The Real K&C - Mut's graduation present, Gerry rips Enough About Me & Trenni's weak apology 9-29-17

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Friday, September 29th

Ken and Curtis recap another great week on Boston's #1 morning show. 


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29 of September 2017 it's the real K it's CK layered Chris Curtis I was distracted Crisco over my notes from mutt for tonight's cloture post game debate bulletin. That must agree that might. Also a lot of arguments and all gay get much into some good. Of course president of bad vamp then yeah must get good advice muck city at the vamp none of them. In advance in. The curse it's news today though was that the Cris Carter is my band nailed karaoke. I literally and myself will be uses soft around because at that thought I was playing I was at didn't know that at the and it just shouldn't gray and when I have fear in my eyes. It's like gasoline for me and him to season ended fuel systems that we see me like melted in my seat and is ready to go nuts and bam nailed it if I lost a million dollars. A million dollars. Furniture for your house. Nice chesterfield. And all. Yet it in the judges awarded you the victory over money did a pretty fun traditional American soldier by Toby Keith I don't do with pole of the glory. Judges do you anyway. Thankful for future. Our responsibility. As stupid enough like the song bill under pressure. Betty and all that back in TV. Now it's there on Monday the only in the weekends being too strong. Edges work straight through the holidays. And go alone it was a prob is now you gonna come up with a another song and at a karaoke sulfur mr. -- also deliver third all I've done two things have to fight another song and get my excess flesh removed. Between now and November 3 OK you know the arrest the show course you said this of which started this was a while today this is quite entertaining all over the map. But league Gil at best special. I give this show in aid. Plus. Excellent excellent show it was all over the map we totally butchered the clock is only weekend. And let's Jerry's fault now. And the Stew which is pathetic at best sock puppet he always gets on Kirk for bringing up the Roemer. Coming out of the closet like whatever it was 930. Keeps getting later big with like 915 notes ninth if there yet. Al dreamer from off Forbes well the listeners know about driven on earth are you now well I'm getting them honest we heard of that now full but we're you know we're knee deep into the Dr. Seuss segment. Warmup drops the line of the night at yet the doctors whose gift his graduation president. Well the place to go. Nobody's gonna. Turn on dark assumes I don't think as most people you know written read to their kids' sports most parents give it to the keeper graduation right the places you'll go in Japan. Graduate high school. What. A grow it's a graduation gift tackles who play at mile high school I got a bet I'd buy high school graduation. You're different they have that different except by such a reading W it's a different year long term play for your picture or story. Like yet to never I'll sort out your story Joseph. But it was a battle in what. John Carroll's office today and for the game you expect. You know we're. Taking a manager's report taking pregame show after my first question I looked over it's kind of surely caught my and I looked over behind the door and it was a dead mouse. It's it was a blouse and that's something bigger. And in this part of the city's chances are you're could be bigger especially might put it this afternoon. It was a moms who's been marshals lane. This woes hammered on the half. What's that most supposed to do dance around it just yet it three. Right at my house. So it is. Solutions are done with the when news of him. He knew their mom strap some sort of from Panama strip human. Being waged somewhere nearby island. Talent to sort of known no I wondered if there was something I said I don't know. But it's it's a very loving McLaughlin took care of it club house floor manager you know we should all take care of the problem. You know what he immediately came in you know in the hinted that. Hey it was a minor to a certain shape when he realized stories that. You know who knows what he's right there is. Not a lock it with both well and Tyler whites I. I have that book I read a book to my cell where you're being modest also ready tomorrow after I can read the mud yet alone I get a guzzling factories that it does it beat. Brave. Home. And free. Land. Or wait maybe shall try out. In banner it's the slight angle on our. Real on. Out. Is priceless I swear to god I was brutally and as the element it's the normal present Erisa. Dr. Seuss all the places Hugo graduation present in the first or things of pre school graduation. Rate for preschool all of these dangerous things about a given to a preschooler so wild and great. Yeah it's called that mud is doing a great job in their right modest anymore more bizarre by their by the episode title it's intentional or what he's done to just make himself. Stranger or orders he's got deep seated issues yes Illinois is mood swings a more pronounced dead yet yes yes. All rights but it back the original point Kirk in Jerry duking it out Jerry knows the one big button push buttons for workers got a few. You attacked the podcast you attack it a bug me. Kirk goes boss that the Isa on equipment. You know major problem. You know this guy had some bogus people. That something else. That's usually done about it for got. So he decided after listening to top current episode two. Yesterday he was gonna twist the knife to it I would agree with you one that you sent straight ticket is thirty years. Did and even challenge I did it lunch program he has. The weight outta me I don't even like Guerrero. Went six I honestly I feel the same way please do me a favor. As your friend and somebody who received your career all kidding aside this morning a 1413 rating this summer which you never like oh yes I am went. And many times before knocking electorates are. Thinking your past like the early show that your child asks and I got here yesterday and passes it was actually want you know the first book