The Real K&C - Kirk's Friday with idiots, Curtis plays the Lotto, & Mut's DUI confessional 8-29-17

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Tuesday, August 29th

Ken and Curtis finally produce another post-show podcast, and recap the past several K&C shows as the fall approaches.


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Hey here's a little thing leaves the call will relocate its seat Hitler here Chris Curtis this is August 29 it's Tuesday the reentry Tuesday as I call a bit off for a little bit not pleasant circumstances. And followed a lot past Italy behind appreciate everybody's patience out there in the rookie NC phantom all 380. Actually any to catch up but like any interview use this segment even in with the Garvin has been filling in only talk to right now he's got a pretty good job from what I heard it's an interesting programs last Lou what Thursday Friday Monday I was back out again. Idiot Friday which I totally regret missing my buddy rear resilient all men and rear was a star. Rear admiral is here as well be doing better thank you card I appreciate the and patient he did have I didn't have always a kind of a self and they were smelt like (%expletive) the came in here. To sort of hang up early for your he had trouble make Sundays in Canadian. Arctic. Would you take a shower and call it public flip flops on throwing your gym shorts and like it's sort sugar and it comes and it looks exactly like that as far as Jack. I trust god what are they up on while I'm on what it's like you. I rewrote the different access I don't know we got here Alan I don't I'm. Trying to answer that got them quest goes on the air and proceeds to tell Kirk that he voted for code goes I've doping me I voted for bode well for. I write in Massachusetts who did you vote for photos and the Simpsons and I some really high that I do right yeah you don't get answers and I bet that's Ares Geiger holed. Merck jumps up and lower and says I wrote in goalies and then purchase select. A complete organ donor Billy space with. How do you relish perfectly unique rear segment with the third I did not AE said Albert from profiles he started the show Albert was all the Albert is. Yeah it's so frustrating will be. Stubborn about things that he knows he's wrong. Like he started saying. That Brett Favre is a better player and number. Problem. And then Kirk we're just select two stats obviously if perceptions are. And then he just doesn't listen me just keeps the about a whole you know. A practice that's yeah stats well that's a you do diet and not a problem that you also have a set device to yes and praise god protect our game would play a little differently at 1520 years ago or are you do at its assistance. Fascinated they were just doesn't listen keeps. Always enjoy it or you're arguing about but it's good radio and what the crowds where they thought and they want. Albert back was that my general take from Friday or no on in an earlier began to get their. Like you'd fascinated won backing they hated him but the lines are lit the entire time. Holy cow I did. I can't deal and. Kurt Cates and I was just an annoying guys. This or this. And he's in there and he's just. There's though it's quick relic initially with the guys and three traditional off button he's just going going going going yeah doesn't matter what you're saying is a matter with the content does is gonna disagree for. Just to disagree he's gonna keep to Alter. Sells well I get proof positive links between the sinker that he can do a show the stump and make it somewhat entertaining or interesting as the highlight actually I'm surprised really gotten to yet it was John Dennis being Bob or Christina yen so that was excellent stuff. John Dennis for the first time since Fabrice I guess it's a simple question you have to go onto him very well could see the Kirk nicest guys thanks. What what's what's there will miss and so thanks it's been a year in a month since that would on the microphone. So much which in this microphone to hold if I do anything wrong smack me upside the head because my little rusty and 53 weeks Kurtz and I walked away from WB yeah. Same name that's unappreciated by an Angel and so well these days it's amazing aren't aren't good morning. Well you know. Morning. It rose worked did you hear I don't know how much you heard of them obviously were funeral this week and jaw and on with the Bjork video and it was. I'm believable radio. But he did addressed Jerry's saying that during Kirk both happy that he was on allies for the final thirteen months of my contract. That would have been 230. More days of 345 wake up calls 920. More hours of being in the studio with people who don't like me. And people I don't like Erica there was so that's why I'm here there was nobody to deal with the studio toxicity I was glad to go Kirk and Jerry were glad to see meego. Jury room. I think so yeah. Dino listen in fine form the Thursday show before that just Kirk in Jarrett did a couple days it just by the so yes so last week. Was. Trainee Tomas the to mosser was in Cleveland writing about the Celtics it was good that he is in Cleveland his own media we broke the news in sports news breaks colleagues folly Lyle Padilla well. Night I heard. Ozone layer and complimentary