The Real K&C - Pirated CMB, cleared Wickersham & a riled-up Gerry 1-8-18

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Monday, January 8th

Ken & Curtis produce their first post-show K&C podcast for 2018, recapping a Monday show plus a few items from the first week of January.


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8 January the eighth 2018. Can't Chris Curtis first one of these new year we're not messing around that we are not joking okay. Lol and I know no takers girl or new favorite shows aux UMBV. App arrive with a did was simply four and a half hours of straight up sports pop up plus one could say amen stick tapped plus one smiley face mode he's. That's that we go here's some of those. Exports was we're gonna hold on power now. I know about our priorities like this year and hopefully a few laughs along the line. Well. They after they don't they like to have collapsed. Shows like this and that's a real show right I love it it's great meg grade can win here I want you from the chick to merely regret. Talking from the on the board three get three friends at a bar as it did even though the mics are on just the pages but just pocket I. Maggie Bart Scott. Chris Carlin mats whats up just ready to get into this new year new time slot knew everything. Although maybe sable problems against the Yankees that new problems for the Jai. And he may be what's going on the pleasure man and a pre season is all we're not count if I break up. It does not getting paid for the Asia. I'm always telling. Parts dog Chris Carlin have chemistry is holiday we were almost the morning the morning drive cancer this year McCain it's every day we're gonna get some snippets on the today. Given all the craziness this weekend with the wicker should mean Brady and all that I a didn't yet and the sound from Friday show Kirk was. Obviously a little frustrated that we don't have any of these out of them up front there. Regard let's. Today this has become our new thing we we now have a mandate the new show new afternoon shield fan in New York. Until it is perfect monocle Blair back whether it's for day to men's what's going on. The producer you know barely hanging on now it states this is a nice feeling. I. Hello I'm not gonna make this I don't know don't stop I want them say that webpart to. AT and others to greet guests coming up to hopewell. For what was automatic. Excitement excited to let you see it a blueprint for this on which days we went recycled. Yeah. I value what is going this way. It is honestly it's like human shepherd you can tune in at any point there is such lack of chemistry such total disregard for. Any genuine conversation. It is a a marvels of will be listening that it's replaced shepherd she really want. So I thought that was a stable but slowly but surely we play it in the reaction to skip waning so we've sort of stop pulling him the entire world knows peek at her frumpy and for us true. Well wood peat this year he had a shell flightless would you agree there are plenty of brake coach ever courier back. Oh don't go say something I mean but his ceiling the need of worst they've weakened. Right after the debate shooting it's horrible situation but our poll question is up on ESPN and boy. But the worst over the weekend. It will never be topped quick jabs on that it is such there what do you think the hit the 830 it I like that I thought it was a YE SPN if history it was truly blocking which is what he told me. I'm from coming on our show it's dom. I thought and not him it was the company was saying all right you told us that it clearance to come he finally got clearance from the Clarence or where. So whatever that means that would leave me to believe that he was prevented him from coming on for a personal words hear me and he was adamant it was not a blade did Robert Kraft. Issuing mandate to Bill Belichick you have to treat you grapple. I think that bill would factor into warmer I think they came at a meeting bit. He was gonna trade him but it was not built decision the right there weren't there is the word the word the word mandate where it was given that. Reading to do with it clear mandate to belch out. Front so I'm so proud and let it work. A piece of crap mandated to Belichick you have to treat Jameer apple okay after the a meaningful day meeting would it have been different could've been a like a brief meeting in the elevator Ohno on the part. That it was that I I and it percent of what they need that and it went law and it was it didn't coach Belichick it will go to meeting. Our own because it was going long and you know. The court established the meeting ran long lasting happened that day and oh bodies have been lackeys that was have to meeting. According staffers are meeting ran long lasting half today he wrote Nazi OK so so what's happening now. It what. It was clear a half a day probably don't I was told yes but we decided to save you said you used to the wasn't have to be which was. Well I say about what I reported okay how I go I didn't mean it took a gun and. We'll the issue is is that. If you're live up