was the worst winter when there's been one before we met before we met I was beating Howard Stern and you were doing their fantasy column fools them right and I came here in Saint John and reared and I carry your help me get you know what. No picnic you when current in the morning that go abuzz what's your car morning. As well as you you know and you're not doing in 2000 I would not say they have been not in the rate that's not true that the nuts that is seventh in the ratings was when you and I were together if you would first ever show Boston right now I was on the show. No bigger trigger. Kirk and podcasts or Jerry predictions all of a whole minute. Ways Sony's -- and the nine I'm not usual Houston football team I'm not sure that picture I shortcuts can actually said that's on site rich who you probably didn't shock club I points it's probably just as silly thing thing that can these sock puppet does to mentally that's there's people get to Atlantic guy trying to just joining us joining us right on the record I like I predicted the patriots game you've got in and around I don't think the Brady would be brilliant I got it right again we know you had to be nobody you had the Houston Texans. Wrong again and hand that is a good one. Did you -- it has all -- it's just not even his critics say that I score and brand Iowa page is protest right Jerry Kelly hampers ought to not doing it what are you party said Caroline in doing on this week's it's gone to Carolina and New England okay thank you just commute to score numbers the over under on. Dealers is under they're gonna be no populace can won't change that later missions over corrected she will come in around the league to be some. I have to say the podcast is that like the prediction things or Mexicans say you're a sock puppet move on the podcast purple. Bludgeoned to death until I guess that's true we also at today are a football Friday our patriots Friday against the new woody made a reappearance they do it it's have been born here one askew football question yet rank our four. Appearances so flow we Ted Charlie Weis Charlie how are you. Hello. Mike Florio. Let me just say this ship is being used by the patriots. Doubt imposter for tray which Jeff the first aunt and she after for a week to look at aren't cheery outlook acre. Then Mike Florio T Damien Woody this is hostile the focus all awful. Why it's all. Had a man on top moment. That's show literally is one of the special counsel to look if you got. Or in touch which surely. It's been who's the best of that group so far removed. I would probably go Weiss for being the member ability factor into it that's true. Normally go to the double its. So orange globalization of. Next week's. Friday football you will be number one analyst. At the patriots extra. Keep them. So get beat next week Max Friday growl at the minute I haven't talked him up but I'm thrilled there was a wind into special teams they queue for a variety of reasons. The meet next Friday thirty very excited I'm Kirk and yet both similar courier wasn't it was the AD but happy to hear these on as we. Missed the boat on Monday at Salisbury last week Texans that's. Is double what I'm sure you'd like your sports talk to be sports talk. You wanna do is turn over Wolf Blitzer okay. We're gonna talk sports and have a little fun with it what else we know course yet to begin with the mark Cheney patriots to an excellent excellent job there I think he sounded exactly how I would envision him to sound other. Assert. At the paint is a class organization we expect better but he said he respects veterans and you mean whites it's due to both. No share your actions always speak a lot of in your words are so you were at the Sunday did you boo. Did you booed during a National Anthem. Sure I spoke a while the National Anthem was playing you disrupted the anthem and blue that the players. Ultra ultra lightweight in their little thing for our current economic. I'll send in thousands of people when we Olympic game or what it clear. I would assert I was no sir I was mister mister Shea. You're you're a veteran I assume you know I'm not sure. They did that. It. No that was weird I have this. Mechanism I used to get the information of certain people and the numbers normal working. Called his son and a bigger might have been an ex wife the Edmonton 6 in the morning at 6 in the morning and so finally a guy called and who's. He hated him his daughter stayed with him at some assisted living program and the united that is an ass hole. So Cordova number he said sure I do so got a number from him called me was mowing his lawn in the booming go to. Mark how are you. Good morning so I guess my question would be the first before getting through stuff why do this. I think that we want to make a statement that we do not want to National Anthem for the flag disrespect to the veterans about country that you are. Just respect. I I feel the same way Marcum made it clear do you think we've reached the Jersey burnings stage already. All yeah I do that go on for a while it. It's just make a statement I don't think it may. There's a lot of victims have done it once a one game one time what's what statement does it make mark. That the patriots in the class organization we expect that we loved it and we went creature actually all that clean air franchise. In all of sports. People respect them. We love. And he won't do that Q is it from the mainland because New England I was thinking I would carp like. Sergeant. We had to give equal time to the flag burning in Swansea which I've pronounced this morning as wants Seau army Red Sox take the lead PSA though was number one. Equal time with the flag burning and swats lifts big day at Fenway. The conversation is anxious about it in the cabinet felt like Iraq it's about what's happening in our city every single day that the decision to make. Still the memorial to dark matter of decaying. Is one of a lesson in progress. By the way remembers the role. Possibly ends Sunday with OJ it's October 1 I would like to talk Chris Curtis on an always listening he told me a pretty personal secret about himself a few months ago the sport Delhi is not the end of next week corrects you know schedule yet part of me thinks