about the way layered and Michael topic what flared into mossy committed to that now. We can't I think high you know I don't even here where he was critically just asking who put this guy on meet but merit and Tomas the on like around you clockers somewhere or they don't want I don't know Polly was saying. This guy's great should have it on sooner. How is he not been a group who's the great mind to put it one of course Kirk it's my check I. Our program director makes almost as if Michael doesn't like something though it's good radio because he thinks it's bad it's our currency and dale attacking us calling a sick a frantic fans can and Curtis are adults are they are sick of core. Rate I like told bill states while the podcast -- park to pick Arctic set or other poll this both of them will try to make me look like an ass it's amazing the afternoon -- likes to punch down you don't have to go low and Angola I was in my car driver of the store and I heard the completely unprovoked attack by Michael hall in Miami born again Christian I love Jesus -- -- Perfect oral flawed Elgin ill tell you that you know Jeffrey Dahmer accepted Christ Fareed my life the starting school next week with all his kids less than maybe you'll Israel's and will be in order. It'll figure something out ought to count a gig at the other and that we get back to it. This week of course you guys at the Monday showed brie which super awkward I mean you must noble Mayweather is history of domestic violence like and I QB friends at this. Yeah. I've not met a couple I guess that I attribute great fighter. You. And you face time with a knowing made sure everyone saw that heard about that. Did you just did you just wish some locker just wanna wish him luck. It. That we know that for all we could bring me it was a stuffed the Mossad was pretty good billion today feature of the day was smut coming clean about his do you lie I think he did I think mom's great. Practical only tell my wife. That they should step and I've the call you know my my boss and you think she make it's just that the road yes I know I ice ice that you're please thank. Please don't leave but I'm driving home at 3 hour drive Tuesday morning whatever one's. That went through my mind more than anything was like hey this is what you just put yourself in the position to. You've got to explain your wife what happened at right yes that went through my mind Jerry and you're not going to rehab program and is that they tell you should do that with her core no that was not part of what went down on Thursday have seen a professional since then we talked about some things. Obviously boomerang on August and some and he's wanted to address but because of legal matters that are yet to be resolved he couldn't and I think. Kirk might have said that he was credited somewhere but it totally wasn't really an epic overseas in the morning we are talking. Morning I say this is in the open are you ready to address and let's radio talk I can tell you that and the months and basically that's a ball place line Joseph well I thought he talk more about it than. At that point knew I thought he would. So I thought it was great it was. He's got another hanging Chad to fall at the mass portion that is that this but no we don't like I mean it's easy to say it but. These generally agree. And he Albert would be unhappy with you I think Albert taking to mossy task for being soft but. Was actually pretty interesting call at point. Buy out I'd so that means. Integrity by saying well you know code but anyone so we Albert did you listen to the second half of that statement. Yeah it was the could've been anyone which means. When Matt when when. Which means. He is a cautionary tale for those of us who have been in that situation and might put ourselves in that situation again what you're trying to do too much you're trying to calm for him. I brought. In individual site guides us Cameron. It's hard to be even remotely sympathetic the month skis because that comes off like. You're endorsing his behavior that year I think I'll be a mass of hypocrite if I were critical blood because I've admitted that I've driven drunk many times it's awfully proud of but I'd. I can put myself and where he took the position he was in there and know that. Before the grace of god I would have been in that position and that to happen to me and so I'm not gonna you know was one ideal pile on months. A father of two kids he's got a great wife and great family and jeopardize that. Were really dumb reason and he could have injure people on the street that had nothing to do with that in mid mystic I think we all think that that sort of goes without saying I know him I think he's originally great guy and (%expletive) up and he talked about it today and obviously a more sympathy for him and some stranger because in the home but I'd I generally think it's going to force in the mix and change and like that are good. And admit it its force you to drive in a lot of places the Jerry curt don't want to William B Bates early runs do look the northern part of refined column is the thing with the Dino Dina would win every season but it. Care that two minutes later be in my lap but I had to do a particular. Topic whenever Jerry characteristic you know and a month