The Real K&C - Kirk's protest, Curtis' flesh and milquetoast Mut 11-10-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 10th

Ken and Curtis recap a historic week on Kirk and Callahan. 


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Tenth of November it's the real okay it's seek and layered Chris Curtis we thank Jerry for his service on this veterans day weekend again Jerry what did Dirk Stewart and balance house that Kirk first in general and the Stew which is pathetic at best sock puppet theater great service to America yesterday afternoon. Right now now yacht boy short did as I said on air he was already my hero but he's now elevated this statue like thing. Yeah. Signed. What he's snatching a builds around the country outside the garden of course that Bobby Orr statue of that in Kirk with the sign in the face of Carlson in the face of air. I I. Well there's been some actors honoring the confederacy that have been removed right around the area I'd probably Eminem Rican. Take down Robert William put up her and I guess that's true but in all seriousness yesterday was a case study game. How to take a story. Relating to a separate media entity you're doing radio wars on your own time and turned it into a story about you I song is the station in. Hours I mean daughter says something stupid I've got no sympathy for you. Dead splat splat. Splat you're dead with two kids moron. Yeah it is yet it's flat. Idiots he got what you deserve by 1 o'clock yesterday. The entire city. Is being asked about what Kirk did in response the order it's the cover of the New York Post dot com host on the competing station a above are being asked about her. But I am gonna call operate one person. And that's curtain and and and because when he said this morning about wanting to fire his wife prior to these kids. On this street I think we're absolutely totally wrong it was like this magic trick the people. Site. According to the station and mic you know about him but it was a truly was with the masters or a portion stroke all want it say racism abolished it's going to be a record setter for the year ferocity in terms of FaceBook like views on the website eccentric center at auto seller sock puppet but that was that was on we went up it was awesome it was really great. Our Juan was lots of fire and we talk sports that's why we're number one it's the Kirk Yang talent edge. We started the week rate of course pilots of our real ANC on radio show and you are hard workers who figured we put that back out their for the masses as a Monday episode of Balkans this week. But that you are becoming big stars who got a lot of a clamoring for to get back I would say at least two or three people speak I've heard from a person may be too this is brocade C. Actual radio for some reason we got a half hour ago and we need to check in almost doing today I think Ankara you've convinced me it's a it's good idea what happened last night house today going to set up where he is you talk to him via text last night. He's at Mohegan Sun withdrew me for a big. Horse racing breeder cups event and he had a crazy dinner last night at Michael Jordan's steakhouse we appeal with the details on what's going on my friend. Oh. Amal and it's only fitting that the biggest fan of the real Cain keep Arquette is preferred guest in the history will show up you. A loser Burmese are bigger illusion in my now you call and other shows all the time you love that the Oprah all the time to much a mutt like volley keep his big star Colin and you guys those rich. Upper sort of under the same mindset here that it's going to be a sporadic it's not a weekly you're gonna biweekly type show yet but. I'm I'm old blind side every now. Right at 4 PM here's what's trending now on WEEI WEEI dot com. Could come back when by the c.'s last night down eighteen in the third quarter Oklahoma City then cut him back to claim back came back to win 10194. Up crap is among several owners requested to be opposed to have their emails and phone records access to McCall and capita collusion claim the against the NFL. Whether right now sunny with a high of 55 tonight mostly cloudy very. Our guys enough is already exceeded expectations he did copper that can undo bush and I are in the back. Kaplan Portuguese collusion claim he didn't capita collusion claim sick kids miss a beat Capra collusion claim very good. Can too good when we're gonna do I think will be OK but too much of a good thing. Just when you think you're gonna here another hour Brad folk in my life here canonized a jump in and talked about the reluctance to stop. Me. Back to Kirk in the Thursday episode which was viral when he says it's a viral the definition that's the definition of by. There were so different parts of that that will stand the test the time that that you won't forget. Really Carlson coming out is probably the highlight right without the full deal. Somebody to actually come out and confront him it's it it that took to another notch and quickly. Back out. I act it is night like I hope you. He's being confronted us and our big guys that secular trend. Yeah. Flooring yeah that's that's an insult me. You guys hugging right now and bad guys. In his arms around Kirk. So different or different another show and their videotape being heard Michael's father survived and Zulu. Well. Why Talladega. Want to. It is like around the. And young and. But yeah. Yeah. You can't beat myself that it well plus you get rid of what this meant what I and the guys grand week. You are. Why do they get facing the country again with a mind. Not only eight bit by a bit. You know what we. Sure every. This problem. It was unbelievable his first I mean I've ever heard of the show I mean I heard about a decade like the rest of Boston by a further show it Oklahoma for a lot. We're seeing what I'm saying again three. And we heard from former excess pressure liberian this year CEOs that make it. It's a feather in your genes during my feet. And I see this big burly guy comes stumbling out of the sports but I think it's somebody's. Security amendment whatever archer and could come on. Once and it was great because he took it seriously. Was legitimately angry occur yet and he thought that I mentioned all of what we're in 1964. Vote. Little