brown knows where he can break. Out from Brooklyn good morning guys. You I would never missed ticket rot your opportunity and want to see all of the cap and out burger column. Share about your but the would you was personal. Best is definitely personally think the hearing was. Really good radio I mean it was. Listen back some yesterday. I said there was some as the cool hearing the one what you Matalin James Alex James Reimer by the way same middle name is Orenthal James Sims is true. What Alex rumor is your defense first Yvonne Curtis hung me out to dry with the Comcast thing the price Errol let's stop right there I only came back out when you're on the mid day show for three hours and crap all over me about that. I was never going to Al item I was never going to reveal the secret but the show is rough and I played rough in Carrick I did what you've always encouraged me to do so I go and cause some real trouble not eight radio drama. But real trouble. And you have a problem with that dot hypocrite exe works on a personal hell were outside I'll stumper know so which level you sorry personal professional personal outlets challenge yet here's your eyes take a deep breath with you you're shaking relaxed not crying yet we gonna chicken and so just sit there and take. I'm by the end that we took a show votes. It was. Not unanimous. So what can we went to Twitter to solve it and I actually technically a desperate letter of law. Some hollering or Stanley came through when he won them. And leaner quotes that tells us. Why by it was for him material yeah there was no doubt now Sony's I guess technically. Eligible come off the bench October 1 I don't regret a professional part of a mean relate to us. Wants to get to Kirk and jeered written people that's what the show is all out the globe has taken. Great shares that the globe in 95 our friends and as I've said before the robbery. ESPN's taken creature sham on ESPN so I would see those 20. Focus of course there are very few people who stand up for the city of Boston liquor Jerry when the whole cities called racist landmark Taj of ESP and personalities they showed does gamut as they love the city's civic duty. Here we could never play in Boston that's ordered. They would expect that's why they hate right it's Boston Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird and other players and that's happened for real in Boston late login and it stopped being the gold standard of race in the every American to. As Gonzaga by he would as light up that that that's that's why the people in the crowd gladly. Though and at dole. Actually why Gordon may reduce those glance in Boston was given a Boston Kevin thanks to calmer entire. All that good Evans and actually cartman ahead in the cart and Khaled Al hey hey ya hey egg bank honest when I do and. Or raise waving one note how was Dick week I mean Jesus. And they get to spend no time is like Willie and Austin and I'm not and they. Throw around the accusation of racism generalize the whole CD racist and I regard famine parents their roles and it's like people it's if it's the crowd it's a pretty diverse group or person. He's going and you cheer for the white guy because right because black skin is something that we hate. Otto he's just tune in the show cherries not a huge fan of the globe and bring that here. And I live. O'Sullivan and dry. All the blood out of it and all of the are you. Donkey nuts left and right I still areas teaching newspapers and with fails help you lose your job OP leisure house appear on the street with your wife. And you freeze not out. But it's coaching get to death and spend the rest you like in the hospital brain dead I EU EU EU. I hate your guardian newspaper featured guts I hear what mayor. He shot a scene because like out smear him. I hate to multiply to be some other names in the kfar PDA abs he gave common defense just all right. I think he was kidding that's funny stuff arbitrage and attempt at humor that he says the globe has a higher bar a higher bar where would we begin I guess what the top my head. My article Patricia Smith alum board just. But the story about America's soldiers rape thing Iraqi women now chuck turner the reputable chuck term pedal to the globe Y Los ran it like a new story. Let's send them off for this particular day action was Kirk who started the show ripping Joseph salt actually he has declared he would bounce a basketball in his casket that. I may be wrong but we have been trying to get Sullivan on the show to come along and talked about the Brady best buddies hippies buy whole work. And so that they he went on torturing rich. Joseph Sullivan. Is again the sports editor. Of the Boston Globe we could have anyone's job any time you can that he could just the loss at a moment's notice but you know he is also their college basketball expert and you called you called a lot of things joked. That was higher bark. At our car and that was excellent. Not always just Kirk in Jerry repent of the people we have. Sometimes casting couch members calling the casting count members Jerry calls casting crime yeah I love casting couch on casting couch crying we love that Portnoy is in Thursday that he had orderly and very memorable he'll. You said he talked about it for one out which is just a lot. We did not talk about it for a long period tie up the lie or should it do two days. Of building your ratings on the sinking show built on a guy you won't put on the air and make him sound like a how to fight just yet I hate them. I had a couple you're about just what they want the robotic line that you guys that you want him I don't Clara allies and. Apparently it's not a pawn for two days like I was literally on knowing his song laughter actually the second you start talking about you wanna be on within fifteen to twenty minute talk routes and they ought to slide on. Davis extremely dark Bellic right now. This was the first week of Kirk and it was the Friday shadow of the 1 September 9 that's right. And of course Johns the monster would becoming a bigger force in the new. When he seventeen calibre year last billion a good moment with