The Real K&C - Pathetic Mastrodonato, sackless Toucher, & a Casting Couch update 9-18-17

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Monday, September 18th

Ken & Curtis recap Monday & last Friday's K&C Shows, with Mut walking off Friday's set, Tanguay on the hot seat, the Herald's Jason Mastrodonato taking heat, and Kirk in a fine mood with multiple guests and post-show videos


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OK let's see here a September the eighteenth eight Tom Brady I'm sorry to hear rep can't layered Chris Curtis you and I both getting yet the jobless all the late pursuit of happy about that is an earlier he sent us that Jones who -- deceit when we get new ones and ten acres I don't like it like the tops the bonds. Pumped master the dollar goddess had beaten him today Iran well deserved one. The many journalists who changed his Twitter avatar to Gmail hill that when I saw others haven't so this movement. To double checked and I miss this but I couldn't do that dock her pay the opposite they actually threatened to an end and that she said no not signal to Iraq and this is sari sari and and universal what do standing with. Why I'm so infuriated the highest office in the land. We try to get all fired for stating was so obvious and often admitted by people administration. But there are white supremacists in the White House and justice of people in the administration traumatic accident there white supremacists. And honest to god this this this idiot. This boob about it yeah I decency in the public since one man who was he. I'm currently very simply say I would be these sports editor of yes I would trapped adjacent apartment Cambridge and Somerville wherever it is. That's how should spend brightness cancer Richard H. How much time did you spend on this avatar all up eleven minutes okay. You're fired we get someone else and you can make no impact just like you pay them even less and they won't be pain as Jewish astronaut ever broke a story. That was great I had no idea that he was on the view this weakens he was twice with he was both the Saturday Sunday or it's such pre game that seems like John fails found a sweet spot. For what. He thinks is a good time to pull yourselves. Don't know is that the reds emphasis is drips going back and I had no idea I swear my old thinks outline this I had no idea you'd switched his avatar original bill I think the look that he's tweeting about of the political leaders like baseball so I miss this stood did not give you a hard time about this on the year to be text where this workload but like that we tape the Red Sox pregame and it's not that segment anyway so what was on the air for a Sunday they play in the AFC least I taped to a national auto loans thirty. As what was leading he texted me eight and ask him about. Janelle hill. I wouldn't problem that capsule I had a lot of questions get to Israel had been attendees aggressive. They need the play that way in the postseason Steve Denton swiping third playoffs here's. Yet to see what happens in the playoffs so it's everything is what's up finally it is huge why. He's he been intended stealing third playoff series. Under the rules challenge all the bugs buzz about or sell the pitch counts in the plausible we're still exiting after it was discovered by. The lives loathsome I mean I was driver on the street and everybody wanted to talk about the last guy to little. I'm wolf great to walk around BC before the game people are going thank god can I mean I've been wondering about that by the master tolerant to the question you called master he would today at short notice left. Light voice mail sent a text message so hopefully hear back. Traveled at the Baltimore for today that's right big big. Jumbo mini set against the Orioles and regain set the Altima prices sense yet exactly what abuzz about a buzz about the Sears it's been the buzz about we're still now like you also took a beating today you to to be freer car cleanliness. On our car has always been a mess and it's not quite as bad as it was useful and 11 out later they were able he's an alcoholic. I I left I left the broadcasts. At the clubhouse and I'm walking to the car market front Roberts was icy Kirk. You've got to clean your car man. Guys that. The (%expletive) disgrace to secure delegates you (%expletive) car was able to use my dad's points in atrial chip he's already went through it because I like to unlock the care of enemies like Iverson to pitchers commitments so that's the worst Rainsy get that Friday afternoon so I'm sitting at home all week and thinking about this manifest itself on Monday typically true for me from the event that day was unbelievable sight. Of Christopher's car that's true why does he demand he take care with respect for your father was like this dark cloud coming this week and does your dad that you for a treat our. The past Venus yeah. I mean it's honestly it's been better it was like this clinic three weeks of shipment back to my core chicken on your keys to the anti. Cape Cod chips bad just grows its ninety day and X crumbs and I've brought Saturday ticket to please write vacuum into the car washed before via PC game. Generally you and I get along pretty well that you are a little sensitive with a cleanliness issues sometimes a repeat bottles laying around that ships in the back you did better guy to clean up Matthew sausage when you guys let. Disgusted