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Saturday, December 9th

In the second hour of the show, Ken and Curtis contiue to talk about and play the greatest hits from the fall book of the Kirk and Callahan show. They highlight the performance of casting couch member Gary Tanguay, talk to callers about the behind the scenes part of the show, and receive a call from Kirk Minihan himself (interrupting would be guest Mike Mutnansky) to grade the guys, and tell them what he's been doing this weekend.


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At 611 here's what's trending now brought to you by Legal Sea Foods visit legal seafood restaurant this holiday season and give your. Give and give your loved one the gift that says I love you the Legal Sea Foods gift card or visit Legal Sea Foods dot com. Boston College beat. Being number one team in the country Duke Blue Devils in regard 84 at coney form this afternoon I was there almost govern over. Tom Brady Malcolm Butler off the injury report and will play Monday night Miami markets came in and while. And bio care noise are both out the Bruins host the voters tonight at seven I'll wild kid I just pronouncement so we will. And army beat maybe. 1413. This weather report is brought you by town fair tire it's currently 31 degrees still snowing three to six inches are expected by tomorrow morning. That's what's driving our WE EIW ya what I call could think back to Boston by. Can't see plumes of what the hell you're talking about. You know Katie and seen our producers do a fantastic job investors and market not a lot morning she'll producers this do this. That if I mess up soccer seriously injured were in bounds podcast are similar prison and now we came to Billy since please. The greens can layer that Chris Curtis on your radio. Ideas can connect system you can yeah. It's important that I love and Chris I think murder. They are sick this both of them will try to make you look like NN state. Yeah get a lot of focus on Sports Radio WEEI. I am I've lost my whole trend of when the show's going after well look at. You play against Marcus cannon and vile. And bile candle valuable about mixed couples I just out of Iran with the files ultimately it. You know a sand wildcat nor I are both out. American public market on the drops vial candlelight. Our arts with a Rio de NC on real radio nine your 6177 tonight 737 callers are lined up. You've got much to make it's if you're just joining it recapping the last book of curtain count it we are the senior producers corporate stooges of the media per gallon cheaper. Chris I took some heat this week you'd look it was it was really a love hate for use this week right you'll with a Pebble Beach with Kirk yes. Actually I thought you guys ruined the find Newt can and out of there Tuesday night. I thought at all Kirk and I walked out there read you know it wasn't insanity we didn't you know get arrested or Kirk in you know. Pro basketball the Jerusalem tablet you want to write but it was good entertaining people seem to really enjoy the FaceBook live and as is always the case round here everything was done to the best it could have been done we of the audio we had video the next morning. We at all that cut up we we have all the recorder and the fees apply its. And we played so but leading up to that point I thought Kirk was. Relatively happy with how things went and I thought you know the final day of the book got a bunch of stuff to get through and then it just sort of took a picture and the crescendo was the Joseph assault which is a great yet and this is on FaceBook like is unity you were like. Thrown out of the premises rent I'd go by India and additional bad shoot into the foundation last April the globe these were hiding. And so during that whatever report minute span Solomon had exited the lounge and was confronted by yourself and there. Don't want to work. Thinkers and yeah nice. Three sports center of the globe once again as usual running scared to another common example why the globe as you know that's evolved focus on him right there. Those great moment it was actually cat that two hours a live stream on Tuesday it was we didn't pay off panel for a show that much but it was. Captivating and like HUCED felt nervous for everybody there at the event that Kirk was lurking. There was a real nervous anxiety that entire night you could see it on the FaceBook live walking around with our two security guards that were following her every move and cook had his eyes looking to. Confront someone. He had sole act you know hammered popping up about things and it was a there was an interesting night is Italy's and it was obviously a long. Video in two hours of that but I thought it was it was. Well before we get to it it was kind of similar feelings here in the building during our show this week for everybody here because Kirk was just get better rat is even he would admit. Later in the week ease some things the way on what she'll discuss but before it's all that. Should we go rip through the college because the your fans await cars Jerry wanted to take these