The Real Post Game Show - After Patriots rout of Denver, 41-16, what's the next step for this New England team?

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Monday, November 13th

Hour 2 of the Real Post Game Show kicks off with Glenn and Fred continuing their discussion of the Patriots rout of the Broncos by a score of 41-16.  Then as the show comes to a close the guys take a brief look around the NFL.


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But being feasible over port pacts and Broncos and now the most comprehensive review of it. Sea ice he's okay. Post game show on Sports Radio WEEI. But we'll post game show was presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplify. Check out cup plans to dot com Mike Anderson in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers and let's get things going. Here's Glenn Norway and Fred's murmurs on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah I mean we know what our office that we can make things you know kick field goes a big red area. That's huge in our offices have been able you know since I've been there to score points and home you know also we don't wanna double points won the Latino dropped the ball in the right there when it happens. You know you got to step up and just try to get off the field I don't know ski on him. Would merit thomas' Sanders Ontario are tough guys that cover all nice little table and they were able to make some plays always have them and play well around here. Also we always talk on your success. Dedham according feeling pretty good about the defense and he should because the defense was good tonight's big isn't he was great seasonal general he has. It makes a difference go down but they have been much better here the last few weeks you can see it they're giving still giving up some yardage. But they're not giving up two points and patriots in a bowl out tonight Denver. There have been very close very few occasions we've had over the years even on this phenomenal run by then it's the sit here and say. A ball out in Denver it just doesn't it doesn't delegate. Are offered say the game was always look at halftime you before halftime lead you look at recent. It's sold out is that team cannot combat it did not built to combat now that's stupid. You know you got to build the team to have an option you have to have a set India because her for years they have one. Just defense into god or people to build. It in order talk about Elway up their. He skips a beat now. He should be getting that you have and have a quarterback caught in a global thing about it take about a lot of people talked about L weight coming in taking over that operation. And saying you know is genius and and granted they he they put together were real good defense are terrific the food but we're if they've been successful in their offense. One time and that's when they brought in Peyton Manning who was handed to them because in jewel what came in in Indianapolis and they pushed him out. And they got Peyton Manning. When he was really beaten up even though we couldn't throw you could organize the office that was Indian management has managed at Philadelphia and he changeup an audible and gives us control running game the running game was much better because abatement. And so they were able to win. You know win a ring but he's you know one of the great quarterbacks. Any NFL history John Elway. If you find a quarterback I thought acted Paxton wages is on the sideline with a clipboard I thought to go to Rome. As if Romo played for them to be different team just the excitement of him in real quarterback there's a problem that Elway has now friend that defenses get in the hole. And that defense is already very frustrated Vanilla huge cause I know he is not playing no. He and I watched it for you she knocked him off the ball so who's your PD guy. I think your column of some of his I don't know what I can't. I'm not sure where he looks like. Aegis soul left them because come off the ball like he did doesn't pick up guys like he did I think a lot of it is probably could see it with the defense again very frustrated that's why should deal. Winning the patriots had two score lead I said the game is over there's no way that that. That team to enable it to a while the other thing too is that you know Brady was gonna score a lot more points during the course of the game. So big deal you march down the field. You get three while Brady's gonna get add four more at the other anchors you gonna get seven on I think it's a team like the raiders. You know like some the other teams. Like the Pittsburgh Steelers got as much as lost faith in the coat. I think a lot of them lost faith in coach even teams like. Jackson didn't place a short time to run out of it's not that we respect we have coach respect whisk. We are the brains awful lost respect from the mainly console. So I blocked. There is times it looks like he's collected through. Through his eyes the only true Ryan off after wild buffalo pretty quickly did you what did you tell me that if you're defense supplier. And you're looking at and you've got to do all bulwark every single week it was a buffalo because you don't have a quarterback. We did have a quarterback while to tell him and we play with these guys are currently. At all and so defense we're one game at 85 plays in the and they had like if the office. You have idol didn't bother me I've played my guys are cured and miles door to GAAP and do what I have the ago. And that's where Belichick is doing our job. I don't think a lot of guys Acosta is much on their job