The Real Post Game Show - Best coaches in NFL; Fauria Calls in to recap the game

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Sunday, November 19th

Hour 2 and Glenn and Fred continue their recap of the Patriots 33-8 win over the Raiders. The conversation moves to coaches in the NFL and who the best of them are behind Bill Belichick. Christian Fauria calls in to recap the game and bust some chops.


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Send raiders and now the most comprehensive review a tape begins cease leaves no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Capital we'll post game show was presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Checked out comes Lansky dot com by Anderson but Quaid and architectural holding. So you can buy your New England come voted tractor dealers let's get things going. Here's Glenn Norway and reds Marlins squad Sports Radio WEEI. Brennan's on and great players morsel here. He's does whatever he says dues over his rating goes great insurance stamps the well there's as the law runs short routes run deep routes clear out. Catch him on plays he's. He's willing to do whatever he needs to do we were sir. Nobody works harder than branding experience offers a great teammate and we're fortunate that our team. But he's working hard and that's what you want everybody work in all not everyone will do without you know Wafer cup weeks so they bonded everybody get together you know on spent time with the true talk about that. Shortly eventually you have you know it affords him an out too and they lost that game at Green Day they played well it was all high scoring game in laws that. And earlier the San Diego and on that everybody got together it's good WW show we should. We should take we should bumped into we took us would really shouldn't state blue state Christian we should go up some island. Just talks with Syrian it's just us about it and he ends and animals. You know it would work I think it was you somebody will fights and a plus the finish of your on an island you can then I'm not sure we know how will figures that is and how. It's. When you guys Samoan. So mall one. Well Christians warn an expletive everything but he's got that he's got at all comfort. You you know Swedish would be a stretch from what little he has little grief and make it out in just a successor. Let's check assuming it was a good callers that Collison nothing great pumpkin the first couple about this is Chris and Carr hikers. Chris. What our guy golden. Although I want to tell your hole. And you don't hold a law. Loses. Usually it doesn't look. Good argument are out. Prince once cursed. So bold although no you know. No hold on don't know now the guys and the other side of the glass said there's some guys on maligned squeeze try to do prank call he's trying to sound like Christian Fauria at some. Some amateur record you know somebody who's follow your lead. Working at their craft strata that shows that's what the. Yeah I don't lose you guys you know you know drop the CI ordered to the only story that true. I feel like you guys can be bored because they didn't look so ordinary people like lifted so it. The other team to show up well let me ask us that it was that you would Groce and it was on with you today and post it. I bought it and right now our politicians and so would you would you drugs he gives her. They're all recorder. Listen I was out there are you Saturday to occurs at their too good now. It too good these things at it. That is what does Jack Del Rio you tell me could you you you played in patriot teams that had to go up against Jack Del Rio teams. How bad is Jack Del Rio was a coach. A lot of candidates they have why are we ready at a slightly. We had. Eddie well dated eight comedian bill that helps you or. But Jack Leo of the last two years mutant Jacksonville must back up into the air sloppy. I did think it says. A lot excuse. When you watch out there. Pontiac. Police moved to. Yeah. So. The only important you're right there boys split but it's coaching in this league start Denver last week ending. That the team wasn't ready in this team was ready to the. I don't know how I mean it's. And it let's saddle regulate and probably just that you spent one unique film Aqua bounty this. Shut him down low and you got nothing right. Automaker blows are regarded deviant urges are displayed to Republican to back field. Ultimately what happened at all. I can't sort out I don't know. An error could it'll open the worst was the passes he threw the ball out so the outside shoulder. You're you're you're in a third and eight he started four yards down the feel on the outside shoulder with a guy's got a lot of bottles to catch it. And they're saying they say that got so much money and that guy's a future of the leak by the way. I've also been particularly. And investors begin its its equipment in the divide between Brady and really everybody else it's insane for I don't. Go out in public the public time management on the this like five minutes left the call time out to huddle and up to complete. We try to kill the clock in the Dublin preschoolers. What they think you don't want to just kneel on the ball you