polls are you take an annuity like. Let's go to Norman the car. The Dallas area I don't. Hey at what they want an actress congratulations. And did the blue double defeat today that's forgotten think I was there. People would go to form a bit more regularly that that we can get. An attack ads wanted to thank you come back that shot because it really suck without you that love. Your courage and that continued could help you. I doubt what suggestions I'm wondering if you got odd about having. Beth Lindstrom odd to do battle where Elizabeth Warren. Because you guys are you know more legitimate senior political. In creating questions and discussion than anybody else on radio make for awesome morning. We if we ever had. Was warned that alone she remembers. I mean it'd be interesting. Take an outlook that was Warren on with Terry Kirk to Ehrlich a confront that are borderline. Stock you don't always know issues going on by thinkers something here are some other reason an idea Gupta great cameo author. Take a little exceptions the shows suck when you're here in Apollo I work okayed it. I gotta gotta wasn't a great when I was here before there was an abduction of ruining it looks like a crazy ideas are tremendous the ratings were were good. They ought to seek gone to a great and ot it it's a no brainer bring you back and I think. That the show perfectly let's go to. We would have tried Dennis again you tried before and you get on them alone or shot that's irresponsible and that is. Our public opinion yet. OK. You have local community the top problems occurred occurred at manned that. Wanted to be newspaper much as seen. Think I've ever on its we'll talk drops the ball yeah tough second so you would put Monday night for it that it operated. That is. The producer of all charges they were troubled me whatever walking around these cars. What it will be unity Mott won a nudge him one question about what he's gotten it never. Played at that kind of unconventional what do you. Why did I make her crack up but there's the mark here audiences don't current black people would obviously. That he. The captive deer who is open now and so on are so. But is one where he. You do at the post game Red Sox and it was just like you don't read doctor view are so close it. In any sit and enjoy the rest of the year to whoever and then. But actual where he can and he comes right back with a different point you know mark airport oh. All well and he's got it on that somehow it certainly didn't back the outside well. Fortunately it a lot here. It like doubly. Yeah but that there won't even though with him in the name actually delineated to read. Ended in her view and edit it and all chose. Good stuff on pursued on I gotta agree with the the cowboys. Beat the Redskins that you succeed at what I've put a is sneaky did O we're gonna do it occurs drop off balance got Indian and it's absolutely cafeteria. Lou always open had also that was good businesses need I think it was a summer show where there wasn't a lot going on and it was just perk him up that day at trinity is what bill. No via the cafeteria alternated as we found the old sound of the meeting voice yell you lie and it's much and that sounds sort of just took over the show I mean it was we played that. I don't know how many times throughout the course of the. Always thought the show with all the great most of courtesy month on. The train challenged it in the being executed. Was OK we had a couple challenges obviously Kirk's protest at the brand X was awesome that was amazing really as a and that became a viral Internet sensation but before that we had two challenges it. Kirk going on the Peter King channel re ran a new battle spilling and did some before that press presses and then came and came back and within one at three minutes what once that was the it was but it got three minutes or so one of the highlights of my life then we sing you wanna scavenger hunt during a five minute. Clip of training rambling on about whatever she was railing on trees were talking about race relations or conversational racy wasn't that good at the end was so good which left this distraught pearl and one man is Christmas your theory argues turtle. I also love Gary's like the late reactionary comes in late with the laughter. If you put it as there are times when Gary. Is sweeping in the student cause absolutely and then remember and what was it Thursday of this week he's sitting there emerge. Usually what is that feedback what are we hearing and he's got a cell phone it was right up to the microphone as press that the money. And it's just like. He really doesn't care he he really doesn't care. What they let's talk a 10% for you needed to beat it once and and some of the awkward votes. Heavily. He got in trouble for ripping Gail. He almost get kicked off the show right behind the scenes there was some serious discussion about what what should we do with angling here. Right and did you know all of like I don't huckleberry Jerry has been to Kircus tar balls on the show he and Gary are friends will be a president or reject him. Don't it was