The Real K&C - Spiked guests, Kirk's War & Curtis hot tubs 4-13-18

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Friday, April 13th

Ken & Curtis recap the K&C week of April 9 - 13 with Kirk declaring war on Entercom management, Greg Dickerson making his WEEI return, and Curtis & Mut combining on another epic duet.


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April 13 that's a Friday little scary it is scary. To 2018 it's the real gains seek can't layered Chris Curtis we added interest showed today Gerri with some good hot hockey takes. There would come out with hot ice arrogance that was all we Eagles fall to my the only one was I think it is look at drew little stake him and Damien Cox yes explain to me why we can't applaud country we had. Big spike showed. Joel Sherman was all lined up in 05 management came in just. And I want to have you in New York cut down at the New York. Baseball. Why it's ruled inks and other Ehrlich who you know like two old Sherman audio Richard one of those kinds double spike today Brad you love aunt and droll Sherman ax and do the couple things happened in the meeting Thursday after the show Kirk wasn't there. Correct I walked in our bottom tedious they're pigs are bought the program director got here today as I told you would be right it is and you. He is they don't button in his office correct and that's correct yes so for all we know. We've been broadcast to know he interior are. Teaching an idea after that back then the second Jerry throws out he'd like to have a New York baseball. Game wise wasn't. Because he. So in the rules that tell works to see kfar column Gerri is never really doesn't joke around much but sometimes I think he'll throw something out the suit my reaction like he comes in the Booth all the finances get any ideas and inevitably either our idea is shady or we have done and it goes in a year like five minutes later. You'll never come into our control room. Request something be satisfied with that go to the air and says I just asked for this and I got it and I agree sucks it will be going to the control room Saturday. Neither can do you have a tape about the Red Sox got blisters Sox. Or Curtis Weller sound we have no matter what when he returns for the year will be the worst answer the dumbest thing to chimps idiots the boobs the. That potted plant the Sony said I want a New York baseball guy on. I think he's like setting me up to say Alia great ideals get in your baseball and who gonna sit next day Larry wanted to baseball but actually Jerry did one and York baseball. When we of these talks after the show especially when you passed Wednesday. I'm out around. What it's just having these podcasts I don't know how the things he says and so Jerry's in there and he's just grown up there is your eyes. Up that. Sure which one. It's the spirit of the children. Right and so. I don't know like kind and audit and agreed and so what should happen between that conversation. In this morning on the forgotten I never reached out there have been remembered anything but it's August the jury was serious because the day he brought up that he was like you know I request a baseball. And Curtis doesn't do anything in many minutes in Faxon. Primeval I wanna Faxon. Or Monday and you need to that was never us that they're afraid to welcome you tonight and did anybody ever when I read actually came up to me ever. I didn't think there was anything that backs and we discussed with them on Monday that they were able to discuss the self I mean maybe you wouldn't bettered your facts in the mean from what is much added not at all got a was also terrific month I mean it for. When you consider historically horrific and mud. In the final edition of the month alone shall we have by Jacqui all we'll join us at noon on gonna play back some of our Chicago caped incident. All from the 12 o'clock hour Campbell. 130. Or our favorite Pierre McGuire on the offseason for the Bruins and the NHL playoffs thinks. So we've got a better that we and it is alcohol content. Can you hand company Bob Knight Hank with an advantage we did get the cocaine airdrop. As curt owes money from Boston coach said the cocaine and ended up like in there and yes and it because the plant accident that watching myself that they got a lot came to a head samples they said it was for you beat it around your band and monetizing prisoners hair samples are gonna arms to be enough to relate to no fun Columbia governor. Friday show was front this week course the big theme was spiking of brandy love which but to make the same railing Jerry. Episode what ever but he is idealist compromised with management. Europeans for you right here what you don't have birdied eleven the studio it was like everything else one on our corporate. In the studio there and Gerry Callahan. That is the violate all kidding aside that is a fact Jerry was like let this get to this Bruins fight in his Red Sox thing as Kirk is repeal the station I want no part of it. I talked to an upper mansion member yesterday for awhile. I had a conversation Jerry then talk to the same guy later talked him afterwards and he completely different conversation there is no doubt in my mind my kid. The summit samurai heroes tonight Terry's playing the role of I told you everything I wonder we're Jerry's going to peacemakers there will be open. I am I think you're telling him what he wants to hear because you