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Saturday, December 9th

Kirk and Callahan, and WEEI senior producers Chris Curtis and Ken Laid take their podcast to the airwaives, and go over the best moments from the fall book for the #1 rated morning show in New England, including a recap of the casting couch members, the best drops of the show, a controversy surroudning Trenni, and the best of pirated Pete Sheppard.


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Here's what's trending now. Boston College beat the number one ranked duke doubles 8984. Caught reformists afternoon. Tom Brady and welcome Butler off the injury report and will play Monday night against the dolphins in Miami Marcus cannon and Kyle fan noise are both out. They'll the Bruins host the islanders tonight at seven and are mis les. Sorry and maybe reed's army thirteen to seven in the third quarter. This weather report is brought you by right window it's currently 31 degrees and snowing in Boston around three to six inches are expected by tomorrow morning. That's what struck me now one WEEI WUPI dot com be real fancy compass. How bad Dyer has the best fields anywhere on every Brandon every side tires you're looking for plus will honor every competitor and every manufacturer rebate. Though for the best deal on tires there's only one place their golf. Katie and seen most of what the hell are you talking about. Year old Katie and seen our producers do a fantastic job investors the market not the long morning show producers this do just that. Then I messed up up. Soccer seriously I think you're breaking backs podcast are similar prison for. And now we can't really since please drop the greens can layer that Chris Curtis on your radio because of that idea. Here's Chad the next system you can ask him a lot. Yeah and I love you and Chris I think her. They are sick this both of them will try to make it look like in ads take. Yeah get a lot of focus on Sports Radio WEEI. It's the real KC on radio cat layered Chris Curtis starting guard Chris fares very eloquent eloquent trending nice job. I wrote that. A leading Boston College it was obvious you go to yeah absolutely we're back out of the two big hours tonight is the real can't see we are the senior producers corporate stooges of the cart Callahan show behind the scenes Monday through Friday five on Friday 530 to ten. Looking back today on the fall book. In the radio business ratings books are a big thing this what we go back to what ended September with a sore right fall book that September 14 but once it so we miss. Some of the great moments of the summer we had a terrific summer of course all Micah. Absolutely. We were number one mentally by the 54 eccentric satcher we continue to be number one but. This picks up. Cup first couple weeks in the football season. Before we get into La. Some Indy gritty of what's happened the last three months I guess we should spin it a little bit more recent Friday it was a big show. The globe. In panic mode to receive full out panic mode the globe is rattle. The globe is absolutely rattled thanks to Kurt and Jerry and with very big story that broke. Friday morning around 9 o'clock or Kurt and Callahan and yet here's a little bit of the audit by the latest this Russa from Friday showed Kirk was running around like a mad as well so is Jerry behind the scenes Jerry was thought in college football is Gerry for the Heisman tonight with where it's like yeah. And that Kirk was on the phone he would dig gotten somebody on the line from the globe. Was trying to nail down the name or names and here's some of the bites. To Brian a gorgeous he edited the globe. NASA the comment that CAA is a report there used to cover politics if you looked two weeks ago if you look to do the staff was to see his name his name is not there anymore. Multiple. Sources have informed us with the gentleman as. I reach out to Brian aboard the editor and asked him was this man forced to resign. For sexual harassment within the office he would not comment on he did not tonight he said he would not comment on. He said the globe doesn't comment on these issues now again is a city just solving joking me the globe reads some 72 hours ago. What are they are they journalists are they not us that's the. It's good question because they certainly delight in exposing other. Organizations who've had these issues then Tom and that's a job and I don't blame women. And I would do the same but when it comes to their own house which is apparently not quite in order they have nothing to say. Correct so they the globe in this is begun this at the tip of the iceberg it's my understanding of Boston Globe as a serious. Serious serial a history of sexual harassment within their offices. But trying to figure right now obviously it's ridiculous that this gentleman did actually resign if forced to fire him. A forced him to quit. Essentially fired and this is what they're doing. Our people are starting to find this guy is if we don't the next hour we're pretty damn sure who it is easy political reporter at the Kool green has in the past correct. Yes he's gonna show Jon Keller had yet figured out now if you go to their staff list he's not there right now he's. So that also the that was the early. Lead into. The glow of stuff on Friday in and we spent the next that are the next hour. As the in the bushes were shaking Chris there was. Twit it was a buzz and it's continued to be able to well it was a top power for friend and Kennedy because only treated during that period because of course you know we were ahead of him on that story and he was unhappy and so we said being forced to listen to Kurt and Callahan talked about racism. It really doesn't get any worse in the when he heard this is pretty reprehensible and and he said oh very cute to Kirk story. Now best word that two more arsenal are we but they're pronouncement the globe writer wrote an awful meet through story. In that store he says it's being published amid speculation on social media and talk radio about the globe employees. Pressured to resign. Basically saying that that is being written because of what was broken for a walk or stand Kennedy in the boys did the DG BH beat the press that world which is what are somewhat fox affiliate will notice that Padilla tedious. So they had a little roundtable beat the press is the only steel and they were. They mentioned