beyond that it was he was ripping. Was it was ratings discussion in which shows that are global that no he he he's got. You know Jerry and Kurt both of them show and all that but there's been times were jury. Has been done with Gary not you know I hate the guy but just doesn't. Prepared to read things he brags about not reading the Brady story in USP in the magazine of the leadership in these any of that stuff right. And Kircus you know I like the guy but. I don't need to have me here and it's been close but I think he sort of brought himself back with the mother from beyond the grave which was a lot better than. Kirk's dad from the we'll be adding. He this was his idea right yes the first one. On. He thought he sent us a text saying that he was speaking about doing it. And you and I and classic management form sort of relate. I don't know OK maybe. At that guarantees the bid heading to. The brake and almost always terrible is going to be terrible and I'll know this this this is the one this is gonna click Chris this is going to be a little anxious about I think he's he was jealous of your fellow girl fire Felger stomped and I think he's in the top you know what it is and I have no idea. Annoyed here. It says here it is AS special guest on meet our line is that right. That's correct me take this jester in temperature let's talk to our special guest on the line a special guest. Laureate and talking. He's calling for who's ever for Kurt Muse. Paula they're getting oh it's definitely. It paid a dad has got a glad misty eyed head and sound different sound your voice. Well you know pick the connection. That figure. It. He wanted to. We're finally here if you really need to get done ahead of its. Okay you're off funny your dad when you're alive how I mean this the it would not for. Ten minutes it was error it was so bad it was after I walked into the studio before that segment and I see him on his boat and I'm thinking oh maybe he's looking at an email or some notes you'd written himself for he's getting ready for this call. Was on the phone said in its parent teacher conference over there and the second group of ought committee called that gives us that you know gem of the mother be on the grid as was much better yet at least the emitted through law we have a special guest you punch up our special guests online to paste special guest. Yeah yeah. The mom. Taught you that it's. Mohawk. Yeah. You and your brother did. Did you. Didn't. Act. The holy season mom. Is a more difficult than that as you know your birthday was October than dad's birthday. Then Thanksgiving and Chris it's it's all yet it's all kind of rolled into one thing. Yeah. We can't help. You know I'm pretty elegant and I bet dignity and. What a way when Collins wouldn't let me admits. We called out. In. Japan. Think. I mean I have no recollection that you. And what was that of the area for the whole book I mean other. He took abuse. From trinity quote unquote tree Colin rate of rent spots. Which was. Now they have to do and how the water around at midnight and suddenly we can I have my aunts. It's. And there. Are you today narrowly to mean. Low red. In Friday it was what was in this week Wednesday. Taylor was and Thursday he went on our sister station WTF and just started badly he's bored or shall I needed a break right. Community to have all this so much more fun we're the show was more word it's definitely more viral back in time normally low volume race now now we're working on where we're talking about one thing and that's tubes. And that's that it. That's an example of Kirk being friends with Gary first and foremost because of that word anybody else including but possibly they would never be allowed back in especially in markets and show he would've said get out here. All talk to potentially hazardous demeanor about worries. You can't really did not like he's laughing I saw him walking back if I had to go get him. And he's sloppy I've gone with the east it is is through its. But he's back on. Checking his phone and ignored except with a with a check stuff where's my damn money like he has gotten a little seasonal and religion he reaches out to me like I. Why would I care charities if they fixed my check it. Kerry I don't know I'd like to check I'll take your money you're doing anything I mean why don't like here depict a bubble and eggs safe to say Gary's son to the bottom casting counts law. I don't wanna lose them right but at any moment he could be gone. I could say I could see that the issue is that. Some sort of we missed some sort of especially the next month or so trainees out. She's you know gone and and and two months straight he's going to be in who cat Thailand and you know going to be and so we're gonna need a thinker operable but especially. That gives us a reason I have bound train Cullinan harassed during the show. I'm comfortable plate Tomas ceased shedding moment of the sport that's his big show Donald Kirk was some of the highlights there that's pretty recent. And they'll also play some of the opera mostly mute promising now we've got to us upside though and we