such small things or fabricate such. Inconsequential parts of your story. It kind of clouds over the whole premise doesn't mean if you're does RU convinced he lied about those off very convincing me yes when he said the fact that he came on I think he did himself a favor I think he's a good advocate for his own writing and I think you know it wasn't some push over Kirk effort at the betterment the end with some of the back and forth about the bottom. Sources resources many staffers employers felt was unfair that so what is meant what numbers that. I'm that was something everybody every person that. You know we're talking and I think bid. Only player on set I guess my my the thing I'm most guess how. Players that you among asking for names how many players did you actually talk to for the story. I can get into numbers but I appreciate the question well more than more than 31 simple low six. What I'm oh hold on hold on I can't I mean again I ask you for names and why can't you tell me how many players talked. I just don't want it didn't look like what why not mean what's the what's the issue with them and ask you to tell me the players all are the only players did you talk to. I did I it money only members of the coaching staff that only members of the coaching staff talked. My job wanna do it sort of like this it's cheating but the losses yes they're good at that. But I didn't hear. Why not because I think it in the reporting profit from the thrill it is something to remain confidential operable that's confidential I would transparent but could be in the story. Okay believe we give that answer that at some exposure be OK with it a lot people are gonna listen to this while pupils in the show the gonna say you talked any players. Yeah I understand about it. But people like separate per share and should come on Marshall more often only because it helps us and it's good radio it's a great platform with things like the 5 AM pick birds or wherever he was having breakfast. I have a lot of 5 o'clock rectitude in you know places around Foxboro at 1030 at night dinner in the steak houses fifteen miles away. All of you know for the past eight weeks. The number of players rather infected did talk to players. V to dull Belichick meeting the duration of the craft Belichick Brady sit down uploading law now. It pictures they shut the in his face or TB twelve it's just I don't know it just. I don't know why if you have this great story why you need to damage it by lying about things aren't that relevant to its overall point is those precarious for little model that says the nothingness the flea. This will be a multi week story caring in the Osce council in this is I mean. This is now encapsulated the Brady Belichick battle of who's more important to the other and now it's going to be who's been out via I wanted to talk more titans and a lot of thoughts and certainly don't play or author and an accord Watson's name Anderson has received course thinks by the way good Stillman you know and can only walker. Are you or else. What's so just I Cory what is at its core what's the name mr. Rick Jerel to Fuller for his titans. Emotionally limited is this what what I do here I really don't know what my job is on the show come they told me up pump the pump problem. I could just ask random (%expletive) like on lake. Today of soldiers like Manila folder. But this paper legacy corporate media that okay. Reportedly ordered Tesco or go to where did you get that you better I've got that picture that was laughs Jerry's also bashing hearted and he breaks piglet. Curator in the break fuel to addition check event for three hours Jerry's ripping camp where left and right of all yes. Jerry which I was awful on the Friday after a dinner. A great church and a restaurant and you rip and me for talking with you I was not meant I was not you know I was not I was not these two ball blows a ripping me for talking to casement buckled football she if I didn't talk tour she'd been frozen output is this moron knows you are right next to what did you see this park Tonys there's possibly a place like that is on the people next yes OK let's I was just making conversation I've Obama called for poster with Texas a and -- we talked about Johnny men's all the usual boring stuff she probably talks vote and -- Moxley was quickly shift. And couldn't get where you sat there. Lot of you you face your group anything. This works out there like a deaf mute and were afraid to speak to like a graduate schools sit next to a loser. You wouldn't even talk to her and I didn't talk to she's been like a can believe now know when we'll talk to me that's ten awkward for her I mean it is an odd comfort pleasant by not telling everyone talked to sniff snorted modules have a cold often I have a cold still today you know talk to. Doctor ball which taught you this close to go on who is this can refute this guy next news at all. Loser who has worked hard here Sunday to bring around the mall remembering that we just retirement fund amicable. On the line arc issue was nice natural chair angels. Horse that form