The Real K&C - Mr. Brainless recap, Kirk impersonations & RK&C to the airwaves 11-3-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 3rd

Ken & Curtis finally get a post-show podcast in this week, recapping 'Battle of the Brainless 4: Mr. Brainless' as Mut & Curtis squared off yet again in battle of half-wits.


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Friday third of November it's the real game it's seek it layered crisper it's all right Heidi feel that any. Hey this might like antique cars can you argue that I can. Surprisingly pretty good I thought today went well nothing makes me happy and that's nothing in the world nothing movies history geography what did the two categories can porters and literature and history literature who else could only go with Hillary carton books in this one I would go to number five. Coca good I was thinking that as well number five Kristi you're ready. Mean planet's. Close I could just pass that real name the planets closer to the sun. Than earth. Mexico where. Saturn moon. We're off. We are on the way but what else that's right I'm not hold on hold on. These are. Journeys are well he's a general he's already wrong can relax yeah cocky month Israeli ago OK still had much to say you're breathing hard Mercury. Venus and Mars. Wrong that's wrong worth third rock from the sun right night. I thought we had just the right amount of ups and idiocy from me who wrote the star spangled banner it's not this F Scott Harris. Yes I thought mutt. Lucked out in the trivia portion that he wore the 1863. Emancipation proclamation jury saying close enough from a marketing point was a little bit of a gift from. Yeah in what year would. Slavery abolished in the United States 1860 too. Much and smoke that you don't say that the model with a chance to win here. My company is viewed it as such as it was in 1940. The it was a and he was 65. Low. Now down three and out Curtis Curtis as a buyer could tell that look that up. We shorts 1860. You read your regular publisher and and is went through a month whereas my last round one yes. Down three that's a great job that's a great Natalie it in the end he also said angles and wasted the bagels. Is the angles yeah yes. So tight ass. Analysts on pumps. Don't pay don't coddle the Bengals the well of course is not I and Jim Ross a cash bar. Who is a Leo I don't know you that right. Advice I thought I'd say. Right. Angles right. Marvin Lewis thing. Who is reputed. In still said the Bengals even were we all said the bagels so what do you give you credit for rock to a degree song title. Rock the cash while. That is not how long title. That is not it's the greatest thing he's Alice and so I thought I ads but out in the trivia or was pretty. At best the bush. I thought you were diversity picks you know we had five categories you like them all right I think I picked one of its geography geography. Geography. Geography again is a hero I'm gonna go geography and the dark room you don't well you know well my my mentality is Jerry occur each rhetoric of water to them. Over so I kept peppering one category that eventually have to run past whereabouts. Are mailed there let's do geography better judgment and experience. OK on which continent and the Alps located. You're yeah. Relax and these guys are ordered three when rates that average. Monthly Q you also seven continents it wasn't. Bang boom Australia. North America South America. Europe. Asia. Antarctica. And Africa yeah. One Smart Smart you Hattie. A man in my crew after everything. Is the rightful here to have grown. Mr. -- you had thrown technically he was already at 21. History month and again but it was nice comeback. OK he's rightfully in the room for mr. he's the right right which you you hold grudges you were a judge you would have awarded it too much as well well it was a weird competition right because you rightfully so won the karaoke portion the real. It in the water. Absent says not a word in the world are cool beer and my hand like who do today. Life is good today. Well the plane touched down just about 3 o'clock in the he's been on my mind. Tina's mom and dads and congress and the badgers line. Dog and cards and well. Bars like this. The it was the Clinton. There. And I'm pat. I. And this and blockers Roosevelt I did John Igawa who I. There's only ordinary clothes verdicts there reverse everything it can't we fix our biggest hurdles that I delegates rounds is rough. Of article three calls intelligence we've been Spacey hating me what you started with nose that was your selection I honestly don't think I've ever done karaoke in my life. Which sounds pretty embarrassing but in Europe to noted from today I would an outbreak. Talk. And then you blow me off the yeah so that was there was an homage to Gerry because of his apology that would suck up of course enter. Even though we set I was sub human in Dublin but today yet but there was a question in the Q a portion of those kind of setup for you. Who was inspired you most in your life I thought you said year. That you went to I don't know it was it was a situation was the most inspiring burst your life. And how I'll tell us how they inspired you I would say a man by the name of Kenny don't give his last name. At rehab I met him he was my case is I only know what to do afterwards the first thing in my mine was Jerry. Is when I first got asked that I was like saying my dad he's annoying the vibe of the room was awed Pedroia thought but was outstanding with our church and he'd