think we're gonna have much checked in at some point. With the into the water mental radar oh great us tonight. Michael grade us tonight and you know he he likes to show if you look at it's a good judge you and me a lot of like us talking for pro caller exact. Right back real Casey radio sports rated India now. CNC says. At this though real. K yhency get Laird Chris Curtis on Sports Radio WEEI. Getting this thing got until 7 o'clock it's the UKC a real radio. A half hour to go. We have to check in with the fifth man or fan or third producer our third producer and I think he said. The best. Certainly the most prolific rise on black Packers this. This fall apple would say it's been unbelievable from the monkey showering and we started with mullet is assaults on African Americans correct soleil Michael Ganske joins us on the hotline es son now two for two appearances on the real KFC. Real radio what's going Lama. Oh recurring get. Let's call Kent yes with minority you would love grade your performance here through the first down at. You guys are pretty it's. My children. Install. Do I don't know how that happened we have lost much as I'd want and Kirk is in the car card you're on the road game at Seattle area. All Arab interpreter report and I don't know little. Short races align the are now tomboy. Soccer. What do you think so far. I'll be honest I called in summary Kidman and higher in Rhode Island all weekend for swami. Hours though that up here and I saw daddy give that is about daddy's home to operate just watch all at a slow. Not next week in fact gonna tell you. Wahlberg and Will Ferrell walked. But you don't think they are completely different. Animal that that kind of figure things out together. I would I Hewitt it. What's really hurts and it is going down. Already done this this is this is like we have rules don't you know beef no chicken yucky too liberal peace equation now. Back to the hotel big night hanging out on HTTP. I'm going to does I had survivor yeah yeah I mean this missile cigar it's there. That now by the way means martyred for two months I'll. But that yeah that's true yes that's true that's true sees that you're seeing you basically this first hour yeah let's look I've not heard I heard any. I epidemic that it would give me give your reach. A lot of buzz we started with the best Marcus heard it and and while. And Boyle can't noise or both of identity that's a new all the highlights of Parker the action on so what what what I just talked. No unfortunately it got there yet if you like to closure of. And if I may think look the same acquisitions like security gives it still another power hitter. In the Red Sox fan and I feel like the Yankees off season so far has been more home run in the Red Sox if you aren't pot. While to take her thirties the Red Sox treated out rivalry and then fire remote she's so they're really into this right now. Although the fireside because it meant you know fire side and the decision the globally you know like there's a fire ladies club here before but you know sexually harassed so and that's the similarly did it. We do so pathetic leader. It is very very receptive from the gold crest because I feel like where the kind of show. That a woman can feel confident reaching out to us don't operate up on year in that great sympathy for them and their jerky that's. I have been surprised that I haven't got an email yet but Crist for anybody that has been. Had issues of the globe we will have very very open form for you to discuss through issues there and I think. Our show your news story was the one the other catalyst that brought the so polite. Are you what are you meter barely party event after hosting prediction. I thought well let. Analysts are you referring to. Respect how our gamer I was lucky gamer soccer and you're hosting the pregame show or drug cheating you're leaving early. I didn't have a little Watertown the big till tonight with the islanders and leader at 652. So yeah I got it under three minutes early docket Mitterrand. No all of us all means you is he was lower than what I almost got killed today I tire pretty excited video Chris. It was X I thought I'd fare as well I think I watched that 46 times at. Whatever. But what I saw the video here trying to quit European you know their idea Peter Trout. But it Pickett second. I had no idea what was happening at and think these people running right behind he does anyway it's a good video sporting is always talk with a tour. I want it on after the we'll lies that the course Jerry will be the Le. Presenting trophies on the radio yes highs in the race. It's a really cool way they sort of view behind the scenes radio version of the TV product they're gonna tell you what speaker made fields family's upbringing and it's pretty studs looser we don't know who's gonna win so why don't go like all night. Solution ahead. Never afternoon. Army navy right. I'm in my man I want programmer out here and it's a good point that's my job Michigan on the it it is yet but our doctor. Actually not in Italy subdued. I've Buick Buick Paula and I have an interview