The Real K&C - Producer Mut, DJ Mut & Solo Curtis 3-9-18

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Friday, March 9th
Despite the big show announcement that Mut is the new K&C producer, Ken & Curtis are still in to recap the highlights from a week of shows that featured Mut hitting the post as a country DJ, getting abuse from callers on-air and in the producers' booth, and bumbling the English language all over the place.

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At the march 2018. It's the real -- NC catlett and filling in for Mike and at ski but should stay and do the rookie it's like to produce from the shelves Iraq part of your job Chris Curtis welcome Chris prelude update tremendous tremendous on their performance by you'd today soul and my dad for a segment are right it is solo Curtis segment here on Kirk and Callahan WEEI. You're nervous at all I was not nervous robbed in the car says I need to relax and upper. Where it. I don't but. You need to relax Karen Hughes sound so nervous. It's because I am I'm incredibly I can literally hear your hands seeking off the debt. Ice water in my earnings yeah definitely I'm my palms are like. Lake Ohio is big but it's all good things that lake Ohio on the mr. brim with the original files are name four of the five Great Lakes. Wait Michigan. Late on Ohio. Like I. It was an excellent performance you'd discuss the knee. You were going to talk about. Language BC basketball right I did. Ottawa going needle on the layered route with bronze rat is sensitive and salt called the Bob. Mine is a media member who's the most sensitive person I ever met my wife is judging fan bases or supposed to be sensitive I did see a couple of attempts at that fail so I thought it was slick and get muttered to the best of like your performance or beg you to handle it would have notified for a guide my prime I wrong can only are we call not all the time around the -- as you help us out 617. 7797937. Opponent or copy one I guarantee we get back to be one phone and we oral until Kirk saw that occurs you can have an intern in and handle these calls to the camp also got an office. This segment we just. Not mean what was it like to sit and you've done that before I guess with this soft and. And 321. All right so after the show today. We recorded an interview I'm sorry again. All right this is the column in. The three toed sloth cast. It. Oh. Coetzer. The last time I did the statement in that studio that was not the real saints in the regions was like Bible days. Which sausage and I was I Kajima. It's physically ill as ever I was like puke like crazy before that show with so system with so here in the bill. And within like three minutes before I'm a market marketed on the error below 12312. Every 12312. Or three and then I washed my pace of cold water went in the studio 300 pounds. At the polls with sausage and sure it's gone into the abyss. But I I for a ruthless and moved to Chicago that was my thing Adam. Your words Boston New York Chicago Philadelphia you told Leo. And that was an awkward moment and then we got up and that was the segment callers recent rumors from the good blocks and their Kirk was a do you argument those guys were wrestles and all that stuff had your moment now get. Out of my god damn studio and don't ever come in here again is that clear say yes sir and it was Mario little differences. Culture artisan there's so much better at it and our recently agreed let's go to Auburn Maine the report Paris but man collapsed probably it would fine. And I agree with that. And don't Michael Holley cut the main open that you you know very personal today you're talking about your struggles so we got so now I'm basically I don't know about two years back. You're to have back to the show and I can honestly say nothing has changed for me it regarding meanings that anxiety also that the drinking. Not mean everything is better. But when I was drinking I can at least escape the exciting for a couple of at one point it did sound like I'm not have a lot of fun to show right now. Questioning. It's it's too weird profession we get paid next to nothing. We have the opportunity to do this which is great you know we get them beat on the number one rated show in America but. It is a I don't know it's just I feel like at times recently have been like what what what is the point of the that was a great segments so good we could have easily just banged up phone calls for a segment Kirk came back in and rewarded you. A bonus hour of the show in studio and relegated mutt. The producer did. What's better you'd be much. What you go produce for the last forty file a treasure coast of me would you guys and take calls yet you think so much Portugal and the producers from the Curtis now the last 452 and 12 things of being your review moms believe what you go. Hope your choice what do you look pretty clear that makes sense. Abort your he's endured you are bored and not take calls have never done let's do that you wouldn't so it's all agree our first solo I've wanted to use this slide witches