obviously Cayman no grudge. You take pressure off you play the trombone up and alcohol you deserve to be mr. Ray Lewis. Everybody pumped up about it and it. I'd go to stick to our. You know little wardrobe changes now. Monday is. Shirtless and planets from blown. Go back. They don't hear here and if you're in you know that's it's been about but it's. It I was surprised that no bizarre ma was in the final laden Q and he yet Q and it was just awkward I got to say we've done four of these obviously number two is tough to F with. I don't think bullet for quite top number two which was not a real one was folks on movies cobra. And Curtis what this alone Contra. Contra I don't know video battle royals to his music you two were so incredibly stupid what's the best. No. Embassy bills I would Tuesday completely and utterly yet we were there are some pretty good answers sometimes close enough debated it at Clarence Clearwater. It was tough to miss the battle the rails for didn't quite reach number two standards out the realist too. After Clarence Clearwater revival much going what's wrong what I do Clarence. What is that man Jerry incur literally unable to speak as the electric sort of reviewing basic art will do this next city at the break. You'll never be that is the ceiling top of the mountain. For Belgrade. Will never be anything quite like that. Audience like egg it was Australia karaoke. You name mean in a quite there but what really poured out you got to give him the props for you with the action and it was such an amazing now what do you think the karaoke selections I mean she bangs is all I could pick about a toy among about one. Few things that will make Jerry you laugh on cue is a drop of me of any kind. And William Hill requested. What makes no sense but it always is Larry is he loves. You at a news endowed in the way you like a bomb you outrage be. All can we. No major side. Its merchant side like good judgment about. Your play and best of my heart like a drum. How brave you. And I'm. I don't know where the hell Amazon. Is she back. Eggs are bad. And shouldn't you lose. I'm OK because you like a lot of good things are going to be. Not giving pure and history. Either way you know there. He's given up. Zero left she's given up so I have. He lost his place but lost place for him. Everybody muffin oh god number and I really that's the union that if you're getting guys on that to me is disqualification the right says. You were off at the beginning right you did the Portuguese version of up on your screen analytical could have. Attendance the wait until Saturday. It's. Gently at the Portuguese. Which south American countries beat tortured. It. Yeah you vote. I traveled the world suffered greatly of course but at the bullets in four of the five Great Lakes. Wait Michigan. Late on Ohio. Like Ohio. If asked would you guess that having I. Can see in the picture Lake Erie I like Montpelier. But how to pronounce it analysts lake Montpelier we want to. What your authority meet people and a mule on the way to the. We actually did not do mania music or movies I've struggled host let's start let's go with number two. That's. Well we've got here is. Say it is to communicate. Some end you just can't reach. This notion he should knows that his actions and how does he said that the last three months. Every every time. Don't worry about it curves is not Cody the cigar I don't know that. Figured again no. Actually what we got his failure to communicate one of the most of 45 post I was just say top lines in money that you ultra. And keeping the AF item list of the one or movie quotes and parties I think it was the top ten for sure yeah case. You don't know. I don't know get suggest. Clockwork orange and yes wrongdoers guess. Curtis Gertz. Full metal jacket and oh. Incorrect. I think that was Smart of you wanna see what sides of the brain with the guys go. Lot of literature didn't go I have to say much in Shakespeare I thought for sure you again real. I was surprised want to be honest you gonna pick literature yeah I got ready yes. Name three works written by Shakespeare. There's a chance. They can Latin American Airlines about the possibility everything in this show since the fate of my favorite. Or a fellow. It's the most famous when it comes to. Cancel it Packers fellow Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. That's excellent one for mr. report and others be happy joke you've got four. Battle royals for I don't think will need to replace its in its entirety this wasn't a total bears with a lot of work into and I'm exhausted I know you must. Just commend their in the in this it was not easy you have to face the music as a courtesy. Sure go ahead. Or biological LSU ordinarily emerge from the coma you're right actors get this it's going to what the hell happened oh my god what little Vietnam. Kevin does an outstanding job with this the amount of time questions. The guys commute through the Q what it's done during this I'm sort of the whatever the opposite of the star is a term to sort of punching at that's. But can give him excellent job as usual you guys actually at him and like you were totally in the nude but you do it lacks the shoulders he said he put a lot of work in less than watch the show my wife lacks. Are thought to have their your shoulders yes that's what money than your flush out flat as it does I think the shirts off no Mathieu didn't what did you racks that that would guarantee you went if you do. I'm it would catalog can be a loss of