you before I think he's aware that it's an issue for grizzlies in and about any you know any you know opposite. Little bit. Rick I talk Republican rumor about that during the cross and bought his very excited that rim that a deal is returning in Roemer is. Route them through the roof whatever the term this is over the moon politics he cannot wait to do wish over the you know our big question Kirk was is Dino gonna discuss or engage with any of the shows stuff receipt is gonna stable afraid keep it. You know keep it in the air right. And up beat about I'd have to cut out compositing tool if you can get across. Is a little sense and yet another boy you know I. OK so. You know nuclear business thinks he has put together a lousy web site you can Pete he didn't attack the globe. You didn't play right this is what happened I like people barrel partially guys know that but this is like you know we get and nobody died. In you know offset epic Mickey got a competitive. If you had a good inside track if you fought back with the globe if he did a little more media stuff he did your real tap. We are tablet hopes are supposed to go about your real tablet the hungry for this could be happening to second sock. Crash every single time ironic that we did not object out all the possible understand why nobody else sang back. It or break through I think I mean I I that was yesterday click on the story on Twitter and this the story about the company going under would love to play. The criticism of the perfectly Harold radiate. Lester this. It kept at some point just curse social myself out so honestly because I think editor of the we briefly talked about this are you ball in his is real you wanna Chris Curtis Christmas is that something and. View a white if you I want a yacht for a lot about demanding. I want you to record five or six songs don't professionally done. Into the background a decent standard like Bing Crosby. Or were Frank Sinatra you can do act. Like William Hung put that album out right after the the classic which you've covered well yeah yeah sure. Adam's great album I it will all make it work at before I was occurred as a Christmas morning that's guaranteed. You've got your vote mark that estimate the other day. And somebody else have this ridiculous. There's a sense now we during the does that tension between me and Gary. Got touch on that. We we really it that the segment but this the people oh. Do you keep you guys captured it well. I'll say this I think the plaque that he brought in 2004 seemed to spark the whole thing yeah probable that's. Actually create a trigger premium you know where the I think so. Either that wouldn't work. Ida it seems to be a little to Kirk waivers that Jerry away a little bit has become a conversation. That's actually what it no more cause them questions Janus. What do you mean what are you guys like honestly I guess it get it out and hitting it 2000 when he attempts staggered him when they were a plaque. With. The 41 year old war between them why has 41 girl who would you like you pathetic old. You sad that like all the Red Sox won. The patriots won great it'll happen then there was via also spell Regan. Out Rodriguez and response special something with a laws that Chip Beck should not be. Yes or number one in against a nationally syndicated radio show all the sports station captured graduation. Org and I was pale and you'll be working that's. Act. You got four vote a tidbit. Well it was a that this has it that the second I didn't say given the wagers performed lately the special that. I must say that. They concur that means it yet lets you pointed out on Friday was whose company letterhead to wasn't like you know who's an internal report are no different orders or. Now a lot of stories about the other Entercom station located ought to call mine. Now our. I mean it's a pathetic at some point might be kicked out element all temporary Chris Curtis look. The workable Monday walked caller asked this what would be your host if indeed Jerry retires or as sexual harassment charges brought against them and I think one thing it's. You can support seriously did you can't work with anybody else for Smart. Like her badly but let's be everywhere on tiger show where I get that show would convert you know got a good quarterback yeah I didn't put it with a shall be. Jerry Jerry knows what I need you need two more years. That's about I guess that's like two more years on a loses an exit strategy. But you're like oh this solution is altered. Big dunk tank if you do. Eyes. At. I'm a legitimate conversation. And now that I'm. You know the plane landed it jumped out if he broke his ankle at any of the guys and a guy that sort of you know I know are all about. No I can't won't bubble ball a bubble and all sorts. Than that we talked we've done the best pirated people miss that we had our favorite part of we played the where the worst ever week in which was a highlight without ago they got us in the Jerry is saying that he was off the air after 9/11 which I don't know if you heard that he was not on the current. Yeah indeed it did tight