but because award about the offense in the coach. Didn't do good enough job of put that they had two yard draw thing about different. The guy the quarterback tonight for the Denver Broncos giants have lost their coach a long time election of a story there's no question about that I won one game that has won three yeah. It was a putt Petit Yemen but look at look at we're always screw this thing up. He actually want Brock costs while her after that one year and a while beat the patriots remember a game at a regular season game. OK but he he that I wanted to get played wanna get to play right so. They wanted to keep home but he got more money out of Houston and so we ends up going to Houston. Then they finally get rid of on the ends up going to Cleveland right. And Cleveland is actually hit and our swat right now and Denver obviously he's he's amber starting quarterback. So what he you know he improved a pit and they talk about him work with the it. With him Manning. It worked with him analogue the offseason moves up or be when he came back Cochran will. He played better which is are we liked and we are all Holland virtually every every. Play well you look at this he's reading better get rid of the ball batteries more accurate and we struggled to the keys to his loss is I think he's got that could be you know what if you think he's a starting quarterback for winning football team in the school for the Holy See which quarterback is. Other bunch of now CIT's you're not a horrible I'm I'm thinking I had a horrible team I think the problem in the NFL right now we see a lot of mistakes like a lot of exciting games today and I was watching the reds on the night. I was watching a lot of the Pittsburgh game so I I I started watching specific games but I had the red zone go on as well. There are a lot of exciting games to the but it was mainly because of mistakes and errors and flaws people he was head for football is exciting as a green governor of the of the problem is coaching in the national totally. She I think there are a lot of good young quarterbacks in the lake what do you think they the resurgence is for the Eagles right now to get everything to do the quarterback blowing your cheek is good play is is a good quarterback is a very Cordoba would we Uga coach. A player that comes from a team was strict guidelines and coaching great coaching in Emmental Cabrera. They believe they do well in the him and they leave and they don't get that coach in the fall pot. Right you saw all the time in her voice you know what he's pretty bad effect on that trip for game recent back but he's a bad guy is pretty stock a lot of games and he knows the system right and he would be a bad is it that he's trying to hear what exactly what but I don't know how congress is out with an injury. In any game it doesn't get it next week it gives Alan an injury he's out for the rest of the C easily done they would their country if you're heard now for two games you might be able to two games yes because he's gone horrible practices in the system that he worked well and delegates and it does pretty well when you if you look at any as a stopgap for couple of house I mean days back. Knock it doubly knock some or on TV was on Israel Green Bay just doesn't look like they did last year do they have on Leon's our garage so why do you ever go back up because you're gonna pay good about getting back to the situation in Denver. John Elway he's got to get himself a quarterback the the the the the the timeframe they have right now they're running out of time with a defects. Okay they're gonna struggle losing some of those players plus some of the players is simply gonna get older than not going to be as effective. So you're in that run right now in the last two weeks they've given up an awful lot of points are given a 5141. Voice yes it is like two weeks right to buy I think the problem is. The inaugural organized to do this special teams recoverable. The defense right now is terrible but their fault and I put on terrorism that's why the and that office could be okay if he had any help put all today. Any kid if you play bad he was. He was put a was OK okay for a lot of you look at the ball back at literature brought OK but he but Natasha as far as illegals you maybe. OK and that system. Assistant to break into the problem is they're they're they're falling behind in the first quarter of games and I just saw the number the numbers outrages under and bugs scored like 105 the fourteen or something like this as a defense split up the points. OK and off the field I agree but. But offs Weiler is not going to bring you back in the game he's not gonna win a lot of games for noble has few structured like they don't have that one receive you're a couple Morsi was apparently untrue I mean I have Thomas and they have said to have to resume and gets re going to third when I heard that from Collins were numerous times I gathered that all of the other night they had those players but I let though they'd let those guys go because there's only so much money they have Monica what's unfortunate for the Denver. Is your offense is not your biggest problem right now. Yeah I disagree there's a little nine he won I get a two point I get a lot of but I think that it's a clear. And the reason the defense is falling apart. Is that the they've given up on the office they know that if they fall behind by two scores. They only and aren't we aren't at the beginning and not getting pressure the coverage is not that good the special teams don't I'm not solid. The nuts failing everything's bad right which