The Real K&C - Wack Pack ratings update, Bing, Bowie & Sleuth Minihane 12-15-17

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Friday, December 15th

Ken & Curtis finish off the K&C week with some new Wack Packer ratings and of course the show's best sound clips


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Ides of December 2017. It's the real Kasey Keller Chris Curtis you and I once again setting the dialogue with the city and Broward for the city of Boston sort of what I do it sitting at tilt for the week with our real keynesian radio on Saturday. I thought the show was horrific. Eight plus for those guys because I listen the whole thing next time is a what you guys new to our show played no sound from injury just talk for sport. Hey let's that was a blast too big hours of course we've pressed on those little weak as the first actual pocket explores what we did drive it in a blizzard and I will anchor the storm coverage back here your trending I think still resonates Marcus cannon and while. And vial Kenoy are both out the Bruins host the tonight if that's correct I was driving our WE RW we ought to call current and. Can I that was in the car an I was having a long day man a tough day I just heard Jesus and and number eleven. In the two main and I heard that life and I left a llama Wexler let's suffice it did you that's not the guy's name it's always a second trending last time in this time. Obama said he couldn't cut it back to claim back came back I lose my mind and I have a stroke good week. All of brawl when you say excellently great excellent excellent excellent which you combine the globe yes he and Roy Moore writing and horse play. Before we get through deep into the weeds of the week lack packer ratings that we. This in passing during each of the guys generally get into the reveal I think we may have done it had Stephen provenance not murdered my it is these improbable they ought to think this happy Friday. Good morning gentlemen these these were considering all the court that it remains solidly all. Good. He or lying to there was only two left once Britain took the stairs the but the weight behind. So bureaucratic quite articulate a marquee tool buying the second Booker glacier in the coal which is right should devise opened quite scared. Yet such freight it looks excels to what has or nervous collapse. Completely touchdowns that the reports. Significant. Pain. With tribute from Robert yeah it. Which remained little boy. As you sit with pain and knees on Emmett is Carter we have what it keeps. Well little amid the group's interests are wrong me or my debt to single weekend we've become upside. I think they were feeling a little bit sympathetic towards him but actually end it's a little bit of concern stored at the studio uncle. These commodity got into gonna let that go out and look at Hilton. Funeral at Arco is seriously. I'll pick you're just the melanoma. I'll do what I see in about a New Zealand finished excellent good thanks so ignorant. Or chemical that you wish your crushing mavericks all right I want I don't want peace or what you're bomber Eric. I want pizza and beverages. There which is mile wide I want to stop shop gift cards from the sport. Or other current. But some meat can bake them just mind. Are there were I can't listen to so as to roll call I went running I'm the goals. Mean quote. The job. Steve Berry. Thought for a as always he's got the best poker phrase I've ever seen you never know if that was an answer to something governor opens truly test as the snake can't layered is going to edit this disappeared was in the hallway in the semi back here which you please I've two young kids. On this night hours. Our producer he could confide in and useful and good bye to kick in what is Christmas your. I'm. But no he was coming up the stairs and Islam is like but it. It is an council. It. Arm up you know dump it in. Oh. Racists comes and goes all whites. It was bottom line at one. Area that is yesterday's rough as well Jerry her mind as I do ratings for the best little men who who have jury's view in all you know Jerry is many things according to many other people specially keep it is also a clash between military Internet but he is well. And Jerry was in the office yesterday you meet Callahan in as ours the what bright Turbo. And we got. The numbers for the casting coach football analyst with the last two months like the last couple at the end there appears to be updated after nine weeks last night last weeks or lack Packers threw a star from top. Completely as we did we get worst numbers in here Roemer who. Cares if I mean to a respectable by his own admission indeed civilians have been elements into. A pretty good job. It was a good Monday. Up until this week of those ratings when habit current involve these in this steal this is a couple weeks or three weeks. But we're well ahead of torture that's fun. Have fun for a lack packers' training the mossy Langley are big for rights of the top is. He paying at one point telling a great cast it's incredible that seven and two we know this is accurate because. Management and our friends the Christmas party want no part of Jerry tang like having a big one prisoners here. This is surprised but Gary's not ought to talk to us car right now we went there yeah I mean I bet she's a bottle actually regrets saying he might even be night and overall we opened easily seven into I can't believe I I still can't. Gathered by the collective unity and he emphasized Brooklyn happy you know let's go why do you make you know it's. Cannot. Thank god hill magnet you know the TV movie you can do it that you are at birth. May god my god did that like and I think I left them and our people and hello Howard and I don't know a growing and. 3 in the morning probably 500. At office I displays and how especially the best wack packer last two months he's been pretty terrible he's called a couple times from beyond the grave. Good. Yeah. Mohawk he's given us some laughs but he's been basically irrelevant and disappeared for three and a half hours each other going to be angry and came on my show it why would they whoever they care about that yet that everything has found a better talk race all right. I needed a break break. I need to have on this so much more fun but he's number one. Notice it and I'd buy it number one this is in terms of beating brand street this is not necessarily ratings