should caller gets a familiar either isn't ready outline. And a lot of although I but I. The polls get the calls what are they don't it's pot holed dot. But might do you get my on the phone to get my patella causing occupy a mile please. Yes yes at some point I think that we subsystem. I could be wrong where there's going to be some. I'll say Chris if you like some mechanism by which their can be some communication between when a caller called in to a radio show and before that caller gets on the year plus a working mob boss which is considered to be. It fifty times like fighters were Kirk highly edited and I'll FaceBook live FEMA that's out of martz forty minutes in the chair he would talk to college recruiting. Curtis Kelly it yeah. This is not. On board must words and don't you wanna quality. Is good okay with them boring on the you wanna all the guys. Now I'm on the air right now it's producing oil and on the air so you're telling me it is not what it's hearing a besides you and die you wanna go on the air and tell the guys that I route to the color and that's it's it's it's our listeners I'm born. Rougher stride as Monica Lanier freedom of the callers along he'd put some callers through including one kept the puck well got through the publisher. Actually got on the air but we can always play the unedited version absolutely. Okay kept wants well it's the way and it's a good way to close things out hello how are you. Morning. And got hung over the did the producers beat you before and after last call before this my curiosity. Altered. A giant did did you. Well. No Mo along army play a bigger men who lit L mail step in the rain. I would step that yes duties just look to grab by the Maine in a Jerker. Here stern and her pouting lips. It got that. Quite adaptable right now and that's what did you all or. Not. Our submarine I understand but I've got a I don't disappoint Kirk in but it had some excellent shows just to throughout the. Much is the greatest I love the guys who else would do who else. Only other standard outlet to have this put lives screening call. It's the perfection of mutt is that even without trying so all that stuff Brady's great sport goes there and produce is. The error. Third commercial. With swearing which everybody you know. Anybody else Beirut and an F bomb the accused of stalking back because you can ship and it doesn't swear it's a little commercial gives us the sound byte for. You guys are yelling because you found this information out and instead of used a topic you talked on the Maryland and our commercial program director raced in here. Let's fire the producer would say. It's likely that you're my parents. I'm not I. He also Leslie he's become the king of unintelligible to use Jerry's word in that in intelligible. That the word. Intelligible language like he'll drop in a couple of gay or in the case that was Thursday more so today made it through concentration camps and I'll switch and came out of Germany are switch that's right. I heard options razor you what the opposite op very this is two on the list. Is that there are recent public worse you're something funny I was yesterday yesterday he's playing a western this weekend a minute headlines yesterday it's enough. During headlines as you did elect today I think he did you get the job according to a the only way we talked about this in the past but it out of outlines some of the blame goes to. Those institute is it's always good is their reaction. My it's been a drip during a group of girls just love him but his headlines have been all. When you go. The priest is talking like do you really think geez I'm glad this guy is dedicated solely to god a you don't believe that second Neitzel antiquated personal homilies were you do get something out of it weird thinking listen guys saying some nice things today and disparities and unmarried. Now know that no knows the question I asked when you're looking at them. Is it. As I've I pride would help us see what is going. Article on going on he never says anything unique he never adds anything he never seems up on the story political analyst racing month. Good start yeah. Like yesterday's are practicing Catholic we talk about this story about the yeah Rome gay escort outing these trees and it's like nothing you just repeat what Kirk says verbatim. And then there's the dead silent. Performer alive wires and just this weird things a top keys is reading power outages or notice is this the right before we start look over musket. Let us pass through these I am I. Is that it's up to savvy 6% job for now he's looking at this map all the time it's the meet the map to get updates every fifteen minutes is just as was arrested him what does it matter. You how much the percentage of power right now only some rain down. To me you know it's. Filtered down like Dale's look at porn during breaks the porn site X art it's more bizarre all the it's not change his life until after Roy. So what's the difference that it's 730 to 52%. To 49%. Box Euronext or nine Sampras by Oxford. I find enemies even mean seeking