The Real K&C - Strong-arm Monday, Mut/Bradfo/Tomase drama, Reimer's return 7-9-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, July 9th
Kirk demanded a Monday podcast this week, so Ken & Curtis delivered with a recap of a Kirk-Mut Monday and the previous week of 4th of July fill-ins during Kirk & Gerry's vacation.

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The July 2018 this is the real Cain secretly hired Chris Curtis Balkans Monday Friday like always podcast today after the shall report to them on their crimes were all right. Them like three weeks. Where do that's for sure yet today right bingo you very eager to use today Lebanon today and Friday correct AF for a thank you yes strong arming needed and what sort of commute home a better for me was from me. My runs on issues I would wanna maroni a lot of big things vault shell this is central rookie at C ot but starting eight former member of the ANC. Our eighth facts was there I think for the initiation you can I was figures that. I joined. August pointers so oh lead producer and lead producer producer that somehow. Forever. Cemented my legacy with a couple the dumbest lines there said with her man on the podcast cameras and agree like it's a well OK you know we we've told them. Paulus is listeners this is your fault all love should be Curtis and I was watching Curtis press buttons it was like a little can't watch it looking at the end of course yeah. He's a good guy. Actually he's all right guys good. Got a realistic but like help our picture back wins this thing in there. We're not gonna get into the actual content of what we're discussing. But he is something. Bring something and it was still trying to dodge the hosted towards the collier a dope. But anyway good luck to all you know I'm sure you and sauces will agree lunch breaks if any it enjoy I think you'll be back. In the interval level some of the parts is vying for new lawful for missiles. Correct note promising but the by and in other off like he's finals. And a call here from and hand picker. Not too much. Okay social until drill it. Okay never worked remain all over joked of among the largest but his record a podcast here but all call them all complimentary. Corporal so Leo breaking news on the podcasts Jerry Kelly in back Tuesday off for a week date must think you're taking your vacation it's I mean am I am her trivia game with soap. That's the cover and tomorrow stock go ahead and start. I'm my question appears to is that policy actor and be off its loses a Larry cleaner no well. Yeah I mean of course. Thank you very much it means a six the midnight. Good effort gimme five subject is on shows week is currently out after last week's capital. Shall have right he's album primary they all want the shows this this is going to be going to Belichick. Oh we threw him. People want the shortest night of a big club has really his anger beat most of wreck I'm gonna get some speakers he told me I was wrong just Martin drove it we want three I want to real level party lead actress we have someone is surprising. Drop first I was out I was you know it's sort of industry cottage industry in the show to rip the villains and that's my job it's it's real blast for. We understand. That. So I'm sure they'll come up but much is gonna get it from Jerry went out Vermont at and then it's human rights you because these ideologues pointing at the sock puppets are you as sock puppet but now rappers and starts she Brad approach oh he should almost 10% self but there's enough Kirk Cary. Deals don't need Bradford developers. Yet no king just said sixty minutes on that point but they'll exit I think Bradford and you'll Dominic. Jurors in earnest things that sale rob jump in. Its work that Google can be cool. Bradford. Draw now I know what is and it sure is good enough to get separated children. What you're saying is rob wants to do this not the full Monday night you want to leave the Red Sox game. Yes you want oh. And Paris my show and on and on hold at five point initially don't yes my show my god I'd I'd be a gift nope nope nope I want it I'd like host that show. Maybe that's solicit part in the mossy. I think it's a must that the Bradford my 6 o'clock being very it's so much. Therapy required between mutt in Bradford the poster just need to hash out. On the shuttle we did a podcast number Kirk did want for our it was almost nothing was. Nothing solve every single thing your thinking about how all Kirk react again it didn't really sensitive or you. Easy it's just a rivalry between those two with an auto dynamic they're both on their own very nice been very odd people and I get on the degenerate gambler broad Don and bush and it's voted to address what the central figure in this whole deal is minutes it's way more remediation namely Kirk. And rob long term friends and rob Bradford I've SF. Egypt. Well before Mark Bradford is responsible for Kirk of curt no back -- bookstores run for the website in the air and obviously Renault that your biggest star in town and then there's the mutt dynamic which is that Kirk likes doing radio with much better than with Bradford like you like them that you register as you awesome yeah I think there's there's a weird thing between both parties. But the relationship between the on air product in the WEEI dot com website rob Bradford WEEI dot com so Iraq. Also has some interesting background. My bigger issue. Is with management