these relax. Money I last night justices. I shorter by in the tank top and go in and she's okay. It's time to do to turn the lax on our right it incurred. It's C. The first get it bugs the awfully shall excellent such clear that she did that that is painful literally in the crying like yeah. Like all got on an element that's courage will there be a battled Reynolds five's the obvious next question I think. This say jump the shark today but. I think it's gonna go away for I could see this coming back maybe in like march something you know in a dad's dead zones in the summer the pace probably be going to Minneapolis will be pretty well set through mid February elected sees something and that sort of dead zone ended march. Now you and I are we're senior producers here at this a fire station. Very exciting at the -- Cain sees gonna make its debut Saturday effect we may play this on. Actual live broadcast airs tomorrow it's going to be better than anything you like we'll do in the other two hours the show part of our first order business was obviously propelling ourselves to get about ourselves we're entry fashion I read the first executive decision by us was to put us on the air on Saturday run of five it's an embarrassment being senior producers we had to do in the -- but guess what that there once on five days week. We've shot that taxes well this in this case once once this is a two week in review recap the curtain count this year. I think I think the audience will enjoy having a two hour version of the real currency reply. It's looking back on the week now for five shows that what stands out what's going to be take away from you we add I think some would Kirk imitations all his impersonation of Jerry was good. And I are not what about why does anybody how bad it's a guy I wanted to OK Evan doll. Okay is everything about half that line is dead Ted Teddy at baseball. Yeah Jerry impersonate fitness lightly battered show Marat is that it's made me sick. And I want I know is true everybody's heard it but definitely that might help out numbers I'd definitely definitely. The soccer and visiting rooms and the incident as an wasn't as good as his call in as trendy final thinks. I just can't get it right now about perhaps you ought to not have not hey do you epic. It is. The I know it's not biased but it did. Not have happened dad. Yeah I think they're that is so let's act and that I mean they're not seeing. It's out of my view I knew what are where it's not my one bow wow. Remember that time I don't remember that update about right now. And I. Yes. I like is Gerri because it it's a more accurate impersonation and a few would disagree greeted district betray. It's like three syllables of like five syllable words. Had. Room. To get numb my guide to act. But I gave it added and I got. Miked the law must get a DN. Yeah we knew that we knew that that's. Too. You say meat to hash tag running attack Shaq. Build us a little Achilles McKay it's history that a person you know I'm Irish are back at. Yeah it was that there. Aren't Croatia not at all I'm very sensitive probation officer. Oh. Kirk is the person. A lawyer in the studio and whenever there you'll use the person patient to rip the boats. So it's a bottle be sitting there laughing at that time. Oh. I you guys have the boy. At first I put my tongue the amount. You know why did you have to start last year located mainly in for the suck my toes second all he was obvious and comparable that was the groaning it was suits. And okay. Altogether now turning c'mon. Us. An accent at. It's well Seattle ratings do we'll see if we get officially jumped the shark regardless of the weaken the books here on the year Kirk and Kelly show Brady back on Monday even a two by leaks little miss that in the bye week Brady or use. Are always pretty good he's usually a little bit more into perspective a little bit more freewheeling with different topics so however it. And every Friday now we've got a decision and because training will be back from Iceland's next week we have five black Packers that canyon. For four shows somebody is once shared its I'm not going to be available so we've got. To mossy Eric Eric nothing would get training and I can tell stories forever we get ten lane and let me Fanny helped we've got Roemer to dissidents chopped up to don't. Don't bring black people to game. It's. Not at all eyes just okay. I have an unbelievable reception here camp and why should you probably black people. Got. And now you showed. That we saw a lot of online Jerry and I you. Who's out next week next week re Marisa. Out out to us podcasts but Beckett also change because. Mucks at Mohegan Sun this week true who ran as we speak will he survive. Handcuffed by my ankle to a bench and parts of these get a car service but the only avenue we have been prone to some craziness also. And he's. Yeah he's dreaming of having a jockeys a deserted islands around there that I would like the behind desert island. With that with the former is now pass went up to bring them back to life. But the ice man George George Woolf was one of the great jockeys of our time short here. Wrote sea biscuit. This. It's still walk Figaro it's certainly for the from boat and I. But no so we'll have next week will be to mossy. Anyway tree in the quality of following week go to Boston and accused the book report to the talked yes money end the week is a leak occurs it is currently trip. Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI UW united com. Could reach him.