several times if if were five starts but Dan Kennedy was. He was convinced there's going to be a massive the globes could get to the boxes. She won the globe publishes a story it's going to be very Ferraro and we're gonna say gee you know this is really good in perspective look at what's been going on at. Call Miriam British starlet who when you think below the fold before Paris now today and Nia. The addition there are a lot of words that if there was not Perot it was a disgrace. And he just. Just hilarious watching this guy scramble because it is best for and he doesn't know what to do in the show he hates the most of the story you wanted or would. Wanted three could buried so to speak or not. Got off and I praised Kirk but you don't seem morning shows on sports stations chasing major news scandals within. Local media outlets very often I get it on other recent example the country right this is what separates many and is work ethic he's he's an animal. As a freak of nature really run around you're trying to get people. That ensures the same way in my first three weeks then I'm the marathon bombings happened. Three weeks into my heart producing the show and that was and we were all over the place you know what that story on top of everything colored painted as good of a job as anybody in the city obviously I'd say our unique show in that regard but they do a great job. You were to bed with the task of shutting the globe down on Monday that hasn't happened but you shut The Herald also good for you there a liberal papers charger and Kennedy was at least they did it'll be depress. This should come out sooner or at least some action should. When you have a rumor that's been flying around for several days I just don't think it's it's good for morale. Total lack Kirk and Callahan. Talked about the story on WB guy and you haven't written anything about it yet. I think good for the local wanting to be careful and get it right. In this case I think they needed to at least get some of the south there earlier. Is that tomorrow it's really thought about bias it's the way you could says the show's name and Kirk and cal had such disdain. That I have. We last heard from them when they were talking about us went and went locked out the last major. Nerves are traditional broadcasters thereafter. I saw their bottom line is tune in Monday it's gonna be indeed. As the guys that were hinting at Friday its Puerto cobbled Stoller writes just there's more to come that story and you have the other story which is the spotlight team. Going all in right ought burying the lead Boston's racist Boston Globe Sunday. Page detailed scientific studies out in the community at the big landmarks right I saw people counting ethnicity at the BC you and they were with the globe so there are continuing to work on right what was out there with the white white white white. White white white white. Light light. One of the but all his friends nuts about loses it's Altria I port but now it's been a held a three month on for the month and one of our lack Packers. We you and I were Saddam was shown to decide blows start trying to recap the last three months of Kirk and count and I just can't get past the volume of material you admire. And good moments that we had funny moments we've had the last three months on Friday we talked about it a little bit those guys occurred here were challenging me to come up with. Its top five drops all time yet to drop off between you and Nancy and it's impossible it really can't. Five is almost east can't. I think will be better we would be better served to put to get a minute montage of each but anyway this is on the flyable we came up with on Friday what numbers or Japan or one. 117151. Well at gristle wide tsunami ones you can do little honestly think that I would not happen to play at it I mean there's not a good question would you really have to be have a dialogue. Chicken your keys. Of a three stooges can Moe curly yeah. I am. It was six or want it say racism abolished those five guys African American and I like him don't break black people to games. All rights Clarence Clearwater. Had nugget. Managed. I mean throughout each. We'll look at our paper you think. Going it's a giant Curtis can drive drunk are you are even doing this for how long almost twenty years yes yes pretty severe anniversary report yes steel hearted you ever anybody. Maybe the exception gentleman who's going to be filling in for us last week of 2017. Anybody who approaches number dropped Curtis. Yes or 1 monkey ma am and that's true now just not that cluster. Actually put the question used cars those challenging. In terms of great drops since you know the stars as well as. I would say not turn the ball game but in terms of wall well it's unbelievable I mean don't. Bring black people games is something I laughed real rate black people to game is outrageous and he said yeah yeah. But on sterling. A pot of it's much is. By far away the guys that show I think is most comfortable when he's and we can really get on each other's know life it's your Friday that would be leading now. Crushed and you know ratings aren't we taking him you know the bonus checks will clear it out four and and it's. I don't think he's quite the year I mean. There's 300 Curtis drops in her system so and there are twenty that our ads or ads do it if not better the month and forget about drops just like. Pivotal parts of the Kirk Elliott show last three months. But as he share I think you've taken again in terms of ball you don't click police now just can't set the last three ultimately Yuma. You somehow during had only remember this schema Eastwood talked about it there. And that the and Turkey Jerry got the bottom of year we got in trouble sleeping at night is that still continue the dog found the cure out there. How much you all those years later by going through that. We talked about a third of its Major Garrett okay. Shortly Malone what is popular thing about all of them around and talk I talk when he talked about there talk about my anxiety specific specific when he talked about. And why I'm so on original time what causes specifically what you discussed like what instances. I talked about like. I've careful sleep at night sometimes used to. I'd take micro electrical policy by embraces that night's talk about life in stop now but why what would you what do you specifically happens it would