I saw you treat got a picture of our Christ it's disgusting to me brutal gross yeah so this is that he a constant. Battle with via the wife at home to rest and analyze my brain YE a just we should accurate guide it's not that much of elected character flaw jobless world's MI is worse than most people that's like that I'm sensitive about because it's true like it is well learned and true and if a by had a solenoid bottom out before and they had treated that way to protect Welker and he didn't mooted but you'd sort of sense that was coming after the fifteen entries we had that in so was I. Or through officially next now. Has about 830 correct correct or come back to two minutes or radio do another if you come back never replay of voter inaugurate sounds fantastic to every can promise to our threes. What Brady called at 730 in headlines got screwed they love it ordered it to any review we're doing nanny route into our to Tom has lots of thoughts in the M errors are and he recap I mean any thoughts or you're a big fan of this is us. All right Ron. Ellis push back so then I think they were field pitched for. All of you think about it right the Brady interview is the biggest spot we have all right I mean it's the most downloaded interview it's the most widely disseminated in a news story that comes from that originates from the station and our show every week. I've not met a couple like that I could do great under. And so the guys prepare for it as they do most things burrowing Garrity on days like today where we have no clue when Brady's calling and and we promote it finally I get word from the patriots are committees Conan 830 we're ready to go to this headlights and we just reclaim asylum over gonna do many calls the throws everything off. And Kirk doesn't like not being controlled things. What's up and Hasselbeck who's going to be joining us at 830 great now I guess they are looking for that Kirk and Callahan. Our three is not yet begun and we get back. Correct okay sounds and this is something he just has no patrol and then because we broke Neal for. We came back. And Jerry was always Jerry gain DT was reading something that was taken is even further. Wasn't bad radio is just win if we go over there's a certain do not go over mark. Where our affiliate stations get screwed up with their clocks I don't know what happens is one that told later. Usually we marketers they make up the clock but there is one time in the show where we were supposed to be out hard out we went over that. So it was like you try to put the hand signals up Kirkland and that your head in the Lawler a housing killing yet. There's even a high silent and again to bring people theorists let me just just he says he just rarely immigrants how strong contender I rarely I he's alcohol which I like shove them in your body reasonable but. It's just this is just an example of us every time we try to get momentum going you know on the subject. We were facing stop sides because we the Clark was so far is we have a thirty minutes spot with Brady in the middle of the 7 o'clock hour but nothing else to get back for a Hasselbeck we go to DC stuff. Excellent so good Kirk follow up with BC question what's your politician it's I mean. You know that you're there are times are programs in the blues clubs about forty points and happens is a guy who bitches about any views and you just asked like the last three questions and we animals between that you wanted to be done after five minutes did you just more from the you know baby twice a year we can get at the BC and what the second I heard the industrial post game and I followed that up with a more raids on Sunday morning. I said ought to be in the open amber gonna get into this today and I thought it was tea relatively good talker. Hamas Stockard. Lot of good stuff that went down in that game and stuff that's real who's got to keep going and keep that open it it was a close game. While college dummy she's supposed to score Curtis 4920. Right. Yes and he makes two point six yeah. 4920 and how many yards rushing do dia the fighting Irish 500 point 1521. Yards on the ground it was a close game. Posted those. What inspires. The new recovered today and maybe that's important obesity. Jerry old folks still the dolphins who was. Their first week and actions cycle and is in line I was aren't horrible question you're asked who's one of the team and it's the only golf all Jesus Christ. The the dolphins so obviously been the first week whatever. Political 500 is again is the is that division going to be interesting till Halloween at least maybe Thanksgiving the ball off. I need to know dolphins don't size over you it's that I don't want to really answer the question for US we. Five budget team ready to compete in the CE at least the stolen what is number does not matter for the patriots they play in the air at least who. Well you and me and I love this but football fields that is so great device or seven on the background I get at least two or three hits for average for motivational from that if you were used remark raids on BC you have two timeouts Stephen DOS GO. Does not call play. My provides them provides now lot to Alter it pretty well things to sit needlessly you do in golf but I didn't at all but no everything turned okay. During Kirk were in pretty good moods Jered to agree it's arbor producing these are sure burn them Lisa spoke via the