The Real K&C - Mut the Brainless, Kirk's car accident & a Ken/Curtis hit piece 10-23-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, October 23rd

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis defy the odds and produce a Monday post-show podcast amidst their growing corporate duties. It’s a recap of a Monday K&C Show with Gerry taking a day off, and Mut taking a beating all morning long.


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We call the book and podcast people since dump like so that's the person who cares what this podcast you agree with that rate at in breast does bruises strive to work kettle. Chris Curtis think held the real king it seem Monday October 23 edition after arraigned on Jerry Mike and he's he wanna congratulate Jerry and restricting islands here because he ran six miles yesterday. Parents six miles of these before the show starts. Here at six miles in. A place it's an hour flight away perk and my performance Jerry duo a rest stop would have called the marathon. The marathon ten today and that wasn't even close to the dollar. What group of people were taken American sold the slaves. To. What group of people were taken to America and so those types there from Africa and from Africa where it would. A group of people yes. Which group of people. It did it feel like that's not a real question what group of people question number sixty was taken numerous sold saves. Speak African Americans well it would be effort in America or Africa I think what. That seems pretty I mean. They they were taken from Africa group of you're not not a group it's humid in the afternoons manuals and a lot at all or did you feel from. Knowing that you yourself of it will have some personal Curtis open home run ours so much is true joined him on Friday. I am not going to be in New York watching. And Europe for. That's the worst of the bowling Alley and Edwards is for the Peruvian restaurant. 08 season knowing why is he talking a lot of out. It's definitely an odd situation because I. More than anybody on the planet know exactly how it feels to be sitting. Within inches of minute hand having no answering your brain and being mocked by the entire region on the number one show in Boston with the number 31. I'm 31. Of men and mr. Fifth. Going to be Tuesday. Right. One so. That sucks but I have to say it is great to be on a recession which started in headlines I guess all the mr. Ramos came up early that's. Be honest fully known rate next Friday a week from Friday. This brain less baby let's go that's big Mott was taking a little bit a punishment early. Just for laughing out context that's sort of start the ball rolling right. To a B six and two after all this will be six and two probably first place we have seen the midway point. It worst case had apart they're tied for the threat beyond yes and on pace for twelve win season but belly laugh and I will not laugh Norris the shot knocked. After chuck and laugh owls earning else in the first hour month animals in a beatle for I think he was real box score a little bit he was he was gonna be people would have a patriots take on negate let's not push it will stop at the patriots points and they did it I think they only went forks they got that first literally I didn't I was toward you just said I'm sorry but he's gotten them model to the future it's only to them and us and a. And that was sort of bothering Kirk I may but the big thing is is a Kurtz always a mood to start the show. Up until Brady's because it's just controls everything so until Brady's on overall kind of just sort of fly by the seat of our pants and figure into don't go that's true Kirk does not like. To have somebody else in control even if it's Tom Brady and Kirk creek technologies descended to the throne is the program Director General manager lead host our chair governor while the ball match up. With the governor of your state now well mark I know we just have bought I can't think of his name it's until the ball packed it is you know this but even before we get the martz citizenship quiz radeon 71 much question okay run game. Second what question Kirk didn't like Keyon models get the line that you. As talk about that advantages seem to have that because of maybe the that the other teams just do stupid things against your club especially their two let's stay. The best part about mrs. but isn't even done and Kirk's in the talkback to a story you've got to grab this question. And you know much conceded talking to a so much double rattle the tie is not just the falcons and his psychological damage or not that Kirk is blocking its questioned in real time with pre and it was but no matter what question asked was marked by Kirk true and headlines it. We were late getting islands because of pre. So you know was going to be short sweet JFK papers being you know we'd like probably loading and right. As things Kirk's car accident two huge current. I called muted Curtis texted currency gave me think ominous our proposals strong but we had it'll JFK pocket there. As Kirk is the master he spins it annually -- and exactly turns into a major story of historical importance and does it as a way to gauge the intellect of myself and who knew well let me hear you like me it's Egypt is that they honestly I don't have a theory I it's not it's not an historic consumed my life the way it's consumed yours I think it's a mine for for years and years to have no thoughts about it. Is just guilt I really don't you know shot. Oswalt was name. Patent counsel. And I don't know his name he's an actor Roy Oswalt you're that was a year ago. And I can't think and it's awful like yet again and that there's a name like I'm forgetting a target artist no not your locker hostname got shut up Curtis showed up was the guy who shot. British. Dallas Texas if you go what year. In the depository. From the upon from the book departures from the repository can you Friday from the animal's not popular story that. I know more about the Keith Hernandez signed felt episode and I do about what the actual odds it was a senate where can. Peak leap closer now you know would dominate much in. Twentieth century trivia I think particularly political trip. Kennedy's assassination animals you're an expert on the I would say your largest. I mean I don't know an eternity hassle 'cause like I'm obviously you moron in many aspects of life. Metalico. But like you