authorized to OK everyone else to which you don't think of a big part of that could be that any. You know we lost faith and they lost but I think of laws for me there's a lot of coaches or lose faith can quit you be surprised. Date because the things organized. He's gotten control whatever it may be. But when you shot Warren a vote. Your offense and defense is completely. Who put the bed in a special teams Cuba has given up big guys advertising. And drop of pods and get punt block you when the guy that's running the organization. Who was a great quarterback in his own right. Can't find you a quarterback and thinks that these guys the Trevor Ximian it Paxton Lynch's. And Ann moss while there's only there because Cleveland is paying him. And they pick them up and figured he knows pretty much what they're doing now to Erica so it's almost a plug and play situation again. That you're not gonna get anywhere it came out to find a quarterback and I'm telling you in a hurry if they don't find a quarterback in the offseason. If the quarterback I'd like Brady six round parent Wilson third round paid some of these other you know I don't roll all they have oil almost a freeagent go find one. Put that big a final look at all these graphics at old. You know I was going to be the briefing he sent them then they brought it up. What got a back problem because it's a physical problem but he's just forgotten some of these guys those lush acres he was healthy you know if you're not healthy number one topic humans comes to Cleveland. Cultures differs from whose. Especially most notorious slow first growing up in quarterbacks. But I think Elway right now is on the clock he's taken on an awful lot of heat we're gonna get that I don't know be got to find one. There they got to find a quarterback and the problem is. The young quarterback and that's where you made a mistake your. You'll need to find a quarterback out here who's backing up somewhere that's gonna be able to that it can do it right now. That's a but I thought that's what role if they were on Romo he but it took a 1012 with like real I agree that motivates them because what do mean just his presence up there I would have made sense that would visible for a I've backed the focal Steve's at a price gave. Eight Romo would it fine except the human. Lob it was the first real slow lately and if it'd been out. In a price right for everybody to excel and advocate that lines dot bad they've blocked pretty well for the quarterback he moves pocket but you know what else is all that. Well let's what they did in the draft day that's what they did they got themselves a left tackle to protect the quarterback that's what they did wouldn't I don't think. BR the problem with and are all about. Deb Libya bat okay because of the patriot however. If it what what ever got out to be successful. Is. Take if they can get the ball on the first. Series every time. Run the ball short track that they need to do what the picture in 2001. Didn't get to pick first down. Get. You're forgetting what's don't know you have to be over the read the defenses and find your find your mismatches that he goes and do that. Tom does have that it won't football soft nor did they can down you have to read. And get the right read off the bat and balls quarterback can do that. Odds that you can't tell to a tall trees to Laguna the point is people. Court. And not to beat. It. But the defense nine to 2.2 two games in this special keeps the defense is not good right now but. At. The site. Yes here that's what I think it's well unadorned I'm doing that when Steve I'm with you on this one I really believe. That their defense is finally figured out we're going nowhere and is from the auto industry in all. At the beginning of the season and they they go important. Like something out they were out in order it is for the first day and it gives a full first big games I think they were given up twenty points a game. Now they get credit for east exit it. Something like that award because people think what was the that's the same block entrances and honesty is the. We. What looted defense recorded it was a big deal. And no. Denver. A dollar to shortages. What happens at that you'll left an offensive line fell to properly it was about a meticulous that won a Super Bowl without guard. And that put they'll have a problem and had to bring him back and won a soup there right did the year because of that they have trouble but they did win a super without offensive line with a different. Right there to customized teaching it's still stayed with them. Went to get away from a coaching style loser what he was caught us and I love Scarnecchia I think he's great I'm not gonna say anything negative about. I I think the thing we Denver is. Dead they figured we'll get by if we can run the football we don't have to Wear my quality quarterback in place already fat problem is. You know and they went out got Jamaal Charles remember. And CJ Anderson I think it'll will be nothing was beat up last week he comes up here tonight. He had one long run other than that he did nothing defense. Before it. But my point is I play along time and usually. Andrea. That's okay we took him if I didn't Kim who's up on the play my game you know in no nor should play in game. If my games affected by what they don't come out of pearl. If if Miller can't rush to pass it now because often it is terrible that these guys but you know what's gonna happen with the Denver. If they can't find a quarterback in this offseason in what's gonna happen the defense is really gonna. Paul Sacco over the next to