be jumping and do what things during the week specifically one. Used snakes to work. Positive for second at this point are you. And it is you know your putts totally real Jesus. Specifics always Chris anything generated so battled a brain let's last week I can honestly we have to stress okay is it sniffed. This is actually a. And by the way they never tell use discount missile is sprung and it always sprung on me and that was because that was the fallout I think about right Ellison followed from my new two story all that's right and dissident and so they were on. They're wondering what was going on and with Kirk he sees me I'm sitting in currency a currency in my seat it's like I'm on the other side of the cell and you can sense the anxiety are so that's second I start to sort of shake a move around and he's like all right we are fully relax at the we are not getting off of this topic until I get at least sixteen usable drops of Curtis wants to jump off Herbert. Of what. What it is just celebrate college therapists tell you I execute your amount of styles racing what does that get the durable this ups inning and then we'll read your daughters and beverages and we think that it was that before Christmas for job that thing on his head he's relentless in. The military has the lakers. To do to get humans that grass and she tells me to have some water you have and how men talk. Bet yeah dollar before that I won by Margaret when it obviously. I few of them than he. Stop your mind from racing know like when I don't balls we've pulled through because I'm Hungary about that is not because he's reminds me raise my race to you have been and when I can't fall asleep my mind races right I think about. Things at work and things about like what you're talking banana help. So as much entered some war didn't. Know if you're dehydrated and have him or is this it is students for a licensed therapist. I. Senator Ben you can stare at the ceiling to more than mind's racing and have one. I'd just keep trying to fall asleep and I've it's a falsely orgy therapist tell you should do right that's we're getting. To make a list of things are wanna accomplish the next day so much stress that'll do that her head in my early automaker the sticky thing in my yeah I'm Matt let's. Things to accomplish today. That it is the and that was my best thing is that mutt and I really enjoyed the most when the others and yet as we know exactly how it feels he can here might just losing it with Kurt and Jerry in the background there. Right let's shower finished in this little discovered yet very odd predilection wounded with a Jerry quality. Ability to deal is so once that came out there we at all and tells sun shower with your wife. Months ago four months ago probably. Perfect. Bad idea if you're doing just want him. You won't be going on initial little hairy yeah idyllic but to his clothes off. Like I don't earned them our other organs and bodies and that you shouldn't have been changed so come from new knee new name. It's a figure Stockton headers and things. I'm sure George. Yeah. It's a very good option on the job for her oldest I've ever had proved to rush hour. And I wouldn't you know having your ass just in the right you do you are now. God nobody Jeremiah dude again nurtured that. I can't ever tell mark gets upset. For real legitimately for real I think Friday was ready to lock out of one point. Friday was as bad as of Spencer has it that the things at Auburn or reared like Hewitt's legitimately take topic you. For reviewing the pre hot stove show pep talk. I guess that's that was label bother bulbs right it was a it was a sincere moment between China fired me up and I'm Brooke the sanctity of the locker room right I think Kurt he expects that with Kirk. You know because he goes even you know when he talked about Carter or whatever like he's mad when that read mix here but there's an element of him knowing that every tells Kirk could come up. Where is with who he thinks he's doing a favor Purdue and I don't know given you a review like pep talk for a hot stove show was gonna help you that so when you revealed that it really betrayed his trust. Were you mentioned the need to story that's that was kind of short and sweet but we got in the telling. All of us have had our brushes with the harassment through the years on I was lonely street but yes mine was somewhat interesting but. You're asked to indicate this is 33 seconds of beauty here which was later transcribed sported because in order to -- state that's a new team. I was in. England. In 1998. Wins on a Catholic might confirm we went to this are annoying hearing now and no and the priests know was a priest there was a a much bigger girl who was already around. The entire time she was one of the counselors say get the new. Yes Aaliyah a much bigger. And the final night she was like we have a camp night campfire in light whenever you took the spot was kind of not leave me alone I was about I'd sit by and it's a terrific story. Laden matter. And sometimes those weathered the mighty. Amanda anxiety salt might cure but these are these new two story goes over and turn the rest of the show and judges penetrating questions from Kirk. Right. So I don't know I'm a little losses as terms of who was a little more black Packard occurred in Cali it show I I think. Out of your eligible to drum full time member of the show. And you've been around for years you kind of have that body of work built up bright and in the vault nobody will touch volley at the ads that the match but. Much has really made a late charge what could we Gerry called a mater what's Greg Biffle horse coming back I mean do we have his I don't wanna springs on habit to rehab his desert island story yeah I act but that is while this was during battle writes yes which didn't go real well this this time around battle rebels for this was mr. brightness battle to bring what's to Clarence Clearwater revival is the peak. Agreements it will never be touched. This was okay yeah analysts say jump the shark but this was prior we had a hand you know pageant Q and was the third part of the competition. Right and it was not real good. I admit I do you know much quite no huddle attack it's Gillick serious and eat right I had no idea what was bizarre slow sort of. Following his lead in this league knows I imagine you were left hazard and given a chance what or who