do that. I think it was like the debate just wanted to pack up and leave. Wanted to do at all I obviously usually we sit that we took route. They just want to give them a lot of odds they wanted to leave your home. Because there are no sense of urgency there was no like you know let's go let's make it respectable let's let's show them right no it was. And then make it get bad it got sloppy you know edited actors you know given rights just they're allowed acrobat the bigger came out. And that the third play people off the brake coach did you decide that you could there were no greater place just don't screw it. Here goes again as a Christian I thought they were done at halftime we think about this they're driving now okay they've got an opportunity go into the locker room. Down fourteen to seven instead you get a fumble. And then breeding takes him down the field to take a 62 yard field goal instead of being down fourteen to seven. You're down seventeen to nothing and they have got the ball to open up the second half you're Don Kirk psychologically damaged. Yet you said they are you look at that there any more this season so what exactly they are virtually speak English we did web based beauty and gets. Or Jake got another concussion. And then play the bill which Obama later what a bad yeah. Well let him and I. Used on the bills bandwagon by the latest is sold elegant didn't do enough time you can all their decisions on our way early. And rob you finally off the bandwagon now I'm. It will only get better from here right repeat of it right. Five interceptions in the first half of Christian real question Jonas is one of the great coaches in the league who is mentally tough capable of dealing with Belichick and Brady who's a second coach Christian who's a second. Brad I doubt about it that's what I know what was called it. Very well you mentioned palm and right. I mentioned Jose but because I was right how much I write I read too because as rector who also has erected. Yeah I looked like it being a bit or regular like all of you know what it's great player to beat the pick to replace it. If you look at his track record. I don't portabella he would be great if we don't like it could be so rotten he sees light. You know junkyard dog. You know like a like a straight coach yelling and shoot us. Well I don't know if he. Could play. Who was about who's but I never really what got so what coach is about erected. We did hit did you call Pete Carroll DuPont in digital Clinton. Opening night in what is it about he skips around a little rim would bounces basketball. But who is the second best that the drop off from Belichick. To the rest of the league is LaDainian like just some good young quarterback you're looking at Carson when she got Prez got. He got Bill Watson is some good young quarterbacks out there where the great cultures. Well I say what that is he is it the code to degrade. A player. Complete quarterback to overcome that go to overcome the it's just the way. A lot of coaches out there that we didn't. Who gave editors after a week there are strictly edit the other guy got the record back or some slayer water to a player. Are so unbelievably great. That they overcome the bad situation that people thirteen. That would show bought. It they boat race in other pages that Brady to boo hoo welcome you hide every. Problem you have and then there's bill that's very sad and bad. A bit everybody else so it secular but what went either way. And then the rocket scientist for the coordinated. Yeah. Ultimately get there. Yet but I got to lower their mentioned Lombardi and quite public anger right place for. Midnight admirable what. The bulls or the other coordinators are going to get out like Marty passed it bounce Schuettler so like. On this later today truly is like sixty games in animals. Don't enter those guys who coordinators. Didn't imagine Josh McDaniels. And that the church. Branching off doing their own pay and are subject evident in. Success at the land at the LaGuardia just because they didn't say it's a law. That's out about this big but I'll watch the game like you know I've got the opportunity to spread out portrait premiere without couldn't do it Charlie Weis couldn't do. Duties get these guys do. You know it takes that you know Ali yes have a guy that has suspect has control. It also also is kinda likable and an awful lot of them but yes you're likable. Belichick reached out Cleveland was like a maniac. Remember what it was true that he learned that he's out robots as human visa became almost on the other side a little bit where he was human. And that's a great trade for how many coaches conducted. That's not to you know put game plans together ghost world who made the calls adjustments while reporting dollars and a day. A lot of guys out there like that. So you go to argued you do in the late night show tonight. Sports fun right you do mentioned. Also Fred's doing the other show. On channel seven so you'd be competing agency of Canada related disease is always a good putt great two. You started. Part. It won't. Be a part of it callables calls for us college crowd that's what it's all. Let's say give a long day he's done this all this TV