you you're beautiful more militant goes what's 120 many about together those players. Hit computer repair guy that defense commit ninety points or you're right they may have to give up blow up on a bright. There may have to give up on some of those guys let him go and say screw we've got to start dealing with the other side of the of the ball. That may be a major problem or you will pay all that money for Melo. But general quarterback. It's ass backward journey to pay a quarterback that can play bringing guys in on again by eBay's awesome guy from. Went off the Hebrew college is most those guys. Get rid mortal I think they've you know. I don't know what they gonna have for money in the offseason but Kirk cousins they have to start going for somebody. That right you have to find somebody right now. They can help them win games if not focus is going to be in the market right yeah. So what will happen is that defense will fall apart even worse over the next you're absolutely I mean what do you think they're gonna be like the rest of the season you'll under the options cancer now guided keep up a big chunk era. Salary cap. Can rush the passer anymore so good 'cause cousins would put him back in the UL. What about because a guy comply. If you're halfway decent. Going to be analyst at this break we'll be right back more of the Rio post game show. After a big patriots went 4116. Your final tonight. It's cool and order way. Braves Marlins snapped about real post game show. Let's continue with our comprehensive review of the path to victory today over the Broncos presented by complex. Check out cup plenty dot com life Anderson but Quaid architectural molding. Stand by your new wind come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. You don't want a batter's box. But is not the other specialties. Right now that coats the it was right market right in the middle of the boy who came right up the middle and got up. So markets got a touchdown now he's got a block punts and the Broncos special teams dealing them tonight it'll. We can depict zillion different guys for the player of the game here in the real post game show we're gonna go with red Berkett race. That a lot of good things you know and I needed a birdie was pretty good. We're trying to give it the guys are bitter buzzer forty right now Brooke and under forty star of the game racial you. Everything very well on special teams to run with the ball catching the ball to blocking for a don't disagree but I can go through a long list grown amp M and dole played Walt tonight he had some big. Big plays in the in this game. I mention Devlin might be a stretch he did a lot of your don't want as close as secretary flaws is part ago that there as well with the ago. Our guys offensive line and our player of the game is sponsored by cars for kids the easy way to donate your car. Can donate today and you cork and 877. Cars for kids with okay me ask you this the world saints are they for real. Well six in a row would do little bit of credibility and his defense is playing well there and of the team that. They have themselves a quarterback a legitimate big time quarterback if he is playing reasonable holes before doing things he's under forty. 38 I think at thirty companies played as well as young boy is. Play polo he's put his weapons let's see if he has the same drive when he's forty is to number you were talking about that earlier. And the amazing thing is that eat and you made some common of what you're gonna see more guys doing this a choice that's the case because I think you make so much money now. If you're good at that position. He sit there and you get the 46. Two wanna go to the rehab like that on word of the cargo body's hurting at the crap beat out and preachy I just a veteran I get that game I get that little trough plot. Close that felt that I think it would CTE and everything else I think more guys are gonna shy away they're gonna have tons of money they can have hundreds of millions of dollars. And a gonna sit there and say it. What I want it to the bridge is the exception. He's got to QB the rule because. But it sure has a helmet to bed they don't hit in practice anymore you can't who has gone all the difference is change. When you get a concussion it's concussion protocol. We're gonna concussion institutional X option knows about Iceland and the but I think guys and he always does it too terrible. To do that they do now via digital portal. The training campers treatment I can't usually glassware and campus of it is they have resources on the field after republic of two days. But it guys off outlawed it I agree well out of of put all this stuff is different so I think. When you're playing a plea to 36 a confusing given up Fred because they opt out. They get worked out they don't give an award date they lose interest. In K that for such a long period of time. And then made especially now they've made hundreds of millions of dollars that they've been top ranked quarterback OK maybe. So Brady is an exception that he really is an exception to this and that at this point he's got all the money. He doesn't need to do this he's already the greatest of all time he could want point out and still be the greatest of all time but there's a dry oil spill there. It isn't trying to be still loves playing football competition but loves I think that's a rarity you seen that it was a bra whisperer. On these old time who's the new age right now and nothing you don't get to practice. Can't teleport back gains. Right in the monies paid. India and it's it's almost enjoyable hook for your training