would you like to accompany the conference on back I. I would like behind desert island. With the with the former is now past I have to bring them back to life. But the iceman George Wolfe George Woolf was one of the great jockeys of our time short hair products on wrote sea biscuit. When Red Pollard got hurt and George Wolfe played by Gary Stevens the movies he visited him. Had a career high is actually just model and they are extremely in the history of the world or woman and some of the little old guy George will always had a guy George wolf. George good answer. What would you do like ride him he. Right you have what was once he could he answered I could with the Oscars yet I was getting to that did you try to do the right arranged things is that he's this I can be as fortunate George will could ride around you right out of the Desert Classic and combat they would right around we certainly would make re trying to races there in the would you do it tonight. Tell stories talk. Literally can't dig out I think I now I think this all comes down to the gap that was mean it was coming to a crashing halt. That was bizarre I had no clue where he was going I don't know from that point how to answer these questions because that was neither serious nor funny it was just awed. Which I guess is the essence of money eventually pulled off course the troubled. Nobody can argue that Wednesday a great moment for them and it's a. And everybody. It was it. I had to stick to our. It's a little wardrobe changes now. Monday these. Shirtless and play the trombone. Guy back. And that got jumped in behind the scenes that met the night before the bring us when I was having trouble sleeping at my banana. He says you sent me a text saying do you have any hidden talents because mud had reached out to you yet to Arizona obviously right. So I turned in my life and I suggested why have any hidden talents that you thought for about five set pictures that I don't think so buddy he met with a bigger punch in the gut and the brain was itself. Well what's audience I would take your brain is a fact ironically you chose your brain in the world pageant quite good is your favorite body part. I would take your brain over months in many skills competitions it hasn't shown up in terms of the the quizzes. But for instance we had you know Kirk grilled mutt. What was it it was a US citizenship correct any failed miserably. I mean obviously he felt awkward at the slave question is human but he couldn't. A lot of people were taken American sold the slaves. It's what group of people were taken to America and sold the slaves. There from Africa and Africa where it would or group of people yes. Which group of people. It did it feel like that's not a real question what group of people question number sixty was taken to America sold the series. Witness it's like and sent it even has no idea answer. Speak African Americans throw it would be effort in America Africa I think a lot of what. That seems pretty I mean. They they were taken from Africa or group of you're not not a group mr. Huey Lewis afternoons or that Al. And our first tip off that we had a problem only got in with which he says black people against McCain to come up with it the quiz is very. You look at Houston a presidency you would nail the president's yes. He wasn't quite sure on on who followed him this is after. What troubles gonna release the files on your files who took over for Kenya African SS Eisenhower. That's correct. And while. Who took was put all our after he was with the president of African assassin who became president. The night to say was an Eisenhower Nixon was a look at the. Ignored the governor in in the LBJ following chip came it was even you know Betty got into the what he say. For the person who shot Kennedy bird shot. I was told we all over the map. It's all over the place he was wrapped up their beanie as he was real. I gotta say though we we went back because it and a drunk Curtis the the old there before you. Fought and I've been continuing battle in Iraq as a corporation that. There's still a bunch of audio that we bring it back again kind of put you over the top and this is why I think he still had yet. We for summary don't get in order was we have Richard guy Jones our Friday football gas correct. And so naturally we replace Somalia from your own big summit with Dutch which was around the flight data what salute. Was around it's actually similar to where we are now I was going after all these ESPN personalities Bill Polian Chris mortenson all of them they were the declining interview request to talk about the footballs being under inflated all the stuff and there's this big battle. Between Dennis and Callahan at the time. And ESPN and he wanted me on to talk about. This public spat between the show and ESPN right. And before I play this. Israel Aslan were you you're just tuning in what element listening to this is the real Casey per gallon show. Fall book recap can't ludicrous current produces the she'll go through some of the most lawless of the last three months on the program ends. I just I couldn't get past some of Curtis and month. Now features the last remote but it is for the guys reacting again listening back in history now with the vision 20/20 vision. As to exactly what state you were and when you had this great podcast some of Richard Dutch food. That any further ado let's go to our guest Chris Curtis lead producer the Dennis and Callahan Show. You know what you're figuring government's why do you enjoy doing what you do. I would I would say I enjoy doing what I do because it does I know what I need to restore work on. I restarted the Austrian radio like Bruce do you show I produce. Further Jason's little right choice for his dear you mentioned diapers and operatives are telling him. The point is do little frustrating aspect is that I talk to my parents are taught to play and similarly. Why are used to producer why did you do that well the reason mailings. And the reason I am producer and the reason I enjoy what they do is because I know the impact I can have on a show. And no I'm doing more insecure can Boston would do you see. I consider. And god and it's incredible I've never heard apple it it's amazing odds and they were well every single time it's amazing to me. It's how stupid. Jerry John and I were to not know this I was at yeah. And big suspected for ones that. Austin