like for starting pitcher going tomorrow and answer these responsible depth coverage to Alter insensitive about. Shows where he's discussed and is not into defendant's case in point was last year whip the patriots they feel. I was asked by Kirk if Jerry was talking of the crisis and asked if he was Jerry losses mine. Sock puppet Curtis vote. I had the audacity Tuesday was talking as well. A new moon. It isn't going to be. You've got to meet one of the honors but no I love that I continuous use then you're my neck standing up. Looked loves Ireland shows you what you want so win give the voters get the vote is looming on the but appetite and had to say thank god thank. It's possible. This time it was. We additional with the pressure rose job best show of the year maybe and they had Turkish mutt with Jerry out and they talked about this that are Kirk and of being new or miracles should mean what was so Almonte was sort of there but it it. An amazing show without Jerry here one is no vacation days in his take away from that date with a great teaser rate if history is talking about he had with Casey's a border Catholic. Upset. With the bases so. Beckett brought up of course Kirk for exit to be here and LSU just slightly behind my back ripping means that it. I don't eavesdrop on those guys idols like that right Rico Rico we keep that give their privacy because in order here ourselves ripped constantly pretty much what the producers but I know I I okay you're a mutual or ringer who's right Callahan or layered in terms of the correct per trails relations with Keith Smith who's sitting between I have to say I love you but Jerry was doesn't like awkward silence and there was the opera silence of Casey's meant you were turned a 180 degrees. Differently but you're talking to Gary ball. Jerry was slobbering over with Texas CNN interviews not question it was a little bit of a Richard measuring contests on college football knowledge sent my husband ballot and last night I interviewed you was kind of talking it up with the amend Zell error at Texas and I hope we brought the ones I think she would she would probably say she felt majorities with. Gentle little left and Angela right you might think that could very well be the case you Ehrlich David Gary the military was it a case deals and a look at a number one keeps Terry Glenn chastising came back to roost and I enjoyed that segment very good and. He also a classic tweet about Terry England today at the tweet sanity unit he's on technical a little bit it he was a what was the word about how we how we drove drove like Romania drove like a maniac was as quote the law. Saw that look a few minutes after I saw the news about their gauntlet. Yanks. But legacy may you know when stood up there the opinion on it so they were ago. That we don't know I don't know the details of this acts we have no idea. First of all it's not an opinion well stupid well well like quote that's progressive well that's Paris when I am trying to catch. Terry Glenn as a told his story and cleanse crime like a maniac who's on opinion. The difference of opinion fact fact opinion that's fact it was prevalent comedian right. And apparently did that all the time including after he's had a few dozen drinks must get up there their opinion on it I wanted to get out there with my opinion that was my goal you know. Going to get out they would ma engine program. That was well aware of how far left as despise nobody has alcohol level was twice the legal limit them to death. Jerry was and pull Heros during the SUS the last week a little bit knocks real catch up as the first week back to Mossad was in Thursday's is going to be a new thing now boss he's kind of moved to Thursday's yes to mossy generally speaking will be in on Thursday is going forward that it was the snow days though in you know you went out and try to get the weather report is almost an effort. Chris you wearing your goodwill. Chris. Art. Where is. Out we're out to you earlier knowing nobody's here it or not it. Up from going to be no regulation awful. You did better on video with knowledge that meant Angela and myself and actually do report. I. Temperature. We. Got. Yeah. Yeah. A and it was. Sort one out in the actual blizzard itself it was a weird show is the first day of the winter book. Congratulations us of course we are numero uno again another books three books a row tread and rich have to deal with this now they have lost three books in a row. In the age record 2554. They lost and we again. Who won every month in the book we were number one again you guys have the patriots. Led the Celtics off to a great run of the Boston Globe in your pocket you've been on the team the Bruins on your station night. And you still and by the way of an afternoon show that does a higher rate in our afternoon show. Which hopefully we change soon. And we still beat you every single time we've seen a panel that not well. And nor in the air and tell it lies if you like that's okay we have the truth there are sandwiched between elegant Chad did is not one right distrust it's a lasting