The Real K&C - Kirk censorship, Planet Monkey & the Tanguay situation 11-17-17

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Friday, November 17th

Ken & Curtis wrap up another volatile week on the K&C Show with a look-back at the week's memorable moments, including an off-the-rails Kirk on Friday's show after being censored by the producers.


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Relocated seats on the seventeenth of November 217 Ken Leonard Chris Curtis let's say united universally loved appreciated today you guys absolutely suck your jobs and it's not no coincidence by voice and she went to this other thing you guys suck at this job. Relaxing easy Friday going into the weekend and stress and frustration we get to your producers and indicating no we can't congress just doesn't yes great no insanity I. I hate this place. He can layered I hate him EI Joes are bottle I hate Chris Curtis I hate the whole place hopeless mean I hate you to. Mean yes walks today was one of those Kirk was in a mood days now and often very over. Did you sense this earlier was it really the censorship it's occur completely off the if you beat Bob Kraft can't you hard Bob Kraft is a pussy compared to a couple of you love Jerry you know hopeful oh why he kept that right at the quote. Keep that Betsy bank. You can keep it anyway it's legal. That is according somebody can't say it is anyway. Dancing pussycat. Why and why not give in once not a course that this is no it's not just he finally it's tough here. That is open. Al Michaels is a great I want I want Mike pick up pick up the copious without writers on him he wanted to talking about it you can renounce my brains to have. And we'll do our board to make from the mob or are crap I mean care effort unbelievable. Unbelievable. I think there was going to be some long. Or a collection of people that we're gonna pay for the frustration Kirk realist tradition what's Kearns injury. Thigh contusion the reason is is that he could really blame anyone of us for watch for yesterday to seek cover him. We'll we'll talk about some time time. Carries a nice guy came in did this show left. And there wasn't my decision to bring him in your decision it was a sort of a collective let's try to watch for now to Gary wash for an story. While. So on today's show you knew that that bubbling sentiment of anger was going to be unleashed on we thought mutt. The differences is nice guys Gary's just isn't do we view. We couldn't wait and you come back into the same thing today after the day after and the day attitude that you certainly do I. Actually do you do but the second that policy was removed from the Arabic immune. Why would cut that out why can you hold to that I go. Intelligent you are. What he's wrong you don't have the company told you that you chose Obama said you have to cut that word why and SEC worked as of June if it was doing that for like years. I did not write to you yes. Based on the act on. Why is he tell you. It's and it's it's a CK no not this not to Ken's fault. In Malloy the magazine has ruled slash marks they don't use were either. But that's the word the page board of him upon Jerry Jones calls because Jerry Jones calls Bob Kraft and pussycat like our bosses. Exactly right I mean it's a bus is an FCC violation that is not. Course it's not sure where that's about about going off the year it Joyce yeah that's a violation Monica play this dom Al Michaels digital audio shots off. Anyways that was Kirk was in a move there and them we came back and the second Kirk turns I know it's been a head towards me and it's going to be no matter what you say how you say what you do it's gonna pick up. The exact words that he can turn around for you were did you in the air source. A good you are as good. Thumbs up when is a good when's a good part I thought it was but I thought it was a 100% with iTunes on. I was on there I agree what you're asked him it was very sensitive in salaries are very sensitive or sensitive about it. So I thought that's the comedy show employment wasn't comfortable want to. And he was on. Up I had a lot of that which has been nice in here in the cars too politically differently street job Curtis I don't think I deserved that which is why haven't gotten and I think we work well together that we do a damn good job of producing the show but elected feel consent that I had just. Walked in with this story approach after reaches agreement to dealt hold Jerry Jones and it was it was not going to suspend Ezekiel Elliott Terry and moderating and handed marker it'd just crumbles and a couple three in. Someone called upon us to appreciate it. Yes we probably should of what I know that's me that's on me but. OK I mean it's if you were part of the conversations that we have and the abbey in its just a simple conversation can we say our policy in the answers now almost unequivocally. Her unequivocally or sure critically. Whatever the term aggression. Just laying on the clock and the dock port. Dork broadcast what point yeah it's it's just unbelievable this auto and on dork. What else going on. In. Well. But yes I don't know anyway via incidents occur off but what. Weather was bad it was going to be something else the point the other critique that we were a little slow on the psychology discordant sound cold the cold there's. Most communities. Mom who would even care court. And government as name in my article Barry Coulter. Ben Affleck was shut up caution about stereo talk show an early April though it turned out that eventually it was good. What was good about that big Dick I think the degree active