watched. Andy JFK documentary you see Jack Ruby I mean it's like that's embedded in your mind it's on live TV shooting Oswald I mean man who killed who Oswald two days later scandal and I and I doubt they'll handle it that way and you race the early quiz that you had with what Kirk he won the 1960 through the years it was here mount Rushmore right okay who are these four. Presidents on mount rush. Okay George Washington. Abraham Lincoln Roosevelt. And she's when he came in Washington and Jefferson I think he's right off for correct right clear aboard four for four yes or mean that the Boston Rushmore is you know brace yourself. Top of the page top of mount Rushmore of the patriot I think you have to start route to what that was says you have to start when Robert Kraft mount Rushmore of Red Sox play. A moving. Him up one notch com ahead of Carl Yastrzemski I think as was a better all around player much better and that's the most of Portland me. And not us OK got to the first wave at the somebody hit. What was easily attacks that in the idea are you pretty quickly had done on our our good friend Callahan forever great balls rooted out much and be a citizen or something along those lines or he wouldn't pass the citizenship test. Who took over for ten the African is set Eisenhower. So I've printed it out and skim through the second and it was it was cool I I can't believe I honestly I know I'm doing our listeners who I can't believe that mud doesn't know with the governor of Massachusetts's. As the ball. Who's a governor of your state now. Well mark I know I don't out of all the kidding was me I I. We just had a bond I can't think of his name. That's not a we're not giving a document and it's you don't know I do I jump our message. I'd I'm I'm. Drawing it's not now until the ball back you know just know this is right right breaker no correct all of it. You don't know it is I mean it is starting to me fascinating eight members of the Supreme Court comedy. Justices are there supreme. Eight. Up yet and what every even number of Supreme Court justices I've no idea. He got a couple. Got what senators and senators. John mutt. God. Go run responsibility of the citizens to vote. Nice job look he got the perfect in the trifecta with it to get involvement trifecta at the soup perfected we'll get to that later on a hot in the podcast by the end of the day I think he's getting still miffed he was taking his ball going all right it does is no assault I've been their users want the clock at why am I the only answer these questions play Brady and a half here. I wish there staring and urges. Paralyzed by many indices in control of everything dictates when it's going just praying that somebody else says something though to get the feud off the view that steadily from Lipton. Well at quarterback out of course today we had Brady into possible QB taught to love our fellow podcaster Ryan Hannibal our guys Ryan probably their hand will be about the Slater the know your conversation with only one place Kurt and New Hampshire people don't know you talked to Tom Brady for an eighth to Aubrey not a go to it would it would widgets on such well to think was about five and a half seconds COLT from picked up to on there because we were. Camping like you know him before the start at 7 o'clock hour waiting for Tom Brady. Tim Hasselbeck is colts quarterback our allies and so Brady called then incisive I Tom Chris Maury Chris was his response Minnesota via modem for Jerry cursory look at the goalie Chris. I always answer the phone to be scores. The price that the pro even Hasselbeck knew about currency drop occurs reference to the ultimate buyer BC. Yes that's my hope so certainly open. I'll talk next week him that was produced just dale opened force in there and lead Kirk's car accident it reached out to right away with just. Silence can set nothing. And a character well UC tweeted you were fine. Abu I mean given who I am the I would think it should be in distress securing the I regret it personally and professionally so good. You're going to god I couldn't believe I saw a Twitter is like she uses yet NS. So I'm driving up as I was too good rating due up up up up the hill Johnson road Winchester down back into the find out of Lexington. And I get to me a light green. Looking at a green green green going breadth of whatever 20/20 five miles an hour and paying attention and go to an agreement as you always do. And the very very last second 1100 the second IC cards not to support this down here from a few months ago wells. This car come full lying yet. Boom snacks and my guess that car was going forty miles an hour. Pushes the car over the course at receive spends over. The way. I'm glad you mention what type correlates people on I have several and then the and I could feel the car lot or it could feel the cartel in just a little bit did not. Came back and and and so it's also in your thinking what those two of two or three seconds after the house went on here a kind of pull over to the side. And in airbags all airbags in the passenger side both come by OK she's I would mean you know for traveling on I wish Indian passengers issues with. Caribbean back Harry's little boosters human fly it smashed via the glass in the others. Yes. Sort pull over the car is a disaster you've seen that I saw the picture guys treated out. You just three they just read an outbreak are curtain calorie can we show the picture the guy hit me it's Leslie Leslie. And probably corporate Curtis you said that a year ago now we go just to be safe stuff so I get out. And there is some teenager and his mom and a walk over to them and I'm like you know at what they you know with the way I'm I'm. I am today after the pain. Walk over in the kid is already looking at his phone texting away all annoyed by it Tex to know sorry no nothing mom nothing. And he's like yeah I don't know happens like I try to put the brakes as it estimated in line did not hear any breaks. As a woman I'm calling now when now an officer comes a few minutes he's going to look right there. And see that there were you you'd see the the picture makes a look at there was no breaks involved right bielsa CP DLC the brake marks and on the skid marks and marks in the ground. There were no one's we've finally the officer so the mom says you know he was it's not issues like I should be taxis that notion wasn't exodus there are shut up. I