tournament wrapped up all the celebs showed up all they gave celebs that you. Big lead you to exclusively booked by Chris Curtis by the way Rachel holt from mess in a hall or a week ago. Third team on a scale one that clay Travis approved. I believe in only two things completely the First Amendment and boobs all homeland and funny and nice are foursome was was that -- very happy I would hope there and you know was everybody was there you know that everybody who came to him drove himself as a jury foreign I think he's gonna join a spectacle White House again mixers oh yeah. What is your yeah. Yeah yeah. Still on jumped into a bodies Billick sit down next occur in Jerry productive third talking about different things well everybody Cayman it was a success owes the. Which should help response for the Jimmy Fund kids to go to spring training corps yes so we are doing them again next year 01 of the think from a Friday shelled what of course walked off the set all right. How many did you I have 7 despite what am I right people look out you put much seventh. But is in the category of his own money doesn't bring much at table right like some. Great during breaks just a great guy very polite guy is not good enough votes missed even what little they know what it shot off the list to buy suck. You were theirs he was that serious or not. He kind of came back later shows the media wasn't but he also said he's refusing to do mr. brain good tight community to not to well what you're doing mr. brain and onto a server that is gonna have not do this stuff but I don't understand what your job here is not to disagree over the Yankees we tell you can some dance you do. You doing mr. Knight is number one no comeback what. I mean if Kirk Watson says happened months ended the Mets have sort of how things work you can push and pull you can. You know saying no but eventually he wears you out the series about the authority is that now. And we're not it was at Cincinnati's fueled two out of three edged I got an odd vibe from on Friday during the show. Jerry asked that retreat out the soapy monkey with months. Payments and you end and so I did it shouldn't separated at birth but mug shot rental Villa and the it he got up in music yeah white's going to be this topic from Paris and let families or something. It's like many came back why is what can be tested I don't know he says something numbers brought about a problem. And and the Kirk of course your birth over the Clinton. And says it's like it was the second occurs on Google right now under the FaceBook all of that was the mug shot the march via and there was a photo he brought. Neighboring. Yeah I photo and load up that didn't mean he didn't care about and then and so that was kind of walk regulators that it was really mad but you seemed to be generally this and then after the show or at detail in the show we're doing the and the cast adultery in meetings and soared to its service rise from the labs to Google and it was thought about that he has. Right I think it just wanted to go to get this copper thing on his way. This knee brace while the B twelve approve. So at this leopard Oprah that a lot of privacy before the round started but you'll be back for a the nanny and how about for a touch are spending an almost an hour Friday more on your your picture you hear more about that at the left. Have you seen this pitcher but it Callahan just reading The Herald. Kirk his guys legs up on the desk looking at his home. In one hand in the other hand he's holding a dog leash. Which is attached to a collar that is around the neck. Of Chris Curtis. The good news is that I don't hear from a lot of people. About what they do which is I guess assignment via we see the numbers and they're going down and drop in ratings but no I have a friend who. Let's listen I'm for awhile he was star and he's evaded an hour on this photo. Of the dog the dog which we got the numbers this week and about the latest weekly. And though we're up over four share reports. Again army's numbers have been the same for three months now. You rang up my you know compared Mac right there. That could smack you feel good. Did you really working and that those numbers they're released on Wednesday so it's sort of you know somebody receives these numbers is like Jesus prices keep going on and then they tell him to go after someone apparently they tagged as yesterday. I did some tweets out right and I don't hear the attacks put and apparently they're happening but I have ever seen or experienced this level. Just sacked Louis radio where your you're getting your ass kicked by Jerry Kirk. On a weekly basis. We're now into three plus months of just perpetual last speeding. And your response is to dredge up a picture of me. But the dog caller in the office and spend two shows one entire hour. Static mocking it. And it's your response to you know fight back against the current knowledge I just on its pretty widely Kirk phrased it properly on Friday torture. He has pitched eight Alfred book next Wednesday 1015 he's crawling across the street. He's put doc calls on it all its close on technical about it. That picture I've doesn't like it. That who's gonna clean it up because I my dog only goes in the bushes and never have to clean up the Doug Fritz. Alex is a liability to their August mission told. That's a threat does what makes it different fire back at these guys had to fire back