wanna keep your job then. Have brandy and for five minutes of wholesome talk. Operated here in the podcast studio were Kirk didn't take time off to shield that was knock it worker was not illegal what we knew I would. To be fully audits I wasn't allegiance that when they were talking I thought it might work. -- -- -- the podcast that he was brought up an office job critic feels Kirk's mentioned that would have recovered recorded well we could have had mutt and bring to a record something in here unity is of take time off the show and also he's right like look at the record wouldn't do it during a break is just it's so compromised so handcuffed you're you're playing obviously I understand I hear what Kirk saying it makes sense we're not gonna do watered down there doing it or not and that's fine but part of my thinking yesterday was we could do these thing what she's here you can actually get something. I don't think it was a horrible idea journalists artists come podcast idea yes I think it's something that we could have made work but obviously it turned out that we didn't. A thought today issue was pretty good while turn into a war against management and currently dialogue for a quick. I'm not allowed to declare war against other entities to nine declaring war. Here at 6:37 AM on April 13. I am declaring war against management here at that WEI and Entercom it is war it is me and hand the intercom. Little war is on this its internal war you buy it once again in the middle of its current. It's just so a cultural asset I was rattled yesterday it's important for couple minutes some stress eating going on at 6:45 this morning I didn't know what to expect today I knew we would be I'm firing lines would be a couple Tex going back and forth I thought it was a great show I really did I thought you know obviously nerve wracking you know mark brings up a meeting goldfish were to say something like much. Do something hosts the. Eating my name's Jessica want the ball we got some strategies he on this city that today is like in his houses skinny issue. But he still he's junk food done doesn't exercise at all you know it was it's obviously stressful because we are. Responsible and we are in the sort of blog site management rules that meant I was invited shielded decline right on u.'s losses their political tackling dummy user it's a bizarre place ago who losers Frontline. Blues there's a lot of things I was depart. Regarding a separate is that the today as they are where is writ of FaceBook like video girl who classic Callahan at. Friday I'm exhausted all. Jerry's say they'll man handle week all of this stuff and kept it kept him on the area. Honestly without me you wouldn't last week. You'd be. Like played them. So Jerry's. Just about are Paula tells about some event this summer which is close the local which is local it's it's actually your Hadley it's implement the point is Hadley part of her district implement. Michael lose two towns close. What. Once it's there what was that with the straw that that was in the flipped out Utley gets easier or public here. Ellis they've hotel the drive from Maine it's that we've picked it up or stood open shut out is much different campaign. Yeah. Nothing else to do it does is kids are out of the house just didn't Toby in the life and Scott Fox News the Watson couple hours' drive you can and Hannity in the car I am sure the American dream would be the same tier one like that but anyway. Ready levels spiked may have led to better radio that a perennial were actually here because you again rose for the occasion you stepped up big. I have to say there are few people like him read a script like I mean perfect. Milk flawed and I. People would understand what voice over means hot tub you name he's not home it's just me here. Why would you commit and I was just going to get into that hot tub that's makers too bad now. Does that. Hot tub here at the first I've notes that ago what is the era in my defense was the literally the first time I've read. It is curtsy to a popular property in the studio god it was it's called the right through it you read yours brandy love. And Mike and it's. My husband is out of town again and I'm so frustrated but I just the chemistry. You know all of you know you've always wanted to. Pretty thing is and he looks so strong and powerful where appropriate. Can we. Go to your shower. I'm gonna take your bathing screw off. Great chemistry back to your duet days Iranians in a Christmas season. This rule. When baby you'd freeze out there ciller's New Year's tour ends up feel a need out there. He has obvious she to a lack Packers wanted to do in the show now what was in for Monday and Friday will be in three times next week which bush correct. We also had the debut of somebody who had been here before but it adopt and you know hold a return of a a friend of the show the president on it coming on Friday yes we had a Dickey Atlantic Greg Dickerson made his return. Greg Dickerson is here so what's real and everything's good everything that is part like you probably Latvia now I'm fat I need we moved fat loss we can rest I just think what bills only can lead to little Italy we'll get them competing for you sometimes I'll take either one of Michael Kelly I think you might be both well you might keep an eye itself I well what happened. Jerry I think is is. Kirk pretty much it'll be there right Dickerson space he's not