The Real K&C - Post-Show videos, Mr. Brainless & bizarre Toucher 9-11-17

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Monday, September 11th

Ken & Curtis discuss Kirk & Gerry's new post-show recap video, a new Kirk idea for Battle of the Brainless 4, and of course discuss the highlights & state of the K&C Show.


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Here we go back to be real cadence he can't Laird Chris Curtis on a September 11. Landmark date for the cart calendar in show post show we have a new feature. Q do the cards so yeah. Six Kirk was sort of strong armed into this by Jerry flat out said he was not gonna do that Jerry made him do it basically guilt to get into doing. Jerry is big news. It is she what's the reason why I cannot be greats like play traps us off the. We call of the day to support rockets via social podcast to be named later partial webcast meaning it's really a FaceBook line. Later re tweeted video recap looking back at today's show us your culture politics and bird and then ahead through tomorrow who's and what's going on what the topics going to be. And tomorrow it's much easier because you're an ego we have really unjustified and seemingly. And today it was about actually formats on the nose speaking of new ideas I have an idea for you I'm Mets missed you off the year. And I said you wanna hear now order in the podcaster silencer on the park in the spears show we just debuted things right so our last podcast we discussed the best moments of the first year NC yeah. And we sort of would go in and out the cuts talking about it it's like a regular currency but with little longer sound in all of I'm thinking Christmas Day is December 25 other. Dates this year Monday I was thinking that we do. A instead of a best. With just sort of three cuts down breaks down break you and I. Not live but today they. Real Cain C. Error Christmas morning six to ten for mercantile. You will relocate its seat on the year Chris was right like we talk about the best moments of the year. We Rico going outbreaks with them it'll be a project it's on the Euro after giving and through but. I think it would be great great that we have age real currency show taking you in and out of the segments that we air on Christmas okay the first question is why Christmas Day. Allegiances significant snow or New Year's Day any one of those usually don't do a full show right and those days we just play best Thanksgiving Day. We can do at Thanksgiving I thought on Thanksgiving is glitches 921 at the right to sign the check. Each ball. So anyway whatever the day is I was thinking Christmas is Ellen what we're doing new years but opened up you know your present in all in light yet Jesus loves you but I think that would add a dimension to instead of just hearing the cuts. Of the full interviews we've played UN he commenting on set and like the and a new podcast with Kirk Corian. When that they read the book though wouldn't does make a trip. Your house to commence your parents it's okay for you go across born for a timeout. That is a of course some and I looked like Google that I did not read the book but that now sounds like and I read the book right. To be the anatomy of the the best right. It's a lot of work for you tonight that's the first goal line that's my first reaction to this ensemble put together once a week these days. Takes about what ninety minutes to edit afterward neither dropped she'd cuts. So but in this case you're saying you I would talk before the sect in after are actually in the middle like throughout the whole sect. Think we okay we played the sound before. What the last podcast weird we would play the actual content of the segment. Weather was. You know my alcoholism more re gamers parole hearing whatever we collect those breathe. And these would be longer segments he's recently linked to the liner notes for. The track you know the best radio interview when that happened right before Christmas or if it's a great you know them miss universe ran every columnist during the between mile nine turn out. Sure what the calls tell mister mister brain must meaning I'm Ralitsa it's it's more about a pageant. We just announced this morning mutt reverse curse has been a great surprise some subjective despray. Ms. springs. But they're not women. That's the I have a funny that a huge it's stick to burnout push the bugs suggests he get a better idea I had been keeping their creativity. And you work and then let that roll. And rotten yeah as it would normally do and odds are if it's a big moment we would already have a real cane seat. On said topic that we could. Bring in to the actual real cancer that would air on the hall yeah okay so it's not as much work is like restoring from scratch and giving our opinions on certain things but I think. Earning a real currency element to a best of show in Staten Waldorf. We'll put to a audited powers debate we the other big get creative ideas day of course was then. Mr. Brown's competition among those persons or take me somewhere in that right now yes it was gonna lose the legwork on them early responses that we are you human illness swimsuit competition yeah special talent and general knowledge courses that he had. Has known. That something in the precinct captains. That's quarters of all this should throw it. Capital Washington's. Columbia SC IB roll and go. Battle to bring four if you will argue was excited about the prospects here was the high of battle the braids to higher extreme. The lows of losing one through. He suffered seriously feature freaking guts I gotta say after the third. I was I I think that pretty much took away the the joy of victory I'm disappointed personally be better than this no not a good I did too good news is Kirk didn't bet on the bat that ahead after music because we currently in you and I certainly hope your targets in the purchase for guys plates arms really I really hope that happens you suck I hate your guts that you yourself to choke. Sock you suck keeps you were pretty down to lose one was brutal. But two was great got it right when and whether or not champion but is resort as dollars congratulate and these guys are average but you'll see me at the Mac. And then three. The (%expletive) up with this stanza and new. I'm sorry but US postal worker. Public signed. It's not gonna get any easier George. Who stands. Up. Steinfeld. I do. Expect I went from Norman took place out idiots. To this day I will be driving or walking