or they Foxboro some more there is yes act in box box. What I mean what will probably tell you are. Out of the street. Is Ed yesterday he rose Nikkei two DJ mutt. All off those for country. One run where the ball right. Notable lol. Don't like I said I set the scene push or not at the let's don't. The program graduates has. Set the mood pretty good song let's go let's go let's go. I DJ about the afternoon rodeo coming up blood Eric church tickets he's playing a western this weekend at. We'll tell you how you can win it. Next here on mobile. Until longer and it's a longer talk about the integrity of the first person. That's not bad now as I thought I should talk to call was for twister but that's okay that's that was minor minor minor issue Eric church sinners like gag. Yeah that's okay longer and reporters there on the do we have here. Not snowing outside here in Boston folks the weather is bad bad bad you wanna be on a beach somewhere. Drinking Pina colada taken in the sun. And the warm water comes. Well and taking in the warm. Not a not a great to see guys split the art. It's Dirks Bentley right is give some of these are a little two more radio and their right. Not Vijay mafia. The afternoon rodeo we've got school closings all across the state the snow is really bogged us down a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill going to be in town this weekend Tim McGraw minding your kids out there they humbling time zone. So yeah. My cell plus a mode kind of society. To see your clothes your costs right there it's right there you see you ever going to be into it because you don't of the songs much better when you old songs that tank windows. What do you think I. Promise here if you got her ordeal would be good show. And as you jima this guy. Movement of its own odd DJ Monday afternoon rodeo we got the Red Sox are on the road taken on the Yankees this weekend win tickets next hour with Sam on. I'll pass. Them Melvin. And so there you go right up to that. Volume may mean. An eight for first effort in not a whole lot of time to prep you also that it Triad today it. Awful all right good morning plus listener tonight 37 W. Yeah I'd have bet your home for the Red Sox in the number one rated sports talk show in America Gergen Callahan I wish you were all like me and you had. A million dollars. I'm bad upper hand you have the clock very good that's okay yeah and just. A look at the (%expletive) clock in the studio account down sixty seconds but. Yesterday I like the BJ about that for me was he tees it hurts that's coming up next we'll do this much. Promises that during our break and come back and think of great mic at the I'd miss that is I didn't duly declared he's he's about ready yet I want to break that the combat obviously we take a break much it's. Idea is 937. The bowl. And he's DJ monument on DJ about everything. Ripley and girls. And it's at the hotel fortune while rest the kids in the dark dollars and sixty pounds of apple cobbler that was three straight days a month. The first day of mutt Wednesday was with Tang Wei it was a little bit of a weird dynamic I thought we tackled this on the air that I distinct. Ten it was a little misty was there what was required the first hour but let's it was a bad shows is that was a bit awkward shows that was more Kerry by Kirk's hockey that's. Those guys finally tomorrow what's more important power player goaltender. I mean again eyes and I believe in oil Saddam Hussein is if you huddle in the playoffs you can write accused of poke check yes all the questioner is one of the things that breaks my heart is I don't think there's a spot for Adam quite when everybody tells you broke my heart was watching my mom died from its close I mean -- the real perspective. And there's an old thing we that I think is still irked by much according there's the small element because when I only came back into treatment that Republicans. Like whenever there is anything in this conflict with mutt. All jumping in just sort of dialogue Kirk's killing the and its downs on the show. You Judy you know just whatever and sometimes came oil thrive just this little jet hopping buried in a turner has Curtis whose jumper and he viewed very offended. Will somebody said that any actions Kirk that Gary was the least sensitive person that we have not senses at all. I agree with Kirk and the stooge. But there are times when you know he's very it's very sensitive with me I think overall I don't think you give a (%expletive) about what. Brain of people but there's something with meat where you blame the whole recording. I have ever in my life. He flipped out at the Super Bowl some listener which you confirmed on the air seven mean it is. Mortgage in the right and I obviously printed on the package of three poppies amber and everybody that's test some of it would give the Kirk a. Flustered Gary penguins. Excellent choice awards yes when the when he mortars produced by Chris Curtis well you know not not the not angry and often coroner is now thanks very earnest is that that's. My personal information