The Real K&C - Mut's moth attack, Mr. Brainless & Brady's note 9-22-17

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Friday, September 22nd

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis discussed the week that was on K&C.  


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Nearly good weekend and by the way I got a good weekend Immelman Red Sox coverage of the league in Chris courtesy of some props or I was having a from dinner last Saturday night your cavalier on the call right before going to break. Tim Memorial Day Monday David Price is pitching I'm listening to you guys of course he would have decided to let them getting to grill out that is a great idea. Pitches fouled off we will not have the grill in the on the south side Chicago. I know it should be cooking up though I think so. And on a broad sense and good week and runs in the programming our guest tonight Jason masters and auto the Boston Herald he's in Tampa at Tropicana Field ready to Jason giddy evening. I was told never to have Jason mastered the tunnel on again new rules you know. They're really cloudy with what's it about him here in this is kind of par for the course with. What they've. Done since Ramirez has been here a lot but a Malan. Red Sox rest of the year still on well you didn't mention something on the air today gathered to cap the cores they maker who runs and I can. Often missed a year ago was money as a the rest yeah yeah and technically. It. And give you an incident pick. Where it was and the ratings drop ask if I packed my last week rings have been few of them are much. And what took that well but. All whites yes it among us in good spirits and I was an excellent line in particular with a great can layer two or thought it was great he's been big for you or your fugitive yet and the Stew which is pathetic at best sock puppet idol messes predictions it'll these adults at a Lego 3113. Team a team Steelers and an upset catlett witnesses Chris Curtis this is the real king NC. I'm more exciting news back in the office after the show very timely Armey and Tom Brady sent autographed copies of the TB twelve method. Yeah yes so I go to the front desk and and JR receptionist is. Frantically waving so I get the FedEx box and struggling Jerry's been rummaging through the mail service on the delta for gays and stealing Fauria is fair and Mel I love watching guys were big Paul's been looking for books and book. Blames you for everything is in nice says some two you can execute. I love you during Kirk herb they're about to leave and I take the books out and I notice that there each autograph. I regret later it already is book to Jerry says thanks for your friendship Robert. And and the other was Kirk. Best always robbery. I sentenced it and a complicated as Kirk Linehan. Complicated. But the truth that it. Photos the different notes but. It's positive because Brady is a positive both Jerry Kirk took their book brought up copies which is understandable they already have copies that you've got dead poets it was it leaves my dad points and so there are metrics here that we discussed the show today about the afternoon in the morning shall we you can judge certain things. In what area. Richard diet doesn't need those. And they were only down 3%. In the book category. It is five books and the TB twelve method which I have not purchased. I may not I don't know am. Not gonna beg for one like I've heard other people do but it was neat thing but it brawl. Usually worked both of them will try to make me look like and acts. We title. At the TV to a book today in the management's. Concerned about the Monday interview he did tell that back get today as well the importance of the radio interview to both the show on the station was noted by. Joseph is Bob Joseph always Armando one of the biggest snakes in history will be delicate dials the B questions about the book both Jerry it Kirk are predicting. I think Kirk first is mad at this weekend Sunday there be some hit piece takedown he beat. He is going to fall off cliffs we thought that there be something by this morning and wasn't so I love you think it's. And wallop the best bloody stuff. We just have a higher bar than they do. I mean the second as a whole lower at the byline of Hernandez started it but somehow Brady would have given money Hernandez's defense team's uncle at some charity event thirty years ago so still. Solace read our globe this morning so let's start to show wanted to attack sock puppet here for getting his facts wrong by the wake. And then correction yeah. These sleaze bag lawyers since the worst case ever in a 27 general you confirmed. He denied a night hour sure it was I had not resetting all of bottles paper. That statement right here my hand and the confirmation otherwise. In fact his five paragraphs in the last 16 last one says. The EU the beam CT senator will have no additional comment. There is it doesn't say. Technical story here it's got to hear the most severe case of CT and are seen in person his age 27 and assertions school confirmed that spike in Kabul police Brian of that option and music it's in the globe must be right although and and what happens when you're stuck with five articles you just Solomon of bodies like a freak out. Extra innings a flawless he's seen me act artwork or resort. Surety steals much or how about that. Starting gate this is developed for the entire existence of them all produced on that. He steals my trend is at Agilent switch is a couple words is that can learn Paul's journey to new producers take you know our work for the mortuary in addition. You are sensitive little. Polyester speaking of which he's put it out because he has had phones that have been sitting around here a bit of short written on top I bought hundred dollar hundreds of headphones. Six months