the dog doing something at some point in the least once or twice a week that. Marco will pop up like that sticks with you. I think so and mrs. What is these. I hope you'll okay elect QA and those things because says Hamas his experience with mark sometimes this can keep talking politics with equipment now what would you understand we should talk about sport is interesting mission only to the part of it's not always you know toppled mine. But yeah that poker face and he has such an ability to sort of or should obsess. I don't know. I don't I don't wanna do this and lose again losing three out of fort mutt would be a jest follow football. He both of history spelling but reloading idea spelling bee beckoned the evident days looser Butler got a 37 WE yup I'm predicting I get zero correct we have with three rounds them potentially over Tyler I apologize to all the processes alumni out there that was a creative idea that helped the ratings. There's no phone a friend here. Doesn't even look like that's. Path. Whose idea was that. Or bundle. You tried your added spelling. If we said he needed to have a talent for talent show when you spent a basketball on your finger felt that many talents of all time cart is now you're good speller I can spelled it be temperamental. TE MP the RT ENT Yale not like to have a budget more attuned America. A picture we're seventeenth season temperamental. And and offered through the state capitals over three over two I can name a US capitals. And what's the couple assault the code. This market. Is not sort of peers for peers. Campbell Nevada. Real it's not parson city correct you pretty good tackles and it's gently trivia which your good your trivia night guys right. I go to trivia I don't pick a background and I've actually just recently started arbitrage market I went mourn caused it to a timeout and then. On my neighbor. Works at a Barnes offerings which Jesus and come out and support on Tuesday that's ten times in the greatest of times. A lot like your chances of the swimsuit competition necessarily the city is a guy. He's eggs and I know gutsy publisher. Well. He's got access slash he was always really slowed up all the idiots screwed up forgot about that. On this that excess flesh that's probably why you gotta you know England Saturday there was does that Wear a lot yet excess feinstein's. Will tweak that give you a chance so now there are very few things I won't do for the show but going back in the swimsuit after the the response I got regular after. Is felt a little moments ago X Ottawa pictures of that and you're. Pictures cents these days for a touch yours lately pictures. Of adamantly. Bizarre. Be within two feet you don't match absolutely bizarre he dealt with issues like go. To a quick story David mangalore is going away party you're not out source though it's not like there aren't that was not working a normal. And I have a source. It was right next door to the boomer and carton show was one Damon and Dolores groceries amusement from. Now half the battle out into the villages where the sources like Christmas and and Damon was real went too while exit rattlesnake hills rental place yes there. Fred's there is not like (%expletive) faced like. Coma toes coached locally recommit birdies style to sort of it was the most bizarre things. Gnawed persona outside work for it moves through friends and there are those the only two or three time receive them. Not at the station he's like socially awkward and it translates to socially yeah and so than this weekend. You know I wake up Saturday and alerted to it when people printed this group does block by authority and it was definitely attacks but he mistakenly treated wood leaves it up there and says I think it's public domain. And then our old mentor Tim dollar and seventh and fun going back and forth and threatens him with this is only couple radio stations and he better not do that. And I was reminded that he sent me to direct message in 2014 when I forgot something negative about him at the Dennis and Callahan account the times saying. Chris you better be careful with only two radios and lose them about it is go to this is the biggest heart no movement this notably this down on people you know don't mail prevent you from getting jobs bill this week asked BC's as far as the show goes we did a plethora injuries. Important first interview of the year by house back I thought of that where it's kind of drowsy down and monotone lacy and Charlie how are you. Wall. A voice packets do that by it was great Friday but. It would have been rough with with the guys but I think he came out and was very good both of you and I noted that the control room and I thought Jeff was great as you notable U we had Jeff fallen this first interview after the bombings and you know for obvious reasons he was it just lost legs and he was in a different parts state but. Since then and today I thought today it was on a totally different world it was it was totally relaxed with the guys. Obviously could tell he likes Jerry and Kirk insightful to Gyllenhaal. Some unseen stuff. You mean everything to our our current state certain things and then he would get him into the prosthetics which are really aren't are being. You wouldn't say it's our equality don't call Hollywood but Hollywood actor Fiat mean. Populate it. You're like oh yeah he moved without your secret your leg arm and get up in intent and and in and out of the chair. Out. It is screening in Toronto and everything I thought it was I couldn't turn off our car was great Kirk's gonna go see it. Here is guy undated you dialed up the invited. To the premiere premieres tomorrow night I'll be gone as jurors picked up the pressure will be going Kurtz it's I don't like to watch and listen to my movies unencumbered by Jerry talking in the back also. And you do what you want so win give the voters get the vote is looming dogma again but democratic and Tennessee thank god yeah thank. It's possible. We're all patriots their part to do what that it wasn't just the title the Bogut. Really kiss to Kirk rating at the end of the interview but he's Jerry's guy. Put on the way out he had to get that was this the be attitudes and to a to an idiot would think that I thanks Jeff thanks Jeff good luck. This is configured. Then they could occur you know you can't rent those races will be a huge concert and so that thank you that. Short at any time they're contestants yourself it's. Are you tell at a time like I don't I