put a page workers voiced any else that podcast. Fifteen I can tell you a couple on and know that. No I think apple says the available Israelis though on the escalator on the show they heirs obviously between six and ten in Boston in. What time then would you get to the studio on a given day. Up for third with thirty roughly what's the I don't it's. A storm production. So all we out of there by 1130 you know much to do it on but I don't. The resilient and I I don't mean to industry around just as soon and there are. My goal is to get as much like here and done and we don't want a decision but I find that most of what I do wedeman is. Does he probably better product at the hospital were where the pitchers you that mask on that jet on. This costs sent sun normally tiger call you are routine. Utterly incredible unbelievable I had heard that until. We played a short snippet of that earlier in the last fall at some point and and it was unbelievably. Incredible the year I had no idea obviously but it's out like that my breathing I felt like. I can't even talk a breeding so heavily. Bottom line is you had a great book in terms of Munich air to show so did money much rise up the charts in terms of imports and he's the fifth member of our. Fans are really fueled es he's kind of wack packer emeritus yes he's he's engaged with the show he's always well sending us stuff you know it's like he's like a third producer right. Well every we didn't play the planet Mikey seems so which I think probably it's been overplayed at this point it is a danger in that but it's okay will played and maybe later on she'll. We ought to get to go to recapping here the last three months on the record Cali and of course we'll equivalents per shorting out the number here in this storm coverage Saturday. All will do closings possibly later on the shuttle or two's exit anything close and I will anchor the storm coverage back here and he'll be here for Christmas morning to like show 6177797937. 61777979237. Yes and you can text us you know how to turn on your 793 so. Via text lines hot Hampshire gently it's your calls jets here. To a answer. Queries at anyone Albuquerque talent all the airport today you're doing all the all the cuts yet we traffic is that not an adult and cuts off the this is the rich keep them. Reefer madness computer's a little while dual role here today. We do to get into the awkward week that it was between Kurt and Jerry 86 o'clock we'll get back as this was a unique week. On the show you of course went with Kirk difficulties correct which is great. On an audience saw the too much yet what will be so much will we let it podcast or not a big fan of our last. Our weekends we put it you know like we always do or Bruce or works hard and Kurt and Jerry or talk after him. Before Kirk recently keys can ask you know any thoughts or ideas for tomorrow's show and Kurtz of wanted to put an awesome podcast you guys don't look at it yet use. Elephant. I'm not ravishing praise anyway before we get to that though the curtain Jerry week it was. And some of the battles between link before this hour as we got to hear the best of pirated peak from the way this book. And next we're gonna delve into the tread a situation a little bit plus will run through the other whacked Packers and kind of just in the quick rate and held them right sounds good to hang weights a mossy. Eccentric centric. This is the real can't see on real radio we here at 7 o'clock tonight leading into Jerry's. Heisman Trophy presentation. Allen will be that too and personally. And that's about 7 o'clock tonight six or 77 tonight seven under through seven kept ludicrous Kurtz is the real okay it's now or can see what ever. We feel OK and seat get Laird crisper response. For its radio WEEI. I would consider building work we've you guys in the summer or over Christmas. He's nothing if not honest. John beat those devastated the big picture dignitaries to the cart in Callahan show without her and correct. And for that matter what you I'll be there for his return on the front right yup for the hopefully for the crossover at 950 with. Kirk muck in view all right in the middle of that with drew on that Friday night. Taylor Chris cars you're seeing a producers of the Kirk Cali it shows the real Casey looking back on the weekend the entire fall book of Coeur D'Alene where links Curtis and best done in the first segment of the show but we should talk Paladino just briefly mentioned in the crossover with bucket Roemer. You would deal and had your issues yet still blocked all via entirely blocked whenever our creator Porter county some fines and walks of authority and in our board or council blocked. He did reach out to you after your announcement though does she talk to media via text for regarding alcohol as some very nice and yeah I don't know he also re randomly reached out a couple times but I haven't spoken with him. Since the Jimmy Fund but it early and speak to me at the Jimmy Fund. The important for those days but anyway it will be interesting to have a I'm thrilled that he's coming and I think it will be good for the station and good for you and me to have some fresh you know all around guy compared to last year and I was I workers this week again this year. Edward last year yes without your help. And it was may it was an agreement I just. Last year was the most. Unbelievably frustrating week because. I couldn't I know right now peaceful I got the wrong mixes and sharing Kirk every day like 7 AM. Or you do early in the us is awful worse than the history of radio debtors better. And so every day it was to reset and try and find a new group that. Could work the following morning six the tournament. Get rid of the other people make something up and say you know a lot of players have changed about your all this is going to be great and this time to deal with all the different various members since he's left basically every member of the casting coach we'll have a shot with a you know it's secretary when that would really be there anyway and incidentally I am supposed to kick the week off with the best of Curtis on Christmas Day I qualify can actually find four hours of you being the focus but I guess it's probably doable it's just could take some work up front lines that he killed outweighed. Or the Chris Curtis current. This certificate is this just completed tight podcast I immediately