that it would be I think your morning and I am underwhelmed. I do and it was it wants you to log in from right to live well that's like two out. When I like. Vigilant to its two radio from you very loud guy when I look like Tom Ashbrook now this of the middle ground to satisfy me and god knows I'm of course Pakistan value your app that issue lol I'm white. You're half of the show you make the show I'm suits are an issue and far more than half the ship Oscars but it was fine right it was it was fine for two hours. Dickerson as filling a void that. The station has been that we need a host we need someone who's willing to work different ships are pensions and. Andy's as far as like a radio Johnny goes he's not it's he's got a big voices Kirk says he's not so. In the blocks east in on the joke and self deprecating enough that he's a good addition for us and I think you listen a lot. Not discussed other shows who pays attention to the media and he's he's really into the sort of sort of similar things that we're into the costs of ball. He's got problems which it like right not use them. Claude boy this is just depression but it's want. Diagnosed as with depression. Tourette's syndrome so right IC. You can show their we could hear it and yeah I guess you exit from that that I can digress. Oh CT right anxiety. A seizure disorder so I got to feel the wack packer now all I like I'm. So I hung I need for twenty years that in you that screwed up I definitely see you prepared to show you elect Dickerson. Kirk's vacations as we have been through you know June July August you know you'll see a lot of Dickerson that your name meant that I thought I was scared that. Our bodies in our god and does some things about himself and beat shifting you know I mean that's slime ball who couldn't and he's in Boston and so they fired you. Knowing us. That's an expensive suing is illegal IE you know it's funny it was funny lazy and so. No light IE I didn't think of it and can somebody tell white matter across. Every he's not going to be too happy with the best protect it. So which are which are core point is is which is saying is Comcast fired you because you your mental health problems. Yes I believe that's libel army I know it's that's on the scandals. That's pretty no worthy winners. A we can do that we need. Fire someone goes I don't military can't if you don't take any legal action if you're dope. But he's going to be a weekly guide for us when Kirk here both here auto. Which relic has kind of become to our guy wants week he has Tuesday spot this week somewhat memorable nacho was that the league got a two of the above board league hockey -- switched it was a theme of the week lower favors this week to 32 point. Who so even. Limit his minutes would be great but the same time you lose four games and assembly Sergio we don't. The golf home public off brought it home in if rats which wrapped screaming get to the Steelers you're going you're still game it be the only game that we least users he. If we get that wrap yes you would drink from the cup just stealing game for you homeboy industries we can look up look up in the second period. Look up and he shots on goal may at least 35 route fourteen is going to be yours legacy. Skipper. Like when he analyze the other team likely talks on their first line or kept in Austin Matthews it was a consistent. I don't watch him and hotly. Very consistent I love Glen because he needed to hate it it's very rare it's it's it's shouldn't be you this rare but. It is incredibly rare for people in this market especially with whoever as longer careers always has explicit goal. To limit the rotation and you know what if you go to Twitter which could only. Check mark and he could ticket and so Kirk Gibson as well as anybody kid and it is it is. Absolutely priceless but the Bruins hockey which is he's just stealing dean we hear there I don't really care too much children's way I don't know who put the spot to stop after stop by hope the mic a deep run just selecting yet. As much. Billy Bob hockey for Mort if you get a good long series going on here don't be really good. That relic you don't weighed in with like for some reason an obsession he has with Scott lotteries auto market and. I idolize him as a nineteen year old Binghamton, New York a knock guys like I. Plus Scalia or burn he was my hero known as the Scott Lawler is but I guess that's part of droughts charm I guess I draw looks more self involved in training. I really do. Humidity sees a psychiatrist psychologist who would really get drugs specifically calls until the psychiatrist Fernando psychologists or psychiatrists I don't know I don't know what the normal sort of just recently you guys have to sit through this reason or sees that he's so into himself it's unbelievably tragic when a dealer. Those through training drill. I'm talk about Carol conversations worsened Roemer in the train which was the pairing last week the exe did not want to remove from time to time I enjoy and Wilson was with Curtis and he has self involved too but not maybe to the extent of where your hot heady with the ratings. He has beacon of lumber and relic. Seeing Red Sox got he numbers and they have been good okay eight point four for the Bruins on NASA and I win. And a five even for the reds are filing modified. You can't control things and consider all checked you win. Although we get a sales guy who's continually up