world killings are right. He'd love to apply lotion you guys matter fact made overdue. Two to pursue those those those pains. We whipped you again in the ratings deal with egg on the aired a realize if you want we now know he's a wise your listeners I saw response your tweets the other day. They know you're lying to rich it's over the game is over we wanna guess. I say this all the time I'm you know finish first many times. Did it would do you know many times here this is more. Impressive. Because. We used to known to have the Red Sox at night in the can huge numbers and that's not the case anymore unfortunately. They have the patriots who are who owned this town they have the Celtics can you point out. Off to a great start they have the Boston Globe rooting hard for them. And yet we still won it is the most impressive. Run I've been on on the barrel. One or four mile up that blue wanna start with a good show that Thursday I think it was a program but nobody was listening generally pretty stable with the threat of the blizzard eccentric dreamers back in tomorrow last Tuesday he was in re giving us with tales as a bathhouse experience. Which much we suddenly got dumped on that your alma and and actually hit the year I mean there guys and you know -- guys getting this bank left and right out in the open it was a immature eggs. You and I during those things it's like I don't even know what does. Is Brooke felt a net if we dump something via envoy requested a 65 times of the last seven months but we still we have won the way. And so it dreamers loose with a talent like sex follow him to walk over. How can literally see people just having sex and and the open left and right. 67 people gang bang is Dino would caught just one that was laying there one person when and another person when you make things turns. He's needy in this bathhouse story and he'll say something and we're kind of waiting to redundant but he's halfway into a story you'll horse so if you did dump something in three seconds later he says you know what ever posed to sell Barbara. There's no sound intelligent a carrot sticks celery some of the masses of people Archie eating food just crooks I'm ala I'm competing to be ill. It's say very precarious position missile prepares I think the listeners have a weird. Reaction to it's like. That's yes mister -- you expect a little but at the beat goes too long backlash so Roemer is an hour of fur short period of time training was the number one person I would give reach out to be friends social media say hatred Curtis Roemer has solidified himself in the can't stand him ample today you know political and all reduction write something about Marcia Brady's Libya and Reamer at sixty replies. Boon to. And notes and those. All that stuff but they illicit images and he's a pretty good idea out on the fourth of being on regularly I would state management above sea island Alex primary is as even some questions about what he should be regular part of the rotation and great I would say. He's the anti training in this building yet people whoa tree while while on more training but with Roemer I respect zealots it's it's open rate slipped out of bounds here. Are great little notes on a it's it's. It's good to have them around. Like Alex but but. It's almost you'll be good to he'd actually blocked it. Right. Didn't Kirk request reimbursement typically at 100. Gerry oh Gerry adds the thing wager Hillary why you back and gone I don't collect any area gas sold they need Q can you confirm Taylor's little bit about that. Yes open he's been a lot more active today he was breaking news for those about the sources during the show yet again in the what what about Butler and tag waited given the given the news last night was in that he was number cast Jews feel good about it so I think it's the start for the first in the re engage with a show like humans feel intimidated or feel part of again and silicon couples that are in any get Bob Kelly Keenan and kibosh via and so Gary will be. For the foreseeable future mean Silvia and every week's beam back and ready to go through tomorrow or once the more you fight at all last week when Jerry said let's put Roemer in instead of or Jerry had a fair point he said that Roemer would be more in tune with what went wrong at the station obviously with the Dino stuff Roemer was involved how about Chu wa one there was an odd week because we had the Tuesday it was Brady. So was only three days were cast account people that's right I figured it's a wasn't a big fight eager once I thought about it provisionable much Friday in that thing like that every week but Kirk demands that Munson Sony goal here is such a Dick and it sounds like Trent he's not good news for Los leaving it to load the without absence yes rejoice. Does this building and we deal what a great way to send your performance. There will be a little bit more time to hear people talk listen I have to say otherwise shut your pie eyed and otherwise it means Brady stiffed us for the second week ago back to back acted like Monday's. Last week was new years so