stuff and and you were on earlier in the pregame show here with with my and keep the night you called and it's live call with. Fred what's that they often you work toward. Are you work too hard you work too hard now. And I would I would check with a doctor because I've really believe there's something wrong insisted that you've been colonized Syria. IPod right. For caller Syria say a Christian for. Enormously lonely highway I didn't know was Christian sub guy just admit now yeah. Because you're gonna tea as. You know that says. That I see a cease Fauria but I think it could be somebody ranking and you know that subprime. This now for you started this'll ranking business. And there are a lot of wannabes a loss for you wanna be an Arizona once or it could have been Matt Chatham doing like a dog's a priority in a pleasure as he cracked a joke match when you have a truck joked that we understood did you put a little room for five minutes he would fall asleep for the question once you know the question I drove. Mr. Ford calls to news. Susan could coaching witnesses who is and talk about this because of the bracket I would have to give him Ike Ike I put Tomlin down because I just as as an actual the because of Brooklyn what good trip the guy and on the field and some of the stuff he says the but he's apparently you have to stay in this one as a great coach in this world you want one. But I don't give a tool so you could say the same thing about Sean Payton John Payton said some bad years. Certainly Goodyear might affect his defense up until today was liberty is how in a row and it's been depleted when all that they have what you know about what the company. When they're taken bounties on guys there's honesty about a problem and an estimate of about that every team did that. But then that'll beat you by. It and you do write in Houston money you know it was like I would do it right in the senate you know there's no blood. Not a cheap shot not tomorrow plain. That's where laws so it would operative abouts in parliament they'll put upon. To take doctor that's the plan to turn the politically correct world right now so people look at that sent Michael that's I don't okay. It sounds like watching an HBO I would have 5000 but it have enough money to put in the park. But let's just say that he's he was through that. And so. If you look at the coaches around legal but most of tradition we have a lot of Fisher lot of people thought that Fisher was a really good coach and he a lot of times that success. And in the past right. And for the last couple years that anybody's knowledge officials doubt now Lou Walters special aptitude now. So it has jumped coaches about that. For a few Eagles. Today. Doug Peterson Peterson sort of great job on that last known good state Tuesday too I like this canes Eagles always you know losses are. Mr. moss the ability over vine if you lost. The best. Defense played just like him because she's from Boston and you remember him when he tried to solve these balls out just how volatile he wasn't a boss optimists out it was a very pleased that sold let me vote put up with you still hanging in there and lost. The coach. And that the quarterback was on on a roll would be you don't get into the upper echelons or does it wrestlers are watching me tomorrow. So he's out he lost it lost you know the kid running back today and he lost two of them it Foreman he lost whether he's articulate advocate an Achilles and unattached. If that teams all held to leave it there and how appropriate to losses so there's a couple hang around but for the most part. It's it's it's that moved the voucher program was active and eat the brains. You know they got production does anybody in the schedule you've got to against buffalo two against Miami won against the jets and obviously we have Pittsburgh Steelers would be great almighty. I'm not only is okay and there are legitimate there are legitimate threat. There's no question about October matchups dark right now we're gonna get we'll get into that matchup with the against Pittsburgh will look at that far yet. That these are the teams can ruin Pittsburgh's going to be tough game other than that in general. A lot of the bunch of just told you Christian just gave it uses that we've done the dead fish. Tell international courses for it and put in extra overtime for columns. He might he might in my but it slip it under some you know. You jealous older excuse like got a like we had a caller because we regret bloggers. He is likely to be professional he likes the feel point against his opponent you know as always thought there was he's gonna he's gonna say he's demanded that. It looked real accurate at a time enough. About programs or options right and so I've run an OpenId I contribute or help here's another caveat. You've got a lot of people. Out of jobs could it exactly. I 617777. 