putting a rebuttals to your ratings news will Wear this no group. Tennessee is like he set out today like you gave the numbers I guests ages six plots from yesterday right household. On household numbers which are ages six and above are so he. Responded with here are the real numbers for meant when he found 54 so Friday. Taking up the rain delay the Red Sox did three point six the Bruins an eight point eight. Eight Sosa did not as impressive when you put in the main demo which is what most sales guys focus. Here's. And sell keeping we should talk talk that work out for five years. I've got to. We are about are dictated by the mentally but go to anywhere that TB numbers were thwarted when it comes to sports the patriots and that the weekly numbers released a new record member of the Red Sox win the World Series for the Bruins get up. It's household numbers. That's 86 and I just I'm an. He's cherry picking numbers I'm those numbers that are reported counsel it's embarrassing that the Bruins play offs. Hour and eight when the Red Sox yankees game six on him denying for such yankees. You figure regular season seasoned Red Sox should read the Bruins. Greatest rivalry in sports as a hockey and I don't care I don't care ideals one lead. But I'd like it and I don't care it's completely confident delegates is Spain is a bunch about it could sports talk show hosts give half but I am so what you like him like he'd care. I I can't stand because deluged with what sort of pervade this. Nonsense years ago because she was fired. The brew a cup run it all short time ago but he went down this year god almighty I get frustrated sometimes in this town it's that your and that's at it and we should care I take it back I cared innocents if some eight or nine CD we probably should be taught. My point as always the red sorts of little seventy eights and nines we don't talk Red Sox we didn't talk this week after the brawl. And current and after David Price and Kirk had a pretty good rant about price. And it's two FT soft soft soft soft soft at a BB price BB David Price boy he's soft as the day has launched a when he. Sauces. Correct soft as a new born babies who be will be in his soft soft soft soft soft soft. You are so soft it is unbelievable and you are not gonna last this year you can handle it go away get out of our lives opt out go somewhere else. Think his fingertips which east it is it's a big story. We will talk hurt as well. Nobody is better when when it's a good conversation. I think is more than ever there were five million ways to consume sports our sports talk WEEI. Podcasts and whatever you. If you're in authentic pure fate if you're just doing something status by a sales person. Some. You can do it in people. We like they did when we talked hockey the station years ago as it was fate. We had Orton are so important on every week we had freak and Bluetooth cross job us air and a Darren pang an image. It was bad radio ad that questions the year. They're off season appearance start that losing their assistant GM Jim Benning officially as a GM an advantage over your thoughts on that hiring for Vancouver. Can you imagine how old Oklahoma and you just asked his thoughts on hiring an executive three hours and quick five minutes great mood walk out of here your market dale for the birdie putts that. You need to do good radio Paducah and radio people listen if you don't we see what happens at certain airports I actually enjoyed lately kind of mock the people talking hockey more than. In order to market in Mexico is you know like hockey thought I mean I added two more important zone tonight ozone d.s owners was a signature element of the guys say it's a stupid question I mean what he's that's obvious I was at these well I mean that's that I won that they got to play well their own end. A medium ball. Yeah to some extent I do think if the limit turnovers I think that's. The company where you know any team that turns the ball over a month the most against the don't due to the stereo box over. But the best I do it as it was it's a fine line and be aggressive if not more aggressive. Three times but next week but shouldn't the aggregate social tool sets and edit that out meeting in America Monday where we might have mutt he might actually run. Part of the race or run along with the out of what what's a play we must notes from one. You heard this but after my left. He's going to be doing man on the street outside Marianne helix that. Who's in Monday us the lucky man right yeah. Not the marathon will be here Monday morning demand much won the race and the Hopkinton and people do that he loves this idea of like the third guy like going out bloodied apparently Nowak doodle and everyone else right you'd better weather would also need or Rasheed. I'm not doing interviews. So they'll be doing that I think from nine to ten point that next appointment. Before that he's been go to the new balance Jim Andy's gonna run two point six miles is gonna run 110 of the marathon and see if you can do it on fears. Saw expect that we would pull that off or after Willie agreed to do it because basically he agrees eventually to do everything he touts about it and knowing just waste I'm pouting and that's not my ballot but no he'll pal. And they'll take your shirt off from across the street that it. They'll be recovered. Enjoy your hot tub. This week all Kelly I was just going to get into that hot tub.