The Real K&C - Pilfering Curtis, Ground Zero Sheppard & Bye Week Brainless 9-20-17

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Wednesday, September 20th

Ken & Curtis have your mid-week K&C post-show recap.


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September 20 edition of the real okay NC cattle are here Chris Curtis in the middle mark killer tees part of the batting order we have to talk about the red Red Sox had a killer bees we've got the mossy we get ten late tomorrow at training yes sir yes or killer for a lot of reasons when Garrett goes to a card it's just all that's killer for the show that. And the way some wandering the hall is where he goes in and let. And put a microphone and like again we heard a Jewish amused by the staff now I've kind of annoyed by I thought show I mean we're we're trying to ask it happens every week at this point you know we talk forget your phone in the car never right and get them once in the five years do you think he did this to get us going on McKenzie is crawling to his car and I mean it's now been it's. 00. So I mean scene house who happens. What we can derail them derailed room to show. You know it. Couple people say I don't think he actually uses for the apartment that stick it in the future doesn't intentionally so replaces for MacArthur is a reason to go back there but it's not forgotten. Celek over his wife and just wants little break that talk with them. The last couple weeks and chooses to ghost are impaired proposed an invisible for part of the fake kid. News of the show fake news 8% equity 7% 97% I read that somewhere with the Boston Globe chat in joining us to sixteenths of fate works does very well. Just edged out Freddie. Kutcher was back again they replayed. Curtis again Monday. Or Tuesday it's Tuesday the Chris Curtis one thing. So yesterday show on Tuesday show they re played Friday's. Bit about it it was so good news thought only in Hilliard again ultimately with the bugs dog collar and leash. Just down I want like that it now I mean honestly it's great because. It's one thing to replay great interview you know we have radeon where have you know great conversation. Yeah. You go back to its going to be covered up we get to the best parts of the days later to replay a bit marking the producer of your direct competition guy who makes no money sits at Lincoln as. But the the but you know he's from legal world to do fairly instead of going after the people that have been calling on everyday touch and Richard talk in the book Chris Curtis again I don't really think you are are -- head don't give you an I call that sack was radio on Monday yeah now I mean this is I haven't ought to describe it it's shocking we all set the we saw the text communal water too but. That meant that they were doing this I went back to its exact same audio so I mean they do the tea with religious go to the car gipper cell phones that the forty minutes the top. They are ready move on. Ease its hand and you see the weeklies but do something else it's not worked somebody suggest it might be trying to go for. I don't know what may try to steal them when they come and try to pilgrim is that's inevitable and try to take a piece of this show right yes yes so they gonna come after him do you let him go at what you do persons are never going anywhere he's going to be here when he's like 65 years old is enriching and guide cart have it written into his will occur and assess the die in Booth yes how that's the way he should ago. In that yeah. With the dog collar. The only way bees. Hours work is if you truly love the show you Purdue's he suffered seriously teacher freaking guts I think the show sucks it sucks for years I mean. You pay your rent like bats walking Chris Curtis it's that it Callahan just reading The Herald. Kurt he's got his legs up on the desk looking as phone. In one hand and the other hand he's holding a dog leash. Which is attached to a collar that is around the neck. Of Chris Curtis. Anyway well it's probably more than a 1 morning shows which parred number one and a little bit Kurtz in their life I'd probably pick 4171. 510 and personal ones. This may be number one pot to rise charts it's only 24 people reviews. Poll. Mostly five stars couple euros the Eisner did sausage I'm exhausted that makes us they have nothing to live for besides this job to cancel and start sausage shot equated with zero. That got a shot at the big convention Kirk was at Austin that that's popular podcast with station. The most part after he bike or mind. The second was successful ones these are converted. Of course that's the same condition worker was treating bosses culture of the inning there can be getting much of it it and at the thank you feel a thankful Zachary. And Joes are Obama think we see Kramer he's had mocked us say that we are so dumb we were not a walked on stage stakes Kirk for the entire radio industry. Washington right now there are other people want him. We're. Is sort of dumb people but they do is educate podcast. Tees here we have a killer. I anticipate keeping your blood and the owners. And very long response that is over and south name's Margaret French the only set out there like ten or twelve plus that the hunkered down together notices out Dave and Jenny. Greg Claire we well we all hunkered down at the Bob. I wasn't too stunned when I saw the video but it sort of a play by play from peep from text the last Sunday so. I'm sure get along in some issue before before via bucks and I had a tough choice and it's and birds Vietnam yours and no one at a community wants to Vietnam conversing or should I saw his hat on personal life that's why I'm not gonna say I'd lived it like fox a Callahan I don't know through again you know I mean there's a right pad with a nine part Pete. Eric are yours are the ground zero and in. Marxism is still reported a but I went out and to collect and nine part. Series of videos that were about 23 minutes apiece drug crazed look on my iPad just on my FaceBook page now problem that at Pete shepherd for for an incident in your whip number 27 of the crisis documentary and a Tomas you're the third quarter of suitable equipment he deepened post nickel he's the discount. You know Dodgers. And it