don't know that. I am well aware of that package. No problem I'll run a time. I'd see Jeff as a Smart guy you could tell that from the unity in the time to talk to him and that was. As Savion movies you commit. It is now you've kissed the minute and roaring. No matter what no matter when you got Kirk on your side and he's already got Jerry's Jerry animal friends and Jerry's best friends is uncles so I mean you know they've. He's got him walk to load and now we got Kirk on the side which is granola Kirk was an Oreo aside. We followed up with a entitle an attribute that montage that Utley shock should put together. A few years ago previous producer of this as the course the DNC show chopped up with some of the highlights of the Jerry under the deal discussing. The buildings as they were the the boarding of of 9/11 which was I thought pretty well dug use industry in the control those guys always do great with that sort of stuff and has that kind of theme of the Jerry back to his inception. That was when I started religiously listening to Dennison Collin and was after Madeleine before I'd I was listening to that show the boarding driving to a co op job. The college northeast I was listening to those guys that wouldn't so. Coming back sixteen years later it's it teaches it all over again as amazing as amazing guys I don't know if I heard and that the that's remarkable put that the board about boss that are imminent day you know. Is there to be sun fall and other big cities you know Boston's at a high rises people were MacKey waiting it was obviously done as nearly isn't it here's knows. My dad well in the area at the time it was Hancock Tower. And so that was he'd leave that data. People I don't think you resume that Dave but they did vector Ernst and young was on the 44 there and numbers analysts and they evacuated there were told people to voluntarily. Leave whatever. Along with them but yeah that was crazy time and you know Jerry Jones were great on back then and then on Tuesday you know there's a big story on your injured and talk about their others at station were not so good handling those funnel is different error effort I'm a member of the eyes well a beautiful woods you know if Irma had hijack those planes we would have the right person. I've relied too if you for it and say aired was very nervous and we've seen what can happen when mother nature gets angry. What every wanna call but it's basically I go I just a question of the subtly was a lot new in a quite as much about him do not take this samba beat for granted now. We missed it was just Kirk and Jerry in the Monday show that's going to be the norm. Going forward another comedy yours and Leah control today you're Connell liking just the two of them one day a week. I love it is it's just things can be the reason there's not just this constant need to jumpin. And members of third you feel more compelled to sort of be aggressive and essar were saying she Almonte was sort of their amateur trying to just keep talking to ignore that at the listen I have to say it's a tough balance from time to time I think the reason what's moss he has skyrocket in the power rankings is because he'd never. Is intrusive into the conversation never putts is Wayne and when he speaks to your ordinarily it's something good or insightful pad. And it's almost always something that either curt or Jerry disagree with the so it's a perfect sort of ability to. Maker words count. The Brothers at times richest feels like it's just there being sucked out room. And today today I thought especially with the 9/11 topic great segment nobody else in the market could do it as well as during her did it today yeah. And there wasn't this constant sort of I'm gonna outs they were you sent him to jump in your years it was a conversation about something. It was very important to assault and they did in the way they got their points across and wasn't this or didn't feel crowd. We did a segment on the unity and for the stuff but the that's become feel like I'm back to the end of the games it happens now every game it's just the footnote nobody cares that much anymore. The cap are acting like I find this on to order. You have these people I saw Tim Kawakami music columnist for of his sect and civilization that. And you know his own none of these you guys all think none of these quarterbacks are better in the your straw meaningless votes short way approach once and nobody saying that sort of reached that point capita where. I thought actually Tim Hasselbeck have a great point he says it when I wanted to play you've got to throw you got to show earlier throwing youths in New York City get yourself out there are surely you wanna. When a practice in Tim's point was that obstacles. The arsons and stuff right the weekend we hear from you so they would discounted in general on first week in the NFL loves the sky watchers. Set the rest of the week alone who added. Tomorrow we got some Aussie. And so he has the story from this morning about CTE sale and his desire to watch in April games being impacted by that I like patriots I don't watch Monday night and Deutsche there's tonight I don't watch. Sunday afternoon if the patriots are playing and I just I don't watch we have that must ensure a story from Friday's herald which we didn't talk about because there hurled and come subtly. And so get into tomorrow mr. the connection to those two Wednesday we have the tenor let me paint a picture eminent double over the new Wednesday's spot he's ultra Indiana's did I definitely rooted. But on Wednesday to root for ten hours yah rock special. At that 103 WT HTV station that plays nothing but thinks they declined he's open. Collar roots and weeds those movie tickets. And hair days. Only god should know and. Was so successful is that you pick anything you want there. And then Thursday we've got training and then Friday from the golf term and a big things happen. All on this show with my goal turn off all we had the most is it before it. That's in my before Mohegan we had the crazy show with drunken Curtis and Brandon Marshall. And in which an accused him in the past hour. Rea on don't you care about the apparent consensus user group that in the questions. Throws the obvious that at the travelers read a drunken mutt. All rights. And the dinner with Joey played sound from sales people talking about great. And we'll see what happens this Friday incher that's the okay. Honesty or foray it's a mossy addition McCain and.