for searchers mine the management of the movement that. Break for it you need some help for it here it is very c'mon have a fiduciary out all I. A sucker for a couple down you loser. It's tricky you know. That you are and Fred said this much and that he supports afraid not to engage with Kirk chaired directly he's gonna go after Chris Curtis I say that like it's at the dollar for the city and that's you know that's for Richard this day I am dialog city. Our game went over to the all also the back room after today show we have a reappearance of the at clay Travis inspired Jerry Kelly and push of the idiot to be named later Kirk flat refused to do today's episode. Then Gerri said your Dylan it. Then filming began Turkish sat there and it that he did he say a word entire episode. You can feel good about issues there are patriots can never heal. Ultimately. Jerry was asking a question about something and then Kirk stood up and and got out. We want to work as well. It is. We're from me. It would last ten minutes he wouldn't last week on this issue. I. And that was the extent but he just walked off the set I don't know third thrilled with the typical hold it we just watched the bit of here before a little jumpy with a new hard. It when guys got it's an embarrassment. Opened and read through it apple plus the miles would work today speak for awhile we can string calls. The mouse is working house we can't answers name callers. Worst show I host house I was ticket users a the radio Nielsen rankings they ranked the 2554 mail at a college who listened to radio is that right is that there is so there's a method is because 200 different. Shows in the Boston area can listen to. Where is she shall rank. Number one by a large margin in morning shows in America in major markets where does our rating ranked right now. Number one okay and our most doesn't work and we don't know how you screen caller because in new technology doesn't work correct. Those are both the records that I would say during the past is I think Miami lose my temper. A big city owners look at that the ratings over Billy meanwhile like underneath the desk by iPhone flashlight trying to figure out where the mouse is connected matter engineers off. It's it's unbelievable. Well speaking of the rankings of them mutt the casting couches top seventy. Pretty universal Johnson Aussie is up to number one he's in tomorrow correct yes to glossy. Unanimously I think among us is number one I'm sorry I go to mossy one with both high and Tomas Heatley did not know what himself. My number. It's my time. He's got a tweet from somebody said that the only reason that but that is if he spreads with Kirk that he would never be on the rate of the amendments this got a blocked by a month. That upsets I'm not sensitive but. I'm so yes we've got to Boston tomorrow bids. Bought for Gary and yet they have threatened to low end of the show last week yeah so I don't know encouraged like tang flight from again. Autumn and I think that's just getting it was Maureen that's the last thing. I'm hungry that Gary watts for radio. Watch them on at the tournament very nice rated ago when Ian what it is you can do it I just you know recover in this this pretty good flow your argument a couple of weeks of when terrible flow what the opposite Friday and Ang -- been threatened to be banned from convenient. I'm in terms of ratings things have been been done your overdrive electricity over the weekend of my god I was go to the BC game. It's a accident its case number 01. Not a charity but screw you based on that I would assume that the safe space. Apparently it's not as well. Always look at four and a particular politically but personally group. We have one good. Cast member won one universal number one of my season he hated by everybody that's one in eight holes and then. Logs that while. It's the fifth pick her project and it the class by himself the soldiers phrase it's true. Hearing is kind of the class by himself in the other direction they series about what they intently that's what I can't get a read in. Not a fake shield I wonder if this is old trumped up but he really got upset. I think they our. Sick and tired of the I really don't care don't read anything to show up walked in my car when I want to win in just sort of bloody dog broke the few. I think that genuinely bloggers yes I know like I I get that. That I think that there is that he shtick though right but I think they're doing this to say you know OK Gerri let's let's let's let's what's troubling fire if you don't want to show opened actually you know be over prepared by. There's some sort of happy medium between not reading anything I print and going to pick dump the mid segment adorn your cardigan phone verses being you know averaged Boris and Jerry turned on to the to the post saying that he was here for Fuller. Hit it. Hated it hated it show originated mutt for not sitting native life. Be careful before we sort of been a tank missiles idol I don't think he's going to be but I think as its epic just trying to. Give them a little bit mortgaged our right to my seat Tuesday and back to eight tank when we don't think lasting way but possibly involved windshield. Yeah I lie I mean Kirk Callahan I was on those guys they elected him believe it was happening up okay. First. Tomas appearance a world report tomorrow muscular pretty pleased sugar it's not cleaner car we both.