WZX. Lowell and how insanely compelling radio that drew him out of the building things by mentioning him show up total last eager to get an audience. What can. Idiots uninformed idiot what an idiot yet the competition million deep awkward hand around it was Rob Kurz factors like robotics and sliding blow that's an expensive chunk grab my favorite moment with the embassy with are but he Carlson. Was the meat you need to show it by committee and right after about three judges them any words of space. Sorts noting to. Edwards still has legs. Like all of the back of the door. Oh. The that was a great point obviously the police showing up good at that time better perfect. Over are you right now this and this all the great protest is arrested caucus Portugal or. I think I'd like all right like all the great protest the pilot of the field. What does that leave ruling Birmingham and markets aren't at street cops started writing I know you go into the parking lot right on the Eric Alderman. Now cart is absolutely perfect tiger. And that was great you know and sort of you know it wasn't joking but he was. Not actually met him and today we had the listeners sent me the screen grab some new police department. Of the actual complaint made by the sports probably Carlson I think you'll let us nick what you want a singer and correct it's who are. The Marine Corps things you act like I knew I wasn't Murdoch. Did you clearly right you had Kirk of course with a great visual laying down the middle the parking lot on risking death my friend. At solo act drop in the F bomb. The Manila to left off and ha. It is yeah. But when I looked accurate I don't have Zola and her. I. Doing that it's going all the way up from the public not. It's possible level is going on here. As we don't you listen to Eackles Holland like a couple times Monty one useless in the show hates doctorates elderly suck all the time he's a piece of garbage. Quickly now the lot and the one thing that is memorable for what's appearance today I guess is his critique of attorney whose generic indeed. And her performance in and seeing the events speak what are our bigger look at that what proud. It could be and he described as like a lifestyle like as you can see behind me I'll I'll Larry Bird areas group. Again I got to hear this a bunch of people that are important work I I think there's some angry mob behind that and I. Crippled as a lull in the action we'll look at you kind of you're just getting into the car out or lovers face a sliding to figure out of faced with speed thank you. What's what's your motto here this criticism this is by the way most praised segment in the history of radio I would say camping demanding else may be Carol Burnett and stern maybe. Yeah it's close it's close I mean he was. Effusive in his praise before announcing yesterday boy obviously grown up that it's only hear your criticism. It of me I think I agree Ramada on this now I would say listening back to the audio version was posted on WEEI dot com that. Little too much play by play from track. You share much that we played look at some of the highlights the low lights trees. Blow by blow. I do share his feelings and I've found it irritating because you only need one play by play I know we have two were fortunate to have hall of Famer and as soon to be hall of Famer in Joseph Thornton. Extended the next one scoreboard update the pizza thanks patriots were out thirty to sixty lest we talked. He tied it up with 24 quarter touchdowns including a fourth down and goal touchdown pass from Brady to in middle of the three on my left. Carolina Joseph down so that the 48 yard field goal. The ice the kicker the grand you know comes three wins it 33 to thirty Panthers as the patriots fall too soon to. Ouch. Tough day in Foxborough for a perhaps today. You know why threw one right Foxboro. Because on game there's only one Malia and one way out. But but yesterday just call for Jerry. Angela each politicians sat out at the gold color but she would interject and talk to. Brian marina pepper Marines and say your fingers in the way that I and he had no way of hearing that right hundred bucks about this he's not hearing it and it's on the link you have. Kirk on the phone you have the FaceBook like feed. And you have Jerry we don't need. An additional voice commenting on sort found it to be busy rare valid good point by the job much black people to games might also at a unique natural votes on the result is also needed noted. My if you would played so please let's would you like the Agilent will once they go to your best to cut from your newest record later Herbie Hancock doesn't buy your comment. Heard it was perfect as it. He's jacket for a full Qwikster it. What lies at the plate here could he do why I don't get rob these friends at bow our friends of Robby brings on a mean. I don't get them ready when I'm out about us all and was talking Jon Daniels well hostile lets us in general congratulations can I can't wait to hear that. What are can host I think why. Your show but it's what we've done that he these it to do you think he's the blue eyes on officer. What where when I would say is about you at some point this is in the again this is why and where Miami where you wore Jersey apnea is and it's my show my property I would say 12 in hot stove show him I watched sort Phil played here. Hamas he's on vacation next week so that means big ego AC Leonard stepped up to the microphone about putting me in the lead sheer power Archie to lead host producer so. He says I'm not too. Which is Osce flawed on hand or an bucket number two today but let's handcuffed by my ankle to a bench or whatever. It. And that's what thinks there's a soft on. What hates the hot social 'cause we make fun on the morning show he's paranoid they play in the AFC least doesn't wanna be apart of it doesn't have the balls to go to management and complain about it. Chicks dig the long gaps so he's got to deal with it what's Egan who's gonna manipulate put the Lebanon's top share and that will be my fault any content of the show will be mindful. Right so it's gonna be is you try to get Bradford on track in but engage meanwhile mutton Brett will be simultaneously separately texting Kirk saying it's the other two