today it was play a key themes altered version so we we can hold an open obviously you haven't heard this yet and but tell us what you think we're trying to help how much. Let's show. Whom do you like school. They had to go. We've Danish it's cool but I feel like. Merck's you know. Sure. No listen. The monkey. Each time for the plane didn't. She no longer on Sports Radio telling me. And within months. For a great idea but techsters last week they sort of accepted in the Jerry green Mikey is pissed at month 'cause he stole and they Amber's show in and around new nighttime fiscal plan a monkey. We set the stage purely the Turks. Text line is 37937. Excellent job by year rule I don't care whose idea it was it was Gerri good job Jerry but the production excellent well we put six. But double opens its mavs opened eloquently easy treasonous and your friend or nice for nine straight leg of the road. How bad is that is he mad. The captain assistant captain did could I don't I think I think if you're here Olmert have gotten into overtime on those. Have you. People loved it I mean that was one thing you saw social media just explode and we got a bunch of calls it was yeah I'm really liven up the summit Clark on money a little well you didn't. No adverse reaction all rarest he didn't mean where's the is critically. That's your mad at him into your best friend you shouldn't I in his past. We're in the hallway having a banana she tells me to have some water you have some men talk. Yeah Mike you like that Mike used beat them. So pathetic I didn't deal with Mike you often I play golf with them a couple of times with him tigers is always nice enough but the morning show all they do was insult people sensitive man studies. We named after the anti Christ. That's gonna hand he's a he's a little psychotic I would say you know Kirk's obviously clinically insane as we all know. It affectionately. Mike yeah I would say is not quite there but he's sometimes push there and I think now since he's lefties just he may have gone complete sociopath quit cigarettes may be a little more irritable than normal I don't know. A went through and seen certificates stream Chela or shall include. There there installer tornado it modem today I think if frank over short clip of frank got an interpreted it might in my yet he pleaded jingle and they were 41 immigrants last thing we should all contribute to this station every break will pay tribute to Lotto for five shows the beat them that the delta -- show one. Handled it. A good job excellent job yeah top. An easy thing but that's not accurate. He has been great aunt Nancy or like in my back and gives you the news ended the traffic. The way we deliver them like his endorsement but yet but what was taking a pounding early he was actually a pretty good good and he was ready to handle it until the new theme song came. He's back a little holding big Edwards chimpanzees back wanna hear why aren't they used items like. It's like. We've never sort astute telling us though who went to happen impression that we we got the bridge the NC with the people think I the people wade aren't you violate the city of your songs offended you in times. Like this for example play this out. Black people to game we did a great you've got a bad call you again bright religion we days and I'm not mean all black that was Donald Sterling that was not meet at a contact us adults to be here again yes for people to game yes that's also is more different if that sounds like what you say don't like black people again we are reading a lot and lot of grief from the African American you can get out of context wash I was happy about it. Out of context that we brought knocking. Off he was also up battered around a bit in the out Michael's interview today I thought was president Al Michaels had heard the very viral. Much sound bite attacking black people which you know let's be honest I'm quite sure why he's been this. But it's very interesting I mean I guess is relationship with Kircus help in that regard and it's also shows that probably the most talented accomplished broadcaster. In sports history is a big streamer harsh jokers here although trump trump Brady or rush. It. Our last question for me Al anyways is something we've talked about this morning the whole country's talking about I'd like your take on that plain and simple. Is Mike many a ski a racist. Yeah we're still in the rule is no question about it. All right. We'll talk. Guys thanks so much enjoyed it it thanks. I was walking around just laughing my ass off. At bat dropped to speak please the rim congress'. So it's. Like to again I'm here let me hear Donald I mean my first year. People game that's money mr. People. Bring in the games said he was talking about gains in have been steady on the whatever name is on video recordings that they were taught I don't care what people games again take us Honda and I. Straight back. Wouldn't. It bribery issues is the bunker. So I really don't turn selling months months irony. An asset that I told a tale schooled at all with him mad about Barry is the until about the pep talk that might even before. And has consistently LAPD brass on future in the business with a view that he can't do that was what was what was easy or like I honestly I is that why he was. House is acute why can't anything nice you kick it real conversation for fear that. You gonna tell it in the Arctic Kirk can tell these guys can't I don't bore and talk which. Eight pat what did you say what what's it like I like the Japanese. He was give these words of encouragement like what do his job despite the spot