here and rob Bradford who I know when I was working for the website and Phillips and personal or to outlaw aren't mossy work more hours to more work for him. In the deal was if you got called into a show I don't want to work for two or three years the dealer rob was you know if you get a call from the station you go you do. No matter what. The most important call for the day gets 86 if you go to green to shelf and that's the most important thing is a radio station which of course it is and we know the website to make any money to radio station does. So how will this change where when John to mossy now has the ability just tell them warning showed most important show and stare. And I just don't feel like it and rob has back I don't know if I have the stomach. The show I just don't understand why it's so difficult for me as the producer of the curtain Callahan show at times to get people who were employed either part harmful to the station in to do why would I go on -- in Cali if I had power which people think I'd like don't Wear is not how locked in I would definitely get people in here with you you know we should financially make it worth their while it's the number one show its highest rated show it should be paid accordingly the people who are part of all of them and five with that but your feedback. Last week it like Jerry was upset it's not easy after person it's up proof that we pitched the idea meter hero full lives in July and confront what stern voice of the Atlanta Falcons west our last Monday as a third guy for the Tuesday shale that was summarily dismissed I wish to mossy Wednesday's the sweep mean all the perks right easily and the biggest issue is his like his fat ass out of bed. It's 5 in the morning. That's all he's a fat lazy bought adversity if if not pushed Agassi could just default to waddle have to wait a minute I get a say in this idling you know I'll do the other shows that are. And six. It's odd because he's given that he said to you at the casket and flag and he told my. We're told a lot of the cast and ultimately messages talked about on the air with mark you know being out of the Prius at the Toyota dealership in the guide them from the show and held that was the sort of its use of it all I know as I've been rat faced democracy and whatever else for like three months on the air. It's just weird one day there will be an oral history on the show and you know with Hamas saying will be very interesting but for it now looks like he's not a part of Atmel this move has moved on if you worked at every day I think you see it's got a physical affect your lights mean I'm living proof of that grass but I'm alcohol. Friday I was so pissed. I was so Vista Jerry in Kirk. After the show. You're just texting left and right it was all ship the whole show psyched Jerry's saying everything's the worst radio show in the history of all time suck it out it's 1050 on Friday it's like okay we'll talk a time machine and restart the day or restart the week we can't. It's over. And it's like what makes the show great which is their attention to detail with a passion over the show. There in seeing. Paranoia about all things are Callahan are also things that urges. Irritate the crap that your time is it cheat day Thursday or nationalization Richard it is silly Friday part you won in Italy and earlier in the week brought just. The options are not great. There really are and I know Jerry loves boy Mike and I know if things carry their persons got this massive edge to him on tickets okay. Knowing the hard Greg Dickerson that the road to victory no which you know and enable stink I'm just being honest people stink. Well Jerry when I guess wouldn't anybody any third which was better right okay well we usage you floated the idea of a third person earlier in the week in which doubles the last segment that we I mean you could feel and money and I both felt we did a segment on a bureau our options we're ready writing off throughout the week a good good three hours in a who's sorry I was just coming into we've been. Going around and around in circles for this feels like for months from Aussie with. Train it's just treading not a full time. Well to host a weakened Euro however weak right if the leakage. And while Iranian fifth. And 43 combined team Hayes sort of like seek out ahead by color and it's a funny I by Tomas of the tray just. Rules like is to say anything right there he can literally say because of this large molest and I was nine years old trying to roll over that to get to work. Incredibly self involved and I guarantee you stupid story that's here signature number I like to him it embodied everything he stood for. Because 143. Is the numerical version I love you because I is one word for race lobbyists for lotteries. Can use three letters to today pulled in to meet different park parking spot 143 not even knowing it I was like. I just. And I think the people here in powerful positions I've always been assuming that eventually she would return and I just don't have that happen with them more due to your Jerry definitely you. No so. I would say this fall it was addressing your curtsy paying way no comment over to lawsuit that he could see thing way back Opel that'll be great outfits a lawsuit working out. In this sort of dynamic where he's pushed back doesn't really wanna be there isn't fully invested but just shows up because he has to. Remind you can't