giving credit to just keep wheezing from iPhone sell it at Chelmsford and the other elegant there's more and so. Bye to him drugs of north will be going along some I have a question for you. You looked a little speaking of changing. Now my lottery today. I heard your theory with the open. You have waited and on court pick verses birthday is. This was a big topic yesterday could you imagine walking and and giving those numbers are you would previously thought out to the person behind a desk and then you find a that you want based on numbers and experiments on the view that seems pretty. Why the odds of that happening or why. Healthy thing. Yesterday and Friday and prize is real good on it yet we did it during headlines with Albert N and then. Jerry yesterday said it was the dumbest thing he's ever heard on the radio there quietly and I kind of agree Jerry here is out do and the Stew which I don't understand Richard. Everybody plays berth at the most common thing to plate right. So why don't understand your point after hearing ailing multiple types they still plan and in which you regard for my Greg Curtis moment don't get me wrong my. Anyway. My point is that. In my own. In my mind it is easier to believe that I would walk in to restore. Wednesday. Give me equipment and then that would reverses writing down and meet picking out specific numbers. That would Bentley to a victory because you have that bad like compared other piece I've got that locked and I don't think that I'm capable of selecting winning even though that doesn't make any sense you must inherently believe that some people have. The magic touch or some people. Have some sort of mystique about the they can. Contra. Number support their lives and they're like use the mute. You fill out an unlucky person. I think a very lucky in terms of many things but Mel I don't think they know. There is no steel to a lot that's bullets lottery groceries. Right but people exactly. And yet people are trying to use still by picking numbers that they think will win to win something that those requiring skills I would distort the computer I'd LB said it as if like I couldn't deal with these other people dealing come up with numbers that wouldn't work from. I don't know I read the story in this woman's and its use these dates at which shows and then she won 700 dollars. And that. For whatever reason seemed more about him. And going to court not meet double warm oldest has just. And it's. A restaurant a or I was born knows that I'm here. Enduring you don't play the lottery anyway about real concern for you. I like slight. If that's like him appear in the way up the court that is she's never. I try to export Burleson two to end up to the out of there. I as good as we look at this podcast at three inch putt history. Up more importantly the band is back together at least for the next three days. You and I dream team yes Kirk in Jerry here at guerrilla training glossy and tango Friday but from off Friday oh Europe and insurers for shall have two shows this week and the labored. Then we're back in full force next Tuesday is the one year anniversary of Kirk in Cali. Game one. Here we got he got I would say over the weekend a couple of texts and emails from me but that it. Chris skirts would yes I would say that Sosa he's working hard to let the results just weren't you probably Saturday morning Saturday morning Chris son was crying. On Sunday morning cause it doesn't restriction on them trying really hard and what you're disappointed you're doing the best please. Please don't go with the anatomy don't make me get fat again as a personal problem at all of course I'm laughing mocking the whole time. A lot of moments to relive history to narrow those down the next couple days and figure out what's in what's out I noticed unit battled rebels to agree hide your list of suggestions. And I would actually say that we just replay battled Britain's two possible maybe double rocked the cast alive performance. And but then again let's had a rough couple weeks American give him a little bit longer dream and a look at the. And no idea who the artist I'm gonna guess steely to gamble book Bakalar highs the lows of below one year old Dino. I think it's I can't tomorrow in Chicago and enacted myths that have come. A long week. Maybe you'll be much longer know Dino spree entered itself into the race and you know we're going to be getting close to here in the next with AM. To three weeks Tuesday. French casting couch ratings Tuesday. Only given up do the ratings that banking through three months yet. Mean we've rocketed to number one on the ratings are better than ever so everybody is obviously done well but it's all relative. The donation right now in the summer is. A singer absurd well it is and we're still looking for little new blood. Friday may not have procured that was rear in the are different now from island necessarily but you guys didn't Gary Washburn on pretty good reviews Monday it sounds like he emea. Be getting a chance on the couch for Rea a full studio visit correct. Yeah that is crazy because I actually heard Gary several times and I just thought he was with much of this on the show today. Nondescript fine but didn't at no point did I ever hear Gary impairing. It ought to pockets