as these and Cory Lekkerkerker create something is. Words we stupid Ingrid is the Chris Curtis Christmas I would get it's who Morley the lack Packers he has formally known as casting couch here a bit. Got some calls notes so shocking to me. People to break down an illusion Carlos yet we're not allowed to but will go full as anywhere right technical jet and a Papa John pepper. What's up John. Wanted to be here. Did what they want one point about my I usually like your mud on the radio because I knew it was less drunk on the road but he's actually been very good recently. The great. Secondly I you know I want to know what the strategy you plan to ignite it or you plan to add it all allow you never want to come back. While. They pocketed the pocketed the right except for the Friday crossover as being nice to write it all mean. It is not going to be an instant situation where you're forced to or not forced. No I I'm I'm I'm thinking more in terms of on a year off all blow up would be great because if you lose mine on the radio then we don't sound forever and can play acting. Definitely will be great for. Kurt Kelly would normally get back. I have two bones to pick with both via. Munich and the other is if it goes well then you know. And I don't want him to come back in the really sort of fake happy the air and not really getting anything that's that's my one fears that he just puzzling gains she's getting yelled tree. I'm sure they're gonna do fine without me he's gonna stay above the fray every couple minute field jokes and you know try to write a bottle. Like he's it would mark the first namely really dig deep dive into the psychosis of John. Perks that go on vacation that we can Revver Kurt is concede him throwing things but wall bat because markets and going after jobs under pressure that's a huge pressure is under six big spot for the month you know how many questions John has already written down for Brady he's got the colored pencils he's got the third and to read a call he's got a all the greatest victory for Tom Brady would be instantly be loving. Because we had some Brady appearances with Kirk lately which it. I don't let proposed united mean. Where. It's a controversial stuff he's just. I guess it has been is like this week we edit radio on he was asked about that would crawl and it was. It was one so here. I saw on the on TV tendency you know at a time with Jesus. You know not receive some lesser reference then he got a penalty for. You know. Of the we've had a couple those ball yes we have. I think did you know be comfortable with the you know you don't is doing what ever you care and they have Brady's say. I like your job I missing something along those YMCA so that he can say to his friends that look he misses me he hates quirky new two minute drill. And have that these big victory in apartments return. We'll go to Dennis seat East Boston next here on the real KFC what's on those. Dennis LO. I'd departed shows. One wanted to play this. Back to mutt drops this the previous got a shot at money in passing Stephen province called back following man. And had a great line development kit. And Kirk just lost that this is actually. A minute and nine seconds ago offer adequate political thing but this is the hardest effort mutt Kirk lap since my banana or water store yeah it was a to them delayed reaction but didn't that he wasn't quite paying attention and it sunk in your. Do not believe an intimate protesting what Carter told grosses where you have a chance or. He. That is the are such a Dicker is nothing else these you to your opponent. I honestly I don't go to hell hasty go to hell you Erica. I hope I hope to see the hope you're okay making fun of a four year old I hope that makes you happy Steve that's fine. Very much and makes Carr can't beat duke is Kirk is an a hole which are up one more question. I had to get somebody else it's 12 to 26 and the other day. Go ahead Steve. Never quite tell them think. Hold. Car it's a little overweight as a bit about that he's constantly and don't. Note said to Kirk don't hear I think that much talking about his son with assume that wasn't going to be topical Patricia. Which is obviously. I'd put a bag of bullets so we wanna get hired Pete for the hours out this. I don't wanna blow through the rest of the lack Packers in the state of casting couch necessarily. But let's obviously got some. Jews go on yes. Treading has been the most talked about the last couple weeks. To the point where I thought she was gonna be done actually rate there was a point there were I thought she was gone you're sort of called for a ban. Kirk was done with there right. Jerry was defending here this was after the blood in Connecticut in early hits out. Call it in the befall this became like a multi weeks at apple that we have time to go through evil thing right. What I think is. Trey to all of this has become what cheering Kirk love which is polarized. And she's always had sort of people lover and hater and all that but now even within the station. With different personalities here right on net hate certain place mercy right it's it's sort of take knowledge of its own where she's now much more sought after by the guys because even wanting her twice in that week on Thursday and this what began as bud talking about her tips some random horse racing guy who likes mutt and doesn't quite unstoppable. And I don't. But he's he can get. And with. Not much how I would thanks the other night I was statement through watching what street at all and I happen at Q I'd say good night. On the curling and thanks for watching bud out treading and trying to you gotta stay out radio because the TV really blows your hips out. Their hips on camera but yeah other capsized because blankets yeah. That's that's one weeks of discussion. Board that was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving right men training at the long response the Twitter read all of you to Muster were on Friday and it like four hours right and so that was like a five day news cycle what factors we overall often wasn't a lot going on and then the next reach she's back. And then the general oil calls in to. Or meth and it just sort of blew up and it's incredible I. I don't know she's off anyway because of curling duties and then for the holiday she's back home so. I thought it somewhat stabilized she definitely has a double standard what was