ago of like everything near it and Renault and you. So I've just been using the company whenever a sponsor and the short ones have been around. Sort of mentioned off the cuff things to me absolutely no idea I headphones. Call. They are stationed headphones that you (%expletive) put your name and dolls they more yours in the chair you're sitting in right now. Based in LA build I to weaken collier a dope. Op could finish in the week I thought yet trading Thursday and wasn't that impressed training I guess what as a Chinese this week. Weren't mentally she's a shot attorneys for hours and listen yesterday I. She can say yes Susan should sleep a whole show no fighting note that's achieved here for. I'm here to making guys laugh she's here to fight a lovely news you know casting couch on our guys trying to biggest. She was excellence is Gerri this is sexist jerk you know we have Bob and even call it obviously Newton and Bobby. We are nine days away from the biggest bail parole hearings all time and on behalf of the people I would like to file a motion to its. And the pocket then who like if Roemer came in sodium to get ideas for you to mark the Monday's. We did run on Mondays for a little bit Tom thank you we appreciate it wasn't bad because we'd like but in addition it in the league in being watched the announce his weekends there for as little murky is wary about silly. I wanna secular people you don't like to be the best they hear about all the Sox incidents could yet. Right guys they were on that about 24 honestly I love Marlon Friday epic if such a good way to end the week is excellent during breaks and on the air he's okay. Source cited probably gets. Maybe but we have a couple integrates right so that's the nature of free number 300 it was not fake it on. September. We started crimes starting pitching get him out of game Terry Donahue heard of Monica among democratic yeah. And so on to the ratio for leads and good mock rage today them in the listeners first throughout they get much going on for sale stuff but raised Mott had a great of course at anecdote. About the beginning in moth stuck in here that's gonna stick around for awhile Islam it's great the is better than Vegas I got a bug. Deep deep deep deep deep in year. Coming home. Little moth I should picturing Texans occurs. A good went all the way into Mike went to push it out and it went into my ear drum like you couldn't see it until I was absolutely freaking out. Pull electrical line 11 and I think we hospital they just had a Big Brother someone have to go home because they got a bug interior I was worried about it getting into my brain. Had to lay down to about six minutes for the bug to crawl out of my own year senior bush the winner whatever good thanks. But I'm done in recent get a story what with store and listening. This year I don't know. What time. But when you're dropping in runners from women entered the amount done get it through a tolerate its. My wife watch Big Brother sex with how did you think that was gonna kill you. It always. All the way in my eardrum Gerri how well I call it how it alien off flopping flapping in my -- very loud because poster you're so we wouldn't of that from that into the Bruins play by play job which is a hot topic who's gonna get the radio gained Allan Kauffman is in the running break. My group. I am not a fair about Kaufman. I don't think it's in Dale Junior. I don't why not use the day's good buddy from Syracuse regarding the Syracuse for the a's Dodgers source no I don't know when their revealed him as a source and anything is it PC garbage. It just has no energy his nickname was white bread so called him white and it was the most perfect nickname. And and you lost the (%expletive) in would not allow anybody to call him is it wanted to be stuck there at the but yet it's that. Though I don't hit those that you were no suffered a marketing ability whatsoever would be perfect replica Soviets got left. Again alpha. Straight away. We get AM Tom Warner segment fleeting the end mid day show Glenn you know ism he told me before. The interview yesterday before the final segment of our show Osama hauling in certain quarters in hunches over Barack yet you know typical Kurt and on his. Like televisions and all these questions but it'll blast is gonna grow. And talk about an ever spied. There's a bit cooler on Tamar mixture into it too. Just thought it. You know Sports Radio a little war's gonna speak duly added that did the little testy in do you believe that you were fans have appearance and feel Tom maybe 5600 of them were around in the vicinity. Do you believe that they didn't say anything to anybody. Well we've certainly spent a lot of time talking humans this. All I can say and you know I with and and are alienated is carrying you guys talk or somebody was talking about. At this Sam can conveniently looked at and Tanzania and and and yet believe Dan Johnson. I below I believe Adam Jones. It whether whether you know you believe him are not. This is this is a it challenge in our society this is an and Boston problem this is a national problem but is the impression is although Clinton he does not political note I think the biggest nickel that we play Dirk showed it was that you know asked about Bill Cosby as a very. It's just. Have. Another. And it's. A clinical path if it and it feels blah well yeah benefit. We edited Belichick's press Kirk was very happy with the questions directly via fox for a media as he always is you thank arms and actually. Mark these clowns is transitioning out of juice is kicking a lot of headlines and get our name for yuck you right now. Flowers where you can ski transition and after the raiders in two questions the ball with about Adrian wobbles. In walk the line. I was a question about restoring a more that was tea party's