peoples fault with. That's exactly what's going to be all pretzel beat out until play a tier candidate on the last segments. Always tidy mighty as his Furman and by ex governor and extend the cost has us all I got chipper breaking news. He is launched beset Curtis you said it's a bunch of such but never happened we did talked briefly about possibly doing the peep the meat guy back on the air here in Boston. Yup by the worst over the weekend Beasley which now is in cahoots with the hub. But the kibosh on they should be can have a superstar like Pete Sheppard going and a direct competition of one of our filly who Brad Ralph head coach of the Everglades joins us right now coach how aria a coach. And it. Well considering you know you've had. You know 550 players is that this organization over the years who have worn the sweater for the ever blades and they've only once not made the playoffs in the 2013 2014 I leave so. Is it does that stick it back in mind at times at all or any added pressure did you know. Not in the second team. He was going to be back on dual don't suffer on the holidays they couldn't do it but good news for good news for Gil but canoes from Pete ratings up. According to beat double rings a better since I've been on behalf not to social station that's backed. Last week but definitely not least. I can officially state he told me off the record. Dean Craig's argument are not getting along so well that marriage is going straight down in Portland Sheehan has talent for the team. Pete is out today he was here earlier he's got personal situation he'd liked yeah I'd act act act I can't daylight out I'll flip the script here. I I can't. I give it told 28 team until it is just the peach trio once he sets his sights on something on an episode time it's done so she may now Watson we tied to myself a jump off the nearest bridge let's not bury the big breaking news that both get bored this doctor. OK doctor Jones yeah after surgery it's a cup yes I'm actually is I set up quite stunned that you your eyes will partake in his. I would follow all the great medical institutions that are in the locale near Boston you might wanna. Little more reputable place to get some extra skin cut off but you'll have to go to cape for the show. And have vote what's the official surgery called. Flesh rule flushed from the structure it's disgusting to me I picked my doctoral typically entrance the first person you mommy gets the gig so you see how it works well what they too late one of only shave it off like almost all all places like. Needle stick. I think people are trumps our car. Who knows maybe it is like a whole place I just got. Are. It is funny I eat all the rehab sounds horrible I gotta go three weeks you're in the Alps I implement we'd like bend over an important help. Could return to work part time. I've dreamed of just roast putts coming for me. It's literally in the crying like yeah. Like it's just a bit slow miserable slightly bigger chain saw out of my abdomen and Aruba and so how long the rehab doctor after the system. So I'm gonna tell you probably before. You know that the first week you're going to be laid up second week you're gonna feel little little better feel like you can. Go out to the mailbox walk around by the third week you may. Feel like you can get back to work part time but. You have two weeks in the clinics. I don't know none of that O weighed about one week vacation in Italy we did at Tom Brady on channel you know it's been awhile. Looking back to Monday but he was pretty good you you've promised big good. By we Brady he was pretty here's some tweets from a an NBC reporters and Ryan amber he tweeted out on nine Halloween. Brady camp three days ago Phil privately Brady to be treated by bill after 2017. This was a craft decision grapple with to make it clear Brady finishes as a patriot. Did you or anybody near desperate your campus. Feel that you could be traded by Belichick after the season. You know I can't who's in your camp I don't know public is Jordan's speech in your camp. It. Wasn't that you'd. Where is carrots and kept us he had Belichick both on Monday it was great for the station had Belichick inquiries sort of what gaming Tuesday responding to the nonsensical workers from Stewart who by the way. It called sarcasm and wheat became the island headlines today talking about your sleep I blame but because when the third real is not doing his or her July lying cart load the real goes to Curtis Alex Alex Campbell and I. I am not able and thrilling you know more curse thought that Brady top the. Stays put his exit celebrate college therapists tell you I couldn't see it's amount of styles racing what does that get the durable this up spending and that we'll let her daughter's in Beverly exit and we think it was that before Christmas for job that thing on his head is killing us. And he's there has for the lakers sound. To do to get humans that grass and she tells me to have some water to have them have been men talk. Bet you know like before bet I've won by Margaret when I go to see if you're over the media. Stop your mind from racing know like when I don't balls we've pulled because them Hungary about that is now hers is your minds raises my rates to eat a banana. When I can't fall asleep in my mind races right now I think about things at work and things about my life whether it's not a banana help. Dishwasher entered support her and didn't. Know if you're dehydrated and have him or is this is due this spring licensed therapist. We do that and opening. Thursday next week for a maybe Gary Washburn made it for couple hours were towing them again. The president has not yet heard of this now our producers do a fantastic job we've best producers in the market but will bring to his desk NC we have. Tomas he's actually you know it's frustrating isn't ago why you go to Tokyo August or number I mean go away for vacation it's hard to reaches. Moss is out next week I mean listen you know I love Felder trainees coverings are curling. I lobbied for an infamous three a toolbar on main people are out will replace one with Roemer an emblem of a slow and third statement Curtis nick itself. It is currently. And she's a smear that's what's trending now on W you WEEI dot com. Could weaken.