just spring this on me now it's a big announcements today what was kind of a blockbuster but became just sort of a matter of fact Tom Brady's coming back on August 13 the will be his return or Kirk great job that's huge news for us massive little differs patriots Monday and Ty knew that of course is that out three rule make his return with -- at C Wednesday he's been back on the station aplenty in the last few weeks all trump doll back out of about Nelson's back on the keynesian importance of that is a significant return. So I spoke with X it was Friday Kirk says Roemer Wednesday book write it down in the barn okay all right Lloyd got the text. Called Alex had something else to goal with the employment McPherson said art and during Wednesday Friday next week quicker and now and and he shall reap. I have never wanted to recording device on myself for more than I did that exact moment ready Sri currently with a quickly shriek from the dog and he is rated ago I'm Hungary and a Nubian Wednesday with it. And then Kirk Gerri have of the shoot Thursday we'll see about Friday with Roemer and nick Kirk other big news. Monday much call for this he demanded at a rematch of battle the brain let's I think to. I like to request a rematch. In a battle to brain with music edition against one Chris Kirk's all I know I don't know off. Oh I know all I know what I'll I'll bring this to music and his lone blemish. Yeah thanks to Chris cards which is obvious the she left last week I felt. Is he has this feeling around Howard feels he's better understood there's no I special segment I don't know are aware came from. But I do think that right there is that the core already it was a pivotal moment I think he thinks because he beat me and is this dump on a technicality by the way. In these dumb battled a brain it's that he's not a complete moron somehow he's Smart than or equal to revealing on and our ideals but that's. So I mean offers Rod Stewart took claw like I'm not I'm not great he's better than cars that we lost but that on a technique how he lost. Bracket the authors mr. Kirk dismisses. Mr. but yes so the mutt and had a big keys after headline news that he wanted to commend me hard and yet sure that we know it goes on in the building were on older old governor so I decided after this the throw a poll question who was more important to WEEI. Myself for. Might that mean he really came dismissing the notion that that was even a conversation that you were as important he is yours but the idea that few hundred votes at the time record for restarted tapering 6535. Yours true form Chris courtesy of Torre's part speller I would vote did you literally years of idea weak member of the most important she'll at the station here wants. Much once by now it's easier but it is nearly here in the college right Almonte was sort of there I mean it's where it is agree don't get me wrong but while the top of the bottom one no score reds and Dodgers same situation. In San Diego top wanna know score Padres and cardinals you're more important now I didn't expect the poll results of this. This is almost like losing. This this this heart out at this is a great three out no matter what because. At some point in the month the week a day years he's gonna say something repeat my relevance of the station not a complete moron somehow he's smarter than or equal to the this screen shot that just thrown through and so. Take that. Yet takedown mean it was a week last week with a listeners had suffered a month for four at its timing is very helpful for yet Steve province summed it up for everybody think with. On Thursday. Stephen Providence is joining us good morning Steve. I have tried listened last Sunnis into. Trichet he missed his we need Steve hopefully he's OK you know today we got. The recap of the weekend with my oats up and downs and basically what a good father is taking Carter and putting him on was put on a couple of pirates at Suffolk downs early part. Those watches is degenerate dumb dad gamble the whole time you trying to rationalize gambling like suffering and I Pettigrew cheeses face he had a great time the iPad for too much what you're going for you there's a so we're not there there's a play playground and challenge for a wish he'd rather -- is doing the exact same thing there Anna also we have much of friends there is in doctor king and that's this doctor get aid into. It's a word is that it bear its. The grilled cheese in the. But we're proud of the Kentucky and you'll get the race for him screaming up bombs that jockeys passing by I get a call nailed it simply. It's our 7 o'clock hour Kurt loved this questions do you Brittany for express how are you. I regret. That's a great athletic event especially if you really listen to the show I think you know right now that's even a question of the show really haven't chasing for the last year and a half an actual. Let every scientist and find exactly how dumb you today show all right armistice abrupt fresher. Now relic last week I mean to you blame porch relic or month for the poor performance really had that kind of nailed down what was the problem or they just not. Have chemistry together we never put munch relic backing as a duo I guess they actually had a better show Friday in the first NAFTA and money and current did. I don't think it's last week if you listen to any radio across the city there wasn't a lot going on the radio was not good US and