you might just be sleeping. Office and we get here on Monday I'm Hungary there is no plans for reinstatement as a unit that it's a good respectable figure of the next Friday maybe. We can have momma Porsche and does that will be awesome. Yeah it was really an all time a pirated Peter whose lead to great Pete welcome to the program former Michigan and Arizona State basketball coach bill freighter bill welcome yeah I coach. I'm doing great guy chided Dylan. The coaches getting back to Michigan you were very emotional Mercury it was a he was the idea how much pressure did he put on YouTube having successful program and and did he ever have the kind of well if you. Good you know I've been through this I mean look at the way from that and what about him this football program as well was ready and up animosity there. As far as all the football teams get to do this and I can't do that to my program. Well you know our. I don't normally see him for like six content. I needed him every lefty uses it to the job triumph that Steve Fisher won a championship. Tied to job in California and Arizona Arizona State that's right how can we. Play Shanna Moakler again. Most ever courier was. Like who who who both similar courier was shipped back well and act and are tied to a slow it down. We have a coach ever courier was lead he's got this first question so hyped up about the what do I did ask him a thank you and human. Like a playoff you know try to see who can come up with a more worn the Smart sounding question now to Pete gets all ramp companies get into this question and it was just school. You nailed down a notch team and when he Gonzales Thursday or Friday that the real story yet the real story achievement weather's only from the backer. Questions went but if it's a good month. We also of course trainees Comcast defense. Which dreamers very upset about the double standard does this mean that critically important person about the yesterday's news sticking to his guns he says that he was treated unfairly. The lifetime ban is absurd training had a pretty warship. Ron Clements defense of you know on this remembered urged wasn't aware of the situation there. Ottawa will bulldozer defense. Like you say that man like personal medal there was no laws secondly what is this why we choose those from tighter so what the saudis for Brady was from us and why would you suburb touch rich. They got. In touch your riches on their network again that's fine but the one politely say their name and ours because right now Kirk why why is not saying that's the first time first and again remember seeing and second ball I think it through numbers. Honestly I think you're Smart I just read your words repaying. Us. For any Burgundy. Trimble I and soon enough. That's it that's your defense that's it. An apology. Statement as it should she but weren't sure I don't think about worse apology Roemer. Or training because those were both. Or combat and I thought I can never Orkut is yet again with all the is and I'll watch out on the web sites well that's joined with Oakland when it's or kill yourself killing myself the 24 and it worked for the biggest media outlet in the country. Olds were terrible obviously the the neither was it crimes were much different so I mean you can weigh that into the secrets I think you have to wait. Readers act was more vials so therefore his apology still worse Wilson was with Curtis we had a man cooter ripping 95 I enjoyed that that was outstanding sent the American public. He's overwhelmingly. With trump on this issue but this is the kicker and this is what you're not gonna hear from these dropped sniff first. Across the street OK these clowns these liberals I'm not talking about. About all this is not hurting Vienna now Albie Lopez remotely good go at the end of film declining ratings. We love our jocks Willow Smith strength stamped. The funny thing they do is good lick it elect click click click. Love cool man you love family can be liquor this sniff sniff which one would I would it elect Lincoln Electric. Click click click Alex Smith the electric Cuba visiting bills only Gore's seat. Stamped snapped at a pending Curtis are adults they are sick effects we all said Roy Moore weighing in the last couple days that's new Jerry favorite down in Alabama. Intoxicating the unbroken success we become too self sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming preserving great too proud to break. And god whom it. Oh and yesterday Kirk declared he would on December 50 crashing the globe staff Kirk an idea of crashing the globe yes we do that by two tickets about hospice I'll buy tickets for we'll go. Hum whittled my eyes and usually will rattle age. Does that if tickets would have a Roemer what he could he do some crazy to get back into good graces cover its run all the information you guys streaking rockets got a bigger reaction out of dreamers of the globe which occur in the future sit there you go going to be green all prevalent settlements are you up. To me when toggle the surveillance. Do like accounting and I'm Taylor Swift former press. Yes maybe less. Jail and Jimmy hearses. Yes he said it will be gone within a legitimate tickets off on invited all legitimate tickets lead out I was able to use my dad points to my own room as the cardinals and (%expletive) puts us together I didn't really have to be a sanctimonious views to be in charge of putting. Track and field stars from Merrimack advancing people from. Are rude in all honesty you'd Turkey tickets she'll put Kurt at the basketball and around Jerusalem. Suck my left. And that was so and ride all the blood out of it and donkey nuts left and right now these new areas teaching newspapers and with fails and hope you lose your job OP leisure house appear on the street it's going to be a rough week for the globe and rhetoric and Kuerten calendar and number 1 in the morning he's at peace a garbage. Quickly in the eyes cloture tonight. Check us out for a it's such a view up to eliminate SR report to Joseph the Colgate took an action today Furman 45 the raiders fourteen. Paris a powerful allegations and then in Julie good week. It is currently threat. Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. Could weaken.