camp was. Your in his what Rongji impound crap by each other twice. Do over again for us for six weeks on nights and longs is for real we both agreed along the former mayor they are the line up their defense in the profits is on to their team they could win the NFC and could represent the the conference to visit by. Of how but the rams you buy into the horizon right now I am too. Because they can run the ball at impassable that we talked to Todd Gurley is playing the way he did in his earlier years ago right. And they have a quarterback a game which you have to have an react and it good defense policy upfront. Really good. Of the cowboys lost without Zeke LE. Lost I think your paper also lost Jon Jon Lee today their best defensive player. He's he's got a silent this I think you'll kind of fraud to stop with you a couple young guys and collegial go to go into the software you. The whole team just doesn't fall on the following a that's his coach from a two as an owner of the might have some other skillet or tie up with alternate. You buying into Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh get their act together by they have we smile and a few weeks they hate government. Yes we may see their coach so I think they're coached. He's he's got a great job I think these guys on noxious guy at the event for the provision of won't plays and listen to all that teams in the group. I'm going you up or down refute you to have the talent. But it doesn't look like their police likely going to weed out seventeenth of December at patriots could really put a dagger in them but I think you look really shaking I was surprised I thought they would take a lot of good team I thought they would come out today and play really well and they defense kept them all alive in his game offensively with all of the talent they have the mistakes that they make constantly. Over and don't forget this was the patriots to a vacant in the first three weeks of the season not making anymore. Pittsburgh is still making when it comes close games that you lose them as jamaicans who mr. And Mack adieu done in New York the question is is the Al this week. If you look at their schedule is a killer like oh this week while you're politely to on this because the players. What what are ready to the the players are ready to form a mutiny right now I understand it's a disaster and are going to whistle at the guy will lose every single game the rest of the way you get. Schedule at a killer that brings only gonna bring him well you know. According to fund you know when we don't live with it and there but but for the rest of the year I might wanna find out whether one of my coordinators. Has something I'm I wanna find out though I think he's I get big debate needs seller that sold pull off. Somewhere maybe quoted if he goes to coach. Is on the blog. It's usually usually I'm off to an opportunity to neediest coached us. This is the heartbeat of the at a field to new job giants dallas' week. You know people wanna watch. There watch the patriots all the time but it was all around the country besides. Giants had some key injuries including you know the Patriot Act of junior day you know they lost a key player there. I I just think he's done I I would. I wish announcement here I would not be surprised at all to see him gone this with house this wouldn't either but does make it's it's little played OK coaching at work right now. What temperature country. You put assistance on people is that the manner by it will wrap things up with a real post game show next. The most complete recap of that New England Patriots season right here we return to no real post game show. We look even more closely at the patriots win over the Broncos presented by copper quest. Check out cup plans can dot com Mike Anderson the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your new women come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio guy. EI. Well it's sending you to Mexico City. Well I'd be fearful of lining up in my best of 500 feet fearful of you know Mexico City actually. I join Obama's the city whether Bob why around the and so Thursday he 300 section is so if you think of the street intersection in July. In Mexico City at the stadium the third level they have a chain link fence and barbed wire on the job. Because those are the real hoodlums of those are out of your mind rhythm with the Bronx tale. Yet when you get in now you can. It's something else will be adjusted and you and I were over at the cigar bar tonight we are watching the game over there. And be it should to see what they readings are. Tomorrow for afternoon football vs Boston Celtics here locally I think something's gonna do very well in that match. Everybody's talking about the team. To watch them was a pleasure the plate and so for coming out to reflect not just drive all four it was too large they moved the ball and unselfish. It in the play great defense throwback. My brother and good job of Hollywood's next week for the Oakland Raiders came at 4 o'clock or 430 about just how about a mile and 10 AM. We won't talk Celtics we'll also talk a lot of patriot the Dolan joins us again tomorrow. And Trey flowers or course with Fauria and Mer lonely and AM was for a slam and he does have. Pedophile for creating go anywhere near someone TV tonight news I thought he was going to use every resident. 04. Works like over eight days away moment eight days doing something wrong when. I dead banks on the other side of the glass thanks gentlemen we appreciate it catcher tomorrow morning 10 AM ex patriots win big tonight 41. To sixteen.