number compares for a different if very well could be different voices you know as a war award for fan grab this was a war a war were baseball reference be. So all these people have good numbers because for six months and likely seven months count and we've beaten. Doctorate desperate and we are are way too big winning the public which would be the third consecutive book I'm sure that'll do great things for their ratings everybody's gonna have. Good numbers the numbers but these are just Pacific reports when her and so. The losses would be on a date we win or lose against electorate to think about that the nine time Stanley Ian. We won seven. There and it's up to walk around at MI AS Japanese ticket I have my aunts. Yeah it's. All incredible. Defies logic because he's almost every time at some point following his latest visit we're saying. Why is he here what does he do it the simple answer could be he's not there for half the show sleeping or perhaps it's just Perkins Jerry are what the draw is anyway so we don't get noise so but brought more likely but. Coming in second place. Is to mossy against my percentage points to lawsuit by a priest percentage point six into six and two missed the week vacation that was the highlight of your vacation. Outside your house. I roasted chicken okay. I did get out now estimated to IKEA. Nice and I bought some come last. And ham knees. Collection furniture and then it's a little ones anyway today bring you you just never showed none of these are big this is like some sort of like or exposure on the work Cuba I would rather work. Greg has installed him he was mitnick I play videogames and organs more urgent perfect seven wonders was blah and dominion having Indian food drinking beer and playing board games and so he is second place right beneath. The loss is his girlfriend training. Yup six in 3603. Pretty good little little little declined for a little bit of the climb and not a surprise. The general oil backlash. I don't know she's been hot Curtis I don't mean that like that Boston mean hot isn't in the new appropriate and are. Not appropriate you have to go pretty far down. Following a trend. Right around and narrowed sneak past Moehler jump over Salisbury BS. The Jimmy's and Joe's right next and be heart you're fine Mike my meant you can go to hell and five and five it was the record against. Rednecks with money and it's 500 maybe so we breakeven and basically ruling that it. We don't we don't take a net loss we get away are such a Dick he can't make it up like. You would think we're fudging the numbers but if you already know what's last. But as again. It was like at awesome yeah asks him. No and no care in Waterloo you know buckle up. You do step by helium I grab your crotch when a drug view. I think you rigs in off the regret that Warren Moon Warren Moon said that's hormone nominee who has the job by the way that month let's. Sex toys for Christmas three years in a row yes I remember the first she did that yell as loud sex that was offered. And that included bodily rails for yes that was huge yeah of course the wind and as well as fire and I should I mean in essence here is below 500 music after that win. Give it to me and ironically five on five C numbers tight. This error as it is very good deals are hoping choke on the biggest piece of curry chicken ever. About 57 and a half. Rice it's this close or not. Again you remove their dispute at to hire African. Yes a month ago beating yet today I don't know of this you know three weeks and noble back them today as a win but I think the city's the applause from the duet. Well let me say that not while dot. And rob Bob bomb bomb and blow on through is. Highs full. Oh she didn't have been good. I really admire. Okay. I'm all. I played 5. I am tomorrow. Good where oil won't fill in the mom mom mom mom lived in. He's. Sick. He's my. Our a very long bombs. Me drone. He and I've. I. My yard definitely no lack apologized celebrity thing isn't it it's I was gonna take them. Ha ha I mean people on both sides Somerset might carry yield some music unit were challenging parts which he took on. The bully role. As is usually the case like trying to work for the team and we anoint the no clue what I was doing just to name a new you get to pick which you ball we want to bring Crosby. I go blow into orbit going on British. Whatever but anyway. I thought the secret weapon for this whole thing was cavalier who think put this together you were my keep walked guard in here conducting. As I was going through the song I was you can tell there. Utley takes it would not fix though it's true but it Wednesday. I enjoyed it I thought it was great you know mud came in guns boys and with the Christmas sweater ready to all and I had a good laughs via people on Twitter like that we had a one text it's about what a couple of alcoholic singing this is depressing yes. I'm well. Yes there's always have a prayer line that's the most Christmas cheer on the bills were excellent yeah if you go out on Christmas he'd like the Chinese please let's open for third in the afternoon and you might ears of the similarly it would as the barges and bomb day you is and a bomb bomb yeah. Month was getting backhand compliment today. From from Kirk and good point what was that he made a point about o'clock hour today so around 930. There are talking about of the globe stories and talk receive the globe and ago under the keep verses Jerry and you end up more teams and brings a Mark James the basis of good point the standard they have now amazed at the globe did not carry over to Mark James when it was not directly at about toilet right Mike Euro but the committee. Kirk gets all the talk back to Newport News is always brings the topic back when he's here is deployed obsessed for good point Mike. Excellent point he's not married. Angela it has one point mocking the globe. Re not a bad strategy got my audio is a couple points that he's able to work in their eligibility alchemy points and a brief. I'm in now yes a strike to bring it back start that he remembers this the same spot in the batting order he brings it back itself. It's really good neighbor. But concedes that Turkish stock back to Bosnia and that it but it isn't the content that we're talking about it and biscuits so this is what the bird no question in my. No that is anyone else. Think the question you're saying. Not just coming yes no problem she's