371 year until 11 PM you're probably watching Philadelphia leaving Dallas right now. 76 you can watch that game you can call us talk a little about the patriots it was a boring game Christian is right. But the patriots once lawyer and a good way of looking like they are the best in the league. It's gland or wing and brakes Merlin exacted a real post game show on. You with our comprehensive review of the pack. That's victory today over the raiders presented by conquest. Check out come play. ST dot com by Anderson McQueen architectural holdings and in my ear the wind comes loaded tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. I tell myself the wise play the game it's brought you by wise snacks from Regina tailgate classics could be a few different place about that cooks. Costs by via Tom Brady that touchdown we can go but guess what. This has never happened before in New England Patriots history spears and again. This incident that. And they produced points with a seven. Executive game in the last two minutes. I also think it was the end of the games the Oakland Raiders instead of fourteen to seven going into the locker room at halftime you are down seventeen zip. You're in a foreign country it just wanna get your apps out there today did it. But why split against brought to you by white stakes three G tailgate classics look for the new buffalo wings. The drive ruled rib flavors at Jordan hopefuls go. I expected a phone calls we go Freddie here's Blair opened may not much better now you to die Blair. But still well I don't Freddie say. Hey do it enough. Glenn. Good Boyer our legitimate US southern accent you're from Maine his he's got a southern. Up from 1990. Yeah I mean stray away as winners on the main sorry. I spent I spent a lot of time over the years in and managed to have a house and their blurred to destroy a lot of time opening I love money list growth and beautiful town to things and eat them yet. It was ripping them at risk and crushed nations in Asia. To shoot a reference to shoot another thing I was driver through the woods in May once in this Booth tomorrow. Would that we're the Winnebago. And dirt trail ago lost it out of the woods a moose comes running alongside. The Winnebago Mike hole hole which I do. Florida so like I go to commercial TV were goes through the windshield it will go a doll there's an excellent original tough debate. If you wanted to their brother. Anyway I'm legitimately. Division leaders. Wild card leaders and then not so I'm going to be DePaul lost easily got. Thank you because I wouldn't have been able to. Those a go ahead thanks to pay no attention to the man. So the Pittsburgh Steelers are eight and two we have to play them eventually. The legitimate you're gonna get them a couple weeks. Yeah I really got us. The best. Not only that but. Thought patriots. Who also. Surprise or not the division leaders summit what we are division leaders for. And I know when that he gets on the mystery Jacksonville. Hail and good movies you have your own show. AFC. Leaders and ANC less sick says forward. And then you've also got I can beat them whenever we get a. I think their charges are going to be to win that division as its chief Peter Cabrera. Right so these men get the titans you get the ravens you got the the bills the bills they're not as of today the the bills are out. Of the playoffs if he is the season today right because Baltimore wins the tiebreaker over buffalo I think they're doing it to put spot. If we get knocked. Yes and no rush into it they have 79 written all of them done by well Shia. That that's start. Computer house besides the patriot I hope winning at all. Would you say this side the patriots are playing in the soup I want it patriots philadelphians suitable that would be great super. It might be but the Philadelphia or fans have discussed this the worst thing because of the war and staunchest I. We've been to a Super Bowl before the Philadelphia fans a thank god that I was sitting next to Fred's moralism his wife. Because I almost got into a fight you'll tell us are ever consider this in my life that have got into a near fight no foul ball ball game. There was a guy that the patriots scored first and it was down in Jacksonville. Double plays out. And the patriots score first and the fans my wife is going crazy for the patriots which is a patriot fan whatever we were there's like mobile and our allies. And a Philadelphia fans starts column my wife every name in the border like the F the B word I mean the only where that was missing was the sea where that was coming out next. And then you told Jenna and I just told the guy you just shut up you know when your team scores can do whatever little bleep you want but yet the and then get a friend and friend turned around and looked at me and then. My patron for its moralist. Just kinda leans over fur coat on he's looking nasty and mean he's leans over toward the guy and the guides is backed off. A general who was draw. But because it if you really guides and some really bad halves and anyone else kind of freaks out I I had a camera I was gonna it's a self defense I was gonna get him hitting me first. With the Cameron and you don't blow fields. But the other guy would yet yet rubber flip flops on and love Roswell. Rudd told Nils he's dropped. And I sent some Richard's around. Anyplace and whose backers touch from the shoulder immediately surely you don't go live. Who ruin anything for me a minute on page 6000 dolls seats in left. It's gotten to fight another Super Bowl two