I don't know but in my five years of business on or call him missing. Back to me this is too coincidental for there not to be something. So there's something behind. In my opinion yeah it can be key he'll be tomorrow's Mikey come here it's completely. Wanted an action 44 hours electing that yesterday I was told by the patriots that tomorrow work is the stuff going on this morning he would. Colin tomorrow on his drive into this stadium yeah but he drone statement that we got between 930 by my agrees saying he just arrived stadium so. I. I don't know. May be yet to drop some people off on the way who knows but he'll be calling tomorrow I would tune in right at six tomorrow probably was meeting with passion for breakfast I have a lot of I've rectitude. Hook it's they what was the country in Donetsk country spoke with the go to those places it's forgive my yo old stomping grounds or good spots listen. I wouldn't wish this job on my own worst enemy at any outlet for getting us like you and I had the big show you came in to special hour on McCain and I did a good Vettel Jerry's honor whoever is paying for that right that was passionate and nobody even heard of. Well this is what really bothered me about it is that all of a son Diaw is cut free rein on Jerry now because. He's sort of a weather is trying to rewrite history or make Jerry look bad or try and you know he's. Going away from Kirk as it has wanna have that battle because he doesn't think he can win it so we can. Throw all this tape but he hasn't Kirk at cherry but. Decision that Jerry was disloyal. To jaw and is absurd. It's absolutely absurd. Ask anybody in this medium market about Jerry Kelly and people who hate his politics people who can't stand his writing this show or Urquhart and calendar Dennis and Callahan. They will say to which he he's the most loyal good hardworking guy in the city. And let's just play this down the middle right let's say that everything but John says is true that jury sided with Kirk. And against John sabotage charm and went on his way attached himself to a rising star Kirk and help himself get a longer career. What are the roles were reversed. And that Kirk like Dino more than Jerry Kirk thought the deal was a better radio personality and Jerry. And I wanted to stay on WEEI. Slide into the chair alongside jaw and instead of Jerry. You think you know would put up a fight you think yours and all and all my friend Jerry your regatta people on board. Don't don't don't you just pick me you have to bring Jerry were packaged deal. In a million years do you think John would have done and what loyalties as John shown to Gerry. At all I mean. At the start of this. You know Jerry. From the start my time on the show in 2013. April 23 and I started to PepsiCo. Basically from that point until when. John left in August of 26 team. Jerry and Kirk we're trying to push to show towards what they wanted to talk about every day it was a Tug of war between Kirk and Jerry in shall. John wanted more guests. John wanna read a book all Andre Tippett or these pitching coach for the angels or whatever and we'd have these text exchange with Jerry. Kirk John and myself and then we have a separate text exchange with Jerry Kirk and myself about how we're going to hit it. From Johns bad idea into what the show should sell like. And that wasn't just Kirk that was Gerry and Kirk because they have a similar mindset of what good radio sounds like. And Kirk is even said on the year that he owes a lot of what he's become. In this medium to Jerry allowing him to develop that personality on the show to encourage it. Jerry encouraged him to be more outspoken to do more opinion needed to be more bold. Two at a third voice to that show and obviously it's worked out so the notion that. If this is old Jerry or that view was dis loyal to John and John staying there you know. At the gate protecting Jerry is laughable. Mean. There is a bump to 8 o'clock tonight. It's followed two hours and Jerry do you approach the end of the Kenny thought produced that and then. On the okay it would not sure how regular you know I will be with its podcast our plan. Is kind of now Monday Friday but that's no app will try portal truck for once a week we get to and will be happy you know we're busy working on the show things were coming along the African states the show was kicking ass yes even last even the don't agree. I'm glad you're happy and I'm glad I'm happy it worked out. Last week the first week of this holy book. Shares. Massive which we can kind of feel right I mean I analysts say we lent to finish. In the fall book but we sort of admitted we kind of the last couple weeks weren't our best Mayo but the whole month of December. Ali book we kick ass is a really good shows that the globe stuff was awesome the spotlight series at all it's that agreement through summer Russians so these next couple weeks though we're seeing the rewards that. Still counts so cancerous congratulations Steve good work and the look forward to the champion before pressing on here when he was welcomed that's getting all sorts.