quietly. Shepherd it was yes. Among managers at Wayne must note that it shocked at how quickly yeah we want to exit the circumstantial or why didn't you act. Adequate but. That's the ads that's our conclusions we got out that yes that's. I played the what do you wanna hear from we get adequately reflect a loss in lately some huge area when a curious. Wal-Mart was on the back against Soviet occupied house to tiny houses and that I've seen the show summit last night elite. It was really good show. It is like not the of one wife Shelby he's the tremendous. Watch a lot like Kate I had her right for Milosevic could I was at the map here. Swim meet today it's a personal records and then a little these days to some pizza that's an awful Elliott that we put our talent. Sounds a great week he saves us from what you say the public from multiple security curfew that. Ultimately being able mod is commonly. Half human half marquee sexual harassed drug racists you know it's sad that. Does not involve a lot of. White white white white white white white white white white. Why do you believe that audio from Friday. I put this so ago the team that was Kate Knightley dinnertime right. It's a Saturday or you can eat pizza special except they had a picture of Carter and it he said not invite the but sort of problems I think it will be like and the ports electrical. Amazing. Bible Selig. Suit that is the overlord curtain. Not exactly extinguishing the as a possible flames of some rift growing between he would chair noting the thoughts of black my my plaque. Told to trigger right on two fronts that and the departed Pete sort of being able ballot in we talked about that earlier. I love wrap this stadium next much a must go to back on the sunny with a chip the sale I don't look at my phone that the over very perturbed mutt text come and appear to a lot of idea leading gets its velocity with time we have left and will pick the best that the recapping the last little book here last three months on a cart and Callahan can't Larry Chris Curtis this is the real game it's now Turkey and see who. Woo hoo go real. OK ENC get Laird Chris Curtis on Sports Radio WEEI. This year the real keynesian Leo radio can't let. Pritzker eyes in this ceremony coming up we got a lot of media. Four here and we have somebody whenever that's had a chance to get through what's called too long. Too much from up this. Suzanne things we're gonna get to the mosque he fights to leave we didn't play any the awkward audio from this week but it really was there were some moments that it was just like. Accurately edged pins and needles it was that. Tree would call the of stomach in knots feeling this week around these parts. Yup Ken and I were in the control room working you don't like all my doctors they were great segments but also. But the Tomas is sick with outstanding radio but it was. Incredibly tense yet. Those two were going back and forth Kurt in the Los it was a it was last week right at it I don't we really title like triggers that set her off written this week that might illuminate the mosque he has little concerned he's the one that started the that's true. Walker down need the mental. Road but it's a photos I think by the end of the week things stabilize the bits. Urchin was accused of a good mood tonight enjoying time with daughter watching movies N it's a yeah. We also we had a bunch likeness of the football Friday and radiant and stuff come up we never really got to. Microchip Brady and every money's going to be on Tuesday this week. The football Friday guests not have rivaled Charlie Weis nobody Charlie Weis and takes the cake literally. He was but yet we it was our first this is like early September 30 keep on. And was just half asleep. As since then has there been anybody close I guess I'll Michael's most. Solid Al Michaels was good I see Sanchez and lower recent ethics. We talked about that earlier. Right and I'd I'd I'd guy I think the Weis one will never be duplicated because it was the perfect combination of exhausted crappy phones and meaningless content like the double 87. Just idiotic fixed but tentatively. At some memorable colors this will we never got to. Albert Rhode Island is race is called and terrorism responded since correct dropping Kelly Kate never showed up for battle to bring us. Total total bill by her I think she would have made battleground with a lot better but anyway a bigger corporate Katherine who called in and defended bill the sexual harasser person. Spoiled into parity campers don't always been announced yet we we've we could lose two more hours this was fun. I had a blast. And new Curtis dropped we'll have for all time thanks for the great trending yes. Markets came in while. And bio care noise or both that's. Well the company developing alternate on the show. I tune in Monday 530 of course it's 6 o'clock or Jerry back. Lot to get you including the globe. And there'll yes and of course the ia football we get here that rated that ice tonight and much much. You've got to be prepared that can lead to three okay see on the field radios were traded them.