in the future we'll little outs though Poodle for him maybe like offended if you duffel on overdraft those show third best podcasts on the station Pratt told takes him to the woodshed in the latest episode I was in their defending months otter Bradford thinks modest terrible on the hot stove show doesn't want part of that this is actually party up allies scripts are to be released today some tribute we hear soon. We'll have that's on Monday on the show he's Kevin in my heart their missile the Borough there and Bret that's it no can't use your 2 o'clock. I am were going your your normal spotted eight to ten on Tuesday race. Okay you go home I'll start files okay no one rule. And this is base that I consider race on the sort of the mini organization of McMahon skewed yet to answer that's the root cause cold and last nausea as a terrible phone hit. I'm myself and what for what. That it was bad for now without them off for fifteen that was it went too long what do it was telecoms should it made its own peril because -- me rob these terrible because of being secured yourself Harrell because of me in Ireland have been asking a follow up question why should have committed twelve it was fine it was not it there's aren't BCQ or in this yourself. There isn't right this on this new -- of like -- wearing a lot about all that stuff -- I'm not I'm not -- about the year ago I'm talking about the reality of that call in about baseball classic it was -- -- -- and call it could have been better I saw it was an eight plus a except there I had some mobile team and that is enjoying every second of it I I was the ruled that we of the of the bonus six minutes of the development Dick you're on the air but. I have since 1968. The Y I didn't no commander in Iraq and listen to the show so far. Discrete and by the way eight plus effort with your question the deck on Wednesday do you regret respond to my question I was surprised Dick did you get the morning show on the other day did you what did you know I think and Jerry's of Bobby door remembrances. Well I certainly think Linda Carter. It more attractive on the card Wonder Woman if that's the draft. How is that some celebrity collars this week we had an artistic enough that our show trainee colony and again from Omaha I was real excited during the tangling Wednesday here in the program. Look who's on the line who is on one such as checking is our friend trying to young trainee. A life too many say I'm your friend you know Gary. Okay. I'm I know I've talked to do ally or 1% to OK it's yet. Yes stalked you guys you guys that. I right now unless I had about. I'll I'll let god. And I hit good labor that he that I have done it that's. I'd like taken that and has benefited David that they kidnapped and have a. I got it bad debt deputy popular uprising I opted to college basically. It's a. I count ten. 123. Out of baby I thought that Iraq for. Now I don't know detect. Tab if cameos that way and we let your bedroom and had a good having you got the diet that was coming home to an idea bout between that and render out to be met me the hot and we. You may. I do you remember that and you don't know I don't. I think there's we did that in that. I go end zone. That would in my what do I supposed to do with this hour in what the hell do I do talk to your friend. This is usually alone in order to Oklahoma. That I done my wife attacked got my white guys who sits in now. I had boots then they had. But want to happen in my is likely to tip I have my aunts. Yeah it's. And how. You may know what you mean yeah it's. Yeah Ali and it might that mean and I. I'm. Just telling me. I. And passed it may do. We know. Now that. Just tell you love her. Oh yeah remember that created may have something else. It diagnosing and it as a humanitarian and instead I decided then that should not have. Talk about Gary perspective I mean yeah what the Iraq. Full I would say right now Gary I told you today I love them around his my friendly like and enjoy him but I cannot defend him at this point. It was so bad it was kind of a good show Wednesday I I actually thought it was better than Monday and Tuesday show in a weird way we'll course tightly a big degree colleges. Kirk's father from the great beyond that was so bad. So better run around the corner good. Zardari teased a bit. I heading into the break and almost always terrible is going to be terrible and I'll know this this this is the one this is gonna click Chris this is going to be a more just about I think he's he was jealous of your fellow girl fire Felger stomped and I think he's in the top you know it is and I have no idea. Annoyed here. It says here it is AS special guest on meet outline is that right. Mr. actually take this duster in the truck let's talk to our special guest on no line a high special guest. So horrific that they're talking. Calling for who ever for Kurt Muse. Part of occurred. It's definitely. 