dollars. That was Green Bay against Denver in San Diego that's where or less than sitting in the stands next if that was your kids seats. My wife in this big fat guys falls we stand up to earn a journey. Along. So it was a long play right now we all stood up to look in this fast it was true fellow. And he it's gonna tackle you Chris I put my hand on his head in his stands out probably 65350. Andy took a step that may sixth of his form of heroes is huge huge huge fan of and I stopped him in the Adam's apple and squeezes webpart deductible over the seat you did it's still almost and they you know it's about it was that those. Anyway so my question why it why agents that would throw us it was a fashion or shatter his jaw and strong Q wouldn't it fat cells are what you did enjoy looking tender EC. A fresh cut off his went exactly so you could do you could subdue him. Without fighting and killing out of absolute torture as you wouldn't have done well and personally you know just. You know on that but anyway the funny part was our goal and everybody knows I was in the fight of something dull. There was a there was Matt Millen was too that follows that sort of throw Davis's run on the silent while watching us. Pro Davis he's out of the studies at the one and is my friend Fred's notes and if it replaces aren't we played the state despite all other fight I just this is squeezes in Iraq so that guy actually had evidence if you wanted to you know really stick it to you he had like ever. No he was coming at me out of in the torso aggressive as their yet so I animal that's you know what will fat people government legitimate in the jackets to Kuwait to drag the fat man to force. And it could at some of these big games for and I have a thorough and now but that was the only one but you're right Philadelphia fans that are also has more boxes and they they yum the outnumbered. Patriot fans want to see 3141. Right it was so really sort of trail by two. Well Phillies hadn't been in for a long long time you know and so they were really this Wednesday. They were I think patriot fans made a killing on him because it was something like 5000 diesel oil for food fans all think the record straight on other channels I would assume Eagles in the Elisa Baker's forever. With fashion of partners around the streets they can be as though while they're watching their team to threats so they're not playing real well tonight Carson wind's left. The game. With the look like. Concussion protocol it's a little blue tent and went back and but I tell you this is fraudulent it's the same thing we so we Jacoby percent last week. So they have to do usually he would. When he came back on the field in the next series he looked out of it didn't make enough insulin actually good pass that struck by receiver. But you it's icy look like he was out of that he was looking at the sidelines. I tell you what they're doing is they're doing the protocol. But in particular quarterbacks out so that store quarter 2% last week persona here's came back in the game he was out of that. It would still play your best you name. I'm a very good not don't reject it in Washington wrote to him for this island it would nearly. The football game and I. I remembered go back from the field with a put ice got my back this stuff so the smaller salzman knows after that and I applaud and a lot of warnings now. I thought I was to be seen as playing a force for instance for flawed and nor was going to Comerica what you feel when you're gonna sit. I don't remember anything has not been out there we eagle with a stroke tallest of stuff to those blast as a and it's a civil ice of that. Thanks thanks and now. But the heat got to get back into the game the one thing I would say if Philadelphia is the team that and the patriots get the you know I don't wanna. You know count for the Willie Brown the horse before the barn at Barnes and portability and whatever. From. The but if they get there the filly is the team that would wary I'll tell you why because they can rush for what seven back in coverage. Those are the type of teams I hate to bring a giants experiences. But thirteen they can do some of the things aren't quite as good as that back Chinese defense of the match of those of the cup teams that caused greedy difficult or drug always drive of having gotten threats and making blocked nearly complete Maine and in that situation. Vans all Dana Priest by seven guys covering is that guys so they just from a stylish. It's stylistic point of view. This they can certainly am they have a quarterback now albeit Quebec never been in one of those games they pretty cool guy. But pretty good. It's not about won't pass. These to be. Why is it that. That we don't see enough of these quarterbacks drafted real high. When they come from small schools and yet small schools like eastern well you know woody go to north Dakotas into whatever. So the bias is against him because with the help that they play against their college days. You know we see him more more these quarterbacks it's on the small schools that I roles that I could fizzle fizzle on food. Picks colleges are run the other of them all accounts are running all this ride option