college area out but that and he's right about it but it just it's the fact that means she's she gets more than it what are shown station. Absolutely and I'd just as great ratings for us and she's unique in the market eccentric Centre arts is the end time she's right at the double standard crush is actually just yet it's good race. I'll. The rest of accounts like ten anyway. She's safe and lately he's only animal on Rihanna entertaining way and the calls from beyond the grave of his. Bizarre fixation with the dates he's getting paid not really caring about anything else so we're gonna look at military ruler or any show he can be done. Resource come back it is not in that number even admitted it's all he's looking forward to Monday because there's a lot that he can attack you with the globe story Harold. In a lot of media stuff. Don't on his birthdays Tuesday's electoral some bizarre stories from the weekend otherwise dreamers encounters heroes. Yet told neutral in terms of not relief outing ought not really going too far the other way hasn't revealed many secrets about ulyetza maybe they'll do that right back and you know through a while outside Yang ladies will still rule runs -- from the band we did lack of for a while this out for about six months and who must look at all to mossy Tomas he had the one Crandall crowd showed out car which we can play later if you like do. It was it was hot that was. Extreme tension in the room that yes. Otherwise he's been good he's just been kind of steadiness and that's that was the global capable of these he's been and he was had a front row seat to the and the most bizarre show of the book which was the final book lists that yes indeed he has idols blow through a couple of these jet ready go it's gonna gain in Plymouth. It's calls and your the rookies sealed real radio stickers I get canned credit. Card related and on the great at. Radio. On Saturday I ever witnessed all rookie appreciate. It unbelievable and this and I just wanted to know when Gerry Callahan either diet. Think it is sexual assault. Who gonna take place of Gerry Callahan is going to be best friend picked him very. Not who your next favorite. That's a great question. Jerry of course as far as I was completely innocent of all all of our way over local minority equity borrowers and as they did with their own person with the latest story but I would say. Right now it's Kirk. Verses if it's Kirk soul and Jerry happens to die or go to jail. I think we're just to the minute and show and it would have rotator a couple of people have told league great is this is one this is Jerry's claim and I think he's an upset right. Kirk cannot do a show with anybody but me. And it's tough to argue that right now you throw at anybody the market Kirkwood is he would flame through the week even like tag laid Mudd who likes. I can't get fired these weak anyway. What's not intellectually capable hanging with them for the entire. A mutt with either. Not wanna ever talked occur to get by the end of every week or Kirk would just be done with marked by Wednesday but right if I had a good one person that would do it. And sort of wood filling off the top I would say would be Kurt and mark with a different cohosts the every day. But I think her retirement after yeah okay. We'll get to more of a cart in Jerry's and trying week at the atop the Arab we have get a little bit higher repeated. It all and we were hotter with Pete in October that we weren't necessarily of late but we had some good ones we get really add some supplies that you have uncovered for Pete's new blood shall South Florida. Southwest fort. On including a pronunciation bush Ambac was the will never be yeah. I heard anyway again and that's been a rough week and for America he graded the the toughest days that we've repeated that god bless America indeed it can't latest Chris Curtis is the rookie at C a real radio with the best of pirated peek at next. No battered king and sees. Don't real KE NC get Laird Chris Curtis on Sports Radio WEEI. We have our leaderboard on lap first round though it looks like hurry up with a course others with mr. Corry what's that was the only thing the end she ended six under are really originally a bit flawed. I mean and then the Keyshawn thanks she's won back to back to Japan and China so she's the she's red hot right now it shows listen to her afterwards when she won last week. She said there should get off the plane if somebody told her she was now number one. Overall and she's with one defied his order to stick for so often called upon of that at the some. You don't need any description of the boys and everybody knows that speech after the break he she is now relocated. So all theories he's coming back every now I know he's down there they sold only plays here and he's currently trying to unseat. She human and Apatow the sole host now. Ever since I revealed that on the real can see podcast Diaz and communicate. Happy maybe that's okay. We kick all of this anymore right there is no way down he's there is no way that's been told him good care. Of vulnerable. Well this thing I've ever heard what. Why wouldn't the Columbia small but he's old by the parent company brand X. And gone through I guess anyway. But we need to back he's back anyway be in the form in which we bring it back which is pirated Pete you don't terrific job it's all Chris cars work. You listen to show religiously love annual time. You spent your passion Sports Radio. Also miles you would need you'd be listening to southwest Florida sports not any way I look Ford or spring training trip every year but more so this year is on and how about live. Shepard on Irish beat terrific now like it I don't remember when the hurricane was for Seattle to the FaceBook live coverage that we was evans' book I actually didn't pull that. That was semi related in there somewhere but it was a good September you're you're a couple of the other other highlights that you love came up with before we can sit. To the Vegas shooting incident Tom. This was a just this is back in September he was getting ready for out of the Kentucky Florida game and you don't Pete. Wants to convene gene knows he's talking about he knows the questions ramble on for like a bit at minute half. He just put referral by nearly died right on a fine stats and numbers just throwing out there were no meaning there. Joining us now is Ryan job. The