it's not correct but your mortgage higher than yeah yes it's terribly careful if has your Morton you know it's just my personal business I don't want anybody you know into an uglier when W hits off Mets I don't look it up was sent to me by a listener. That I don't know what I'm hoping yeah yeah what did you want it and print -- hand without telling me you know was like why you left the game you know current as of October showed right I have a problem you know I don't. Don't play like you know most abused them when I exposed him in the sale prices I don't know how to buy mortgages Millar hit a market for the tournament on or you want to. It was marked mortgage if it was. My mortgage that was there is more to do the same thing and he got very ticked off. That for a results at the pro now is this your handwriting you had no that's it was a screen grip from Melissa tried different than I can differently listeners. It is it has pop it. Yes and justice policies disturbing surprise it's awe that that's that's captured repairs occurs from the council. And pocketed it. Dale was taken behind the woodshed a date Solis as the orderly or he's got a pretty fixed in Tennessee he's. Kirk. Obliterated it would I'd love to build bird off like eight plus right there urged the public clamor claimed moves of Michael it's a good new 2018 radio thing. And if. Well it's let's flash into. Actually a drug that I'm I had back. Why Caroline you know bird eyes locked. A. Epic Oates and violence that we can't get back to incur this kind of field back to his old self it was the first day were rose. Right in you get that yet the brief. Excellent show and I bumping. From yesterday and that it can create rich league calling. Our coverage of the Bruins because we don't like blue collar fans with this new and. Brewers they should you be tiger it sticks and calls and pays the Bruins right. We like the number two doesn't let them afloat. It you don't really and you don't go down today at the TD garden you don't I don't counting down TD garden culprit. I don't go down to the TD garden that's correct I don't go to the dark occasionally had to go down to the T guard. What kid rich certainly talk to us about how we don't go to TV garden enough that was interest things while he was under assault by our shows I did feel comfortable there. How you know Sunday and SK 8 o'clock. Different audience Sunday morning it's I try to separate the two states mark understands and so are your. Her picture show wanna show our support it just happens via listen. Does that people you know at four more okay. Time and I do agree to podcasts soon their degree needs and jam on your bottom sects we had Britain kept in studio and that was the other big news of the week. He added the city he answered the greats now. Mean we we took some. Abuse for that she go from. Angling did I guess we don't report show often and I don't think there's a reason to do we understand a lot of what are we gonna do with McHenry I thought she showed promise she's hated first doubles so. Right expecting. People want to buy it was like into the show and it's awful so we already know our whenever I think of that with a case there would have been gloves off with a gun everything sort of on the table because we knew she she wasn't really coming. But I think she showed promise that she would have return visit the guys establishing a relationship. And she's very differential in person she doesn't really like with. With Horford and come across as you would come across an area temperatures with the ocean and up. Yeah. But no I don't think it's setting called for whatever or map for other shows Wednesday. Give me an example of the landlord would really caring into a man and I'm for a guy that's not in short he noticed few attack. I. It didn't take the brightly viewers that was she she revealed all there did you date any of the co anchors at ESPN roll. Which grass and make the moves on that. My thing I did we harsher now. That's what should I could see if you take it he's taken all hours. Matt you semi picture after me pancakes it was click on AS I don't like any abs okay I like it. And you know we have we have a double tag only this week Monday was a tangling with Kirk Jerry that was I don't know enough not that memorable to be honest looking back on that we almost big Oscar sure which people want we look at. We can respond that the best we could you know just mocking is to move to no need to proceed no I mean the the Oscars. Our board guidelines we do the best recruiting how'd you both for you in this thing how did you think amok did with your classic show and the thing about March Madness and drop offs Camilo to the utmost iconic. The drop of the KC show is still good weekend. Could weaken I would say the most iconic drop in WEB history has to be on good week and I've thought about trademarking it. So much maybe. Violating some law but. All things considered excellent work by mutt a perfect way and a perfect. It is currently twining. Since Mary that's what stranding Allen WEEI WEEI dot com. A weekend.