in the run via the rule thrown to areas you know they don't play. A complicated scheme like the papers to a subdivision coaches. Right where the plane but if he's in my half of a dedicated to Google with a lot of stating go out there with. You know some of these these power house is in line kills it just died the ball. Toss in the screens drool outs against its wall less complicated. On the region they don't really get the NFL. They have good jobs and run well but they've never read defenses it's almost too complicated what they do and in my study is somewhat on what they do. Where you can see that was marionette to marry out her awhile to figure all of this that thing out he's he's playing to read option basically college of fine place when it went away and I know how all right I got. But at least ten years and all grapple never read Paul Hughes and college. He never had a playbook he's just go up there it's like schoolyard and you could answer that. Did you know the telephone pole and bear right now so it's so he was used to draw result plays out double I think I think that's part of it so. You have to be able to get into one of those guys heads to try to figure out whether they're capable. Of being able to do it's maybe the interview process is part may be the most important thing you. It Belichick said it was a very difficult to judge specialty you know. Specialty guys. On in college as an on going against the competition complex game play as it used in the pros polish financial. He likes to get guys out of the pros and obviously you two guys from buffalo and you've got to. There have been tested at this level what would you ever draft a quarterback Quincy from Alabama 'cause I will because they're so insulated. That the quarterback play doesn't have to be great as he's got the greatest personnel. I would look at linebackers I would look at the offensive line of defense and ultimately it is get those guys but also but look at Watson you know he came out of that system. But Clemson in the end it right off you you learn quickly Russian vodka so there are guys that can go but for the most mine. It's it's tough to draft a quarterback that can if you. That could even to raise though we don't know Christian you know if scroll ball is going to run but Kenny take the information to make those quick decisions that's the rarest of course. Probably get back to your phone calls we'll hear from Belichick live from Brady will hear from others at 617779. 7937. That is our phone number the real post game show coming up until 11 PM. The most complete recap of that New England Patriots he's right here and we returned to about real post game show we look even more closely at the patriots win over the raiders presented by. I got plenty insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out a plan to keep dot com. Bystanders in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. If your dad and a that you pricing at some point that it's still. An incredible experience to come here and play football in a different country and see the reception and you know hopefully. You know that there's more games here in the game continues to grow in other people get to see in person experience they've been to game that I love and you know sort of a lot of their you know people around the world. The only extended the arrangement down there in Mexico so they're gonna play right up until 2021. Extent that perfectly meanwhile. And here Brady loves that they all over them now fifth. I don't gone back to double the stated I didn't see him go to Mexico and I'll go to Mexico I don't makes way vacation in Mexico to Cancun this past year. Below thing happened with the into a roses grew from Sydney with his own it's you know I don't all the great players association. And Mexico city's a little bit different. Dirty. A the next morning they appeared as a huge accident and explicitly wants. They would up their lab the last time erupted in school longer. They're around valuables from liberal and war. As of November about this year. Now that they have more time if you bring your bracket them too big on the 2000 when he went group told dawn. The problem is they saw that game and now I think the NFL Sox this is war apparently embryo of a bunch of stories of that. The guys wrote on the that was. Good Oakland raider crackers that's kind of their own them in Tom floors that really count started again. And so there were a lot of raider fans but by halftime they were born and Rafe subtle like Oakland you know. And as they were leaving and have to but the second after chanting Brady's name even when before it came out on the field. Oakland as the bully Cheney Brady's exhibit a little bit confused so what they could have been that the key to date could have been particularly intimate tackles and a dual running after I was beaten him. Do think that got Thomas Tapeh to present little. Knowing that you did it on his own Tom is very honesty is you're paid for. If things not everything. So releasing a job as tough I mean 300. Thirty guys grew at 500 Bush's tone was gonna say what ever he just went out into it and it was a dead team look at the whole division and tell me who the hell's going