said boy so we're done talking we soft shall come presumption came. The key to his credit guests took the blame Fortson he said that you he went through the red light the Nazi was text out of respect you know. And mistakes that they want to wait 9269. Puts a witness there. Who who had my stories well. So yet so the cars completely smashed up adults can have with that his car is destroyed two. And but it looks like ultimately it is hosted apps you know I have no doubt we don't know when this kid. They wouldn't be texting and indeed. It did sound like yeah there was steel mother of all the father I didn't quite understand the intently trigger on on their perpetrators. Dad of the two base of the did the dad of the kids in the husband of wife. Came in later to I think they went to the ambulance I was in a serious car accident leaving the sport so in 2000. Ten right on market street pulling out behind the knighted by the sports Mahan hit by a suburban there was traffic I was in the back of the fix suburban. That was driving and kudos. Blue flying through red light on Leo Birmingham park would not Kirk Seubert. No my offensively lacking in the back to Orlando but what is the creepy is that should reflect the dolphins always taught well I've airbags deployed and it's scary thank god curse fund. Yes thank god military indicate. That's true we got you know the support came flooding and once we open up the phone lines for listeners to Kirk had a together today to I didn't until after effects occur blizzard. Rational reasonable. Flight line open why why is not issued 26 lines gold right now. For people saying you know. They're by the grace of god if Odom to you live right up people we're not going to praise and thank god I'm alive will what are we doing here. We want talk about the fourth how calm. As always on the rails and we of course had our normal up. Flood of sell from the weekend which I was praising you for two up. Lucy is AF former host of this podcast there's little prep peace. Miss porter's 0% was he Burge yes she was in today to do some sort of bizarre stone they're gonna to a story on the website about you know me. Yeah I have a weird feeling about this I don't think I we like Lucy I don't think she's the globe or whatever but. This feels like it did release a mock on you as you know secret recordings or studio or something I don't know she had like reams of notebooks. Analyst who's writing couldn't and it is. All the you know he's with sent me. Just to mean. Texts about how to go after career like tell me as a small penis and homosexual tendencies and this did little to go on it documenting her every move this. Yeah like you she's I feel she's been compromised by either Jerry or Kirk or something it's Kirk was far too okay with this the right I'm getting a little Lucy you would think he'd be mocking us constantly. Rightly doing in their liked yet. As much I overheard mutt in the hallways when he was walking into the studio right before 6 o'clock and he's like Lucy would you do running into him to a restaurant and occurrence and he was ridiculous showed up on the show we get juries copier. Around. Very yes that's something that you are gonna get skewered basically in some sort of dot com piece that sixty chip dot com sure to be placed more prominently in this plot to libel and you know right but I by Anderson's fourth things you learned the sticks are hot six or alive a scoring goals keep an eye out for that so that's the day that's the start of the week Gerri back to morals hopefully rule it doubled the DC storage and Jerry and we ought to be thankful too much for putting an end to racism. We should stroke all wanted to say racism abolished. Which they won yes I do. Racism would but it would work again that's not it would effectively and racism while we shall bam racism over that be edited it was again taken out of context by. NFL for this you wrap up please don't CC and you emerged on you know as you wish. There was no no I bring his. I wish there wasn't on the because I don't want us would you like it was like there to be want to IDF 10 I didn't wave yeah this is an enviable yes we don't you. No I don't want to as god forbid would you like racism that I don't I'm against racism and anti racism I'd like to abolishing the vital as the US is yours cupid must magic one bills with a power should the U. I like that remote to sound. Alex image connect up our ocean just wanted to say racism abolished stroke. What was your stroke on it say racism while stroke. You could spell out what word almost wrote awhile I think that is again the the sound of the remote I think march I. She stroke on it's a racist that's now that's sounds and it adds I rented out detail. There's not an audit it is a robe like thing in the oracle released its it was strike in my hand you should be able to strike a lot of money you don't want. What would promote a few things strike persists drove you wrote you'll. Wanna go back and play the I'm not I'm an alcoholic clip and wonder what the remote does so that debit side that's edited. That sounds edited there. What I wanted to say was I think they did say that sounds edited or over modestly but it might bring you can stroke one dollar bailout for the big racism go labelled I would give it a shot. Stroke on it say racism it's broke right aligned like. That's not the the term to strike alarmed at what would what the current. What would that act be what we really don't want to fewer amusing oppose it why you're giving your hand it is immense weight to weakened the Gillick to waive a one that's the word. C. What's normally at locked in for Friday is their chance without a Roemer slot this week today. This punishment for as Basmah once today and that's to have regular at writers and monitored for us. No I think every apartment for us and good morning good morning good morning welcome everybody it is the lord's day. I think it is day natural choice Talbott to gay guys host the shelves this morning puck. On the Sam and I do you think that's terrible and I think Jerry wants to keep you wants he'll have a set of questions ready for mutt sort of a free Ramos addition a lot Friday with some pepper with some questions that's true all right it's the only doubles the could be some surprises I don't subscribe to that dumb podcast and Reese described. On the way home I could events I'd abused or so weeks it's a looser started.