is added it'll. The Muslim League. Level. Art but anyway that's a goal it was Pete told today and she if she even now. Mill that was honestly going through pizza is the highlight of workday every. It's it's just. Perfect we dom his timing is impeccably. Awful X he just says the wrong thing at the exact right time. And he's doing this and what the best one was I was so met this morning when I heard last night for bed he's filming him like opens a third fourth part of and I'm part documentary that he did Andy's point the camera because that's the sky. Let the visual eroded earlier I was dying monthly what is wrong with you is our potion video but close. Very close but the audio Sox also during a tunnel itself separate snuff and this is how he works and all the as. I don't know probably murdered at a sales and a few where that is that the ratings are really really good we mention the red eye revenues and you can really good and that's the bit that's what we get that's we get when we come up with a brilliant idea like this incredible oh really video. So we don't which we can be done with this now we can be done with this and we could boy is proven again. This week is Texans lead we have looked at shots Aldridge back up here that's what this what me it was open everything can't be thrown with six Russian cosmonauts and a micro micrometer you know that is your. Neither do libelous sounds fast and explosive and he needed bookie from Monday but it official on products at floor over the court like that perk like the floors suggestion. We have on Friday Mike Florio. About tangling Hillary Hillary likewise we might borrowers good localized into my fears. This is why we have Florio on Friday why am I not consult with these things who want to like come on probably are puzzled that you have no absentee ballot have some wine or what via fire me. Yes that is indeed the it's gonna happen sales and settles with that was later this week. Sixteen yet so no Winamp for one front is no we're not know we're not I'd like you know a lot of places in a serious ice dancers and rather like. Tyler chucked my head that was not his horse reactions of the week and not as bad as when he ran a big test was yesterday. Out of Toronto its demise of those Monday all of that we talk about on the part of doesn't naughty nobody evenly could hear show Kirk literally. Got out of his chair and jumped into the glass that separates the control room from the studio after hearing Ken layered interview Jason master and Jason mastered in Ottawa Boston Herald is in Saint Petersburg Tropicana Field I Jason. They can't what's been the buzz about we're selling to again. After it was discovered by. More than applies this what's the buzz it was good Red Sox thought within months it'll be still it's not a home run hitting team is Gerry pointed out today aren't Sykes of the votes does not Ortiz in the snow home runs but they're winning they're going in the playoffs to 1000 when manager of the year I'd like that we got a Sox thought we got out of a quick unfortunately Kirk while these grants which Gary erupted but tackling was in today wasn't he had a pretty good start to the shell I didn't it was a much better today Lleyton he'd he'd tried. But Danny did step on the it's wanna Kirk's think when he gets going. All of these rants most cumbersome as Curtis is yours while shut up I play a couple drops in their but I try to keep it generally did league noninvasive like get back laughter hours of general quick just to support the Canada yes it would support the but Gary stepped on. This is Meyer got. New show is drowning in pandering which candidate they're seeking it that's all they do is pander pander pander fake laugh. Pander pander pander at baseball game there pander pander. Pander pander pander. NBA let's Turkey each other up talk pander pander pander or hot lap and a science writer I hit the clock on time. That's what it is they hate us we hate them I'm done pretending to be nice guy with the afternoon show. That game is over and done that long enough as the war in what was it you all you don't hate Michael all he can I do you know it's I don't think you're. Yes I mean Holly's not hate of architects militant on praying about and you're going through. You don't care and all I don't he doesn't know and yet he always does it and we just Airbus show. Hourly chart Arnold is capable colleagues and if you let me talk and just gonna get away Kirk's done the nice guys have been a bitch and moan when I don't talk when they do it and you still have my Iran. And attack quiet after that yeah there was a period between office about 815930. Were I think I heard Gary about three different times analysis. Then we would that was when that we really got having the race gets pretty good callers back and forth during Kirk the disagreed contentious radio was good I thought today show. Was agreed it was excellent. It just Jarrett was given the first segment and kind of went to his car and disappeared for a bit but. All I thought it was a yeah I'm very very very. Good show a lot of eggs deet and it's always that way until we don't go to break and knowledge that I have we don't know is that. Egg during the show him for five mormons I can't I don't wanna watch you eat an egg while we pock mark and other revenue please demeanor is so grows. Discussed like kitchen just wait we're gonna break and a Coke. Is no vocal since so grows I don't even care feature fingers that's Kirk's thing and a much speed and a while Hocking TU. Not erotic and you couldn't wait Brit and two minutes hours have a disciplined I break. Repeat eggs. America get the DB to a book he's a fifth he's trigger a lot of water. If there. Anyway I think ten when he saved his job for the time being guys seemed happy enough. Lot of Brady sell today and yesterday for that matter with the Norah O'Donnell interview on CBS viewpoint and I'll show. Simon and Schuster who's the tie in there with his book publisher correct and the book publisher that is yet to. The liver said book ever. Yeah I didn't know lesbians are going no no we go on in our pajamas today's the big day and go to target. Get the book is viable using it as money. Debts points I was able to use my dad points that makes of cars