to win and that the vision. Kansas City is now I told her when Kansas City has now lost four of the last five games and you ready for this. The rest of the division is still at least two games behind the cheapest they have lost four of the last five games. And still have at least a two game advantage over everybody and the chargers. Maybe the best team in the division. And there in a basement. Let a couple bombs are put it the patriots tough throughout destroyed the Buffalo Bills super rivers could still throw the ball their defense. There's a defense bonuses and is directed to the recession they hope most of. I do not believe he didn't in the first half boards in particular it was over the first of you know my neck and left the statistics that there. If there were no sex in the first half their half and three runs and threw it to them this. We have one deflected so it was really for legitimate. Picks as a rookie and what you might have thought that controlled the ball to the other team is president exactly Michigan's and on my feet column by enemy of the Wachovia is in your mind. Looking at the rest of the schedule for the for the raiders to the readers right now our of sixteen teams in the AFC they would be the thirteenth team right now if you Wiki playoff and there are still CDs ill in the I don't think six they're not in good shape. So to get the Broncos at home next. Oh that's the late afternoon boys is their worst in the Pro Bowl board is our quarterback problems. Then they get the giants the week after you know who knows which again not them but they go to Kansas City. Then they get the cowboys who are playing really good decision to let you leading right now. And surprisingly would no show only who they're by far the best defense was not a real good. These things and I predict the Eagles are not playing well it's not the cowboys defense has been exceptional so for an first of this game. So they get the cowboys then they go to Philadelphia. And then they closed it out Italy against the chargers that's not an easy schedule for that it's any people gone to filled overseas game. We leak on the front door that I played. Fall I played college play temple and they throw things actually baron you know it's it's it's those are sold bad well it's good I think the two places I wanna go to around Christmas time or Disney workers they lighted up with all the lights and a -- in the Holocaust from. And in Philadelphia we're all the same and they show up for all the sporting events in the drum beat the living crap out of each other role bleeding. That's always a huge Philip go to Philadelphia to weaken rules. Rest you'll love where you live from Philadelphia a spartans want to when we. That's. Mr. Bruce freshness in aims for what separates our. I I you guys are Bruce Edwards I I get a funny stories that yeah. Funny how I ran into this guy believe they're not exceed work at home people. And so. I look at this guy. Economic patriots fan in here we you know deepen patriots yeah. And see this and I didn't see bookish just over the border. From massive New Hampshire. With the notion that calls them. I grew up there yeah it does radiation who have. In so winning ways. I say this guy can the giants have gone so late night you know what they can which I do not good act. I hated that guy if they hate to tell you get in Europe we are Mashhad Iran. All matches are always always it closed Wednesday at the offices. Of media so. Because he's chief master views he goes to the senate seats tax cuts this Sunday mass. Figured out that back then when all those people on the Aussie because he wanted his son to him through below sea dog immediately comes first before. You can't you can't you can't root root for family before laundry sports want us from went to a they're and it might for the giants and the giants' Dave disaster. As you visit they are safe exit from it with. It was in serious trouble as we now made the Osce and be mental to begin with but it doesn't there's a front that doesn't confront well. Got some of this stuff got in the way of his life and thank god the giants to save their own Horry evil dead things. But he goes to New Hampshire probably just say about drugs guys violent girls you know. Might works it works right and answers these these just the cheap food and what is it going. We don't know is. It though he's I think he's so inspirational illnesses. Always bought it was bought by the station. So I don't know original stuff yet my problem was I I started to get involved in that and you know and Kirk likes to talk about get involved in. You'll move. From the rumors course he protects its worst of all. I don't anymore because you can't. He you've fallen in love with a relative because they say they're bringing them in and then your sisters and Brothers in arms. And the next thing you know that costs and a mop back door I can't do that for. You know there's a violent and now you're usually not a scratch and punishment will be aged kids solve the problem is that. I've got another hour ago here with a real post game shows 6177797937. Had problems you can hear from Belichick even hear from Brady. It's forty years old yet. We'll do all of that line.