other Phil and shows that's what they sound is currently Lennon. Coli Leonard co pilot I mean I know people of about high bar which is great they expect a lot from Marshall and they showed the show wasn't great but I don't think there was any worse in general rule over the course of four shows than anything else you heard across okay that's a fair point put that aside though who was better. Moderate while I was participate. In some anarchy. Are spot we hit it with the liquor store much had a tougher job enter a street I figure was a little better he he had to you know. Relic was all over the place especially Thursday your first day back and that's what. You lost you lost the trim pockets that and I heard a completely lost with consent. What was I saying I've no idea I really don't in behind the scenes we are present them with. Eight patriots. Tate about the dynasties right. Just throwing out their take on the Thursday after the fourth of July the tainted dynasty all receipts Brady and Belichick. Figure figured would be good thing for him to go after the team yeah get some reaction mutt complain Hong that he loves the big. And removal aug. Any disorderly dipped its toe in the water never really got into it yeah I'm not saying this but that this is some sort of next step in that. What tarnishing the patriots and that's because of this you people are saying. I can see out people with this is what are Guinea and the void is that you're the guy that's going to save this. So that was audit and Friday I mean I I don't blame mean it was just awful all Wear lose. All across the board was about it I think those two little rattled by Friday night. Intrigued and I say this the Sox struck you or not bringing you today here's a good thing. But I want I think it's a call outdoors I think we talked about it on the air yesterday avenue kept. Doing this thing where you are if you try to be rob yesterday or what but you kept making d.s while we're having conversation these. Weird due turns right I couldn't respond to them. At times they were sold. I never understand ever since then here we set it on the air we should we said you lose it and I was. Early on the Chicago in hindsight relic was right we should have had. Relic air car in the final two hours that'll threes in the have all three from real work it and but. As I've noted before we can't change it it's done thankfully we've moved them and they tried politics on Tuesday. HI little Maxine Waters soccer said today. Beauties done that and done it disregarded. Company edicts. But they were clearly steered. To give back with the lines after couples that I actually enjoy that I I think it through all those market around the callers were crazy and relic with lion off the handily it might be in the Jerry junior. Again you're making me psych and defending scupper you are defending your this act and the active Maxine Waters when she likened to reject him Maxine Waters over what Scott Pruitt is done and you're in effect doing. You are seeing that now because she is Scott what are you people we want this is how. Happened to it was. I elected I listened to about wild but it was in the 7 o'clock. Yeah basically they're gonna dude that was going to be the last segment anyway but that was basically commanded this your last segment on this I can understand from a management point of view. They don't sound comfortable doing it. Like the Nigerian Kirk at tackling that can subject but might argue it would be as to why did do that that's the whole point during a fill in week pushes the envelope for those guys it widened some. A little bit his characters which relic is just a by his very nature is a tough guide he doesn't sound comfortable anyways you're not gonna listen to would feel comfortable. He's kind of an odd ball and that plays within his neurotic self. The reasons decency are garbage is Donald Trump. Sara Sanders the messaging that that entire campaign. I mean you could feel exponentially more. Passionate you've yeah there's a lot of are pretty good as anything else from a drill a point a Maxine Waters do coming up next but it's hypocrisy in your drawing your drawing an arbitrary line. We will continue talking you guys until ten at 6177797937. Johnson mossy wrote about this today WEEI dot com that is the other part of the markets cousins signing with the Goldstein wars that was always going to sign with. The Boston Celtics from that list that is next. DeMarcus Cousins are brutal NBA offseason art that's we adding we got that yet some typical white Leonard and is so well. As you say enough and in the market right now is is says there's. It's it's dead the Red Sox are dead for our purposes are winning too much there's not any real controversy. Such honesty and good call today. On the world's ago from our public tribute was great effort Kirk actually has a remarkable unbelievable treatments library of knowledge and his brain encyclopedia. Travis of the Berkshire's Travis what is your question for per minute hand baseball trivia expert. Warren Barry Larkin Larry Walker Sammy Sosa McGwire Bagwell. He didn't get him what he didn't even get to say the question I knew we could feel he's just how good I am at a few he's gonna ask you. He typed up the question they're Curtis that the question up you you know that I didn't ignite and I don't lie you I know I don't know another good go enjoy the rest human. You enjoy the rest of your Monday.