claim. Go to target at the book get a couple copies for the guys and then I figure worst case scenario you and I get a copy in case they do Gibson but we'd lassie shows a lot of great cart bashing Islam is in the foot. It's a normal sound I don't think he's a true believer the FTS having just like Tom through normal sounding no they just brought all of that no real Mittal my friends and you know fat drunks who will be used to nothing has changed my life Morton methods in this book nest and are hoping is that the same for you easy pitch to even if you start which if one of the concept in the book for a week. I promise you begin to feel different at Tucson national thousands up that sounds like that's that's going to pass a little free. Caller put up the challenge to him to basically bring this to the interview next Monday do you think the next Brady appearance will bust is going to be contentious Chris in the Connecticut Chris. What are our what is morning Chris I New York operable. Who is this tour is you all guys please. I think that according your traction which was written it myself it more. But. The way you. Utah you talk about Brady when. Dollar here Airways for ten minutes on a Monday you do it on any out and it does want you to monitor so many more times he comes on your show. To a Monday amigo mine they would do well no no I don't think so I mean I've. Kudos for Kirk Gerri Willis no no no no but I do think anyways right I do think this is Brady's last year. I it doesn't make any sense. I think two more I think he would Belichick but again no I I think this is Brady's last work ethic that's. I guess sporting right here all sports talk WEEI here in Boston in Auburn New England affiliates that's for ethics. Master and models like three or sell those wrote splits become pretty legit issue here the only thing that makes any sense that this is Brady's last year and I ride is directly. Wait I can't that this is your last year now. Now Florio's right why would you wanna have all this attention throwing things wouldn't make sense for him to be telling people is gonna play traditional five years when he selling this book right now. And he's promoting longevity of his career and like changed that two years because what's up with drop what are they this there's there's no structure a deal to keep crop low in knowing that he's takeover. One your I think this is Brady's last does podcasts and wait use this would be upsetting the overlord. I think Florio's dialogue I've I really think purposes. Brady's final season to remove all distractions Hughes says that it'll be five years and never. Nobody keeps bring it up so get that you know Peter King Montana you're talking about here we are in Montana. Telecheck Brady who were up blowing you know this is Brady's last year. Their bets like up close and pissing and moaning in the offseason. You'll see grow up will take over at the big contract numbered Eagles often that two years Daniels and drop package with Belichick's kids both tests that isn't the worst possible Stephen Brian taken out slogging around assign an email at college will be in front of coroner. But for oil coming up Friday will be good guest for this race. Kirk is happy any gas but I. As far as our Friday football against which we are contractually obligated apple. Jeff was lastly I Orioles always good I don't think you know development have a month for ten minutes but or don't is adamant that cap and XP black balled. He then he left the Mets that topic you're gonna go on Michael Bennett Hampshire and got going on Brady has filed. Year what the future hold for Brady ten minutes later see you move on and we have money in it needs the ball and I'm forty. The Jerry pick him up early Friday slowed again he's got to ride in lol what are we expecting from the other. It was a round as well he he's got a good weekend at a nice rant against the does CO this Steven does deal. Get get them out following now fill in the three hours for the keeps her. All rights that would favor a perfect life. It was. Like. But he did for brain Egypt for mr. Britt according to demand barker music and what you got a thought for when we should do this reckless 123 were big ratings boost for us Ted Nugent. Correct that song. Strangle it exactly right. We can't Fokker will fall ball. Fry football prize. I mean do we wanted it's just pop them at the schedule of the calendar. Michael by. November 3 meeting. It's a season will be done. Well you predict that there candid enough to develop a Merry Christmas yeah I week regardless. While he pre weather will be turning people via cravings and Curtis there bikini out the way. He skipped a couple of markers. The city is again. Is it you know gutsy publisher. It. Access to slash U this piece of property that's screwed up forgot about that fairways. Well the goal is to make Buick as dumb as possible so bad luck right honorable who's different SATs well nine toll. You know my mom colleges that it was an apple epic was horrific there was points but not a lot. Christopher topic here about. Both got a BC yes we're aware of where it would be you. Get a wag his thumb. A wag his fingers down. So stupid so much what the stores about what is necessary to state. I have faith in I think you could tie up if you did this is Sony get a Marcus Nadia I can't wait maybe a little course is back up vice presidents and account with capitals you guys at the seeing two that's that is. On that's happening that's part saying. It's any good pageant as lakes and singing the melody and Johnson though Australian dollars if I had in my million dollars. It's gotten to an opinion as dance. I. You have heard. You know live T zero. Plus your thoughts and global warming climate change cards but since there. I'm here as a mother. A daughter a sister a wife and as they UN ambassador for the environment. Doesn't just like you you've you've got to protest in front thanks downloaded must look the I'd say it's load the bases feces and hearts really amazed that we're not ready yet. Steve's head at 8 o'clock and we haven't. Biggest segment of stock in these parts gently pull out it's not so their their job is climate science yes aren't. Absolutely got a lot in store tray to borrow up Friday don't.