SEC country for a program to our but the gators but what about. He said to Perry it's a lot of Kentucky right let's yeah we've gotten past great it was a great win for the whole state by the way I have a film entice him to Florida was rooting for the gators I think. Just because what we all went through last may be Salma and or where we're still a wreck was. I know headers and Wilson both played pretty well they're gonna have to step it up at Dawson is going to be. Question what foot again so just take a look at the defensive backfield which is probably distract. Of the gators are overall positive how's that looking dornin at the Kentucky game much that are. I'm not music I'd love Pete gotta love the episode Peta says questions on what he thought it. They're always a question forty followed a little 42. Year Saab to sports. I think it's going to be a fascinating game I mean I know the kids are probably you know they they know about the history you know mark Stoops and talked about it yesterday. It is press conference record to wildcats talking about. How he takes it personally. I'm sure Stephen Johnson can't wait you're probably won't want to play the game right now quarterback of the wildcats begin these bush you know. I'm I'm wondering how Mac point keeps it all in perspective this week and also on the outside the Kentucky. Friday's acquittal and say about stay within yourself but in all it does work both ways in this and we got that kind of a winning slash losing streak it does work both ways. The as any at least not know. So later on that month he had the free your million in turn asked the heat of species football portal owners in the content is asking about being AD in coaching I don't know. Let the great. Pete is all time of the program former Michigan and Arizona State basketball coach bill freed are welcome yeah coach I'm angry excited you know enough. The coaches and back to Michigan you were very emotional or career was that he was the eight the public pressure did he put on you to you have a successful program and and did he ever have the kind of well if you. Good and you know through this no I mean look giveaway from that and what about him this football program as well when Israeli and I animosity there as far as all the football teams get to do this and I can't do that in my program. Well you know. I only see him through like six called. I needed him every left uses it to the job try out that Steve Fisher won a championship. Tied to job in California and Arizona Cardinals Arizona State that's right we can read. Play Chim Bakalar again. Most similar career as a lot. Well who who both similar career was shipped back well and back and I and our tactical victory slow it down. Critical similar courier was the pollution of few people are different. Questions that are thought to have within that one question was seven what was the cork when you mess with banners and since then implement an overtime I can listen the. I'm doing great guy chided Dylan why. For a short cut to the coaches getting back to mission and you were very emotional or courier was that he was he would be pressured did he put on your one you have a successful program and and did he ever have the kind of well if you. You know who's sort of a malicious no I mean look giveaway from that and what about him as a football programs Romans are ready and up animosity there with large all the football team has to do this and I can't do that to my program. Sort of fun. You know. I was only view him for like six. All men slowed it did it's too. Feel like trainee doesn't really know what to do with knowledge he has no idea casinos Pete writes. Out it's our work heat it's not a good mesh with the pirate team trainer try to anyway shows but the final one over giving two year. Is by far away there'll never just like I think there'll never be. A battle pronouncement would be number two when might that clearance Clearwater revival right there will never be a part of it again. But is this tone deaf and hollers at the same time as it is a all this because when real life meets sports repeat it's been an issue it's a big issue Jerry mightily from time to time that after 9/11 was not on the air following that for couple weeks and this was. Did they go right Monday was on Monday yes so the brightly hours after the worst shooting in the history of the United States have happened he thought that this would be a good poll course. Bright sports week and I thought overall it's a lot of outside lot of bad news sports and exciting bad games of the reason to think and just wake up to this and it's just so horrible and we'll just provided distraction today about our thoughts and president of speaker everybody. What is it just it's a horrible situation but our poll question is up on ESPN and not three SPN poll would. It's the weeded out. But the worst day over the weekend. Why we dolphins which will start would bear Butch Jones coached Tennessee Patriots defense that aura and margarine. That's not a good question yourself options ET. They're like 500 and 87 people in Las Vegas who wouldn't vote for anything about it in both Fred always. And would you know who lost Detroit. He gave us a bad loss every Mora and ordering. And I don't ever know ahead and order and good to hear him talk and Georgia and I don't agree with him. Or as slow unbelievable idols of it twice because I couldn't believe. It's I was missing and that wasn't really edited that was. Right from the worst shooting in the history of the country to grow the worst day of the week and those two. Beautiful all right we're up against the media break because skirts it's terrible stick Clark says that Islam and it's your fault. The irony normal part Italian channel. Laird Chris Curtis is the real Casey got an hour ago we will get suddenly awkward moments this week we nearly got a full board. Dennis norm Blair hang in there will get to kind of wanted to do that yet. When favorites. And a couple odds over for you with 61777. Point 7% but that this was unique week we'll get to that. We may have them stand checking in a global later this eager to join. I'll talk about the rest of the lack Packers to trade situation tank way I get more Curtis and what best though from this book is well to get two solo almost too much you know. Was to show we'd get the Heisman Trophy presentation. 7 o'clock this is the real Casey on the beauty.