course I was you want your question and I was I don't know audio in the library and I and I don't know the guys in orbit which when he ran right Richard but I was a practice quite an S refiner in the midwest the question with a wants to go one I. Question about it up at the liven from the practice squad today and let's big could be elevated any time. Has been. A little deeper. You sort of it's. What does it. I thought you got a big week on the show peed had a great week you got a great week getting pizza you said that your favorite day. Joining us now is Ryan young. From SEC country for the program are about the gators but what about recent comparison with a lot of Kentucky right let's -- we've gotten press there are great it was a great win for the whole state by the way averaged only entice you before or was rooting for the gators I think out just because what we all went through last week but are out our to DOS I think we've question blood no it was back at practice today how much are you probably maybe saw Meyer or where we're extra rep wise. I know headers and Wilson both play pretty well they're gonna have to step it up of Dawson is going to be. Question of what for the games have just take a look at the defensive backfield which is probably the strength. Of the gators now overall house how's that looking dornin at the Kentucky game much that are. Are you what are your form today at record as well versed in sent back to that the training show yesterday we had them. The best thing signal trading was probably your fighting with Jerry over the girls in the flag. Misguided to think that. US and without I don't think that you felt that I guess I take that video of the player and screen the player who was kneeling. Standing during the year he was standing in paying attention us. I think that it has this side deserves. To decide what you think of the flag like on a daily basis why we had like a more than any injustices they otherwise much right it was kind of a team trainee appears I don't know what was up but there was such get a headache so nice when you hear that program and all that the and I think she was thrown off by and by the element of the open or talked about the Hubert has an accident with some fire Edgar Hoover driver like trendy over the weekend oh my god I was go to the BC gave. I don't want my nephews hectic at cascade. So I also love baseball I love basketball I like soccer highlight of my current accident its case number 01 based on an eye and I would assume that the safe space more but get this is your sense is yes he did the exorcist Ramona she Procter and around route and Chris Curtis take a shot at. Curtis shame on you see a Twitter last night now somebody said you got that artists record agencies that. I had to raid in part it don't ever call me sweetheart. Sign this. You were real clear on your field story you think it was gonna work that you gonna get back on the air because you threaten Kurtz yes I thought the highs and the environment to show once they need to make noise or whilst what I have done it out as we need I don't think we need to get to forget that as far as we need. Easy on ban parole hearing. October 1 I've I've completely. Taken Roemer out of my mind ever since like couldn on the got bad. Well. I crossed the line okay it would still upset she added that night. So Trevor is upset but I mean personally I regard it pretty clear back then I. He was wrong and you (%expletive) up let's big to me because I unite I was sort of for deferring to your feelings that it weakness. From a show point of view. It's not a bad thing for us to have a guy who's able. You know I mean we may need to judge you mean those guys are usually get a judging your supper the woman I have not make a lot of gold start yeah I imagine judge yeah and I think you might. One and curry favor with me some groupies when the judges that would be about idea what time okay at the at that would actually be interest and I like that suggest. Dreamers reentry. Not October 1 but he is Forester brain Lewis as a mr. brain is pageant judge. There it is that's pretty good deal with the smaller person any comes in does he curry favor with Curtis swift voting if he wants to maybe throw a couple of answers my way. You swayed by the much physique you know in the bikini cut those lost in the bed bug for a vote vote vote vote vote now. But yes I'm very much looking forward to that mr. brain as we settled in today that there will be a karaoke portion which you've got to pick songs you think cardinal laws about that you know whose gonna help with that. Shepherd that masses. All his and say yeah. Today and in the day news. But. It. Cool well. Do you love. Still in the we're here. This is stupid love it and I'm still lose. We hear. Whether my mom and dad. Are they in my case the big go. Most popular front and when I say it. Here's I got a five K this week and military unit pudge. I mean that's just three out of five K for the developmentally disabled don't know why I'm doing to make it just that's fine and who earlier divorced. She does shields Paulson special. Exel excellent okay so what. Pretty solid week week to the fall book read where else were off next week. Brady money uses Kennedy key also totally see how controversial. And you face time with them he made sure everyone saw that heard about that. Did you just did you just were some locker just one wish from loch. What does Jerry. Jump on the land mine in a prevent any harm right question for you. This week job on the grenade it's hard to jump in it's Alitalia would say so who works for me know how much Robert I. Curtis takes out as the only you can end we will talk Yuma. It is currently threat. Jesus where that's what's trending now on WE RE WE united like chrome. Could weaken god bless outlets thought I got a.