too. So for the rest of that segment Kirk Gibson good. We still confused next Friday mandala point to bring back. On the X sixty to choose from one terrible replaces. Otherwise the other take away from the day I think what of course we have curt don't gloat it's the league story of the week here show. That person. Is not in the globe was elected not to name is not named a person I will soon enough that is going happening I know everyone's listening to say hello to lowers or listening. In Boston on beacon street that firm. Who contacted me yesterday. Hello we will I'm going to name that person very soon just so you know I know it is. Everyone knows I know it is so that's going to happen you're gonna have to deal with that in enemy of the dad died too by the way Alan name him as well. As we go on in their other people the globe or trouble and I'm going to name them just just adds up. You know figure doctor John boutter grass for texting this girl. I had no problem at all naming people and lots and lots and lots of story. He's second of what could be several inches come out yet legal things going on but Jerry he'd keep. All the spotlight again which is great with my favorite thing just there. My favorite thing because I love when Gerri it's best and it's not meet these tests that. Keep it is to see that dumb he thinks that I'm gonna do an inning with the globe and again I don't gonna I don't they're gonna not keep knows your background the glow well no see your explosion was so I'm just I was idiotic of the other states like ten years amino however her loving and when he. Goes off to keep. It is so great to open today it was spectacular. If they're gonna rip on people for not during their show it would kind of fly in the face of pleasure and very very hypocritical apocryphal to criticism on due to Callahan sex lies done that to dale. That final element with the sort of the keepers is Jerry montage have been you have Jerry. And and today you know he's talking. Keep says it's Jerry was a lot hypocritical yeah all right a lot if you're gonna bids urges those two pairs him apart India I'd never heard act. Person before the wasn't all that wrong with real and that flight I was that. Slightly. I suggest the opposite idiots on. I want you were just keep says about the public. And he likes like often. Yeah that obviate all of a lot and there. Why not gone on I'm bronco. Pulled an annual Lebanese whether that. That morrow Star Wars the what do we know Jesus. And again how he knows he's got he's got a big big awful boring says that big big thinker. It is so great we saw that right at the start of the round table ripped this year yeah Jerry sort of loses at Keefe a little bit but it's a I love and Kirk is the happy this guy around visits for once it's not him who's going after those guys it's Jerry news. Digging into the afternoon show and it was a bit of a precedent plus. On a key for Star Wars of course on them and that also up. They're frustrated with us say was they asked directly Dale's the facts directly pissed he was beaten. I I actually know the name of the device. And and I getting insane it. What do you mean where you go home and didn't wherever that might not you know you know we are all about accurately now planning and it plays especially it was not a slang as well yeah wherever take soundbites and rerun the mall with yeah well we ain't saying and it. Would it be police are used on your pack of balls. It's a wreck it's with the way they do everything it's sort of the casino of passive aggressive Conte. Behavior Andy. When ever we come up whether it's Jerry Kirk our show as a whole comes they get right into. That word misplaced sounded and he jumps. And I am around that's why you realize there are gone. You know materials Ariel Dora and you know external drive into the garden and barreled mad about. Because they think that we've played her both of them will try to make me look like an ass do you expect predictions Kirk to have some additional names ready to go to next week he seems to be. Very much embracing his roles reporter Kirk is in. The zone it comes reporting he has seems like in new. Mission for the Asian. I to the point all right I legitimately think he wants to do at some point in his career. Yeah I guess and but you can of but it can do that while he's doing this she doesn't have that change fields. True I mean I just think it's a would be something he could easily. For some reason. Why the guy would go. It. Well I could see you know a private investigator enemies tumbling. He is you sit peoples of the world a lot tireless. It's him through it is it is not going to rest until it hits and also. I know for a fact he has this information that would be very news. On the it's just. But world where you can just blurt out these types of things so it's a process which is that your going over great broker an enjoyment but I'm waiting for to put. Before Christmas we're going to have more games. We're going to some very very very uncomfortable people the Boston Globe and let me just in this into. The A holes who go there in the speak. Down to sports talk radio world and who we are legal and human Marjorie because it's conversation but confrontation. These people run and hide detonated the will be it was a perfect example. Of movies before they go all the white people in the back room at the top four foundation wild and they have all the little white sick of fans down below and their worm. That's drool. Don't know what color was what about him and but image. Here this. By. Put its late. Speak down to their audience and the readers it's just unbelievable. How this hole than thou based on nothing. Other than they have very a byline in a paper that use to be successful. Easily won a plea she could do anymore where you can trust the report in contrast straight edge all the great script. All the news that's fit to print it here and in the years from. I just don't think it's it's good for morale. To let Kirk and Callahan. Talked about the story on WEEI. All right enjoy your own good weekend and you should be proud of your. Your work is belly. And you money a million new career Christmas album wouldn't get all the boning up for next week and I have a birthday two months on Big Five year old. Big the Big Five year gig there that this argument that the. Chile and is currently. Jesus where that's what's trending now on W in W united chrome. Could weaken.