888 dad has got a glad miss ya I've had a sound different sound your voice. Well you know pick the connection. I think BP apparently. Thought that he wanted to. We're doing fine appear that you really need to get on the happens. Okay you're funny you're damned you're alive what happened. Well no I think that had a chance to meet its approval there at a pentagon reports. Create. But it's great. Dad did you put any thought that this colleges and did you get the colonies can fall into my office and then the whole show was Connolly that I guess it's very frustrating in the course it. But the ratings haven't that we get we crunch the numbers much much worse that both are great in terms of ratings but what is much lower than a year and give you an incident Dick I've come to the realization that Gary cares about two things two things only the show. His coffee. Page that's the only thing I ever asked me about does warrant coffee is always warm they're coffee up because he gets here two hours after I do so it's not it's caught is he likes it and then at least once the show will last for about. When he's getting paid him in the next paycheck you know how much it's going to be that's it would be accurate it's called agree fights. Eight tomorrow you seem heads really gonna miss me. I think so I don't I'm an owner that wants to add some variety nothing else is carrying out of askew also the very measures about talent. I've asked this earlier what would you like to discuss yet but come back come back I guess that the I'm just talent on the Blue Line and obesity go watch Bernard relic tomorrow yeah. Unanimous. Hey what would you like to discuss that when we get back picking you to know or. I don't know I don't and I don't I know I did I don't sit back and he got upset here I showed existing. My movies on TV or tomorrow against collect but the guy you've been saying that he doesn't care about. Because they were talking to Gary about how. You do these sporting segments that he's refusing to participate on in the morning on TV at night and even set I care about that's obvious on TV what what about Butler I mean it's very odd. The whole thing doesn't seem to make any sense here's a guy who two years ago was going to Jerry's dad's funeral and wake because he wanted to on the show he was prepared he was working all the different holidays now we only work when Kirk's and basically. Want to any of the part time stuff about forum. He struck a sock away enough money you mentioned the paycheck that he sees look at again it is a thinks. But to get that sense he's eaten he wants wanted to be a play by play guy. Academic improprieties get a bit over the middle looking looking at he finds mock croc. But that's not stat Robbie I yes. That dream as long ago Jon Lester and unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable when we won he doesn't wanna do legitimate sports anymore which is going to be tough and navigate fumbled Germany in BC sports Boston area percentage Bert how much better is this offense with that it's great voice of and he can make an easy careers that. He's bored by it. He just wants to cash out as much he can Allen and do you know decent battles miniatures and I don't know what that is like a street ready but he doesn't want to move the Hollywood and hasn't really written anything that's been. Out erotica Stubbs was gonna blast your buddies I called I don't think is more lofty goals and getting on with you and Paul to respect it is the fourth and final hour. Did the final day when Paul's knead gently brushes against line under the console. Wasn't an. I tagged following up the tang ways for our disaster yeah with that. Ninety minutes of craziness with relic was a great juxtaposition of what the show can be. Welcome to another even competed at all I don't know how to throw a wake up they've already got your head clearly you've melted. Dominique Kirk added that bothers me that it got to might have what seem sometimes to these guys yeah he did call the at this level behavior to guide you see the alliance. Whoever drug use good among the other night with her that we have to replace him of what. They energetic third post can do for the show especially in the early part three drought coming in throwing out racial claims throwing out and nonsense and then he just gets pummeled not only by curt Terry but you and me as well about his book about his wife looked. OK quick sort. There's a kid I went to college with who died any kayaking actually Jimenez would rather a kayaking accident. They they were kayaking once tried this is really it is terrible tragic thing right sounds like they've the other kayaking is about as dangerous as like he's all right it's like where a lot of my pitch shot open where I go I would all the time. I'm never were lecture they actually discourses on week with the Thanksgiving month is help. Hamas is back after isn't very Russell think yes she's been McNamee a Kia furniture and stone with -- not so Saturday once again will be neither training or from Aussie but she's back those Wednesday to be back Wednesday after curling coverage correct so we I'm too mossy on Tuesday trading Wednesday and Monday will be during her Thursday were planning special treats for those of you were do you think you're going to be in attained. Interviews gone wrong in the hopper and yet and I highly recommend getting The Herald Thursday morning. Reading jurors Thanksgiving Day story. And listening to Kirk and Callahan because the best moments moments that make you laugh and enjoy your your Thanksgiving morning I guarantee its sixth and when them which he takes. Yeah it's a MarketWatch stories and by the way it was at an event I just wanna throw plug in here for this. Because it's an amazing amazing program harp a mock YMCA. And of course Brady Monday Lee Baca would say this week's Brady appears it was a electric he fed. Some more viral sole seat Monday from a Mexico City I don't Jim Gray Alex this beat the Spanish the new trying to approach. At Tom let me ask you yell I'll blow aspect you all in eighth motels paid three opus. I'm in Mexico. You have a terrible actually and I know that that are currently. All right. Accidentally injured and is currently threat. Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI you WEEI dot com. Could weaken.