celtics' most of your history Eric Wright to outline Celtics. And then he wrote the story of a cap predict the guys were talking about it and Kirk said Taylor it's been a long. Kirk said to me and we both the realists and yet there's a chance welcome on but we'll try. He gets back through within five minutes increased to come on nine we do the segment he said he enjoyed it guys like that. Our best opportunity to be discuss the things we talked about it is that as a person of color on the discussing the relation with the police it's not good. And as we've seen in Charlottesville races in some major issue. And it needs to be discussed and so they're just dismisses them as. Some anti patriot. While. We all the respect and so like we should the means excitement and it it was become sacred where people are going to the bathroom and all I mean is this is it's kind of took. And then I reached out to him said they would have Monica monster he set up slow you tell me once so. Very exciting to get some fresh blood and and Kerry seems to interest an excellent and went on a salute you next week although I don't know this is sometime in the temperament yet. The global box and we'll Celtics socket and next Thursday we Portland already scheduled correct which is gonna be big is Elliott the opener and now he's subtlety of and take it out towels read ago. Correct and yup that'll be great week from Thursday while Portnoy and out of we haven't had him and I'll wrestle them before and know what's up with yacht rock Friday is that a go. Everybody's spirit tegra checking in with the field I'm paid for the week so exciting day for the weekend it's going to be. You know enjoy it which do we scar Barry yeah that's. It. You know going to be here for but. I think it's ago I mentioned that the Kirk and we've been like missing and also John set a date that worked out recently we shall we thought Kirk was an in thing way but that didn't work though right and so. Couple weeks ago was planning out beating him to labored day and it's addicted to the Friday Kirk his injuries out. And Kirk and thing that's always sort of been there and BB summer. Yet so. Looks like it's ago we may have my new year money here. And who are third and Robert Byrd. You know but but is it. It's poppies parking lot at the discretion here weakens him newborns. So. My will be likely Libya and as I thank Kirk might have the bounce around 930 Fries. But it will be our rock show I believe will do I'm mobile but I'll be driving down the town despicable slope was and it's a big should. Leonard let me summarize. Tomorrow Kirk and carrier back together with the dream team. Emperors are correct trainee is in the mosque he's back in Thursday ten lay in Kirk yah rock Friday we think. Loosely pencil and course the holiday. Then Tuesday one year anniversary show. Then we get into the opener. With support morally and patriots NFL season opens and maybe most importantly Jerry is ready to unseal. What does he colony's post show. Video recaps it's almost like an stealing develop fee with the ocean or even talk about the white picket I don't think it's Jerry's giddy about this is excited he wants a yet. Concise one to two minute recap of the day show with scrap the post show. Kirk and jog with IRS yet whatever we tried we were think it'll do a video. You know sitting in on the social meeting in the back room but these guys the wanna hang around much anymore so after the show they at least will give their thoughts on what happened one right or wrong. Nice easy concise palatable. On censored of course. A look back at the show and look forward to next right minute two minutes. In and out Terry Kirk on the highlights what they thought but they're gonna watch that night during two on camera but also low audio version available right so on the curtain Callahan and Twitter count we will. Record video yes we do know how to blast in Nam summit out there that are on time 1030 everyday and Jerry's nothing if not technologically advanced cutting edge I know for a fact you have no complaints when we start the we nothing wrong. Now an improper it is like heavily edited properly and tremble bureaus elements. All right so low seed or not the last let trainee was in he actually was sort of old Jerry was so little bit unhappy with some of the accusations from a safe space treading. 63 treats about anti prop one about Woody Allen. 18 about Muslim terror attacks zero. About the kkk zero about how their hair is because they don't matter but they don't look now you're just act back. And they're not they don't say math. Air corps and now bogey man they don't have an influence. Was always watch it looks like his and we are sympathizer modes of hall of what. Of racism at a indicated the are not honest to god you gotta stop turning the difference is I don't support did you think that you don't speak got to get to. So yeah it will be interest tomorrow Camille Little volatile to it's I mean yeah she came and guns boys in material last and so Hampshire will be area. Be interesting industry show Hampshire are will get better at these we get back to a more regular routine here and kitten into the Greider so one. Level quality this podcasts. Sought. Ultimately saw. I would be weird ironic twist to this whole thing.