a Curt Schilling chill was ready to tee off on on the mossy beautiful it's optional. Can't even begin to tell you how disgusting. Bet the whole process is in and Europe coward like tomorrow being the. We'll. Well you call me a coward Joey got a lot. I think you're such a coward and such appalling. And alert. You have a job calling it a little go up had a file you'd think people in the organization trot. Scott back like you who was legitimate news channel and an apology and you hit that just popped it up you'll know. Mod currents some of those moments last year at the start the show we were just getting under way helped launch a suite at some duds. The Oscars man excellent let's go to the phone lines cross medics from the vertical joining us tuna weren't all are trying to shoot the use. It was as I was this week I was beaten back the last labor weakened texting you guys in a panic. Saying here's for next week and it was basically praying for Mike and GR. I can make points and make them brief and then I'm out that was my my best case scenario so this year much different much more solid footing obviously the ratings number one. With the ball. A couple of big. Ratings boost so we had a plea 161. Was losing another over the casting couch Gary tag was walkout probably still the most listened to audio. On the web site. Wachtel there were two lines it took several months for him come back doors after this. You told me. McCullough coconut walled home alone two would that mean he's. Genetic physically city in the law in about we're no longer tract to and I mean it's actually really I'm serious let's talk Andrew and earlier this year and gently upset that their support due to the android get out of here he is broken phones don't be a baby and leave. Officers. Chased them out to Adam. And. And while that did this off or math that was the worst part about it all private conversation need to sort of secretly taping a private conversation is guys block it out. As a boat without bombs but there will be able to look back at me. That was sort of the first moment where Kirk was allowing a window to walk back into the doors of his good graces the that is. According Gary on the way to the car in the garage was one big thing on the oh with a minute and. Job Curtis yeah of course we had the election which was just giant we added that the mossy in this elect wants his last appearance for months on the day after trump was like if well but I'll throw it back the battle should. Course Jerry was celebration let's celebrate Donald Trump. Is the next president of the United States is a great day in America everybody who works for Libya should be proud the makers one of the guys pull the wagon won the ones in the wagon lost I mean it took me about ten seconds to enjoy the victory before I turned to enjoying the misery of others like to spend that I'm there as a that including. Our good friend Judd to mossy I have been better than that the. Gerri yes it and it brought us Iraq he had onion. Four but it. A couple finals a litigant to European looking back the best year in the 27 team. Out into the new year trip to Florida. Two things at the plate to drill and shoot today. Deal also welcome back first night we ideal back on the program since his departures other that was nice. And vibrant good morning. Well what's going. Kirk I really love you I'm sorry that we're strange. It's very nice to say about first off court stories as well hello you know. Morning. Why would. I got a good morning. Christian talk you know he. In my upper and good morning. Hearing Jerry Jerry. The final spot you don't want to look forward we get to this morning's. You read my friends good morning. And then ten is right we sort of defined by tragedy here the last few months unfortunately parents passing the right there and that's that's our magic you know that you're never good ratings. Yeah. Attacking ways back yard you know. You would you expect you Jiang noted a parrot the party if the did you senate and I hope your we would go to I mean just this Gary yeah yeah I hit a nerve and just say because Kerry accused you've using your parents that's for ratings right Jerry's mother in between both of Kirk's parents hands. Forced use several tribute shows. Jerry is off today was not scheduled to be off today it's been a tough few weeks we know here for the show obviously between my dad and miles unfortunately this is terrible news Jerry's mom Irene passed away last night. Kirk's. Ben out. All week yeah like people from doing this again if you look at just did this I told you about the hell that Kirk have been living through a month ago or a month and a half ago when his dad passed away. His mother passed away yesterday if you're you're unaware he tweeted he sent out a perfect. Tweet a picture of him his mom awesome at last year's Jimmy Fund his father had multiple myeloma ex mother. Had pancreatic cancer and if you know anything about accurate account you know those words urges jarring. She blasted. A year and a half I mean that is a hell of a fight it I said it before. I said I said he's kind of the heart and soul of the show occasion heart soul show on the brains he's the heart and soul. We miss him every day he's not here but obviously he's got more important things to do it's hard to believe we've done as well as we've done he's done is mostly done. So Lagos subliminal moments leading B two Alicia anything that and forgetting or well I think it's just ago yesterday and not dispute about the embassy and experience going back through audio and just sort of the amount of stuff and one year we mentioned today Janelle hill curtain and and believe that was in the New York Post wanted to try to trap Jesus in the martial law again Brandon Marshall walked out. Luck is not the word of one use but if you we've been to Houston in which it accused in the past. Rea on don't you care about what the apparent consensus user group that in the questions. Throws off yet. It's been. Relentless this insanity. Even today were blown can talk with the and looking forward to a pitcher has to offer our Curtis welcome to your number two.